Cuckservatives: Trump and White Identity Politics

By Hunter Wallace

Here’s your morning round up …

Kevin Williamson:

“If we are looking to radically change the posture of the Republican party, then we might be inclined toward Senator Rand Paul; but the Republican primary electorate is, at the moment, zombie-walking in the opposite direction of Senator Paul’s libertarianism, as a coalition of frustrated immigration reformers (hurray!), anti-trade autarkists (boo!), and a small-but-larger-than-you’d-think group of very vocal white nationalists (egad!) of the Le Pen school express their opposition to insufficiently conservative Republican coastal elites by throwing in with a New York City real-estate heir and lifelong progressive whose main political activity thus far in his seven decades has been nurturing the careers of Chuck Schumer and a certain Mrs. C.”

James Antle III:

“If Dylann Roof, the white supremacist who allegedly massacred nine congregants at a black church in Charleston, wants a race war, he’s got one. …”

Conor Friedersdorf:

“Donald Trump and the disaffected white people who make up his base of support have got me thinking about race in America. “Trump presents a choice for the Republican Party about which path to follow––” Ben Domenech writes in an insightful piece at The Federalist, “a path toward a coalition that is broad, classically liberal, and consistent with the party’s history, or a path toward a coalition that is reduced to the narrow interests of identity politics for white people.” …”

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  1. White racial consciousness scares the bee jeezus out these anti-Whites more than anything else. Imagine the audacity of “racists” wanting to save their race and culture! Only naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews would support it.

  2. “…narrow interests of identity politics for white people.”

    Just fine for blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, etc.

    Bad for European-Americans.

    Who needs two Democratic Parties?

  3. Trump has caved; he has signed the GOP pledge to not run third party. This clears the way for Cruz or whatever to run on whatever “slow” immigration BS. WN is dead again.

  4. The only way the GOP can appeal to large numbers of blacks and Hispanics is to compete with Democrats in promising gibsmedats.

  5. The establishment swallowed a hand grenade by allowing identity politics into the mainstream. Soon the Cuckservatives will be forced to explain to their supposed base of support how they are second class citizens because the Left will not let up on pushing identity politics

  6. Some screeching woman on CNN said that it’s good that Jeb! is campaigning in Spanish because we need to learn another language because of international business.

    I was not aware that there are lots of international business students in Berlin, Beijing and Sydney learning Spanish.

  7. I have yet to hear a word from Trump about pro-white identity. Are these “pundits” getting that from the mere absence of pandering to “minorities,” the absence of anti-white (white privilege, yelling about racism) statements and a hostility to political correctness?

  8. We need to remain outside the system I believe. Prepare for the collapse and if needs be support the candidate most likely to bring us the collapse.

  9. White identity politics scares the hell out of just about everybody. I started pouring some on lately and boy, did I see tuck tail and run.

  10. My “favorite” cuckservative today is one David Brooks, the pet cuckservative of the New York Times. Brooks makes his living telling readers what to think. These days he is known for calling Trump supporters “low information voters.” And he is proud of his son serving in the military. The Israeli military.

  11. “My “favorite” cuckservative today is one David Brooks,”

    Brooks is a Jew. Get it through your head: Jews aren’t cuckservatives. They’re not selling out their own kind – they’re selling out yours.

  12. Trump caves and Dems win; no matter who the Repubs run, there will be enough whites like me staying at home on election day to give race to Hilary (or whatever the Dems nominate). Trump was fun while he lasted.

  13. National Review cucks earn a special place in the cuckservative canon:

    NR’s Michael Potemra on election night 2008:

    “I ask a rhetorical question: Can we McCain voters, without embarrassment, shed a tear of patriotic joy about the historic significance of what just happened? And I offer a short, rhetorical answer.

    ‘Yes, we can.’”

    Cuck quotes:

    “I would be proud to have a (half) black grandkid”
    “Nuclear talks with Iran is like marching Israel to the ovens.”
    “I think it’s great the Arizona Cardinals hired the first female NFL coach”
    “We all bleed red!”
    “George Wallace was a Democrat!”
    “My friend, Senator Ted Kennedy.”
    “America is a nation of immigrants.”
    “They said the same thing about the Irish and Italians back in the day!”
    “Abortion is racist because 50% of black babies are aborted.”
    “Multiculturalism is awesome because I like mexican and chinese food.”
    “Without immigrants, we couldn’t have housemaids, landscapers, or ethnic food!”
    “I believe in a colorblind society.”
    “I don’t have ‘white interests.’ I have the Constitution.”
    “I just called my opponent to concede…”

    “America is a proposition nation.”
    “[insert rebel rouser’s name] should apologize.”
    “Not enough minorities own their own homes” -President George W Bush

    “the GOP needs a big tent philosophy”
    “LIEBRULS are the real racists”
    “we’ve forgotten the lessons taught to us by Dr Martin Luther King, Jr”

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