SJWs Disrupt DC Confederate Flag Rally

By Hunter Wallace

I didn’t think it was a good idea to hold a Confederate flag rally in DC.

I thought it would be a waste of time to go up there. Why travel hundreds of miles to the place we want to secede from, in order to parade around in front of the dregs of society, who would inevitably reveal themselves to be a hateful, violent, vulgar mob, which I have seen on dozens of previous occasions?

The event went down pretty much exactly as I expected it would. In the two years the League of the South has been holding rallies in the South, we have never assaulted anyone, spit on anyone, or stolen anything from anyone who came out to oppose us. Those things are to be expected though from the “anti-racist” crowd who never fail to illustrate that they are the spitting image of everything they imagine us to be:

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  1. Dear black people:

    In regards to your cry for sympathy from that idiotic “We wanna go home” video, I mind you to this: You want sympathy, it’s in the Oxford partways between shit and syphillis. We won’t mind your departing one damned bit, shit, in fact, we may throw you all a farewell bash at the harbors, eh? Oh? Favor? Take all the Dems, the Commies, the Pussy Liberals, and every goddamned SJW AND the SPLC with you.

    Have a wretched day. You’re welcome.

  2. Washington DC is the belly of the beast and it has been that way for 160 years. Had the South won the war, I would have hoped it would have burned the entire city to the ground and ceded the swamp back to Maryland.

    Dixie Proper i.e. below the Potomac and Ohio is separated by physical markers ie rivers from the North. The following states, Maryland, West Virginia, Missouri, Texas and Oklahoma all have land boundaries with foreign territory. Maryland was in for the worst of it, as she adjoined Pennsylvania. Before 1800, all Plantations located on river inlets for ease of shipping.

    Central and Western Maryland were too far from the Chesapeake and they were settled by Germans and Yankees largely recreating the small farms they had came from north of the Mason-Dixon. This created a strong fifth column that was so disloyal, the Confederate Soldiers marching to Sharpsburg wrote about them, in fact Jubal Early had planned to burn Hagerstown and Frederick but Frederick was ransomed.

    Knowing this history, except in rural areas or on the Eastern Shore, holding a Confederate Flag rally in Federally Occupied Maryland or DC for that matter with all the alien hordes is NOT a good idea. I estimated once with maps, Negro population, etc that it would take five to 10 years for a New Confederacy to secure it’s borders and drive out the slime.

    If Maryland was to be retaken, it would take some harsh measures.

  3. The saying goes “if you’re explaining you’re losing.” The heritage crowd has been explaining that the flag is “heritage not hate” for a few decades. It has not worked. They have been losing for decades.

    SNs understand that the heritage issue has to be fought like a political campaign. It has to be professionally done and we have to put the enemy on the defensive where they are explaining.

  4. How about a CONFEDERATE ‘DON’T TREAD ON US’ rally in DC?

    Bring about 1,000 real snakes: rattlers, maybe some boas, pythons, king cobras, etc. Also bring a good supply of rubber snakes as ‘crowd-pleasers’ to throw out at random into the crowds of anti-protestors (“oh, wait a minute, my mistake, that wasn’t a rubber snake”)

    This has the potential of being the best rally that DC will ever witness…

  5. The best defence for Southern Heritage, is Southern independence.

    They may as well have held this thing north of the Pennsylvania border, or even in Boston, for all the good it does.
    The message of these rallies is for the Southern People, not their enemies. Arguing with Yankee types won’t advance the cause an inch.

  6. Hunter should do an article on the history of Maryland. It’s very odd that when the war broke out, Kentucky, Missouri, Trans-Allegheny Virginia all became bandit-ridden no mans lands and after the war blood feuds went on for decades over the war. The violence didn’t end in Missouri till 1882 but didn’t end in Kentucky or Southern West Virginia till WWII when by that time the generation of the war was almost all dead.

    Maryland never had the absolute blood letting the other three states did, nor did it have constant feuds for decades. For whatever reason the Maryland Confederates and the Yankee Collaborators made peace. I guess this is probably because most of them were of English extraction and most of KY, W VA and MO of Scots Irish. Even when the Civil Rights Mess of the 1950’s arrived, Maryland had no massive resistance it just folded. Kentucky and Missouri were quiet too because they had solved the surplus Nigger problem since 1865 simply by pointing them to the state line and saying GET OUT.

    Any thoughts as to why there was such a difference?

  7. Anyone so stupid as to go to DC to do anything is a fucking idiot.

    If you are a young smart Rebel, target Trump’s rallies with your activism with our flag. Go in groups. Don’t wave the flag on sticks or poles but hold it in your hands. Two Rebels holding a large flag by its corners. Here you go studs:

    “The Dallas event on September 14 at 6:00 P.M. at the American Airlines Center looks like it will be a giant success. Tickets are going FAST!”

  8. This was a mistake. It is sick how the leftist media article portrays those rallying around the Confederate flag as ignorant but the black lives matter leader as the voice of reason. They would never question a black man on his knowledge of history. The leftists love nothing more than to proclaim a victory against evil racist white people. However, their appetite is never satiated.

  9. As I said before when it comes to Maryland, keep it on the Eastern Shore and backwater towns. Going into Baltimore or Yankee/Immigrant infested occupied suburbia is just asking for trouble.

    Parading into DC, aka the Belly of the Beast since 1860, is just foolish. I admire the boy who raised the Rebel Flag at the Lincoln Memorial and the Good Old Boy who raised it in front of the White House, but protests for Southern Rights should be best kept below the Ohio and Potomac and outside Dixie Proper hold them in backwaters where ANTIFA, FEMEN, and the other human waste would be on enemy territory. OUR FOOTBALL FIELD, NOT THEIRS.

    The Maryland Reconquista will have to wait until the Confederacy is Free. Anyone who thinks they can reunite all 13 Confederate States immediately is fooling themselves. I believe take it in chunks. First secure the Deep South, then the Mid and Upper South, then expand. You have to secure your territory first.

  10. It’s good to hear y’all talking STRATEGY, for a change!

    As a ‘deconstructed Yankee’ I can only hope for a Trump victory, over ALL the White Areas of the US. But, if we ‘have’ to have a separation/secession, I wish you all success. Because what you folks do, if you succeed, will resonate with the Yankee Idiots up here- even if it takes fifty years. We must restore White Christian Rule, free from either foreigners or multiculti cults.

  11. Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump 18h18 hours ago New Jersey, USA

    Looking forward to being with @SenTedCruz at our big rally in D.C. on Wednesday (1:00 P.M. at the Capitol) to protest insane Iran nuke deal!

    Crashing and disrupting an event in DC would be an exception to the rule.

    Y’all just too sweet and nice and not mean motherfuckers. The pathetic reality is that our mean motherfuckers are too fucking busy working for a living to go and protest.

  12. Why not patrol monuments? Has anyone tried that?
    I know we have real jobs and we are at a disadvantage for time and funding, unlike the enemy, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be more organized.

  13. As to the Confederate Monuments we have two choices. Choice number one is to admit defeat, dismantle them and reassemble them on private land. This is the most disgusting choice. Choice number two is to figure out ways to secure them such as camera surveillance and guards. This will be the most expensive of the two but it allows us to keep them where they are. The problem is figuring out how to fund choice number two.

    There are enough wealthy Southerners, especially in Texas that I cannot see how Choice two is impossible to implement. Someone merely has to come up with the cash to pay for it and a concise plan to install the cameras, motion detectors, etc. Volunteers can police them. If we cannot get Choice 2 then Choice 1 will be what we are left with.

    • Fuck the Confederate monuments. The Rebel flag is the symbol to defend and use as a political strictly legal free speech weapon against our enemies.

      But this is the catch. You have got to have more balls than brains to do that.

      Plainly most if not all of you have more brains than balls.

      If you are between 20 and 40 years of age, know how to fight and want to fight, this presidential election cycle is an excellent opportunity to get arrested, maybe killed if not injured in some other way, e.g., financially.

      I am the bravest Rebel in modern times without peer. I once stood endless hours on the sides of interstate highways including Jackson with a large state flag on a long wooden pole. Fucking crazy. Seriously. Wouldn’t do it again especially not now. But to the extent there are other men with my courage who could start crashing and disrupting presidential events with the Rebel Flag, therein is legal effective activism if you have got fire in your belly.

  14. “Choice number one is to admit defeat, dismantle them and reassemble them on private land”

    I agree. It’s much the same situation with Egyptian (white) Pharaohs of old where the tombs had to be secret, guarded with booby traps and curses against grave robbers, grave desecration.

    Public space in America, in rough Black areas of the South are simply not safe for Confederate graves, monuments etc – we need to privatize them, put them under walled in protected space.

  15. I would prefer Choice #2 if it could be funded and executed properly. As for what Jim says, I think we need both but the Confederate Flag is the most important. I wish they could get a commando raid on the statehouses and raise them above the domes

  16. Take judicial notice that not only am I the bravest Rebel in the country I am the only brave Rebel in the country.

    The physical courage I have exhibited exceeds all others by such a magnitude as to be laughable.

    We may never overcome all the wars to kill white men because there are so very few real white men left.

    When was the last time anyone saw a Rebel do anything physically courageous?

  17. You don’t have a fight record. As far as I’m concerned you’re full of shit with all of your declarations of being a badass and being able to fight. Going to prison isn’t courageous. It probably means you don’t have a family or real concerns except to have strangers stroke your ego. You should probably stop posting because nobody cares about you as much as you.

    Congratulating yourself for being careless with your personal information isn’t brave either. That’s the same thing the cucks of twitter keep saying. You’re stupid enough for them but anti-social enough to be a one man van-guardist. Don’t like our monuments? Find another cause.

    You are actually telling people how brave you are over the internet because you carried a flag. Nobody cares! You aren’t winning anything and I think you actually enjoy being a loser, and that’s why you get mad at people who aren’t as stupid as you. You are a complete jackass.

    If we formed an army, a good use for you would be to make a Russian example

    tl;dr: eat shit niglet


    • You don’t have a fight record.

      There have been other fist fights too, bar fights, but not caught on camera like the one above but I came out on top in all of them.

      Whereas I don’t think you’ve ever been in a fight in your life. College football elevated me far above most men as well. Most men cannot relate to that kind of brutality. That’s why they are ‘fans’ instead.

      As far as I’m concerned you’re full of shit with all of your declarations of being a badass and being able to fight.

      You are such a fucking girl you compel me to so state.

      Going to prison isn’t courageous. It probably means you don’t have a family or real concerns except to have strangers stroke your ego.

      Prison? I prevailed in ALL four (4) of my criminal prosecutions.

      Vickie, you twit twat. You remind me of the green snake. Who knows if you are a teenage girl or . . .

      You should probably stop posting because nobody cares about you as much as you.

      I post to show what a fucking girl you are. Your wordy replies only amplify your femininity.

      Congratulating yourself for being careless with your personal information isn’t brave either. That’s the same thing the cucks of twitter keep saying. You’re stupid enough for them but anti-social enough to be a one man van-guardist. Don’t like our monuments? Find another cause.

      Careless with my personal information? I ran for public office numerous times. In your world I guess you hide under a rock. You remind me of the short man who bought honey from me on Saturday. Short and puny. He appeared to have come to the market only to look up at me and confirm my identity. Ultimately you and most are simply fucking cowards. Un-manly, without honor and gutless pretending to be a man. Repeat, I’m not only the bravest Rebel in the country, I’m the only brave Rebel in the country. As for defending the monuments in nigger town. Sounds like a battle plan construed by Jefferson Davis.

      You are actually telling people how brave you are over the internet because you carried a flag. Nobody cares! You aren’t winning anything and I think you actually enjoy being a loser, and that’s why you get mad at people who aren’t as stupid as you. You are a complete jackass.

      Pussy, you like to debate and banter but never suit up and go where the action is. I’m simply reminding you of the cunt you are.

      If we formed an army, a good use for you would be to make a Russian example
      tl;dr: eat shit niglet

      There you go sounding like Jefferson Davis again.

      What’s your opinion of who would prevail in a fist fight between you and me?

      My opinion is that you sound like a fucking girl who reads a lot of books. ‘Russian example?’ LOL. I think Ronda Rousey could beat your fucking brains out.

      I’m 6 feet 4 inches tall and weigh 230 pounds. How big are you? Not that size dictates the winner but your height and weight say something about you, e.g., 5’10” 170 lbs. Or if you are a fat ass. Says a lot too.

      Back to some tough quiet Rebels who might be here. Take our flag to Trump rallies and disrupt the event with loud words only. Don’t argue with the police. Do exactly what they say. But be loud, very loud with your words directed at Trump. And take a large flag with another large Rebel. If there are but two men here who could muster that sort of courage and do it wisely and safely then that would be an effective response to our political enemies.

  18. “Jim Giles ?@JimGilesMS 10h10 hours ago

    Jim Giles retweeted Donald J. Trump

    @realDonaldTrump @tedcruz White Rebels plan to crash & disrupt your event employing strict legality and free speech.

    Jim Giles added,
    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    Tomorrow in DC: 1 PM West Front Lawn of the Capitol. Not even believable that we would do this deal with Iran.
    0 retweets 0 favorites”

    I have pre-announced your arrival. Show up and make history. Just takes two big courageous Rebels.

  19. An innocent white Southerner is going to have to be killed by a mob of blacks while single-handedly defending a monument or flag before this thing can be turned around. It’s just a matter of being in the “right” place at the “right” time…

  20. One of the biggest weapons we have is the digital camera. Record everything possible and select the best clips to use in YouTube vids. We have to be perfectly civil at all times–repeat: perfectly civil at all times–and let the enemy vilify themselves by assaulting us. If there is a fight of any kind, we have to be the ones getting assaulted and that means someone unlucky enough to be at the wrong protest is going to have to take one for the team and not worry about winning the fight, but yes, allowing himself to be beaten up by the mob. The resulting video will be worth more than a million bucks for our movement.

    If there is a fight, we must not whip out the guns and kick a$$. The smartest move is to get plenty of good video of a pavement ape attacking a Southerner holding a flag. Extra points if it is a pretty girl getting attacked.

    I agree with Jim Giles above: Don’t take the flag on a stick. Take it in your hands and have extras in a bookbag/backpack. If they manage to snatch the first one away, just take out another rather than try to recover it. Hold on the best you can, but once it is out of your hands don’t try to retrieve it–That would put you going after them, which must not happen. Just reach in your backpack and pull out another flag.

    If you try a risky project like this, get as many dedicated videographers as possible to record it all, maybe even wearing “neutral” street clothes so they can go unimpeded by the enemy.

    If you do it right the video will be priceless and will get seen repeatedly by millions of people. We lost the civil wrongs movement because the liberal media had all the cameras and showed America what they wanted them to see. The table has turned. Now we all have cameras and YouTube, and can submit videos to various news outlets without even paying a cent in postage.

    There are different types of videos we can use. A rally in the South will provide good footage for recruitment. We need more vids like this one:

    Getting beaten up in DC would be good to make us look good in the eyes of many whitopia Americans who haven’t got a clue. Lot’s of people outside the South have gotten a clue about race after watching Fox cover Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. even though Fox plays dumb on why blacks act like savages. We need some of these videos too. Let’s understand this : Playing the victim WORKS. It’s humiliating but it WORKS. A good video clip or a still image can be PRICELESS–That’s how the civil rights movement worked. We need lots of video of us acting like perfect ladies/gentlemen and the blacks acting like baboons.

    Ironically, a rally on enemy turf would be the wrong time to carry or display guns. A rally on our turf would be the time for that.

    Image is everything.

  21. Jeff Davis is right we must operate differently as the situation necessitates it. First University Towns are almost universally Liberal, this is both in the North and Dixie albeit some more liberal than others. Here we would want to SHOW that the libtards, Jews, slime are the aggressors.

    In smaller out of the way places, ie Cullman Alabama and those places, be a complete badass. The people in these areas will support this behavior as the local rednecks respond to strength.

    Major cities with heavily black populations must be handled carefully as any effort on our side will be seen as hateful.

    I think its time for the old Sucker Trap. We claim a gigantic rally will take place in some more out of the way Small City and get the ANTIFA’s and others to show up. As our people will be the majority there, close in on them on all sides. White Organizations should have STOPPED going to Major Cities where they are on the enemies turf and instead bring the enemies to our turf. Make them PLAY OUR GAME

    • I think we need 2 different kinds of rallies (with corresponding videos).

      1) Chest thumping pride rallies on our turf. These will be the most fun, free and least risky. Get lots of good videos to publish on Youtube to stoke rebel pride and confidence. These rallies will be good places for good ol’ boys and tough guys to turn out. Display of firearms is ok, maybe even beneficial here.

      2) enemy expose on enemy turf. These will be at universities, black/hispanic neighborhoods, and places outside the South, such as DC. These will be the riskiest and we should make sure they are done by calm, level headed types who are willing to risk getting hurt for the cause. (Universities will probably present the least physical risk.) If there is a scuffle, the goal is to get good video making the enemy look bad–not to win a fight–the real fight is for public symathy. This is not a job for good ol boy tough guys. This is a job for girls or small-medium frame men that do NOT have a tough guy persona. Taking a few strategic defeats in this way (maybe even once if it looks good) would be worth millions of dollars in propaganda. Hopefully we can get something that will make national news. Leave the guns and bullhorns at home and only take a small group that you can trust to not blow it, providing the enemy with videos they can use against us. Remember: the libs won in the 1960s because they had all the cameras and just showed America what they wanted them to see. This is our chance to turn the table on them. I recommend doing this tactic it in places like DC or universities outside the South. If we do it in the South then the liberal media will brand it as “flag stokes racial tensions in the South.” We need the headlines to say “[Yankee] university students attack Confederate flag supporters.” For something like this, we might also carry a sign(s) that read “If we cannot secede then we are not free” so that there is an actual message. That way if they attack, they will be attacking our message and not our racism. It’s all about making the news or viral videos in a way that benefits us. It may be best to do one of those “silent marches” where you cover your mouth with tape. That way we can’t be accused of “agitating.”

      • Display of firearms is ok, maybe even beneficial here.

        Sounds like something Craig Cobb would say.

        And this shit about taking an ass whippin’.

        I’m outta here.

        • You have to win the propaganda war if you are going to win at all. Winning the Internet mem war is half the battle.

          In the 1960s it was the TV news war (black victims, white aggressors), in the 1860s it was the newspaper war. We lost both times, let’s not lose this time too.

    • Oh, and regarding the #1 stle rallies on our own turf–I doubt many libtard types will show up unless they are incognito with video equipment, looking for something they can smear us with.

  22. Follow up to previous post…

    Profile of one of many UNC alumni killed in the WBTS:

    Johnston Pettigrew (after whom Pettigrew Hall at UNC is named) started attending UNC at the age of 15, where he made the best grades ever recorded there. Besides excelling in mathematics, the classical languages, and the liberal arts, he was graceful and athletic, and led his class in fencing, boxing, and the single stick (a kind of fencing). After graduating at the age of nineteen as class valedictorian, he was immediately appointed–by no less than President James K. Polk–to an assistant professorship at the Naval Observatory in Washington.

    When later he decided to take up law, he studied in Baltimore, after which he entered the firm of his uncle, who was dean of the bar in Charleston, South Carolina. and later left to study civil law in Germany. He traveled extensively in Europe, and became proficient in French, German, Italian and Spanish, with a reading knowledge of Greek,Hebrew, and Arabic. He spent seven years abroad, writing a travel book–Notes on Spain and the Spaniards–and spending some time in diplomatic service.

    Pettigrew sensed the coming hostilities of the Civil War, and was named colonel of the 1st Regiment of Rifles, a Charleston militia outfit. The regiment occupied the harbor forts, and in April 1861 took part in the bombardment of Fort Sumter.

    Later Pettigrew was offered a brigadier generalship, which he declined at first but later accepted when it was offered again and was given command of a brigade, and he fought with it on the Peninsula at Yorktown, then at Seven Pines, where he was hit by a bullet which entered the lower part of his throat, struck his windpipe, passed under his collarbone, and tore the bones of his shoulder. The bullet cut an artery, and Pettigrew nearly bled to death. While he lay helpless, he received another bullet wound in the arm and was bayoneted in the right leg. Believing his wounds mortal, the young general didn’t permit any men to leave the ranks to carry him to the rear. Left for dead on the field, he recovered consciousness in a Federal prison camp and was exchanged in August. He spent the fall commanding a brigade in Maj. Gen. Daniel Harvey Hill’s division around Richmond, and the winter commanding a brigade in North Carolina and southern Virginia. He returned to his North Carolina brigade just in time to begin the Gettysburg Campaign in June 1863.

    Pettigrew’s Brigade tangled with the Iron Brigade on July 1, 1863, at the McPherson and Herbst farms to the west of Gettysburg, where all four of his regiments suffered devastating losses—over 40 percent—but were successful in driving the Union forces off of McPherson’s Ridge. General Pettigrew assumed command of the division after the wounding of Gen. Heth that afternoon, and attempted to reorganize the battered division during the next day’s battle as they lay behind Seminary Ridge.

    On July 3, Lee selected Pettigrew’s division to march at the left of Maj. Gen. George Pickett’s in the famous infantry assault now known as Pickett’s Charge.

    As the division advanced, it received murderous fire. Pettigrew’s horse was shot out from under him, and he continued on foot. Reaching within 100 yards of the stone wall on Cemetery Ridge partially held by his cousin John Gibbon, he was severely wounded in the left hand by canister fire. Despite the great pain he was in, Pettigrew remained with his soldiers until it was obvious that the attack had failed. Holding his bloody hand, the despondent officer walked toward Seminary Ridge and encountered General Lee. Pettigrew attempted to speak, but Lee, seeing the horrible wound, spoke first: “General, I am sorry to see you are wounded; go to the rear.” With a painful salute, Pettigrew said nothing but continued to the rear.

    General Pettigrew continued to command the division during the retreat to the Potomac River until Heth recovered. On the morning of July 14, Pettigrew’s brigade was one of the last Confederate units still north of the Potomac River, when the Union troopers closed in. On foot and in the front line, Pettigrew was directing his soldiers when he was shot by a Union cavalryman from the Michigan Brigade at close range, the bullet striking him in the abdomen. He was immediately carried to the rear and across the Potomac, having refused to be left in federal hands. He died three days later at Edgewood Manor plantation near Bunker Hill, West Virginia.

    This is just one of the men whom Silent Sam represents. And these modern day vandals many of whom represent a demographic that has an illegitimacy rate of over 70% and have no real heritage want to destroy the South’s and are encouraged by many white liberals to keep up this cultural genocide…

  23. Here is an useful quote from “Islamic State militants are engaged in the “cultural cleansing” of the Middle East, Bokova told RT in an exclusive interview, adding that when one “persecutes people on the basis of their ethnicity or religion, destroys their monuments, their temples, deprives them of their intangible heritage, attacks their identities – they stop being humane.” Bokova is Irina Bokova, the Director-General of UNESCO.

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