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  1. This Scalawag joins Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Preacher Brownlow, Woodrow Wilson, Stetson Kennedy, Harry Truman, Ralph Yarborough, LBJ, Jimmy Carter Al Gore and Bill Clinton in the Pantheon of Southern Scalwags.

    BTW Lincoln being born in Kentucky as was his wife qualifies himself for the title King of the Scalawags.

  2. Speaking as a white man I will NOT support Trump as his daughter is a converted Jewess and his son is with a Jewish woman. I would even support Hillary Clinton if I thought she would be good for our purposes meaning if she will start the collapse. Think 1860, there were wealthy Southerners who supported Abraham Lincoln for this very reason, they knew if somehow Breckinridge won the election or Douglas, secession wouldn’t happen. Sometimes you need the worst outcome.

    I am torn on this. I will probably support the Constitution Party again.

  3. Sadly, Perry has assured that he can be trusted (by the bad guys) and will therefore likely reappear in some form. As a former Texas governor and self-hating “conservative” Southern White man he is in high demand by the bad guys to use against us. In this he is like former SC governor David Beasley. He reappears from time to time to harm our interests.

  4. Note: Ridiculous rhetoric justifying the Holocaust or blaming all our troubles on the Jews harms our cause. It is best to be aware and to point out when things happen in normal language regular people can identify with. Normal people are put off by hateful rhetoric or justifying mass murder.

  5. As for the Holocaust, I rarely see the background of it discussed: it was Jewish emancipation, liberal reforms, and finally the Weimar Republic that made the Jewish rise to the top of German society possible.

  6. Hunter the Jews in the Northern US rose into positions precisely because of urbanization. Oddly enough before 1861, there were more restrictions on Jews in Northern states than in the South, in fact it could be said on one level they were more free in the South. What the North offered was large cities, just like Europe and because of the concentration of numbers and wealth, they first took over crime, then aldermen, then the city and finally the states. This process was slow and took until the 1920s to really become noticed and even then they were more powerful in some cities than others.

    The South’s low population density and tiny towns made it much more difficult to operate a large criminal network, that was unless you networked with non-Jews. The Dixie Mafia was a complicated set of alliances as compared to the almost exclusively ethnic organized crime of the Northern cities.

  7. Ridiculous rhetoric justifying the Holocaust or blaming all our troubles on the Jews harms our cause.

    Imagine how different the pro-White world(not just the South) would be if the people who spent all of that time and energy looking for Jews to blame were using some of that time and energy doing something productive to help White people.

    Pro-White America is essentially an online soap opera where everyone has everything already figured out, and all it takes to reach the next stage of evolution is to embrace a life of 24/7 Blame The Jew. Maybe 2-5% of the entire spectrum of pro-White people in America can say they know more than a handful of other pro-White people that they interact with on a regular basis out in the real world. Pro-White people rarely ever help other pro-Whites without trying to indoctrinate them or manipulate a situation for personal gain. The same can’t be said about Jews helping other Jews. They don’t get sidetracked by trivial issues. They might seem to splinter and fight at times; but when the dust settles, you’re still going to see Jews helping Jews. That’s the real secret to their success.

  8. “They might seem to splinter and fight at times; but when the dust settles, you’re still going to see Jews helping Jews. That’s the real secret to their success.”

    Not really. Many of Commie Jews call for the end of Israel, as well as White people. What they all do that is effective, is attack any loyalty that is not to them.

    I would blame Zionism rather than “Jews”, since so many Christian Whites are Zionist as well. They support Israel but do not give a damn what happens to their grandchildren and are happy for Zionists to rule over them in multiracial hellholes. Calling them Zionist does not work because they like that. Calling them anti-white cucks works. They really hate it. lol

  9. What Jew obsessives all studiously ignore, is the white traitor component. Without white traitors we would have no diversity problems.

    When the diversity establishment crashes and burns the next battle will be suppressing and separating from anti-white white people, because given the chance, they will do it to us again and again.

  10. The reason I point out the Jewish Issue is very simple. People wonder what is the one thing tying everything together. The Jews are the linchpin of all of it. The Jews gave us Calvinism, John Cohen Calvin, which because of its harshness led to liberal responses first Quakerism, then later Deism and Atheism which the Jews were also feeding us through Philosophy. He was not their only infiltrators inside the so-called Reformation.

    Before 1533, the English world looked to Rome and after 1533 the Church of England still looked to Rome for her principles and ideas. Calvinists seized power in Scotland in the 1560’s and slowly gained in power in England until 1649 when Cromwell killed the King Charles I who ruled both Scotland and England. Cromwells Puritan Dictatorship lasted until 1660 when the Church of England was restored and his Puritans escaped to America or recanted their beliefs. Cromwell left one parting gift, he in 1655 revoked the Edict of 1290 barring Jews from England and allowed them into London because they promised to loan him a bunch of money for low interest. In 1694 the Bank of England was founded and guess who was in control? The Jews Cromwell let into England.

    Another parting gift the Jews gave us via the Calvinists was Christian Zionism and all that goes with it. So you see when you do the research it all connects to the Jews.

    White Traitors are the worst you are right, the problem has always been down through history Kings and rich men are greedy and self-indulgent. This is how the Jews get power, they finance you in your bad habits until they own you. It would be nice if White people just quit doing business with them but Kings and nobles always wanted to gain more land and they funded the conquests, rich men needed slaves they shipped and sold them, you name it.

    Even Abe Lincoln, when General Grant ordered the Jews out of Memphis, rescinded the order because in 1862 American Jews either supported the Confederacy outright or Supported the Yankees with strings attached. The remainder of the Tribe was for sale and Lincoln knew, the Jews of Northern Occupied Baltimore alone were so wealthy if he didn’t do what was good for the Jews, Judah Benjamin would use his contacts in Baltimore and elsewhere to fund an insurrection. This is but a small example of what Jews do, they hold a nation hostage until said nation gives them what they want or else they promise to fund your enemies, who will take their money.

    The Bottom Line is, Men are sinful and greedy and the Jews will always use our sinful behavior against us.

  11. “Video is hilarious.”

    No, Captain John: unfortunate. What you see there is a white man whose dignity has been all but undone, by the confounding of his instincts. One day, such confounding will be of the past.

  12. I will give you a strange thing here, Hunter likely read the book or knows someone who did. Newt Gingrich when he did his Gettysburg books has a fictional account of Lee winning Gettysburg but the Confederate army falling before Washington. Later he captures Baltimore, he is met by the city’s leading Rabbi and the Jews hail his army as liberators.

    Now why Gingrich wrote it this way, whether it was his mind or he researched some history I haven’t is beyond me. The Jews in fact while Maryland briefly becomes a Confederate State and DC is isolated act as the spokesmen and everything. I remember reading the book thinking it was a bit bizarre but it would illustrate a bit of the Jewish issue. The same Jews who had been getting fat off Union Contracts the week before suddenly hail the Confederate army as liberators. It’s a wonder the ADL didn’t sue Newt for slander

  13. “The Bottom Line is, Men are sinful and greedy and the Jews will always use our sinful behavior against us.”

    The enemy owns all traitors.

    A traitor inside a fortress, is worth legions of enemies outside it. Get rid of the traitor and you will have no problems dealing with the enemy. Example: Vlad the Impaler spent more time fighting treason among his own people, than he ever did fighting the Turks. After driving the Turks out, it was traitors that murdered him.

    I believe some future technology will make traitor whites easily identifiable from birth. When that day comes we will want to separate from them just as much as we want to separate from non-whites.

  14. Anti-Whites are worse than A-bombs.

    An almost 100% Japanese Japan rebuilt its nuked cites better than they were before. But cities like Detroit that were diversified by anti-whites have not recovered, they just get worse.

  15. Hunter Wallace // September 13, 2015 at 2:42 pm //

    “As for the Holocaust, I rarely see the background of it discussed: it was Jewish emancipation, liberal reforms, and finally the Weimar Republic that made the Jewish rise to the top of German society possible.”

    I expect there were a lot palms greased to get the process started. Same as the borders to White countries were all opened without a vote or discussion and despite protests from the inhabitants.

    What can you do about people with too much money and those that would sell out their own people to get it?

  16. Orthodox jews are absolutely giddy at the prospect of Europe being destroyed by Muslims.


    ‘G-d has guided the refugees from Africa, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan to Europe! All of the countries that laughed at Israel, at the racism and hatred, now they have to deal with it. In Europe there will be a big mess with the refugees, there will be war between them, it will not be quiet, nature is at work. The refugees want to conquer Europe so that everyone is Muslim.

    I repeat again: Armageddon is not in Israel! The evil from the north is in the north, Syria, Lebanon, and the rest, NOT in Israel!

    Warning to all of the Jews in Israel: Do not agree to accept any refugee from Syria or any other country. There is no place for refugees in Israel. Israel is a small country and there are enough complications with minorities, the Sudanese, Palestinians, and everything happening around Israel. It is a great danger to accept refugees from Syria! 70% of them are ISIS pretending to be refugees! ISIS has cells in Israel, the north, south and center, and they want to develop them to cause disruptions in Israel. If something like this happens, heaven forbid, it will be disastrous for Israel, millions will come in and we won’t be able to stop them. Do not be naive!’

  17. Gianni don’t be such a scold. It is funny to watch this fuckup prostrate himself.

    Yeah it’s also a tradgedy. He did have some limited talents.

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