Is Trump Killing Criminal Justice Reform?

By Hunter Wallace

Politico is worried that The Donald will run a law-and-order campaign in 2016 that will scuttle the push for “criminal justice reform”:

“Criminal justice reform, a perennial lost cause for civil rights lefties, had its surprise bipartisan moment this year. Conservative Republican voices like anti-tax activist Grover Norquist and the Koch brothers led campaigns against mass incarceration and mandatory drug sentences. GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush has embraced the pro-reform Right on Crime initiative, while Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have co-sponsored reform bills with liberal Democratic senators.

But the Kumbaya reform moment may not survive the Summer of Trump.

After roiling the politics of immigration with jeremiads about border walls and Mexican rapists, Donald Trump has scrambled the politics of crime by running as a pro-cop, anti-thug “law-and-order” candidate, denouncing rioters in Baltimore and Ferguson, vowing to “get rid of gang members so fast your head will spin.” And as with immigration, his rivals are echoing his appeals to the angry id of their party’s white base, distancing themselves from bipartisan reform. Bush is now touting his own “eight-year record of cracking down on violent criminals” as governor of Florida, while attacking Trump as “soft on crime” because of his past support for Democrats and marijuana decriminalization. Candidates like Cruz and the usually Koch-friendly Scott Walker are also trumpeting their toughness on criminal justice issues, blaming President Barack Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement for recent attacks on police officers. In this climate, it’s even harder than usual to imagine GOP congressional leaders bucking their base to push reform. …”

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  1. It’s amazing how times change. Back in 1988-1992 Bush 41 was considered to be a non-conservative GOP candidate according to Conservatism Inc. In 2015 Trump is running as a Bush 41 type GOP and he’s considered an ultra right-wing fascist by cuckservatives.

    Like most issues today, so called criminal justice reform is not something that’s been demanded by the public at large but rather by the ruling elites. Before the 90s tough on crime movement, large cities were unlivable and there was a large amount of White flight. After 20 years of tough on crime policies, cities have become very livable and Whites have flocked back into the urban area. So much that many middle and poor class neighborhoods are being gentrified. In NYC, brownstones in Brooklyn that were worth $100K-$200K in the 90s are worth well into the millions today. By enacting criminal justice reform, expect crime rates to return to the 1980s level. People who have invested millions of dollars into their homes want “safe neighborhoods” and “good schools.” The political genius Donald Trump has employed the diabolical tactic of ignoring the ruling class and directly addressing the interest of the people from whom he needs votes in order to win. Only a political genius could have figured that out.

  2. Trump has been very good on crime. I was there in New York City late 1980s during the worst of ot (Central Park wilding gang rape of jogger, Crown Heights pogrom etc) Trump,was published in the anew York Post no,less calling for a return where NYPD controlled the streets.

    Being tough on crime, law and order with not so subtle dog whistles to racial/crime realities this is a game changer, can get a Whote Republican like Guliani elected in a 80% plus Lib Dem place. Even Lib Jews don t want Black criminal anarchy where they live.

  3. Criminal Justice Reform?

    Isn’t that just a smokescreen to excuse away the very large number of black criminals and their proclivity to resort to crime and violence, and to find a way to blame White people and White institutions as being the source of all that black criminality?

    The anti-White mind is something that doesn’t need to be completely eradicated. It needs to be quarantined and studied so that we can prevent future outbreaks.

  4. @Jeff

    The difference is that black thugs lived in housing projects in the 80s and 90s, now the left has section 8 with no effective political blowback, indeed it’s virtually illegal to object. They can now have their cake and eat it to: ship black thugs to the ‘burbs, torture and kill “flyover” whites, and have their cities to themselves. It’s win, win, win for them. And it’s all fallout from open borders.

  5. Blacks are most likely a back-mixture between human and homo erectus (the “mystery lineage” in African DNA). When you deny that reality then you have to come up with other explanations for their criminality, like “profiling” and “institutional racism”, as if cucked judges would dare risk their sinecures to make trouble for a black – the exact opposite I’m afraid!

  6. While I support reforming the criminal justice system, Criminal Justice Reform (TM) isn’t about legalizing marijuana, ending stupid zero tolerance policies, or ending prosecutorial misconduct, it’s about unleashing violent black criminals in the name of equality. In other words it’s about making anarcho-tyranny the law.

    A good example of this is Seattle’s trash police. People that put trash in thw wrong bins risk being fined and they can’t do anything about it because the evidence is taken to the landfill. Yet if Seattle PD (or worse, an armed citizen) shot an armed robber, the trash policers would be whining and rioting.

  7. Mass sterilizations would have gone a long way toward solving our present Negro and other problems. The present situation in Africa and the Third World would have been greatly improved by sterilization initiatives as well. You want food aid? Your country enforces a 1 child policy and your men get castrated and your women get their tubes tied. Even though the world is overpopulated at our present level of technology, the Social Justice Freaks believe we should allow the breeding of trillions of subhumans as it is right. Virginia had this problem in 1860 as its farms were going bankrupt and it was left with a slave surplus yet mass sterilization via castration was never considered a solution.


  8. Vanity Fair Magazine (Newhouse a conservative publisher)published an article about Donald Trump in the early 80’s in which Trump’s wife told Vanity Fair that trump was fascinated with Adolph Hitler and being a German, Donald naturally obtained Hitler’s greatest collection of speeches entitled “My New Order” and he kept the speeches in a cabinet by his bed and read those speeches every night.

    Trump according to his wife in that 80’s article studied those speeches to learn how to manipulate people. Based upon trump’s fascination with Adolph Hitler and the way Hitler massaged and rallied hatred among ignorant people there is a probability Donald Trump may well become President Trump (New World Order Trump). If you study Adolph Hitler like Trump has then you’ll learn Hitler used his police and courts to confiscate guns and suppress all opposition and dissenters within his own race were shot in the streets by the Brown Shirts.

    Hitler’s way is what we are witnessing in the streets of America with police murdering blacks, latinos and white brothers to stir this crazy assed pro-police state mentality. I’m a big fan of police reform especially in Alabama where there is no law, there is only quick and silent death at the hand of local police who are bitches of local businessmen and politicians peddling drugs.

    In August 2006, my mother Nellie Ruth Caylor was beaten to death trying to collect rent at an apartment building she owned in Enterprise. She was beaten so badly I was not allowed to have an open casket funeral for her.

    The Enterprise police set her murder up and ironically my long dead father was Chief of Police there for 14 years during the 50’s and 60’s. I was to be there with mother to confront and evict a black woman who was peddling drugs for Enterprise Police and I was also to murdered, but as God would have it for me to survive and continue the fight for justice, I was too sick to travel 200 miles from my home in Mobile.

    I’m an Investigative Journalist and the wrath of that Hell was brought upon me by Jeb Bush whom I exposed in an in-depth well documented article read by over 3 million people showing how Jeb was taking payoff’s from a Florida asbestos abatement company working on U.S. government contacts using illegal aliens smuggled into the U.S. from Central America. Two weeks prior to mother’s murder Jeb ordered me arrested at the Bay County, FL court house for requesting copies of public records in regards to another murder covered up by Panama City Police and another one the murder of a 14 year old black boy at the Bay County Boot Camp, at the hands of eight Bay County sheriff’s deputies.

    When I was jailed I was stripped naked, cuffed on my ankles and hands behind my back and tortured for 6 hours straight with the intent to invoke a heart attack or stroke. The FBI did a short inquiry after my release but all jail records and videos of me had been erased the next day. I’m not a left wing journalist, I’m WHITE! I believe in the Second and First Amendment and I am pro gun – because when only cops and crooks have guns we will all perish. My older cousins living in Enterprise are afraid of police and they are afraid they will murder their children if I’m seen in Enterprise with the only family I have left. I now live in Daphne. Living in fear is a reality for all of us in Alabama because gangsters and top law enforcement have worked together to build a police state. It is past time we get our act together and take these thugs out Alabama and America must have police and criminal justice reform now.

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