‘The Beltway Boys’ Remember Jack Kemp

WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 6: Republican Vice Presidential candidate Jack Kemp discusses the Dole/Kemp tax plan during NBC's Meet the Press in Washington, DC 06 October. Kemp claimed the plan will work because of increased levels of economic growth. (Photo credit should read RICHARD ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

By Hunter Wallace

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Mort and Fred discuss Jack Kemp’s influence on American politics, share their regrets that the Republican Party is full of so many Southern old White men, pine over the black vote, and discuss how echoes of Dole/Kemp ’96 can be found in ¡Jeb! and Trump’s tax plan.

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  1. Given our experiences with various Spivs over the years we can see what happened.

    1 Trump incites nativism.

    2 Jews hate on him for it.

    3 Trump gives Jewish billionaires Shekels in his plan because Shekels always sound good.

    There may well be no electoral solution.

  2. Let’s have a bold pro-citizen, American party.
    Of course it would be anti-immigrant, and anti-foreign (i.e, anti-Jewish/Israeli) influence. Isn’t a Republican Government established to serve its electorate?

  3. Why would a story referencing Jack Kemp bring out so many antisemitic references? Kemps career in the AFL is more relevant.

    If I can tear you away from your obsession with Jews, how much of the references to Kemp and his legacy are true, how much myth?

  4. Trump has his flaws.His tax plan is based on “what’s good for business”.

    He keeps signaling though; Pay attention to his comments on the Islamic diaspora, in his remarks in NH today. He was talking about the importation of 200,000 “refugees” to the USA. He’s agin’ it.

    He also is positive about Putin, and Assad staying in power.

    One of the other Commentors noted that taxes are not the primary issue now. The invasion of Non-Whites is the ONLY issue. Keep your eyes on the White Prize.

  5. Jack Kemp was the quintessential “proposition nation” proponent.

    I grew weary of his referring to Lincoln every few minutes.

    Once I saw George Will say he wanted to write-in Jack Kemp for president, so dissatisfied was he with the Republican candidate that year.

  6. dutchman // October 1, 2015 at 1:13 am //

    “It’s amazing how much they hate us but will not let us go.”

    The anti-white psychopaths chase whites down, like we’re their runaway slaves.

  7. Yup. Apart from Denise as the Scarecrow still trying to awaken the other three asleep in the poppy field, HW as Dorothy in WoO has led them all astray, in trying to ‘get to the Wizard.’

    DS’s analysis of the current Putin/Trump situation is way more on the mark than this wet blanket crowd. I’ll come back later, when you’ve excised your cuckservative Dixie attitudes.

  8. Fr. John – Hunter is doing what he does, and he’s doing a wonderful job. I have immense RESPECT and appreciation for Hunter Wallace – and for all the righteous Commentors!

    Don’t retreat! FORWARD!!!!!!

  9. I would like to see Trump address the H1b visa program more frequently and more forcefully. I am a software engineer and am currently looking for a new position. My current company has employed numerous foreigners through the H1B visa program. A majority of them are incompetent but they are all paid well below the wages of the American workers. In my job search I have interviewed with 2 companies and in both instances I noticed numerous foreigners in their offices. At the same time, other American engineers I know are struggling to find work at the same salaries they were making in their previous position. It is obvious that the political and business classes hate us.

  10. I would like to present the Instauration Magazine 1995 article naming Jack Kemp White traitor of the year:

    Instauration did the best job of explaining seemingly inexplicable American political and cultural personalities, characters – things like how American pols can be for open borders mass immigration in to the USA, multi culturalism, anything goes porn, rap music AND turn around and be 110% for Israel as a Jewish ethno state, the Center of every waking movement in Washington DC.

    Presented for Fair comment under the (still in force) 1st Amendment (There will be some typos as the magazines were electronically OCR scanned) if OD readers want to help proof, please make your comments here:


    ““Kemp and Bennett sing a perfidious duet
    Majority Renegades of the Year

    The sole issue facing the American Majority today is not balanced budgets, tax cuts, crime control, ­ open government, free trade or moral collapse. The sole issue is whether we can hold on to our nation and our Americanness before it dissolves, as it is now dissolving, into a poisonous multicultural and multiracial stew.

    The people of California, in a noble feat of resistance, passed Proposition 187 to slow the invasion of invaders who cannot be stopped by force and to lower the birthrate of an occupying swarm that demands to be fed, pampered and welfared at the expense of the occupied.?But it was all in vain. Once again the will of the people­ was thwarted by the arbitrary wi II of the courts. Once again democracy, so-called, was honored in the breach. Should it ever happen that for some reason the judges can’t get their way, there is always the threat of massive city riots to bring the Majority to heel. Our government, as we learned long ago, is no longer ours. Government in these times cares more for itself than it does for the government.?Our enemy in this sputtering demographic conflict is not only minority racism, not only corrosive liberalism. Our enemy, as one cartoonist put it in a different context, is “us.” “Us” includes Jack F. Kemp and William J. Bennett, both of whom pulled off a supreme ad of treachery when, just before the vote on Prop 187, they wrote a seven-page article for the Wall St. journal ordering Californians to vote “no.” Here we have two leading Republicans turning against their own kind, at the very moment Majority members­ were finally rousing themselves in a last-ditch effort to keep their state from being transformed into a Mexican state, from becoming Alta California. Down in his fiery pit Judas must be smiling.

    It is useless to answer the various arguments Kemp and Bennett advanced to back up their race-unconscious pitch. Their main emphasis was that Prop 187 was “un­ American,” as if protecting your people from oblivion amounts to some kind of dirty politics. The words echoed the sentiments of their Jewish gurus, Jude Wanniski, being Kemp’s and Irving Kristol being Bennett’s.

    Who exactly are these Republican pols who play so fast, loose and irresponsibly with the great scary issue of our day? jack Kemp was not born in Buffalo, as one might suspect. The native hearth o f the star quarterback o f the Buffalo Bills and the nine-term New York congressman was the heavily Semitic Fairfax section of Los Angeles, where he attended a public school that was 75% Jewish and where his first girlfriend was a rabbi’s daughter. Later, when he went on the congressman’s obligatory pilgrimage to Israel, his hyper-Semitism turned into a permanent neurosis. In Congress he never ceased to vote the straight Is­raeli ticket, which caused some colleagues to call him “Yitzshak Kemp.” Listen to what gushed from his mouth at an Israel bond dinner: “No matter how the political winds blow, Israel will never be lacking for friends [funds?] as long as I have air in my lungs to speak out.” Kemp also voted the straight black ticket while in Congress. He practically idolized his Negro teammates in his football years.

    Kemp poses as a straight arrow, which has allowed the media to incarnate him into a 59-year-old Republican Gal­ahad, the Republican who can easily bolt his party and join the Demos, especially if some semi-honest office­ seeker like Patrick Buchanan should be the C.O.P.’s presidential candidate in 1996. As Secretary of HUD in the Reagan administration, Kemp’s fits of liberalism warmed the cockles of Democratic hearts.

    But Kemp is not as squeaky clean as the media pre­ tend. No renegade ever is. One significant glitch in a man’s character leads to another. Back in 1973, Kemp entered a 50-50 partnership with a raging homosexual to buy a lodge in Lake Tahoe, where queers contaminated one of America’s beauty spots with wild all-night parties. From then on the Washington rumor mills took it for granted that Kemp, although married with four children, was “that way.” Newsweek (Dec. 2, 1985) devoted several para­ graphs to the question of Kemp’s sexual ambivalence.

    What about that other backstabber, William Bennett, the 46-year-old Harvard Law graduate and Brooklyn-born Democrat who became Reagan’s Secretary of Education and Bush’s drug czar? The state of American education was no better when he left the Cabinet. Hard drugs were as plentiful post-Bennett as pre-Bennett. Failure, of course, is no handicap in Washington, where what counts much more than character is winning elections or being appoint­ ed to plush, supernumerary government jobs. politicians are judged not on what they do but on how many votes they get (or steal) and how much money they pour into the grasping paws of minority organizations. Media treatment is also of great import, and that’s where Bennett does not do as well as Kemp. He is a little too flip, a trait deemed inappropriate for “respectable” Republicans.

    It’s a truism in American politics that if you sell out to jews and other lobbyist gangs, you wi II sell out your own people. That is precisely what Bennett and Kemp did in their inglorious attack on Prop 187.
    America is now dying on the vine. When, as seems likely, it is stone-cold dead, its tombstone should be placed beside the grave markers of Majority Renegades Kemp and Bennett, which should bear the inscription:


  11. Denise is on target with the creating your own companies comment. Not only do those with certain skills and attributes need to become more independent, but there needs to be an emphasis on proper networking to create a type of safety net for those daring to not toe the PC line, and so that these skills aren’t used against pro-White people to the same degree they are today. This needs to happen at warp speed.

    Glacierstorm is pretty accurate in saying that the political and business class hate us. It’s also an undeniable fact that when you allow those entities to control your day-to-day activities and how you sell your specific skills within the marketplace, you essentially become part of the mechanism working to destroy your own identity and the identity and future of White America. Racial solidarity and preservation of our people should be the impetus, not necessarily just $$$$$$$.

    The anti-White agenda being pushed by practically the entire business world, and the current social structuring where it takes place, needs billions and billions and billions of dollars pumped into it every year just to keep White solidarity from resurfacing and growing. The pro-White world needs a fraction of a fraction of that to gain momentum. That’s the beauty of fighting for something when you have truth, facts and statistics on your side—it takes a lot more money and energy to sustain lies.

    I guess that was just my long-winded way of saying that Yes, taking risks and creating your own companies is much more valuable to White America than just being another politically correct cog in an anti-White machine. You might be able to make a decent living while hiding in that machine today, but there’s no doubt that the machine is figuring out ways to get rid of you tomorrow.

  12. We’re still discussing the tax plan, not foreign policy. If Andrew thinks Trump’s plan whips the hedge fund guys, he is taking his interviews at face value. In this case, the “establishment” would be happy to be whipped by the “populist.”

  13. @Celestial Time // October 1, 2015 at 4:49 pm //
    You can start your own company, but the government will force integrate you.

    @Hunter Wallace // October 1, 2015 at 4:51 pm //
    Do people still take Daily Stormer seriously, after what happened? Come on, they don’t even know the people that write articles for them. Their idea of advocating for whites is posting racial epithets anonymously on the internet. Come on, they are not serious people.

  14. I’m very glad that Jack posted the Instauration piece and that RichardBird linked the piece at WhitakerOnline. In reading the latter work’s remarks on White Flight, I was reminded of something I might already have mentioned here, at Occidental Dissent. White Flight represents not only a material cost but a spiritual one. I’m not speaking of the cost of knowing that the cities of one’s country have been all but abandoned, to blight and crime. That’s bad enough, but there’s a spiritual cost that’s more–personal, I guess is the word. Not until I began compiling family history did I allow myself to recognize that. There’s something very strange about finding many of one’s ancestral neighborhoods in ruins and populated by beings who regard with fear one’s visits to them. As I have remarked to a relative–and maybe have said here, at Occidental Dissent–it’s as if one had been walking along a beach and then turned, to see that one’s footprints had been washed away, by lapping waves, even while one had been in motion. In visiting the places that are or were significant to one’s relatives, one wonders just how long it will be before even the cemeteries are gone.

  15. Interesting article on whitackeronline. It would indeed be great to create our own companies. The problem is that in order to get venture capital, you would need to accept the diversity agenda. It is too bad that there are no rich white guys who are willing to stand up for their own people against the trends. By the way, anyone who works in corporate America knows just how bad it is getting. We are constantly subjected to celebrations of “diversity” and “civil rights” heroes such as MLK and Mandela. My company has a veteran’s group. Instead of doing anything to help veterans, we are paying thousands of dollars to bring in this piece of trash (http://vernicearmour.com/meet-flygirl/) to speak. The corporate types think it is a great idea.

  16. Glacier – you are going to have to find a way AROUND the Diversity Dilemna. We all will have to do this. Pwriod.

    I believe small companies are not forced to hire Orcs.

  17. Denise
    ‘He keeps signaling though; Pay attention to his comments on the Islamic diaspora, in his remarks in NH today. He was talking about the importation of 200,000 “refugees” to the USA. He’s agin’ it.’

    It’s absolutely crucial to be against it. I don’t know if he is the only major politician, public figure taking that position. He deserves our support for that. If we take in hordes of Arabs what next? A major influx of hundreds of thousands or millions of Latin Americans because of some crisis, real or contrived.

    ‘He also is positive about Putin, and Assad staying in power.’

    This really is yuge. He will be assaulted on every side.

    Juan McAmnesty: This is a bad day. And it’s a time for American leadership.

    It is time President Obama woke up to the realities in the world and reassert American leadership.

    And that does not mean that we’re going to send thousands of ground troops back into Iraq or Syria. But it does mean that we develop a policy.

    In the case of — I am told that these bombings, that the American government has said that American planes should not fly, and that, we have somehow approved of these airstrikes.

    I do not know if that’s true or not. I hope that it’s not true.

    What we should be saying to Vladimir Putin is that you fly, but we fly anywhere we want to, when and how we want to, and you’d better stay out of the way.’

  18. In my misspent youth I once thought some the ideas of Kemp would work. They did not. I’ve become fairly immune to such talk today. I do believe that there is only so much taxes you can get out this country no matter how high you raise them. At some rate people will just put their money in tax deductible bonds or sit on their hands. I don’t believe that capital should have better rates than labor. If I’m not mistaken Regan made the rates the same.

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