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  1. They’ll either put you sleep or you’ll throw something at the TV. I can think of a lot of other things I’d rather be doing.

    As 3rd party candidate Bob Whitaker puts it, “If I were electable I wouldn’t have to be running”.

  2. Watch it?! Foo, no! I’m going to visit my baby granddaughter. All she does now is poop and suck her mama’s breasts dry, but she a lot nicer than these vampire squids who have been pooping on us and sucking us dry for years!

  3. Well I have to say this will be best watched on an empty stomach so if you are willing to sit through this entire thing, DON’T EAT SUPPER! I don’t know if I could sit through it without Nausea. When Obama was elected in 2008 I watched ROCKY II on the Rocky Marathon on AMC. I would not, repeat would not watch the abortion in Chicago. At least watching Sly Stallone kept my food down.

  4. It’s just a “who is more diverse/communist/pro-abortion/pro-black lives matter/multicultural/pro-illegals/anti-white men” extravaganza with friendly moderators.
    Read Trump’s twitters instead as Marc suggested.

  5. Unless Joe Biden decides to run, the next president is likely to be on that stage tonight thanks to the new demographics of this sick country.

  6. “Bernie, what is your stance on immigration to-”

    “All are welcome to America, end white supremacy!”

    “-wait for it Bernie! To Israel?”

    “Israel is a Jewish state. It belongs to the white man.”

  7. Colonel Sanders will win as he is the most far left. All are anti-white. But given the demographics it will be very hard for a Democrat to lose in 2016.

  8. Surely it’s possible to comment upon this event in a rational manner. I disagree with most of Celestial’s political opinions but he is dead on about taking personal responsibility. It’s too easy to blame everything you don’t like on some amorphous, evil conspiracy. In fact, and as pointed out by Celestial, it is a mentally unbalanced approach to life.

    I have no doubt Hillary Clinton is an intelligent woman. I have it from someone I trust who worked with her on a case that she is one smart cookie. Smart as an attorney, which is not always a great signal for anything else one does.

    Regardless of her above average intelligence, some or all of those on stage with her will be just as smart. Sanders in particular should be able to pick her apart. He is a life-long iconoclast who has enjoyed debate and intellectual disagreement. If he truly is committed to the cause of Socialism he will be more than capable of ripping HRC a new one.

    The Clintons embody what Sanders says he dislikes, even despises. Crass Capitalism built upon providing nothing. Wealth earned from politics in the manner of a South American country. But what will Sanders actually do? My guess is despite all the BS you will see him tow the establishment line.

  9. Sanders can be deflected by 1) how are you going to pay for it 2) unelectable 3) too extreme

    She excites the groundlings but is not a threat to HRC, only Biden can stop her.

  10. This is gruesome.

    The USA is gone. And Obama – the Sambo Lawn Jocky of the Jews at Goldman Sachs, is sending warships to China, demanding access to their sovereign territory.

    • Maybe Sanders would be the right candidate. Maybe it’s time for the nation to have a real choice between two vastly different directions and world views. Presuming Sanders and some Republican actually stick to positions as opposed to doing the usual political “drift to the middle”, why not present a stark choice and make people choose? I’d prefer it to this “lobster in a pot” slow boil method of Socialism. It would also ensure Americans can make out exactly where these Donor Class types stand.

  11. The problem with the Dem ticket is everyone’s acting like Hillary is Entitled to it because she was supposed to win in 2008. The only person the dems seem jazzed about is Bernie who isnt even in the Democratic Party.

  12. HW:Strong chance Jim Webb will be told to his face: you’re in the wrong party.

    PP: Giuianni cited this as a reason why he became a Republican: talent threatens the Dem apparatchiks.

  13. It’s all enough to make one very anti-American.

    I wish they would stop trying to impose their pathologies on the rest of the world. Americanism today is a contagion.

  14. Warspite: If you look at what he is saying on the campaign trial, he really has no clear and consistent views, he can be pressured by the left to quickly break campaign and message discipline (except when it comes to Israel, then he yells at people to shut the hell up).

    • First off, few in the modern Democratic Party will get far if they become too critical of Israel. Besides the reasons some here can toss out, such criticism almost always fails to withstand scrutiny. Second, anything regarding Israel is a false issue. There are real issues that threaten people’s lives like high taxes, corruption, immigration, growing disparity in wealth, financial irresponsibility, inability of people to get their kids a decent education, crime, etc., etc. Israel is not even at the top of our foreign policy matters. I respectfully submit it is not a problem of any focus on Israel. The problem I point to for too many here is the over-focus & near obsession with Israel. If you had to make a real list, “Israel” is not even in the US top 10 of imminent and important problems facing all Americans.

  15. I’m gonna watch, unless there’s a good movie on. It’s Halloween Month. NOTHING is scarier than “American politics” right now, though.

  16. I have on MSNBC. “Many Stupid NAGAS B!tching Constantly”.

    I’m doing the full on Madness Mode.Some Negro Black Lies Splatter is nowbablbing about Black Votes mattering racial jusstiss ooga booga

    Mercedes Benz commercial now.

  17. Captain John = Hilary looks CRAZED. She/it is on the verge of hysteria. This I her/it’s Last Chance to to be the First Woman President.

    It will REMOVE what gets in it’s way.

    I of course, want Sanders to “win”. I want a Trump/Sanders debate.

  18. William H McCarty
    ‘Will we hear the phrase “white privilege” tonight?’

    Possibly, along with standard anti-White drivel.

    Muh racism and war on women.

    I think we could hear about America being a nation of immigrants and how wonderful Mexicans are.

    Might also hear about the poor Syrians from the mid-east who need to find shelter HERE.

    Israel (our good friend) needs to be protected.

    Putin needs to be bitch slapped.

  19. Warspite: what you say is true, but because it is the top issue for some, Jews and certain Christians, we all have to suffer. That is why it isn’t a false issue (such as Global Warming).

  20. Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump 18s18 seconds ago

    Putin is not feeling too nervous or scared. #DemDebate

  21. Hillary said her mother was a factory worker.

    I’ll bet she has never seen the inside of a factory. Has lived like a rich politiician most of her life.

  22. Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump
    “@StreckerJosh: The Hillary love fest on CNN is ridiculous. I feel bad for the other candidates…especially the non-criminal ones.”

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