Raising Taxes on the Top 1 Percent

By Hunter Wallace

If the top marginal income tax rate on the wealthy was raised from the current 39.6 percent to 40 percent, The New York Times is saying it would raise enough revenue – from just the top 0.1 percent – to eliminate college tuition at public 4-year universities:

“To get the most accurate picture possible, throw in all the scraps of income, from the most obvious (like wages, interest and dividends) to the least (like employer contributions to health plans, overseas earnings and growth in retirement accounts). According to that measure — used by the Tax Policy Center, a joint project of the Urban Institute and the Brookings Institution — the top 1 percent includes about 1.13 million households earning an average income of $2.1 million.

Raising their total tax burden to, say, 40 percent would generate about $157 billion in revenue the first year. Increasing it to 45 percent brings in a whopping $276 billion. Even taking account of state and local taxes, the average household in this group would still take home at least $1 million a year.

If the tax increase were limited to just the 115,000 households in the top 0.1 percent, with an average income of $9.4 million, a 40 percent tax rate would produce $55 billion in extra revenue in its first year.

That would more than cover, for example, the estimated $47 billion cost of eliminating undergraduate tuition at all the country’s four-year public colleges and universities, as Senator Bernie Sanders has proposed, or Mrs. Clinton’s cheaper plan for a debt-free college degree, with money left over to help fund universal prekindergarten. …”

Compare the $47 billion dollar annual price tag of eliminating college tuition at public universities to the $2 trillion dollars already squandered on the cuckservative crusade in Iraq alone or the extra $100 billion a year we are paying on medical and disability claims from veterans after a decade of useless wars in Muslim countries.

Most of those poor soldiers joined the military to finance their college education. How much cheaper would it have been just to have free college tuition like Germany? How many more Christians would be alive today in Iraq and Syria? How many fewer refugees would be pouring into Europe today from Libya, Iraq and Syria were it not for the US campaign to destabilize the region?

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  1. The orthodox are not like the Amish.

    An Italian-American is not like a a Jew. Nothing like Irish in places like Australia or America.

    You’ve always got your Israel to fuck off to and supportive diaspora in every single western state. That diaspora endlessly subverts the host population.

  2. I guess Warpsite hasn’t heard of the application essay to college.

    “When I wuz in the Kibbutz and visted Auschwitz and interned at the Anne Frank museum…when I volunteered at the Ferguson under served BLM…


    Aron Ronson

  3. That JJ Abrams (good lord almighty) quote is pretty tough to get around.

    A room full of Jewish movie folk (at least 50%) become white and this is the justification for casting the lead role in StarWars as Mace Dindu. Or Demaricus Moonwalker.

  4. And the Empire’s Stormtroopers appear to be black. thus they couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. It explains a lot.

  5. Darth Wilson will hunt down Mace Dindu on the Canfield Swamps of planet Farg-Uson. Princess Coalburner will raise her bastard offspring with Dindu on EBT-88 a planet in the Gibs star system in Galaxy Medat.

  6. So, it seems my comment w/ working links is lost in moderation.

    Hmmm, yesterday
    occidentaldissent dot com/2015/10/17/raising-taxes-on-the-top-1-percent/comment-page-6/#comment-3293503
    Warkike wrote:
    “I look pretty white to me, as does every member of my family.”

    However, weeks ago
    occidentaldissent dot com/2015/09/24/jews-must-give-up-whiteness-to-fight-racism/comment-page-1/#comment-3267376
    he told a different story:
    “I have a brother dark enough he is first addressed in Spanish in certain parts of the U.S.”

    Hunter, as I wrote since the first appearance of Warkike, he’s clearly a JIDF operative
    thejidf dot org
    Possibly more than one, considering his(?) “absent-mindedness”.
    Please, do The Right Thing and ban that/those kike(s).

    • That really hurts my feelings Alberta. You’re going to ban me when you obviously have had a Bureau provocateur doing “her” thing for many moons? Are you really so addled you can’t see that?

  7. Alberto

    Warkike wrote:
    “I look pretty white to me, as does every member of my family.”

    Warkike wrote:
    “I have a brother dark enough he is first addressed in Spanish in certain parts of the U.S.”

    Ha ha ha. How does one reconcile this blatant discrepancy? Pointless.

    Just know it is SKR. Genes rule.

    • Easy. I consider the majority of Hispanics to be white. Plus, it was a little hyperbole. It’s when he’s tan (even a little) that he’s mistaken

  8. Warkike,

    are you suggesting I “framed” you??
    Now, that would be mighty jewish of me…
    Sorry, as much as I hate jews, I’m not into outjewing them with the same vile tricks they use against us because:
    1. It’d be extremely dishonorable. I know: such a thought is alien to the jewish mind. Maybe we should ask Mr. Webster for a definition of “honor”, but I doubt you’d understand it.
    2. It’d be a pointless attempt: Kikes are jacks-of-all-treasons, masterful liars, etc.
    You can’t compete with them in their very field.
    3. I have better things to do.

    • You guys are kidding, aren’t you? It’s 2015. No one in America has an excuse to be that dumb. I mean, Eugenics?!? That’s just strange & weird. Do you really think Asian doctors vs. white supremacist chiropractors is some sort of intrinsic, natural thing?

    • Alberta, if it’s such a subject of fascination why not look into converting? It is possible to convert to Judaism, you know! I know of a nice temple in Calgary.

  9. What pisses me off badly is that Jack fell for Warkike’s flattery.
    How do you reconcile those sentences, Jack?
    Don’t you tell me you believe that BS about tanning, because that’d mean you’re completely retarded.
    Let this episode serve you as an eternal lesson, Jack: Never, ever trust a jew again.
    Jews always lie.
    Sometimes they mix in some crumbs of truth in their special BS ice-cream, but that’s a testament to their ability of lying for a living.
    As I wrote weeks ago, this is their modus operandi in WN comment sections and forums:
    1. they start as most rare good jews sympatethic to our cause
    2. they start pushing the tone to the left: “You see we aren’t all bad; mongrels, too, are on average good fellas”
    3. they flatter some er dumb mod into banning some of the most vocal – and loyal – members.

    Furthermore, never, ever bitchslap another White in front of a jew, like you did with Denise, for not observing some BS code of conduct.
    And I’m not whiteknighting: that rule of thumb applies to every ally of ours: White Man, White Woman, (Honorary) White Pet, etc.
    You’ll never see a jew bitchslapping another jew in front of us goys.
    We must be way more cohesive.

    Jews – all of them! – are The Ultimate Evil.
    There are no good jews – period.
    And an 1/n of a jew, even when n >= 8, is still a whole kike motherfucker.

  10. Alberto – you are my Hero. I love you.

    I hold no animosity towards Jack aka Abbie’s Irish Rose, because there is something amiss with him. The whole of history proves that if you allow Jews into your world – they destroy you.

    Germany played host to Jews for at least a thousand years. Jews have been treated BEAUTIFULLY throughout – and look what they’ve done to Germany.

    England and America have been THE best Hosts the Tribe has ever had – and behold the wreckage.

    The better you treat them, the worse they treat you.

    There re NO “good Jews”. You are correct. Thank you.

    • And people wonder how The Carpenters sold so many records at the same time as Led Zeppelin! The existence and ability to perpetuate evil should never be doubted. All it takes is a few below average IQ’s and an almost too good to be true agent provocateur.

      As John Lydon said to an American crowd during 1977/78, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” Hard to believe I didn’t know what he meant,

  11. Warspite
    ‘You guys are kidding, aren’t you? It’s 2015. No one in America has an excuse to be that dumb. I mean, Eugenics?!? That’s just strange & weird.’

    There is a pecking order in jewdeism based on genetics. Only the Levite and the Cohen are permitted to occupy certain prestigious positions.


    Genetics! Not merit.

    If your physical lineage is not verified, certified (as much as is possible) your spiritual credentials mean nothing. You are automatically disqualified if your family tree has been corrupted or not of the proper seed.

    On a side note, can anyone venture a guess as to the number of chief rabbis in Israel’s history who were of the negro race?

    Zero…nada… zippo… zilch… nutink.

    • How the heck would you know people’s color throughout the ancient world? A classic example of bird brainism. And the knowledge of Genetics herein is right up there with Nazi doctors examining children for slight but noticeable variations in colors.

  12. Warspite
    ‘ And the knowledge of Genetics herein is right up there with Nazi doctors examining children for slight but noticeable variations in colors.’

    Are Chabadniks Nazis? Genetics are important to jews.


    Raise Your Hand If You’re A Kohen

    Jews have an aristocracy. An aristocracy, however, without castles, but with titles, privileges, duties and restrictions. Unlike most aristocracies, the Jewish aristocracy does not use formal salutations such as “Your Grace” or “My Lord.” For Jews, these aristocrats are the kohanim, the priests who once served in the Temple of Jerusalem. A kohen (singular form of kohanim) is just like any baron, marquis or duke—but not quite. And then there are their assistants, the Levites.

    According to the Torah, Jacob had twelve sons. Each son was the founder of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Each tribe had a separate territory, with the exception of the tribe of Levi.

    During the Exodus, when the Israelites made the Golden Calf, only the Levites refused to worship it. As a result, they were appointed servants to G?d. Of the members of this tribe, those who were descended from Aaron, brother of Moses, became the kohanim. Aaron was the first kohen, and also the first high priest.

    Ever since then, many Jews have identified themselves as either Levites (levi’im) or kohanim. Throughout the centuries down to modern times, these Jews identified themselves as descendants simply because their fathers were kohanim or levi’im. But are these tribal affiliations just a matter of folklore and tradition? Can such claims actually be proven? (snip)

    Today they can, and the key is DNA testing. The principle is that if all kohanim are in fact descended from Aaron, they should all share the same genetic traits. In the various studies that have been done with Jewish males in numerous parts of the world, both Ashkenazim and Sephardim, over 98 percent of those who claimed to be kohanim were found to have the Y-chromosome Alu Polymorphism (YAP) marker. The principle is that the male Y-chromosome does not change from generation to generation.’ (snip)

    n 2007, the first Kohen-Levi family reunion in 2,000 years was held in Jerusalem. The gathering was organized by the Center for Kohanim in Jerusalem and its director, Rabbi Yaakov Kleiman, who is also the author of DNA & Tradition: The Genetic Link to the Ancient Hebrews. (snip)

    • Will this bizarre obsession with Jews never end? You spin a tale with little meaning to nearly all American Jews. How do I know? Uh, from being Jewish in various parts of the nation. Some places replete with Jews, some places nearly devoid of Jews.

      Many religions, inclusive of many Christian denominations can be set up in a similar manner to that of the latest Jewish rant. Do you have any idea how many weirdo, kook theories are tied up with the Knights Templar? Perhaps you do because you may adhere to the lunacy. But there is as much truth to that kookery as to your Jewish obsession. Both obsessions have historically true touchstones & end up blasting off into the nut house. The same sort of smoke & mirrors and combination of fantasy, insecurity in life, and instability of purpose.

      The need to reject Christianity in favor of Paganism continues to be both marked and disturbing. The reason of course is the goal towards a Final Solution is inimical to following Christ. I have been stunned at the attacks on Christianity I have read in the past 3 weeks.

      Nor do you or your gunsels recognize the absurdity of your efforts in terms of proof. Despite the literal mountain of evidence of every sort on the existence and details of the Holocaust, you continue to reject that it occurred. However, you are perfectly willing to spin whatever take necessary out of “historical” Judaism to support bizarre or arcane theories. It never seems to occur to your type to look around you and judge your belief system from your peers.

      My knowledge on your positions being BS comes from the real world. And I refer to your whacko theories, not, e.g., that over 70% of Jews consider themselves as liberal (or progressive) dems. I was advised decades ago about how you obsessive Jew-haters work: ignore the mountain of evidence by focusing on, e.g., discrepancies about the color of a hat.

    • Ok Captain. Malcom McLaren was sort of Jewish. So what?

      Do you listen to all PF albums or just Roger Waters’ solo stuff. It wasn’t until the latter that he really become antisemitic. And what about Roxy Music?

  13. Warspite
    ‘Will this bizarre obsession with Jews never end?’

    As long as you keep serving up hanging curves we will continue to blast them out of the park.

    Can you find a negro or chink in any of the photos of chief rabbis? Not only in Israel but other countries?


    Obscure black sects like the one Michelle Obama’s uncle belongs to are window dressing.

    I haven’t been able to find any Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Orthodox, Ultra Orthodox, Haredim, Chassidim, Mizrahi or Conservative movements with black rabbis in authority over so-called white jews.

    If there are any they are as rare as black Jeopardy winners.

    I read a few years back that there was a negress ordained in a Reform synagogue, but she lasted a year I think and was shown the door.

    At the time she was the only one in the entire country! ONE! Done!

    Racist jew bastards, eh.

  14. This is retarded. Tuition is a fraction of the cost of going to college, most colleges have fees making up about half of the bill.

    And why do people need to go to college?

    Because Griggs v. Duke Power Co.

    If the House can vote to rescind the Civil Rights Act, college enrollment, and thus cost, will drop back down to reasonable levels. And if it can’t, White students aren’t going to get a job when they graduate anyway, because who would hire a White for an entry level position with the government breathing down their necks demanding more diversities? The Whites that they are allowed to hire, they need those Whites with proven career records for business critical functions.

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