Jim Webb Drops Out of Democratic Race

Jim Webb

By Hunter Wallace

Jim Webb should have known there is no room left in the modern Democratic Party for a cisgendered Southern White male war veteran who believes “all lives matter”:

“Washington (CNN) – Jim Webb ended his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination at a press conference Tuesday, telling reporters he will consider an independent bid.

Speaking at the National Press Club in Washington, Webb argued the Democratic Party has moved away from “millions of dedicated, hard-working Americans. …”

Webb must have concluded that his campaign would never recover from his “all lives matter” gaffe in last week’s Democratic debate. It makes much more sense to run as an independent to reach his target audience. Martin O’Malley apologized for saying “all lives matter,” but it hasn’t done him any good in the polls.

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  1. Webb, though hardly one of us, celebrated the Ulster-Scots (Scots-Irish) people who settled the Southern frontier. He was proud of a traditional America which no longer has any real influence in the US political system. There are many positive things I could write about this flawed politician – and that fact alone makes him unsuitable to be his party’s nominee. He would have fit in the mainstream of his party a few generations ago but certainly not today.

  2. Webb was winning the Drudgereport poll early. Then lost all his momentum with his immigration comments. In the end Webb managed 25%. He has great potential if he can defend American workers like Trump.

  3. When Trump gets the Republican nomination, he should seriously consider Webb as his running mate. Out of all the politicians running, they espouse policies closest to the interests of traditional Americans.

  4. Webb running a high-profile campaign as an independent could do serious damage to Trump as the Repub nominee.

  5. Good. This means is will be the Trumpenkrieg vs Hillary Sanders.

    The Hebes keep predicting the “Trump will NEVER be our #1 Shabby Goy tool” – but Jerry Rivers stated, last week, on Faux News, that he thinks Trump will be the GOP nominee.

  6. Webb is the natural running mate for Donald Trump. That ticket would be unbeatable and would pull the rug out from under both the Republicans and Democrats.

  7. Hunter, did you see that the Confederate battle flag made an appearance at last night’s PEGIDA event in Dresden?

  8. I’m surprised by this, I assumed that he’d be a shoe-in for VP. Especially considering that the debate did actually do his poll numbers some good.

  9. hmm, I’d been relying on hearsay for that, but cursory searching doesn’t turn up any such evidence of a bump.

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