Cuckservatives: The Rise and Fall of Rand Paul

By Hunter Wallace

Seriously, it warms the heart to read this:

“It was only a year ago that Rand Paul appeared on the cover of Time magazine with the headline, “The Most Interesting Man in Politics.” Time was hardly alone in this assessment. Paul was the subject of a lengthy front-page profile in the New York Times and came out No. 1 on Politico Magazine’s list of the 50 most influential people in politics. “Has the Libertarian Moment Finally Arrived?” Robert Draper asked in the New York Times Magazine.

Perhaps a better question is: Have the media ever been more wrong? Pundits speculated that the Kentucky senator would be a more plausible leader than his father, former Texas Representative Ron Paul, for a newly mainstreamed libertarian alliance that would bring together critics of U.S. foreign policy interventionism and government surveillance and advocates of drug decriminalization and criminal justice reform from across the political spectrum. Libertarian-leaning millennials, it was said, along with Tea Party opponents of big government, could bring about a realignment of American politics—helped along by all that money being funneled into the 2016 campaign by the libertarian Koch brothers. As Draper put it: “Libertarians, who long have relished their role as acerbic sideline critics of American political theater, now find themselves and their movement thrust into the middle of it.” …

In hindsight, Ron Paul’s performance in the 2008 and 2012 elections was due to disaffected voters, including many White Nationalists who supported him, not ideological libertarians. All those people have since abandoned Rand Paul and thrown their support behind Donald Trump because of his foolish decision to go “mainstream.”

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  1. Perhaps a better question is: Have the media ever been more wrong?

    They spelled “mendacious” wrong, mendacious is not spelled w-r-o-n-g. The media puffed him up (Jack Ryan was right to be suspicious of all this love the media were giving Rand Paul) in order to get people like us or close enough to us to get onto what they knew was his doomed flight. The media do this all the time, try to divert populist and nationalist energy into dead end loser ideological causes.

    What none of them counted on was Trump. Trump has even co-opted Rand Paul’s mild isolationism, mild because Rand was trying to triangulate between his father and the neocons.

  2. Greg Johnson
    ‘How does one cheat an individualist? By pretending to be an individualist while working as a member of a group. You demand that individualists give you a fair shake in every transaction. But whenever possible, you give preferences to members of your own tribe, and they give preferences to you.

    Imagine playing a game of cards in which your opponent can play a wild card but you can’t. That wild card is their tribal membership. It does not matter how great an advantage you might have over him in terms of chips at the start, because the rules give him a systematic advantage, and as long as you play the game, you will lose. But individualists are slow to catch on to the scam, because they are blind to groups.

    It is interesting that the most important founder of modern race- and nation-blind individualism was Ayn Rand, born Alissa Rosenbaum, and the leadership of her Objectivist movement just happened to be overwhelmingly Jewish, including a number of first cousins and married couples. Obviously, this was not individualist meritocracy in action. Yet Rand’s followers were blind to this fact as a matter of high moral principle.’

  3. Kevin McDonald posted an article to a computer simulation which demonstrated this exactly.

    Groups that let outsiders in and treated everyone equally were successful, until ethnocentric groups moved in. The ethnocentric group takes the benefits of an open society, but does not reciprocate. Of course the ethnocentric group does far better than everyone else.

  4. I still remember James Kelso preaching about the greatness of the Paul family including that fraud Rand – does he still do this? I haven’t listened to him in years.

  5. Yep, that piece by Johnson is excellent.
    As I wrote months ago, nobody in libertarianism takes the right to discriminate seriously.
    Sure, they admit it through the usual NAP/do-what-you-want-on-your-property things, but it’s really akin to those obscure theorem’s corollaries mentioned in some footnote, in textbooks: they are there for completeness/consistency, but nobody really gives them much thought.
    Months ago I was at a local libertarian convention: I’d say 99.9% of the people I met were 1000% open borderers.
    The only exception, really, was a young Swiss libertarian: he bought every part of libertarianism, except the BS about free movement of entire populations, etc
    As countenance has written more than once, those in libertarianism who were allured by the freedom-of-association (read: self-segregation++ deluxe) are already (more or less) quietly transitioning into nationalism.
    TheRightStuff comment section is full of former libertarians.
    Libertarianism, really, packages some generically good ideas with tons of jewish nonsense designed to entrap those of us who would naturally be nationalists, convincing them of the benefits (ah!) of idleness.
    “A hierarchy will select by the market process.”
    Meanwhile, jews and their deviant minions are marching…

  6. Hunter to troll the cucks and have them crucified by their masters take note that some of the cucks including Lowry have hinted strongly that they no longer believe 100% in the Blank Slate Theory with their scribblings on Scandanavia. Such as Sweden was built by Swedes not Somalis in combination with magic border/magic dirt theory.

  7. Libertarianism is like pacifism. Wonderful when done in a society of pacifists and suicidal in the Real World. Even John Wayne didn’t try to fight a whole army by himself. Government exists for a reason. Our Government sucks, but only because its not our Government.

  8. It’s easy to get depressed and feel there is no hope and every thing we, race realists, immigration restrictionists, Southern nationalists say or do fails.

    We have had successes and it is important to celebrate our successes and build on these successes.

    We/I personally have had success exposing the cowardly frauds, dead end losers of Libertarian, Constitutionalist fundamentalists as packaged and presented by Ron Paul and now Rand Paul.

    I personally convinced Jared Taylor and American Renaissance to resume Instauration Magazine’s year end award for the worst White American traitor of the year and give the award to Rand Paul.

    This is one of American Renaissance’s best:

  9. Ulfric // October 22, 2015 at 4:46 am //
    I still remember James Kelso preaching about the greatness of the Paul family including that fraud Rand – does he still do this? I haven’t listened to him in years.”

    I respond:

    I am afraid that Jamie Kelso simply got old and became stuck in certain ruts and could not accept new information or part with old loyalties including his life long strong support for Ron Paul and all he espoused.

    This was a huge problem with old Reagan Conservatives. They just remember fondly how long they had supported Reagan as the spokesman for real American Conservatism, by Reagan’s second term he was basically senile and his main mission was rolling back the supposed evil Empire of the Soviet Union that had become a cause of the very distant past.

    When Reagan was governor of California he vowed to send US combat troops to Rhodesia to help British White Rhodesians fight Black marxist terrorists/rebels. When Reagan became President that vow just sort of got forgotten and eventually White civilization collapsed in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, South Africa.

    I have written many blogs, articles presenting the views of Wilmot Robertson author of the Dispossessed Majority and publisher of the great magazine Instauration. W. Robertson presents 4 types (often overlapping) of White American traitors to our people.

    Gracchites – wealthy noble types who champion non White causes as a way to achieve power and social status – examples FDR, the Kennedys, actors like Brat Pitt, pop music stars like Bono and Sting

    Trucklers – lower class Whites who champion non White, anti White causes because they’re “going with the flow” riding popular, trendy anti White policies so they can move up the latter in $ and power, social status, not be dismissed as poor Hicks from the Sticks. Examples: LBJ, Mike Huckabee, the latest Liberation Theology Catholic Pope.

    Pussyfooters – most common. Those Whites who do not actively hate their/our people, culture but rarely if ever do or say anything to fight for our legitimate rights. Pussyfooters avoid trouble and conflict – just the word “RACIST” has most pussyfooter backing down and giving in. The best question is “Who isn’t a pussy, pussyfooter”?

    Old Believers/true believers – those who really do believe in some religious belief, economic system, political, legal system that seemed to work OK, good in the past when America was 90% plus White, British population, now insist things can work again in our 300 million plus racial, ethnic chaotic country. Examples include Ron Paul, Pat Robertson and the faded Moral Majority. These folks want to return America to a supposedly better time when Blacks weren’t so uppity, there was no rap music, porn was illegal, homes weren’t so pushy and we supposedly didn’t have all these modern problems.

    Proditors – those Whites who simply hate our/their people/culture with extreme hatred – want us killed, destroyed, humiliated, our graves desecrated. These evil people will embrace anyone or anything that attacks, insults us from BlackLivesMatter open gang member criminals, to the worst homosexual perversions, to Islamic fundamentalism. Examples John Brown, Hanoi Jane Fonda, the Weather Underground, John Walker Lindh and other White volunteers for the Taliban and ISIS.

    Ron Paul and Rand Paul – are mostly Old Believers, Pussyfooter traitors, with some truckling.

    The definitive movement in their political lives was when Ron Paul was gaining some support, including race realist support in his 2008 Presidential campaign. Hostile anti Whites, hard core Lib Leftists shouted “RACIST” over some articles in his Ron Paul newsletter which criticized Black criminals, Black rioters in the LA Rodney King riots, AIPAC, Martin Luther King jr. The articles were most likely written by Lew Rockwell. The smear Ron Paul as a RACIST beyond the pale was led by Marty Peretz and flaming homosexual, ardent Zionist Jew who shrill for all things lib, leftist Democrat. Instead of simply telling this creature from the opposition to “piss off”, Ron Paul did the St. Peter and denied he ever wrote or even read some terrible, evil racist things and Ron Paul and Rand Paul have been pandering to Blacks, Latinos, Jews, anything and everything non White and anti White, but including some lame Libertarian spin how most all the Blacks in prison for hard drug trafficking are political prisoners, how Martin Luther King Jr and Rosa Parks were supposedly Libertarians or some other nonsense.

    Libertarianism is also always around because it is basically the only type of “conservatism” allowed on elite US universities, colleges or in the Liberal Jewish dominated media. Neo Conservatism (with open borders immigration, US wars for Israel) was also created, existed, supported for the same reason – these are the only Conservatism allowed in high places.

  10. Another point to remember here regarding Rand Paul is that he really hasn’t


    He’s still a US Senator from Kentucky – a very well paying, prestigious position. He has a huge Congressional staff of fawning young people.

    He gets invited to colleges and universities – paid to “speak” . Of course he has to speak some pandering PC version of Conservatism, Black Civil Rights, Libertarianism etc – but it’s still an better, easier life than any of us will have.

    The main point to remember is that these White traitor, personally benefit from their treason – no they don’t get elected President of the United States, but they get lots of other things.

    Until we have the power to make racial/cultural treason HURT not HELP these traitors, the Rand Pauls of our country will continue doing and saying what they do.

    And guns are never used on our side to punish these types. Take back pedaling , pandering Kennedys like RFK – it was an Arab Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan that used a gun against Robert Kennedy – RFK paid the price for pandering to

    All non Whites including the worst Blacks and 3rd world immigrants like Sirhan Sirhan


    Esposing the most pro Israel military weapons gifts, exchanges.

    Sometimes the anti White Lib Left co-alition breaks up, destructs.

    No, our side has to learn to use weapons that aren’t guns so traitors like Rand Paul really are punished, not rewarded for their treasons.

  11. Allow me to dissent on the constant demonization of Ron Paul on the basis that his son is a complete cuck. All of these perfectly justifiable attacks on Rand Paul only begin with him and then go on to make his father the body of the smear.

    While those who do this were still pretending to hold their nose and voting for cucks like Romney in 2012 I haven’t voted for either party’s nominee in the general elections since 1980. Because I saw that they were all Obamas in whiteface. I also personally witnessed your guy’s, Romney’s, team destroying Paul ballots in 2012. Disgusting.

    Ron Paul was by far the best candidate in both 1988, 2008 and 2012, and one worth actually voting for, whatever his chances. Whatever his faults, and there were plenty, he was not a whitefaced Obama. That his son is makes his son the proper target, not his father. But then you’d have much less to write about, right?

    That said, let’s bring on the Trumpenkrieg!

  12. Marc Bahn

    Economic Conservatism, Libertarianism has been 100% sure fire losing for our side in Presidential elections for over 100 years. Arguably our best leader George Rockwell saw and stated this FACT in 1966 after the Goldwater debacle. 50 Years late – Libertarian true believers, cult followers are still pushing this #*$&#*

    Libertarian Presidential candidates consistently win less than 1% of the popular vote in Presidential elections.

    You a math major? Excluding negative numbers, what number is less than 1?




    Ron Paul never had any chance of winning anything in Presidential politics running as a Libertarian economic conservative true believer. He had as much chance of competing in the NBA slam dunk competition or the Miss Teen America competition.

    To compete to win the Miss Teen America competition one has to be a pretty female teen. Ron Paul was not, is not.

    What is he?

    A tired, whining old man without a working pe*&*#. Also a physical coward who broke down and gave up
    simply because some flaming homosexual queer, Lib Dem New Republican Zionist called him a racist!

    You say Ron Paul was by far the best candidate in 1988.

    Did you not see this INSANE, TREASONOUS CSPAN Ron Paul appearance we posted of Ron Paul trying to reassure an enraged California White guy that the mass migration/invasion of millions of 3rd world Mestizo and others was actually a very good thing for our country and any minor problems associated with it were caused by…


    I’ll post the interview again and ask you politely what were you thinking in 1988.

    Why didn’t beat this idiot’s arse?

    Were you also a big Jack Kemp supporter? Coleman Young, Robert Mugabe and Idi Amin?

    Some idiot American patriots try to argue that we were/are on the side of the likes of Idi Amin and Mugabe because they were/are like us…

    Anti British, anti Colonial Freedom Fighters!

    If you’re still in to this race denying, open border immigration Libertarian Constitutionalist loon stuff – can’t you take it some other country – maybe Somalia or the tribal border areas of Pakistan/Afghanistan?

    Maybe you can go SAVE THE HAITIANS bring American style prosperity and FREEDOM to Haiti with FREE MARKETS.

    M’thinks you’ll end up in the cannibals pot, or the Black Haitians will scam you in to sponsoring them for some Libertarian international conference in Minnesota then they’ll never leave.

    Wow this Ron Paul cult is a real pain.

  13. “Arguably our best leader George Rockwell…”

    The founder of the American Nazis?

    Sometimes you confuse me, Jack.

  14. Rockwell did NS stuff for publicity reasons – they were effective at the time.

    His insights about why economic Conservatives always lose in Presidential elections was/is 100% accurate. Much more so now that the USA is a multi racial chaotic, dis-united nation of 300 million squabbling races and tribes.

    We needs to start acting and thinking in terms of “We” – us and them. The me, me, me Libertarian thing means we will suffer the same fate as dispossessed Minority Whites in places like Rhodesia/ZImbabwe, Haiti, Algeria, Selma Alabama.

  15. Jack,

    Remember how you wanted to write about the Holocaust? Write something about Netanyahu saying the Grand Mufti convinced Hitler to exterminate the Jews.”

    I write that when I get back from Nashville TN

  16. Jack, George Lincoln Rockwell was a legitimate National Socialist with a distinctive “Americana” flavor; to the point where his Icelandic wife sued for divorce. He says this explicitly in his two books written during the 1960’s, although he did go over the top in order to break through the full Jew media blockade.

  17. Marcus, I think Rockwell’s beautiful Icelandic wife would have divorced him in any event, as his life did not provide financial stability or social stability.

  18. Look all of you who are trying to work in this Anti-White system are simply wasting your time. The system didn’t break down, it was broken on purpose to dispossess you of your ancestral lands and posterity. Even Trump is just a cuck with a poppinjay attitude. Listen to all his platitudes about legal immigrants. Same as the old bossy bitch.
    This system is not sustainable. The enemy is flooding you with invaders because their brilliant plans for economic hegemony has met the hard math of the downward spiral of socialism and greed. These system cucks are either deluded or have nothing left to lose. Guys like Brad Pitt are just cum buckets used by the oligarchs who got famous playing Ben Dover. The jews don’t hire top guys that know what they’re doing because these guys don’t take shit from anyone and kick ass when they see BS. The losers you see are the fallen. The whores and sellouts. The Judas Goats who want it so bad they sold out. This will only end like America started. History is a cycle. Its a wheel that turns around to get at its starting point. Renew or be terminated.

  19. We can debate whether Rockwell was this, that or the other.

    Doesn’t matter. He was right about the negro and jew.

  20. Jack, I’m not arguing the case for libertarianism. I’m making two specific points, that Rand Paul and Ron Paul are two different men who advocate very different policies, and that Ron Paul was a more worthwhile vote than anyone he ran against, based on the policies he has advocated for 30+ years, whereas voting for those cuckservatism inc candidates was as good as voting for Obama.

    I’m not ashamed of having supported Ron Paul. Can Bush (any brand), McCain and Romney voters say that with a straight face?

  21. Marc Bahn

    I’m asking for just a little bit more from you.

    Look in the mirror and see the solid White American guy who sadly made some mistakes and invested, wasted a lot of time, money, energy in a person Ron Paul, a cause – race denying Constitutionalist Libertarianism that was when all was said and done.

    Just a big waste of time.

    All of us have done similar things.

    I smoked some MJ and listened to Bob Marley music for a year in college. I used to think Reagan was right about fighting ….

    The Russians.

    I admit that I made some mistakes, but don’t keep making the same mistakes for 40 straight years.

    Just look in the mirror and tell that guy – “No, been there, down that – that’s all in the rear view mirror. Going forward I’m going to work and fight for the legitimate rights of my/our people, our civilization and related kindred people”.

    Ron Paul can now be safely sent off to retirement exile in Uganda and try to talk to the locals about hard precious medal currencies or other things.

  22. Good, Jack. Now learn that Ron Paul isn’t Rand Paul. IOW let up some on the attacks on Ron using his idiot son as a mere entry wound. Attack libertarianism inc and cuckservatism inc and Rand til the cows come home. THEY deserve it.

  23. Libertarianism was promoted by the forces of darkness as a Pied Piper to lead any right wing young white people who rebelled against the GOP into a safe dead end but instead acted as gateway drug to WN – so I wouldn’t be too harsh personally.

  24. On a side note it’s interesting how effective Trump’s little one liners have been in deflating people: the one about Rand missing the right gene, Fiorino’s face, Jeb’s low energy – he has a nose for weakness and a killer instinct – not necessarily a good thing in every case but interesting.

    If i’m right in this he could probably do Carson easy enough but may not feel the need. I doubt he needs to do it to Rubio either although I expect he will just for fun. I haven’t spotted what Rubio’s weak spot is but Trump may.

  25. Also the other thing about Ron Paul is he is 100% right about the Federal reserve and the central banking system so making people distrustful of that created a wedge that is paying off for white survivalists now.

  26. Ron Paul is a coward and a race traitor. His sellout of his own pamphlets he peddled to his deluded followers to become a big time Rastafarian MLK worshipper is Cuckoldry not seen outside of porn. He might as well drop to his knees and blow Obama and Revrum Sharpton on NBC. His sissy boy Randy is trying his gosh awful darnedest to get those poor black souls out of the Big House so they can meet your wives and daughters and thank them for their support.
    George Lincoln Rockwell wasn’t the political genius that Hitler was, but he knew the weak spot of the enemy. Whenever they see a swastika it reminds them of the Man who beat them at their own game and they decompose into rabid frothing animals. Its a sight that completely eliminates their false airs of erudite superiority they play for the goys to buy their fake scientism of Satanic Socialist Slavery.

  27. “On a side note it’s interesting how effective Trump’s little one liners have been in deflating people: the one about Rand missing the right gene,…”

    Yes, it takes a master to express respect and admiration for the father and insult the son — in the same sentence.

    “Ron Paul is a coward and a race traitor….”

    You might want to do some comparative research before you call him a sellout on a scale anywhere near a McCain or a Romney, who we were urged to support instead. News flash: Even Trump has flaws. Big ones. No doubt, should Trump not get the nomination, we’ll be urged to support whatever GOPe cuck is running because after all defeating Hillary Clinton is what’s most important evah, right?

  28. Marc, ron paul peddled a newsletter himself with race realism. He sold them to his followers for campaign money to be where he was, and when he got bad press and they called him a “raciss”, he chickened out and became the big ass Cuck he is now. MLK was a KGB trained stooge that destroyed your whole way of life by Bullshitting a whole generation of Whites into believing that blacks could be good productive citizens. How many White women have been murdered and raped because of that Bullshit Artist? He was fucking White hookers and slapping them around and beating them the night before he was shot. Every time I see Ron Paul or his sorry boy Randy saying good things about MLK, that spells RACE TRAITOR in my book. I don’t care what he did before, he SOLD OUT. I don’t know what he got for it, and frankly I really don’t care…

  29. Ron and Rand follow Ludwig von Mises and Ayn Rand. Individualism is not an answer, it is a way to continue the status quo.

  30. Dr Doom MLK was one of the Marxist leaders and the most well known among them that pushed the campaign of equality among whites and blacks that was being thrust on the US from all fronts. The goal of his work was to create a mulatto South and yet he is praised by millions of blacks and whites.

  31. Ha, ha. Rand Paul “the Most Interesting Man in Politics (time) is tanking so bad that the RNC is making Rand Paul change in small bathrooms.

    “GOP presidential campaigns are once again upset over how the Republican National Committee is handling the party’s primary debates.

    In particular, campaign coordinators have reportedly taken issue with the varied quality of candidates’ greenroom accommodations ahead of the third Republican presidential debate at the University of Colorado’s Coors Events Center in Boulder on Wednesday.

    Low-polling campaigns accused the RNC of providing extravagant spaces to candidates at the front of the pack, such as real estate developer Donald Trump, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina, Politico reported.

    Sources told the political news site that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul had been relegated to small spaces that resemble bathrooms, prominently featuring toilets.

  32. Here is ARI Watch (Ayn Rand Institute Watch). Proof in great sufficiency that Objectivism is nothing but a jew supremacism pressure group.

    (The author of that site thinks Rand would be outraged at the neocohen “decline” of her ideas, but his delusional nonsense to that effect can be bracketed and ignored.)

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