Disingenuous White Liberals Face Public Schools Dilemma

Dean Rohrer/NewsArt

By Hunter Wallace

In metro Atlanta, disingenuous White liberals in DeKalb County face the dilemma of wanting a “diverse” education for their children, but don’t want to send their children to a public school that is too black, even though the feds have a new report that says it will be OK:

“The same people who were questioning the school I picked for my girls and starting their own charter school, wanted to talk to me about the This American Life Podcast about segregated schools. They wanted to talk to me about things I already knew. Our schools are more segregated than they have ever been. Our educational system is deeply inequitable. Things are only getting worse. They shook their concerned liberal heads in sadness wondering what they could do. Then they made sure their child got into the very white, pretty affluent charter school that is not representative of their neighborhood. When one didn’t exist, they took their resources and began creating one.

When I am able to move past the anger, the frustration that people are talking about a school they know nothing about, I listen to what they say. Behind all the test score talk, the opportunity mumbo jumbo that people lead with, I feel like what is actually being said, and what is never being said is this: That school is too black. …”

Abby Norman can’t figure out why her White neighbors don’t want to send their children to the local failing public school where her poor White daughter is the only White kid in her class. She probably heard on NPR that her daughter would benefit from attending an overwhelmingly black school or that sending her there wouldn’t hurt her academic performance.

The story has a thousand comments mostly by progressives who explain to Abby that the welfare of their own children is where they draw the line and put aside their own ideology.

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  1. Whites (? IS Abby Norman White?) will have to suffer EVERYTHING they are forcing on sane people, until they FINALLY admit they are WRONG – and the Klan was RIGHT.

    FYI Carson surpassed Trump in an Iowa poll this AM, due to the demented heretical Evangelical aka Jew Worshipper crowd. They LOVE Carson. They think he’s wonderful. a Magical Negro who “talks just like us!”. THEY will be the literal death of America. They are AS bad or WORSE than the “Liberal” ideologue crowd.

  2. Denise,

    as a European, when I looked up what Christian Zionists believe I was shocked: their IQ is certainly < 46.
    There's no way anything even a little bit smarter than, say, lettuce could possibly be a Christian and a Zionist at the same time.

    Re the article: all in all, it gives me hope: They talk the talk, but won't walk the walk.
    It's certainly hypocritical, yet it's a start.
    I knew of 1000% liberal braindeadites that converted to no less than full NS.

  3. Have you heard? The article that Mr. Wallace linked has had such impact that now, just a week after it was posted, whites all over the country have moved their children to what had been black schools.

    I haven’t heard that either.

  4. I guess with a nigger in the Whites’ House, they were bound to try getting bussing going again. Those dang White girls ain’t listening to the jewtalk about how cool niggers are and how big a dick they are. Let’s face it, these niggers are big dicks, the biggest dicks I’ve ever seen, but not in a good way. They have to enrich these White girls by getting them to meet the gangbangers on their home turf and experience their “culture” and various STDs also.

  5. Abby Norman? Oh c’mon! That’s just too easy.

    “Abby someone.
    Abby someone?
    Abby who?
    Abby Normal.
    Abby Normal!?
    I’m almost sure that was the name.”

  6. This is a case for more White men to marry and put babies into more White women. Many of the social ills we face today are spearheaded by unmarried White women. For example, look at the Welcome Refugees photos. They mostly consist of White women.


    These women have no children of their own so they are instinctively adopting these refugees as substitutes. As it relates to “gay marriage” and the gay rights movement, I have heard more than one person say that it’s largely supported by White women. Gay marriage is a hobby for White Women.

    I have a good friend of mine who has a sister in law who is an extreme Leftist. She’s currently expecting her 1st child. I told him to thank his brother and to encourage him to put at least 2 more babies in her. Her time needs to be spent raising her own children rather than taking up a bunch of social justice causes. I mentioned to him that she may even adopt some race realist views as her primary focus will become the wellbeing of her children. She wants them to go to “good schools” and live in “safe neighborhoods.” She won’t let multiculturalism and diversity trump her children (at least I hope not).

    To the unmarried guys out there, quit f*ucking around (literally). Find a girl, marry her, and put at least 2 babies in her. This is for demographics and to have the woman’s time occupied raising our next generation rather than destroying our society.

  7. Denise
    ‘FYI Carson surpassed Trump in an Iowa poll this AM, due to the demented heretical Evangelical aka Jew Worshipper crowd.

    Demented is the appropriate word for those cucktians.

    ‘They LOVE Carson. They think he’s wonderful. a Magical Negro who “talks just like us!”. THEY will be the literal death of America. They are AS bad or WORSE than the “Liberal” ideologue crowd.’

    But, but, he’s nice, soft spoken and doesn’t call people names. We are not racists in Iowa gosh darn it.

  8. The day is coming here in Diversityland when all presidents will be negroes, Hispanics, Jews or Muslims. I hope it hasn’t already started.

  9. Every apologist libtard marxist maggot should be forced to send their kids to black schools. For F’s sake they’re the ones who promote miscegenation & diversity. They kids should experience the savage spawn of h0m0Erectus up close & personal.

  10. William – it’s already started. William and Sam – I’ve been arguing with those Evangelitard types, in online forums, and in 3D. They are Not Racists Gosh DARN IT! and will never ever ever clue in, not even when Shitavious the Aspiring Rapper and his Homies have broken into their houses, are raping their women to death in front of them, and the bashing their very thick skulls in. “It’s just these ones – it’s NOT all of them! I’m going to Hebbin and sitting on Jebuzes Right Hand Side!”

  11. In the city, you see squirrels and pigeons every where, but you never see baby squirrels or baby pigeons. Why?? Because the natural instincts of living creatures is to protect their young. Natural instincts can not be change by Jew propaganda and social pressure methods.

  12. Alberto – you are giving the Ziotards WAY too high an estimation, in the IQ dept. They LUVs der Darkies! Jebuz lubs da liddul chirren…awsa riffle chirrun ov da weeeerld!

  13. When white liberals say “diversity” in terms of something they want for themselves, they only mean it in the sense of just a little bit of it. Enough to show off, enough to brag about, but not enough to be a nuisance them or their little snowflakes.

  14. Interesting comments on that article.

    They seem to know puberty is the cut off point where it becomes dangerous for white kids to be the minority.

    As mentioned above, forced white minority schooling is just mass child abuse.

  15. Anon wrote:

    They seem to know puberty is the cut off point where it becomes dangerous for white kids to be the minority.

    I respond:

    HW might need to correct me here, but I understand that even in the “worst” times of Jim Crow, white parents let their kids play with black kids, until everyone hit puberty.

  16. The other thing with that though is puberty is hitting younger (sugar in the food?)

    When I was at school it started getting really dangerous for white minority kids when the other kids hit around age ten or eleven but now it’s probably closer to nine.

  17. Hypocrite scum. Just like the upper and middle classes in Europe bringing in diversity for the working classes, but exempting themselves. But in my experience, just scratch the surface a bit and a lefty’s true feelings come out!

  18. Ever notice that the people most eager to open borders, don’t work in jobs which the immigrants directly compete for?

    Not too many people are rushing in from the third world to become journalists, Cultural Marxist professors, Human Rights Lawyers (though they just create as many positions for that as they demand), elected officials.

    Back on topic though, “White Flight” wouldn’t exist, if white people, as we are told, love and embrace diversity.

    The very fact White Flight exists as a phenomenon is clear evidence that the narrative is false. But how many people do you hear pointing this out whenever the “everyone accepts diversity” canard is thrown about?

  19. On a related point, this story is about a year old but still interesting and relevant. It discusses a plan in Oregon to force white kids to attend schools with blacks, not by forcibly bussing blacks in, but by forcibly not allowing white parents to take their kids out. They’ve reached the point where they are preventing white kids from leaving.

  20. AssemblyLineHuman
    ‘Ever notice that the people most eager to open borders, don’t work in jobs which the immigrants directly compete for?’

    That’s the truth.

  21. Off-topic.

    Every once in a while I re-read this short column by Howard Fineman written on the night of Obama’s re-election.

    It shows the contempt our so-called elites have for us and our heritage and traditions and gives a glimpse of the nightmarish future these scumbag “elites” have created for us. It angers me no end. Everyone should read it.


  22. Denise is right. I would further argue that evangelical Christianity is a disease on any nation that adopts it. The puny mind of the evangelical does not think long term because they are sure Jesus is going to come riding back on a mushroom cloud over Israel any day now (strange that none ever take me up on the offer to purchase their property and assets) Evangelicals worship Jews, and will sacrifice their children for the good of Israel. Evangelicalism will not protect society because society, to them, will be destroyed entirely anyway. I spoke to an evangelical friend of mine about the hazards of her children becoming minorities in their own nation, and she agreed, but said “Jesus will return before then”. No kidding.

  23. The rhetorical tool you want to lead with is the phrase “anti-white.” I’ve read the responses here and on HuffPo and frankly it is the mewing of women when a man’s voice is needed amongst such over emotive anarchy.

  24. When she said Jesus would return, was she thinking of Hitler? Lol.

    Think what the negro soul is. An eternity with them either in Heaven or hell anyway.

  25. The funniest thing I ever read on this topic was by a reader on a blog (I forget which one). He spoke of his ultra-liberal parents who sent him to black schools, to black events, had him play with blacks and so on.

    Now he is an adult on his own. He asked, “Did my parents’ plan for me work? Well, let me just say now that I sorta like Adolf Hitler.”

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