Lisping Lindsey Graham’s Presidential Campaign is Tanking!

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More good news. South Carolina US Senator – Lisping Lindsey Graham (Ted Kennedy in drag) is tanking in the US Presidential campaign. He’s below 1% support. He apparently can’t figure it out. Why aren’t his policies of open borders immigration to the USA, endless Neo Conservative wars for Israel, all packaged under some bizarre “the Late Great Planet Earth” form of End Times Christian Zionism, why isn’t this catching on with GOP voters?

Can’t Understand

Here’s an Occidental Dissent classic article that explains what’s going on. We are a bit proud that we led the way in exposing and destroying the Presidential aspirations of this pathetic, traitorous creature.

What’s the Matter With South Carolina?

I’m asking Hunter Wallace and some other proud (straight) men of the South to explain:

What’s the matter with South Carolina?

By geography, demographics and history, South Carolina should be leading the fight for our people. SC representatives should be resisting mass 3rd world immigration & amnesty, opposing cultural marxism of Washington DC, the Ivy League, the New York City/Hollywood Axis of anti White evil. Anti Southern plagues like affirmative action for incompetent Blacks should be something that flat out just do not happen in South Carolina – where the Confederate Rebel flag recently flew over the SC State House. But the South Carolina political/racial reality now is:

SC doesn’t have a straight, Southern Man in the highest offices of Governor, US Senator!

SC Governor Nikki Haley was born Nimrata Nikki Randhawa in Bamberg, South Carolina to an Indian Sikh family. Her parents, Ajit Singh Randhawa and Raj Kaur Randhawa, are immigrants from Amritsar District, Punjab, India.

SC Senator Tim Scott – the first Black Senator from South Carolina since Reconstruction. Indian Governor Haley spouts the usual affirmative action nonsense to justify her appointing an incompetent Black:

“It is very important to me as a minority female that Congressman Scott earned his seat,” said Haley, who is of Indian descent. “He earned this seat for the person he is, for the results he’s shown. He earned this seat for what I know he’s going to do in making South Carolina and our country proud.” (Source)

(Sorry I couldn’t make it through the “minority female” part without reaching for my shot gun).

SC Senator Lindsey Graham – lisping queer as a $3 bill Graham has been leading the RINO treason to force mass illegal alien amnesty and open borders immigration on the American public.

Outed as an immigration traitor in 2007, Lindsey Graham actually made an in person speech supporting mass amnesty to the Latino racial power group “the National Council of LaRaza” (translates as THE RACE!) (link).

Somehow, Lindsey Graham managed to survive all this racial/cultural treason, immigration treason to be re-elected to the US Senate in 2008. Can some local Southern men (not lisping boys) please explain how that happened? Perhaps it was Lindsey Graham’s boisterous support for Neo Conservative war mongering against Iraq & Iran, Graham apparently:

Loves to see those cute Marines in the tight pants go in to action! And this time Graham has worked to end the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy that used to keep the likes of Gomer Pyle out of the USMC.

Now Lindsey Graham is back leading the push for mass illegal alien amnesty and open borders immigration from the entire non White 3rd World. Graham is part of an immigration treason group called.

“The Gang of 8” – a bi-partisan group of US Senators composed of toxic Jews, Libs, RINOs, Hispanderers:

Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla.)

Is anyone else a little alarmed about the casual use of Chinese Communist terms like “The Gang of 8”?!!

Yes, indeed I ask:

“What’s the matter with South Carolina?!”

And if proud Southerners are really serious about FIGHTING (not just talking) about secession, real Southern Independence – don’t you think it’s time to do something about the sorry state of political leadership in South Carolina?


  1. “… ain’t a beacon of freedom…”

    You can say that again.

    It’s the “new and improved” evil empire. With degeneracy thrown in for good measure.

  2. Haha, Jack!

    Look up a photo of the two sisters who were Russia’s Eurovision offering. Compare to Miley Cyrus, Madonna and Beyonce. Lol.

    • Out of curiosity, to what extent have any of you Eastern Bloc reminiscers been to, travelled through, lived in, etc., any of these countries? At least since the 1980’s to date?

    • Ha! You guys never stop writing about Jews. It’s an obsession. It reminds me of a conversation I had with someone in Slovakia about that country’s antisemitism. I asked how many Jews lived in Slovakia to produce the antisemitism, to which the answer is basically zero. All of that country’s Jews were murdered during WWII.

      Particularly odd when contrasted with the Bohemian side in the Czech Republic, where they are aggressively Judeophilic. But when it comes to the Roma the story changes!

  3. Jack Ryan
    ‘Just read some of the nonsense Barack Obama is spouting about Berlin being the example to remove all walls and barriers between people.’

    Seriously, Jack? Obama and his open borders rhetoric have nothing to do whatsoever with the Berlin Wall situation.

    Obama wants third worlders to enter America and Europe.

    The BW was meant to keep the inhabitants/prisoners/slaves locked inside the boundaries. The people wanted to escape that wonderful paradise!

    I don’t get your logic.

    Jack Ryan
    ‘Well Sam, I guess there isn’t too much use in my trying to reason with you that Eastern European White people who are not as rich as us are the enemy’

    Who said Eastern European people are the enemy?

    I’m talking about the repulsive system of communism which decimated those people. Many are still struggling with various incarnations.

    Ever own a Yugo? I bought and sold scores of them when in the auto business for decades. Total junk mobiles. Servicing them and getting parts was a nightmare. I’ve seen some scrapped in as little as 13,000 miles.

    What does Russia produce that is valued on the world markets? Cars? Computers? Appliances? Toilets? Lathes? Tools? Snow blowers? Guitars? Swimming pool covers?

    What, besides gas, caviar?

    If you go to Costco or Macy’s to shop for something what are you going to purchase from Russia or most Eastern block countries other than Vodka perhaps or olives?

    They cannot compete. They produce squat. System is pathetic!

    Jack Ryan
    ‘we should go with the $ embrace the Kardashians, Hollywood, Sheldon Adelson, maybe even Hip Hop Rap music -hey IT SELLS.’

    Now you’re being silly.

  4. Warspite,

    I travelled and stayed in Montenegro Serbia in the late 90s, I almost got married to a local girl there. I liked the place very much – good, tough Europeans, not idiots. Montenegro looks to Milan Italy for TV, sports, culture.

    I think Yugoslavia had the best of the Socialist East block for many years – very close to Austria, 3rd way, neither NATO or Soviet – but certainly no cultural marxist, race idiots. Yugoslavians, Serbs, Croatians are very good at sports – basketball, tennis. Plus the Turk Muslim threat is always near by, so there’s no idiotic nonsense about Muslim immigration.

    I really like the Serbs, Serbs and Croatians, ex Yugoslavians are a great benefit here in Chicago, they tend to run the supers in buildings.

    I always admire and support White guys that run buildings, can fix things etc.

    • I forgot about your time in the former (sigh) Yugoslavia. It was indeed a very interesting place. It was a very popular travel spot in the 1970’s.

      Montenegro has some stunning natural beauty, and this house has always been pro-Serb (btw, why isn’t Bill Clinton a war criminal for killing 2000 Serbs? The entire pretext for the war was false). But a few points. Yugoslavia was a Non Aligned nation not Eastern Bloc. It had a remarkable leader in Tito. The ethnic divisions go back at least to the 14th Century and show little sign of a permanent healing. My experience with average Serbs is the only thing they might hate more than a Croat is an Albanian or Bosnian Muslim.

      Croatia was a Romanist-fascist state during WWII that killed hundreds of thousands of Serbs in concentration & death camps. The Croats put killing Serbs ahead of killing Jews or even Roma (back then called Gypsies). The Croats were so vicious in mass killings the German SS complained about their barbarity! Croat pilots shot down & killed Allied air personnel. After Tito the civil wars in Yugoslavia in the 90’s were horrific.

      They (Croatia & Serbia) def have produced some excellent basketball players. They also have some really attractive women. (in the former Eastern Bloc, ditto Romania. Russia? You must be kidding me!). I was never able to travel to Slovenia, though I want to. I hear it’s very nice & really interesting.

      Since Yugoslavia was not an Eastern Bloc country, my question about anyone traveling to the former Soviet Satellite countries stands.

  5. Sam writes:

    “What does Russia produce that is valued on the world markets?”

    I respond they produce and reproduce this:!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/maria-sharapova-celebrates-french-open-win-paris.jpg

    And they have male leaders who ensure that Russia’s/earth’s most beautiful endangered species is well protected in Mother Russia, Holy Russia reborn – ain’t not lib women defense ministers in Russia, nor are there many/any idiot liberals/Libertarians in Russia or really any other Eastern European country – the Liberal/Libertarian mental illness only seems to effect decadent, rich Western countries, not Eastern Europeans.

    This is a real leader not some cowardly BS pussy like Ron Paul.

    And please stop being obsessed with products, Macy’s department store merchandize or just $ – hey what are you some Jew? 🙂

  6. The most virulent anti-semitism I have ever encountered was among American negroes, Eastern Europeans and… Scottish Highlanders! Lol. (I have never known any Muslims, except one Yemeni who felt my scalp looking for horns. Yep.)

  7. “Since Yugoslavia was not an Eastern Bloc country, my question about anyone traveling to the former Soviet Satellite countries stands.”

    Yes, I understand that Yugoslavia was non aligned during the Cold War – still socialist. It’s at the cross roads of East and West – the West – Croatia going with Catholic Germany in most things/wars, the East Serbia going with Orthodox Russia or just the Russian Soviets in World War II. Then there is the strange fact that there are the only White Muslim in the world – Bosnian Muslims. This reflecting the reality that Muslim Turks made it all the way up in to the Balkans and were once…. At the Gates of Vienna. Bosnian Muslims are considered traitors by the other Yugoslav White Christians.

    But, most of these divisions from the past are just that – in the past. The reality is that the New Catholic Pope is an anti White, pro Muslim, Liberation Theology (Catholic in Name Only) Pope. He flies his Pope Lear Jet to Mediterranean Sea Islands to bless the Black, Muslim migrant invasion of Europe.

    Some how I doubt there are many/any Jewish Rabbis in Israel that do such terrible treasonous things – though we do have of course lots of terrible anti White, lesbian rabbis, supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan here in the USA.

  8. Also Warspite – how come the Serbs couldn’t use their Israeli connections to call off the Madeline Albright mass bombing of the Serbs? Why did the US Jewish community support a brutal USA war to make a Muslim base in Kosovo Central Europe?

    That was one event that really pushed me a different direction. Israel is surrounded by millions of hostile Muslims, why promote Muslim migrations/invasions of Europe?

    But, it went down that Medeline Albright and the Jewish powers that be insisted no European/White nation can be allowed to be homogeneous, nationalist. European Nationalism is not allowed including in nations like Serbia that have been generally Judeophilic. The Serbs were smeared as evil racist NAZIS in that 90s war, lots of exaggerated war crimes atrocities.

    • What are you talking about? What does Madeline Albright have to do with influencing Israel? I’m unaware of any special pull on her part related to Israel. She’s not Jewish, if that’s your angle.

      Nobody was calling off Clinton. He was intent and Albright, for whom I never cared, was right on board. She was an idiot & fool, and remains so.

      That America would go to war for the cause of a Greater Albania was f**king sick. Unless you wanted a stolen car, I guess.

  9. Sam – by their fruits ye shall know them”. “Soviet Russia” was Russia under the grip of Jew tyranny. Yes – Putin rose through the KGB. Russia has ALWAYS been a tough, tough place. You’ll never get anywhere, except crushed, by being a Smiling, Nodding, Chuckling Goody Two Shoes. Putin is a Russian Nationalist, an 0ld School Christian, which means he doesn’t tolerate depravity and social sickness, and brilliant and shrewd enough to climb through the ranks of Commie strata. He’s a strong WHITE MAN – a Grown Up, with a genuine will to power. Which is almost eradicated from most White men. He’s doing all the right things.

    I totally disagree with your concerns about what Russia has to offer. They’ve been though CENTURY of Jew evil. They are rebuilding. It takes a long, long time to rebuild They are emerging from a century of Hell. We are just beginning our descent.

  10. Albright’s parents converted from Judaism to Catholicism in 1941, fleeing post-Munich Czechoslovakia. She is of Jewish origin.

    • “Of Jewish origin”? What does that mean? Wasn’t she something like 50 or 55 yrs old when she learned about this fact?

      I know that many Jews from the Nazi/Holocaust era were traumatized into hiding their faith, but I always found Albright’s story interesting. I heard her speak of finding out her parents were Jews who fled Europe and either she is a talented actress (and accomplished liar), or really stupid.

  11. Jack Ryan
    ‘I note that Eastern European countries like Poland, Hungary and Putin’s Russia are THE best in resisting the Muslim migrant invasions’

    Who would want to go to Russia or Poland? They would rather go to prosperous countries that have lots of goodies, free stuff. Places like Germany, Slovenia, Sweden and many other Euro countries.

    Russia has what? Shitty food, garbage housing, horrible social services, rotten economy, dumpy hospitals. But they have Vodka and a very high percentage of depressed alcoholics. Tons of Muslims live there already.

    Jack Ryan
    ‘– St. Petersberg Russia or any town, city in Poland or Hungary does not put up with any Chicago Black gang crime violence – not a snowball’s chance in hell.’

    What percentage of Russia’s population is black?

    They put up with plenty of thieving ethnic gangs and violent Russian Mafia criminals to make up for negroes.

    Jack Ryan
    ‘Who would you rather be stuck in the room with?
    A beautiful Russian gal like Anna Kournikova or the Afghan Muslim TB infected, toiled paper avoiding Islamic Jihadists?’

    Sorry, Jack. There are beautiful White gals all over Europe.

    Jack Ryan
    ‘Russia was on the right side in the 1970s, 80s,’

    Trying hard not to laugh.

    Jack Ryan
    ‘they are on the ride side now.’

    Wishful thinking. But, we shall see what the future holds.

  12. Chancellor Angela Merkel is destroying Germany and Europe. Biological genocide is her weapon of choice. Picture taken in idyllic, Commie, East Germany circa 1972.

    Merkel, the Red footsoldier: German chancellor under fire over Communist links as image of her in uniform is released
    Photo found of her as 17-year-old marching with East German officer
    Released as she’s forced to play down book which alleges communist past

    She denies she was close to the Communist rulers in East Germany, where she grew up.
    So this 1972 photo of her in military-style uniform has left German Chancellor Angela Merkel ‘not amused’.
    Then called Angela Kasner and aged 17, she is shown happily involved in a civil defence exercise under the gaze of an East German officer.

    All children had to take part if they wanted to go to university, but Mrs Merkel is also alleged to have been a propaganda secretary for the youth movement, the FDJ.
    The photo was found by an old schoolfriend, Sonja Felssberg, 58, and handed to a German newspaper.

  13. How many times does someone have to point this out before it sinks in, Warpsite?

    An Eskimo who is a converted Jew is not eligible for the right to return to Israel. Being of Jewish origin is not simply going to synagogue. One doesn’t stop being of that people if one is gay (as you once absurdly suggested), or if they convert. They are a specific people with specific genetics and origins and historical language. Albright is of Jewish origins. Again, I didn’t say race.

    • Actually, someone who converts to Judaism IS “eligible” for the Law of Return (“Aliyah”). The Law contemplates Aliyah for some claims of being Jewish that appear a bit tenuous. But, after all, it’s not a race.

      The gay thing is more difficult. So many issues gay groups avoid. I recall Ellen Degeneres had some actress girlfriend. I think the woman was always straight. Then she hooked up with Ellen & was a gay figure of note. Then they broke up & she is now married to some guy living a “normal” life. Is she gay, or was she gay? Is she still gay even though she only has heterosexual sex?

      It has always seemed to me that while some folks are “born gay”, for some percentage it’s just about sex. Maybe they are gay/lesbian/bisexual for a few years, then leave that sexual lifestyle. I know that line of discussion drives gay advocates to distraction and bs (i.e., “they are just denying their sexuality”), but that’s the problem when status is defined solely by sexual partners.

  14. Wasn’t there some whacked-out nazi leader in Illinois who found out about his Jewish origins and killed himself?

  15. Wasn’t there some whacked-out nazi leader in Illinois who found out about his Jewish origins and killed himself?”

    You are referencing Frank Colin – who was a homosexual pedophile. He served some prison time, then got out. Yes, he was also found to have a Jewish background. I didn’t know that he had died, he was doing new age stuff.

  16. Jack Ryan
    ‘Well Sam, I guess there isn’t too much use in my trying to reason with you that Eastern European White people who are not as rich as us are the enemy’

    I guess this requires a response.

    It’s Not about money, Jack. More about lifestyle, behavior and culture, although commerce is very important.

    This is/was a great country, sliding rapidly down hill, yes, but still a great place to live in certain areas.

    We sometimes tend to think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence or world. Not necessarily, could be worse on closer inspection.

    I am familiar with parts of Eastern Europe, Jack, and not ignorant of history.

    I have family living in Dubrovnik and and other areas inland. Have vacationed there and visited close relatives. It’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. I’ve family in Slovenia, too.

    My grandfather was a well to do business man, land owner, farmer, vinter, retailer of assorted commodities.

    Did a lot of business with Austria, where I was born. He always said they were honest and principled folks. Couldn’t say that about everyone.

    Because of the GD communists, who stole his possessions, confiscated much of his property and killed several of my uncles, you can see how my attitudes were developed.

    None the less, the family name today is printed on bottles of wine harvested from grapes on properties that my grandfather passed on. My cousins, their wives and children still live on grandpa’s land where my mother’s childhood home still stands, built on the side of a lovely hill, next to a river over looking a beautiful, lush valley.

    The remains of a small, castle like structure built by Romans can be seen way off in the distance.

    Since you know the history of that region you can understand why I am not fond of certain ethnic groups who have aligned themselves with commies.

    One trait that does bother me about E.E. culture is their callous treatment of women. Russians, are often brutal to their wives and unduly harsh to their children. Abusive is a more accurate word.

    Russian women lead the world in abortions. Smacking the wife around after coming home drunk, demanding dinner and sex, usually without concern for the woman is considered Alpha, I guess. Not good.

    I don’t believe in being a wuss nor a monster in the home. Something in-between is healthier and more conducive to a better society.

    Mother must be respected. If sons witness fathers treating mom like a piece of garbage, they will emulate.

    This is a concept foreign to muslims, negroes, latinos and too many white men.

  17. Sam

    I understand.

    Stay strong, best of luck.

    The past is history….

    I’m 25% Russian, yes lost everything to Communists/Bolsheviks

    Here’s the first son of my Russian family – first son of Catherine the Great

    But, we can’t live in the past.

    Water under the bridge

    Russia is looking good these days.

    USA- not so good, OK we have good material things, good shopping at Macys…

    prefer the old things.

  18. jack ryan
    ‘good shopping at Macys…’

    Used that as an example. Boston Store is fancy enough for my tastes.

    Nice thing about this country as opposed to Europe with centuries of bad, blood feuds that persist from generation to generation.

    One of my nieces is married to a Serb. Rolls eyes. No, actually he’s a nice fella, we get along nicely. Loaned them money to buy a house. Paid me back too. Ha.

    His father on the other hand….meh.

    • If Graham is “Lisping Lindsey”, can Sammy be “Sodomy Sam”? I guess “Sodomized Sam” would be more appropriate.

      I know that historically there have been different degrees, as it were. Scrotum only or the whole tamale Sam? You know, Chop or Chop-Chop?

  19. First on CNN: U.S. officials believe ISIS planted bomb on Russian plane

    (CNN)The latest U.S. intelligence suggests that the crash of a Russian passenger jet in the Sinai over the weekend was most likely caused by a bomb on the plane planted by ISIS or an ISIS affiliate, according to a U.S. official familiar with the matter.

    But the official stressed a formal conclusion has not been reached by the U.S. intelligence community.

    “There is a definite feeling it was an explosive device planted in luggage or somewhere on the plane,” the official, who is familiar with the latest U.S. intelligence analysis of the crash, told CNN.

    Other U.S. officials also told CNN that the analysis is pointing toward the cause being a bomb.

    Based on the same intelligence, the U.S. belief is that ISIS or an ISIS-affiliated group is responsible for the attack, the official said. (snip)

    If this proves to be accurate what will be Putin’s response?

    He’ll gain yuge respect in my eyes if he scorches the sand negroes. An errant barrage of missiles accidentally taking out the Al Aqsa mosque and the Wailing Wall would be icing on the cake.

  20. Because of Trump, Mexicans will think we don’t like them and we’re going to round them up …. sound familiar ….?

    by PAM KEY3 Dec 2015117
    Thursday at the Republican Jewish Coalition conference in Washington, D.C., Republican, presidential candidate Sen. Sen. Lindsey Graham
    called out his rival Donald Trump for alienating Hispanics, which he believes will make it impossible for a Republican to win the presidency in 2016.

    Graham said, “How many of you believe we lose elections because we’re not hard-ass enough on immigration? I believe we’re losing the Hispanic vote because they think we don’t like them.”

    He continued, “I believe it’s not about turning out evangelical Christians but about repairing the damage done by incredibly hateful rhetoric driving a wall between us and the fastest growing demographic in America who should be Republicans. I believe Donald Trump is destroying the Republican Party’s chance to win an election that we can’t afford to lose.”

    He added, “Now it’s not self-deportation, it’s forced deportation. We’re literally going to round them all up? Does that sound familiar to you? Everyone of them, including their American citizen children. That is the leader of the Republican Party. You think you are going to win an election with that kind of garbage?”

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