China Unveils Its First Commercial Jet To Compete With Boeing and Airbus

By Hunter Wallace

Some of you might be wondering: why doesn’t China follow David Ricardo’s law of comparative advantage and specialize in the production of rice or Nike tennis shoes?

Why aren’t the Chinese content to engage in free trade with the EU and US – with whom they enjoy large trade surpluses – and keep buying their commercial aircraft? Why is the Chinese state subsidizing the creation of a commercial aircraft industry to compete with Boeing and Airbus?

“China unveiled its first passenger jet Monday, part of an effort to compete in the lucrative commercial aircraft business now dominated by Boeing and Airbus.

The single-aisle, twin-engine C919 was developed by the state-run Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, or Comac. The jet was shown to a large crowd of government dignitaries in a hangar at an assembly plant outside Shanghai, near Pudong International Airport.

“A great nation must have its own large commercial aircraft,” China’s civil aviation chief, Li Jiaxiang, is quoted as saying by the BBC.

“China’s air transport industry cannot completely rely on imports,” he told the crowd. …”

And so it was with steel, consumer electronics, solar panels and semiconductors. Now the same story is about to repeat itself with aircraft. The American ideal is that a great nation must have negro equality and gay marriage. BTW, Trump’s new book “Crippled America” comes out today.

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  1. Boeing and Airbus both went to China to have parts for their aircraft manufactured. Why not cut out the middlemen?

  2. More competition, more innovations… so good on them. I would fly it if it passes all safety inspection.

    However, one model does not make a threat to Boeing and Airbus.

  3. Manufacturing is the key. It’s not about “good paying jobs” etc, although historically manufacturing offers the best comparative wages. It’s about the ability to produce what you need. It’s about control of your own destiny. I can’t blame China for wanting to be a functional, thriving Nation.

  4. It’s a simple thing called RACE PRIDE. The Nazis excelled in it, so much so, that they abolished Jewish usury and debt in less than SEVEN years. Then they proceeded to retake former German lands, historically lived in by German People. But the Jews, as far back as 1933, ‘declared war on Germany.’

    WHY? Because USURY is the vampiric means for Antichrist Control. Michael Hoffman speaks about this here:

    UNTIL and UNLESS we kick out all non-Whites, re-establish ORION, (our race IS our nation) and begin to act as the “Supremacists” whe have long known we are, culturally, religiously, technologically, etc. we will become as Persia, Rome, Greece, and England. ‘Former’ Great State.

    Duh. I’m checking out Trump’s book on the ‘zon.

  5. To have a war you need a supply of cargo planes and passenger jets.

    The Junckers there engine aircraft was a good example of this.

    What kind of C130 class or Tupelov/Antonov prop aircraft do they already make?

  6. Airbus do give European states a modicum of independent strategic wiggle room.

    An American embargo of spare parts won’t degrade the airlift capacity of the region too much.

    This is more important than the man made islands IMHO

  7. Go China go!

    Excuse my bellicose insensitivity, but I’d be willing to fight a war with China and endure any short-term suffering for the chance of long-term benefits. From an asymmetrical standpoint, there aren’t too many other golden opportunities that would simultaneously weaken the puppet masters hand by exposing the inherent weaknesses in our slavish devotion to globalism, multiculturalism and multiracial societies AND putting millions and millions of White Americans on high alert across the country—weapons galore and itchy trigger fingers.

    Can anyone fathom the degree of failure realized if a Negrofied military tries to take on an extremely nationalistic and homogeneous country the size of China? ‘Murican bravado would get squashed in 2 years or less.

  8. Despite it all, China will continue to be viewed favorably by most Americans. And the Chinese laugh at Ameicans, including presidents, willing to act contrary to their nation’s best interests, for the right price.

    However, some of the opinions about China (“race pride”) need a bit of reality. China has a considerable amount of tensions about different peoples or religions, it’s just covered up quite well. Unless you are an amateur Sinologist you gloss over problems in Tibet or with the Uighars. It’s a tightly controlled country and unless you have the time to really dig you can be fooled.

    I’m told by my more knowledgable older sons the Chinese economy would be quite strong if the population was 300m. I doubt it could be as backward as parts of India, but I could be wrong. Just imagine trying to operate a nation of 1b people.

  9. “Excuse my bellicose insensitivity, but I’d be willing to fight a war with China and endure any short-term suffering for the chance of long-term benefits.”
    Pardon me? I think the last thing we need is another BS war handing yet more power to our feckless masters on the Potomac!

  10. Niall Ferguson in his War of the World delivers a wonderful analysis of the beastly Chimerican system. He’s more positive about it though.

    If the chinks are building an air fleet like this they are strategically independent in all ways.

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