Trump: End China’s Currency Manipulation

By Hunter Wallace

In the Wall Street Journal, Donald Trump has dropped a bombshell on our trade policy status quo with China:

“If we are to make America great again, we must do all we can to make sure that American interests are protected and that all Americans benefit from the actions of their government. Sadly, that is currently not the case. …

The American people need to be told the truth about our “partner” China. China holds over $1.4 trillion in U.S. debt. The Chinese are, by far, the largest foreign debt holder. As of the end of August this year, the U.S. trade imbalance with China is already at $237 billion, on the way to an annual trade imbalance north of $350 billion. China’s economy is controlled by the government. Any notion that their economy is based on a free-market system is simply not true. If an American company wants access to the Chinese consumers, that company must share its intellectual property, a condition that violates international fair-trade standards, World Trade Organization rules and common sense.”

This is great news.

Trump has picked exactly the fight he needs right now to draw a sharp contrast with his Republican revivals and regain the momentum he lost in September when he released his tax plan.

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  1. By all doctrines of economics, the Fed ought to have raised rates this year; had they done so, China (and many others) would not have had to devalue their currency to compensate.

    The Fed doesn’t raise rates because of political considerations, it would perchance send the US economy into a long overdue recession in the year of the Trump.

    No, can’t blame China on this one, but I do think that in the absence of genuine free trade (which is effectively always) that nations should not unilaterally disarm.

  2. Was at the Springfield Rally.

    He’s a good speaker. Crowd was stoked and very large. All the seats filled and the mosh pit was overflowing.

  3. “No, can’t blame China on this one”

    China has been keeping their currency artificially low for decades (as do all countries that are trying to build up their industry).

    However despite recognizing this fact it’s important not to let Wall St. pretend China did it alone. The banking mafia colluded because their off-shored factories in China benefited from it in exactly the same way China’s did.

    The banking mafia have been playing both sides of the fence for their own personal enrichment.

  4. anon: the trouble with “he started it” arguments, is that the Chinese could say that the Fed started it before Mao became a Communist.

    In the context of American elections, Chinamen don’t get much of a vote. Trump has a winning issue for the campaign, but WE HOPE that he knows the bigger picture that he isn’t a 2 dimensional fool like previous Cucks.

  5. The chinese don’t want us to raise rates as that will devalue their debt holdings, or at least the value they could garner by attempting to sell them.

  6. Important point,”…lax labor and environmental standards…”. This means tariffs. No other way to get around it. No way we can compete if they have no environmental regulations and our guys are covered up in them.

    “…We need a president who will not succumb to the financial blackmail of a Communist dictatorship…”

    They can really screw us over by destroying the bond market. The Japanese have used the same threat for decades but…they can only do it once. It the nuclear option. We don’t have to borrow money at all. We could abolish the FED, print money based on all property in the US, control the US dollar so it is NOT used for trade. Financial dislocation, yes, but we would be free from being manipulated.

    “…The Chinese government also forces American companies like Boeing, GE, and Intel to transfer proprietary technologies to Chinese competitors…”

    We paid for a lot of this tech. We should just declare that any tech created by the taxpayers companies should get approval before they can use it outside the US. Boeing is giving away billions of dollars of research on carbon fiber wing tech. The managers get profits now at the expense of Boeing’s future.

    “…Strengthen the U.S. military and deploying it appropriately in the East and South China Seas…”

    Uhggg. Can’t have everything. I’m sick of the US being the policeman of the planet. Our carrier based defense system is going to go up in smoke some day. Admirals love to cruise around in these impressive machines but a couple hundred submarines would be a much better force.

    Want some serious Defense plans. Look at this guys page. Specifically the second link. Notice these B-747’s give us great defense without big targets, bases and multi-billion dollar death trap carriers.

    A 747 or C-5 based cruise missile launcher/bomber that can destroy every ship in the Pacific ocean. Awesome idea and cheap.

    Look at some of this guys ideas linked from the fist link. They’re mostly practical and low cost.

  7. “that company must share its intellectual property, a condition that violates international fair-trade standards,”

    It is only unfair if only one side practices it.

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