1. Celestial Time
    ‘I think I found Warspite, or at least one of his kin:’

    That obnoxious hobbit certainly fits all the criteria.

    He claims the trumpeter plays flat.

    Then he brags about escorting Bob Dylan on stage a zillion years ago.


    He has never been on pitch his entire life.

    Worse tone, range, and vocal stylist in the history of pop music–bar none.

  2. Sam

    Please promote this Tennessee state rep as a local folk hero savior.

    GOP Caucus Chairman Glen Casada, R-Franklin,

    We have/are/will get local heros like AZ sherif Joe Arpaio

  3. Jack Ryan
    ‘GOP Caucus Chairman Glen Casada, R-Franklin,
    We have/are/will get local heros like AZ sherif Joe Arpaio’

    Both are great!

    Trump deserves our support too. He is leading the charge!

    Trump Says Migrants will “Destroy All Europe”

    Anglin: Every day I wake up to find Donald Trump saying exactly what I want to hear. We noted yesterday that he has taken to calling White French “our people,” and in Knoxville he came out and said that the migrants are destroying all of Europe.

    Pointing out that you could very cheaply build a safezone in Syria for these people (if your goal is actually to help Syrians), he made all of Europe look like retards. Because obviously you could do that.’


    The GOP front-runner told the nearly 10,000 person crowd at the Knoxville Convention Center that his prescription for the Middle East had one again been proven correct. “We have no documentation on these people. And I said – you probably saw a couple weeks ago – I’m looking at this migration. It’s a terrible thing. I have a tremendous heart, I want to take care of people, you look at this migration, I said to my wife the other day ‘you know, they seem like so many men.’”

    Trump continued: “We have a president that wants to take hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands, of people and move them into our country.” The crowd booed in disapproval. (snip)

    “Even before Trump took the stage, refugees were mentioned by two campaign affiliates who spoke to the crowd before him. First Sgt. David Perry, a Trump campaign volunteer, told the crowd that Trump was “gonna send those Syrians back where they came from.” Then, that he was “gonna be the first volunteer to drive them to the airport.”

  4. Coulter on fire!

    ‘Marco Rubio gives macho speeches about a military attack on ISIS — “either they win or we win!” — to distract from the fact that his immigration bill would have massively increased the number of needy immigrants pouring into our country — including Muslim refugees.

    So Rubio’s plan for Middle East stability is to start more wars and then import all the displaced terrorists into the United States. Brilliant!

    Not to be a stickler, but ISIS didn’t slaughter 3,000 Americans on 9/11, blow up the Boston Marathon, murder nine Americans at Fort Hood, or open fire on a military recruiting center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

    ISIS didn’t kill Kate Steinle, commit mass murder on the Long Island Railroad, introduce Palo Mayombe and Santeria to our country, bring slaves and concubines from India to San Francisco, or burn down hundreds of acres of national parks to evade border agents.

    ISIS doesn’t import 90 percent of the illegal drugs that kill thousands of Americans every year, steal billions of dollars from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, or rape little girls, nuns and dogs in our country.

    ISIS isn’t responsible for Sweden suddenly becoming the rape capital of the world, the Eritrean asylum seeker who stabbed a mother and a son to death at an Ikea store in Vasteras a few months ago, or the Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh being stabbed to death on a street in Amsterdam.

    All that — and more! — is the result of Third World immigration to the First World.’


  5. Rand Paul is right, on this issue.

    Rand said, “refugees come here, and immediately are put on welfare. There are whole agencies set up to put them in government housing, government cash assistance and they’re basically put into our welfare programs. In Kentucky, we have a lot of people out of work, a lot of coal miners out of work. I’ve got disabled veterans saying to me on the phone, just as recently as last night, that they are having trouble surviving] on their disability payments as veterans. They don’t understand why we’re going to take in the world’s poor, and put them on our welfare programs. So, there are some discussions we ought to have about this before we let it happen.”

  6. Sam writes

    “Rand Paul is right, on this issue.

    Rand said, “refugees come here, and immediately are put on welfare. There are whole agencies set up to put them in government housing, government cash assistance and they’re basically put into our welfare programs”

    I respond

    Sam please do not prone Rand Paul Amren s 2013 White traitor of the year.

    This &$@@”& idiot traitor talks out of both sides of his mouth , that s when he isn t boot licking sucking $&@” of Al Sharpton the lying anti White media.

    Yeah he supposedly said something sane about not giving welfare to Syrian Muslims before unemployed Kentucky Vets. But it s just a lame Libertarian spin that the only problem is too much welfare, too much government and that mass migration of 3rd world Muslim migrants would be good for our country with just some minor free market welfare reforms.

    No we don t buy this @$@@@

  7. Virginia Dare ?@vdare 1h1 hour ago
    Donald Trump at #Worcester rally – “ISIS is contained? The only thing contained is us.” #Trump2016

  8. This ‘shutting of the door’ is only symbolick, sadly – because, with the Federal government refusing to be forthcoming about where they have and are depositing these people, the governors cannot do anything – unless the develop some balls and put their own SBIs on the case.

    The Obama administration is stonewalling on this issue.

    Will a George Wallace step forward?

  9. Celestial Time // November 18, 2015 at 1:06 am //

    “I think I found Warspite, or at least one of his kin:”

    I wow its like watching a Woody Allen movie. I could never get to the end his movies either. So glad I don’t live in New York. It would be just awful.

  10. Schlomos like Warkike don’t have the balls to fight their own battles. They’re not men, they’re rodents after all. The fact they’re using Muslims shows how stupid and inferior they are. Imagine the incredible lack of judgement that these jews have to bring the followers of Mohammed to nearly their doorsteps. They are getting desperate. Their Libertarian fantasy of Free Trade and Cheap Labor is crushing their money empire. Money is all they have, without it they are naked and helpless feeble weak rodents.

  11. “I noticed Don also caught on to the “monitor” amongst you pretty darn easy. Of course, one would have to be pretty darn stupid…”

    Warspite: Thanks for allowing that I may not be “pretty darn stupid…,” I think.

  12. Well, HW, I find hate sites like yours intriguing. Since you’ve characterized me as “creeping,” I’m gonna guess that my posts here may be numbered; probably won’t even be a vote.

    I’d say that I do your website a service in fostering “unity” and “community,” heck, just look at what I do for Denise’s commitment to hate speech.

    • Why do you call this blog a “hate site,” Don?

      And yeah, you were kind of creeping around in the corner, watching everything that is said here, without bothering to engage anyone.

  13. What a coincidence, Don, I find anti-Whites intriguing. I also find them predictable and monotonous, uncreative and self-absorbed, and simply unable to realize any level of true selflessness and introspection. But through all of that I still find their commitment to lies and distortion fascinating. I really do. That’s a level of mania and hate that I’ve never been able to mimic, no matter how hard I try.

    How old were you when you first realized that you hated White people? Who were your role models?

  14. Oh, goodie!!! Rhetorical questions!!!

    Given the unlikelihood of your ever getting your hate based desires fulfilled, tell me, why do you bother getting up in the morning?

    • Just like everyone else.

      I love my family. I have some great friends. I actually don’t get up in the morning and think to myself – hell, you know, I think I hate this “Don” character on my blog.

  15. Casting doubt on the idea that, my heavens, this might be construed as a hate site, yet, I gotta tell ya, I’m not feeling a whole lot of love around here except of an exclusionary sort.

  16. This slob is eminently hateable.


    Michael Moore is no fan of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s recent ban on allowing Syrian refugees into his state. In a show of defiance, the Oscar-winning filmmaker has offered up his own Traverse City residence to Syrians looking for shelter in the United States.

    In an open letter posted to Facebook, Moore called Gov. Snyder’s ban “disgraceful” and “unconstitutional” and pledged to defy it.

    • Although I hadn’t given any thought to Don, the wife is making me go see the world premiere of “Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II” tonight. So I have to put up with Jennifer Lawrence for the next few hours.

  17. I did, CT. Now you try to behave like an adult, you know, without the lame challenges and potty invective. The only difference in the hatred of HW’s and yours for me would not be substantive but merely style.

    • Don,

      Again, I have told you for two days now that I am actually indifferent to you. I don’t know you or have any reason to hate you. Honestly, I don’t give much though to you.

  18. Answer the question, Don. Do it with some panache and your supposed flair for style if that makes you feel better. But just quit with the deflection and conflation and just answer direct questions with simple, straightforward and direct answers.

    Maybe direct questions and words aren’t your thing. How about hand puppets? Balloon animals? Drawing, painting or musical instruments? What about expressing yourself through dance, is that your thing? If so, warm up the old spirit fingers and express yourself, Don. Don’t be afraid. I’m well versed in deciphering many different forms of expression.

  19. Don – I just made a suggestion. The “hate” is within you. Jews usually like warm spots; a well heated oven would be very cozy for you. Ovens are good things, Don.

  20. Hunter – Donsky, by telling you that you hate him, is essentially admitting that HE is YOUR enemy. He’s threatening and warning you that he intends immense harm to you and yours.

  21. Hatred is primal Human emotion. People generally, instinctively hate the thing that poses harm, or has treated them with malice, and injustice. The Good and Righteous instinctively hate Evil.

    I HATE Evil Things.

  22. Question – why are Jews, as a Race, generally HATED wherever they go? Human history is one long story of a fight for turf. Assorted peoples fight and battle, but sooner or later old rivalries dissipate and end. Humans make peace…..and move on.

    Not Jews.

    Jews get the boot from EVERY Host they infest. All throughout time. No other group has that track record.


    Why is that?

  23. I think Miss Denise is very right about hatred as a strong, perhaps, strongest, human emotion.

    I know I hate my own weaknesses, hate the thought of disappointing my wife, daughter and friends, and feel rather vext about what is befallen The South, during my lifetime.

    As an professional artist I have always been driven by my own hatred of foisting mediocre works on the populace, and have been driven by that hatred to make something of worth.

    That said, I know of no people I hate – though, admittedly, there are a few that, if I never saw them again, I would not be much perturbed.

  24. ‘Jews get the boot from EVERY Host they infest. All throughout time. No other group has that track record.


    Why is that?

    It’s a good question, m’am, and which I’ve not only considered, but, discussed with Jews.

    First, Miss Denise, I would like to make a tweak : Jews have been kickt out of plenty of places – but, there are plenty of places they have long been, and not been ‘kickt out’.

    My answer to your question?

    The answer is complex – that too many male Jews are overly competitive, overly aggressive (as cited Professor McDonald is his summary on the 3 basick characteristicks of a Jew – as quoted by Dr. Duke) – that, of those criminals who develop in Jewish culture, a surprisingly high number will be ‘white-collar’ – and committ the kind of crimes which will affect more; that the success of Jews, in attracting and Royal patronage, and disproportionate achievement in areas such as science, law, art, and medicine, has invoket jealousy; that Jews are the only culture in the history of the world that has spent millenia being the professional ‘away-team’ – and have been the objects of the intrinsick ethoncentricity that all humans normally possess; that, because Jewish culture has persisted in maintaining it’s own unique identity (notwithstanding those many Jews that have substituted the identity of the country whence they arose, for that of being a Jew) whilst being abroad – guests in another land.

    I also believe, ma’m, as do the ultra-orthodox Jews, that because Jewish culture, as a whole (all the early Saints, such as the Apostle Paul, were Jews) rejected godliness and, in lieu of that, embrace secular sin, they have paid a collective price – not the least of which was being cast from their homeland, so long ago.

    Further, and, in my view, just as important as the previous – perhaps more so, the collective Jewish rejection of The Holy Ghost, in their midst, in the form of a man, has not pleased God – the God of their own prophets.

    If that answer is not good enough, ‘mam, I’m afraid I cannot do any better.

  25. ‘Why do you call this blog a “hate site,” Don?’

    Sir, Don calls this a ‘hate site’ because there is some hatred here, and because, as you well know, he has been conditioned to consider all hatred, even that which is well founded, as unacceptable.

    ‘And yeah, you were kind of creeping around in the corner, watching everything that is said here, without bothering to engage anyone.’

    Sir, this site is not for people who have any form of intellectual timidity. This site is as straight, in it’s exchanges, as it will come.

    Surely you have known people who were ill-equippt to deal with your sincerity and passionate declamations?

    Sir, probably this is growing experience for Don – though, in what way I cannot know.

  26. Sir,
    I think you are absolutely right. People mistake your willingness to be frank, some of it on issues that are verboten to be so, and think you are intolerant.

    You are far more tolerant than the people who despise you and surveille, you, on that account.

    Your crime, Sir, is to have been born into the wrong time in history. You are an anachronism.

    I feel damn sorry for you, and all like you, of your generation.

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