Flash Mob Hits Georgetown

By Hunter Wallace

As I have mentioned several times here now, DC has been experiencing a sharp uptick in the wonders of diversity:

“A large group of juveniles robbed a designer store in Georgetown Tuesday evening and stole $13,000 worth of items, according to D.C. Police.

The incident happened just before 6 p.m. at the Diesel store in the 3000 block of M Street NW. More than 20 people, police said, went into the store and grabbed several items off the racks, according to a police report. They stole four leather jackets, costing about $800, and an additional $12,000 worth of merchandise.

One person who worked at the store was said to have been pushed from him behind by someone in the crowd. The employee was not injured, according to police. Police described the suspects only as juveniles. …”

I’m going to do something out of character and tip my hat to these youths and congratulate them on their success in this daring enterprise. It could have some educational value for DC residents.

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  1. I was actually there as the store got robbed. I was googling the event and your blog came up. I just wanted to add that the police car was literally right there. They ran right past it and we ran up to the car and demanded that he do something, but he just asked for a suspect description and said he had to go to the store first, even though the manager was right there with me.

    The manager tried to describe the suspect, which was funny because he was still in sight further down the block and all he could say was, “uh uh uh, he was wearing clothes.” And then turned to me. I told the officer that the man was black and noticed how he stiffened.

    Anyways, I got on the bus after I helped the manager pick up what was strewn on the ground, and lo and behold, its the robber and like 6 of his friends. I immediately hop off the bus, and they follow. I ended up diving into a CVS and grabbing a cab after waiting a bit and then ducking into the neighboring Dumbarton neighborhood.

    Worst part is that nobody seemed to notice what was going on, it was like being in a dream.

  2. I think this kinda thing is a scream, particularly when they hit high value stores. The System can’t control their little black pets. We should hope for more of this, go online where ever it might have some influence and encourage the yoots to stop robbing Patel’s Quickie-Mart and start hitting high value stores. (Just as we should hope for more Islamic terrorism in Europe.)

  3. “I told the officer that the man was black”

    That was already assumed when I saw the byline. You live long enough, you just KNOW.
    Sons of slaves, are slaves forever.

  4. The NAGAS tore down Christmas lights in Chicongo last night. The Jigs are planning to riot in the posh shopping districts tomorrow, in the Jew Mercantile High Holy Day of the ironically named “Black Friday”.

    Woo hoo!

  5. Eventually something will have to be done with the Blacks. I know some are alright but there’s so many that aren’t it’s just not worth the risk of destruction to society to save a few Blacks. Here’s one plan. Get rid of section 8 and go back to projects. We could build them real fast. There’s a company in China that can put up a 30 story building in 15 days. They mass produce the floors and walls. Pack it on a truck and raise it with a crane. Stand up the walls and hook every thing up. Real fast.


    Also very efficient because the floors and walls are mass produced in a factory they use vastly less material and waste little. Reducing cost. Even better we place all these new thirty story buildings in the districts where the Representatives vote for diversity. You vote for diversity, mass immigration, baby you get it. Also make low cost housing. End all section 8 and tell the folks they either live in the new apartments or just stay on the streets. Add that if you have a kid and can’t take care of it you get Depo-Provera Birth Control Shots every three months. Over time this should take a great bite out of the problem.

    If you really wanted to be devious you could have one tower with Southern Blacks, one with Mexicans and one with Northern Blacks all across from each other. Then just stand back and watch.

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