Boxing Looking Very, Very Good!

Lot’s of depressing news in the world, but if you know where to look – lot’s of great things going our way.

One place things are going our way is in the world of international boxing. Tyson Fury the 6-9 inch English British heavy weight boxer just won the heavy weight championship defeating the seemingly unbeatable Ukrainian champion Vladimir Klitschko. Tyson Fury was overcome with emotion and thanked God for helping him become Britain’s first white heavyweight world champion since Bob Fitzsimmons in the 1890s.

Here’s a picture of this tough, champion Brit boxer Tyson Fury and his beautiful wife and children:

tysone fury

Best of all new heavy weight British boxing champion Tyson Fury is one of us – a populist champion of radical traditional British/American culture and values – there’s no PC BS with this people’s champion. Here’s Tyson Fury’s views on the cultural marxist changes to Merry Old England:

“British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury has compared homosexuality and abortion to paedophilia in a vile, offensive rant.

Fury… claimed that legalizing pedophilia was the same as legalizing homosexuality and abortion.

The 27-year-old also said that he was not scared of being accused of homophobia as his religious beliefs as a Christian confirmed for him that being gay is a sin

“There are only three things that need to be accomplished before the devil comes home,” Fury told the Mail on Sunday.

“One of them is homosexuality being legal in countries, one of them is abortion and the other is paedophilia. Who would have thought in the 50s and 60s that those first two would be legalized?

“When I say paedophiles could be made legal, it sounds crazy. But if I had said to you about the first two being made legal in the 50s, I would have been looked upon as a crazy man.”

It is not the first time Fury has landed himself in hot water with reprehensible comments. In 2013 he was fined £3,000 by the British Boxing Board of Control after he said fighters David Price and Tony Bellew were “gay lovers” (Daily Mirror)

And our, the people’s British champ has sound views about the 3rd world Muslim migration invasion of UK/the West:

“He told the BBC it was a genuine ambition and he would stand as an Independent.
Mr Fury said there was too much focus on immigration and not enough on “our own brothers and sisters who are on the streets and abusing drugs and alcohol”.
“I want to make a change for the better for the place I live,” he said. “I believe that I will succeed because of the influence I have over the people from the town”

Yes, definitely a win for our side and things are looking up in Merry Old England.

God bless Tyson Fury and his beautiful young family.

Hey Southern brothers and sisters – how about taking up boxing and giving up this foolish pastime of sitting in football stands and worshipping Black SEC football gladiators?

How ’bout it?


  1. A glimmer of hope …

    By the way, it was a great fight and without question he deserved the win. In truth, the score cards were far closer than they should have been.

  2. ‘Hey Southern brothers and sisters – how about taking up boxing and giving up this foolish pastime of sitting in football stands and worshipping Black SEC football gladiators?’

    Concerning this exhortation, Mr. Ryan, I would like to bring your attention to a view matters.

    Negroes, as a whole, are superior to whites in certain respect.

    Part of that is the way they evolved in Africa, though, some of it, too, is a product of how they were evolved on our plantations.

    They are, as a whole, are a very earthy people; which is why, even today, all the good barbecue buffet restaurants, in northeastern North Carolina, are owned, administered, and supplied by whites, but, the kitchens are run by negro cooks – men and women alike.

    It’s no accident that Uncle Ben, and myriad symbols like him, have been on food products.

    They just do it better.

    Other areas where they are the masters of the world is in the area of the quick reaction.

    Whatever a negro is thinking or feeling, his body, mind, and soul will likely express it quickly – much more quickly, as these things go, than his similar white counterparts.

    This is bad thing for all of us, because, for one thing – the terrible amount of negroes involved in violent crime, which has affected many of us.

    That said, it has an upside – and that is any legitimate realm where the quick reaction serves the publick good – like stand-up comedy, jazz musick, or athleticks.

    And, Sir, given that we are constrained to put up with all that is bad about the negro race, I say that we ought enjoy what they do good, and let that bring us, and them, joy.

    Some negro athletes have been shining examples to all about what it is to be a human – like Curtis Martin, formerly of the Jets.

    I love that man – and, in my heart, negroes such as he, have gone a long way to not only compensate for their underachieving brethren, they have made this time in history a better place to be.


  3. “Fury claims he’s descended from Irish gypsies called “travelers”.

    Yes, but understand there are Whiter forms of gypsies. And boxing is usually a sport that is

    Bottom up

    Lots of Whites in the world are near the bottom and responsible, well managed boxing is good way for lots of our Whites at or near the bottom to come up.

    At this stage, we need to encourage sports like boxing, a lot less golf and watching N**** football players on TV.

    It is a very good thing that Whites now dominate boxing, though it’s not yet White Americans.

  4. Junius Daniel
    ‘It’s no accident that Uncle Ben, and myriad symbols like him, have been on food products.
    They just do it better.’

    Oh, please!

    Now you’re just trolling. They do it better?

    The best chefs surely are not black and the world’s finest dishes definitely not products of blacks inventiveness, unless one considers BBQ sauce slathered on everything comparable to French sauces and cuisine.

    Blacks generally have shorter torsos and longer limbs which is favorable for certain sports.

    By the way, whites have been dominating boxing for many years. From the lightest weight classes to the heaviest.

    The influx of E. Euro fighters is largely responsible for that.

    Read the sports articles and boxing forum at Castefootball.

    All the strength competitions from weightlifting to strong man are thoroughly dominated by white men. Even arm wrestling.

    Winter olympics is largely a white affair too.

    Negroes are a joke for the most part when it comes to gymnastics, swimming, diving, skating, swimming, pole vaulting, discus, hammer throw, javelin, shot put and Olympic wrestling. NCAA wrestling is pretty much white dominant too.

    Longer arms make it difficult to perform an Iron-Cross on the rings and longer limbs are not helpful in keeping the body motions tight and compact.

    The strongest arms and most accurate throwers of footballs and baseballs are whites.

    Actually, overall, whites are the superior athletes.

    Almost forgot.

    Gold medal winner of high jump in summer Olympics 2012 was Ivan Ukhov, a white Russkie.

    Gold medal winner of the Long Jump 2012 was Greg Rutherford, a white Brit.

    Best triple jumper in history who set the record in 1995 which has never been surpassed is Jonathan Edwards, another Whitey.

    Yes, White men can jump!

    The White women also excel.

  5. I’m not watching college football, I did watch my hometown high school football team all year, only one black on 45 player roster. Last year were runners up to the state champs in small schools in Illinois.

  6. Al Ross // December 3, 2015 at 1:22 am // (Edit)
    Here’s Tyson Fury on various topics. Look out for TF’s exchange with a Black man who racially “abuses” him. This starts about 12.5 minutes in :

    I respond:

    Thanks Al Rose – I enjoyed the link.

    Tyson Fury comes off as a great guy, regular Brit bloke who’s now the Heavy Weight boxing champion, plus he has great populist views on PC, bad immigration, homosexual extremism, abortion.

    What’s not to like?

  7. She’s very attractive too!

    ““Fury claims he’s descended from Irish gypsies called “travelers”.”

    Irish travelers are not gypsies from India. They are Irish that separated from other Irish a 1000 years ago and became travelers. They are still very ethnocentric and tend not to marry out.

  8. RichardBird writes:

    “““Fury claims he’s descended from Irish gypsies called “travelers”.”

    Irish travelers are not gypsies from India. They are Irish that separated from other Irish a 1000 years ago and became travelers. They are still very ethnocentric and tend not to marry out.”

    Yes, thank you for clarifying that. I sort of suspected that.

    The Clancy Brothers sang a romantic ballad about Irish Travellers

    I am free born man of the traveling people.

  9. Here are some video highlights of Tyson Fury – he looks and appears to think, act and speak very well on our side.

    He has great size and great power but also decent speed and athleticism.

    I would rank him now as #2 behind the tougher Klitscho brother Vitali – who has now took a break from boxing to be a leading political person in Ukraine – I think mayor of Kiev or something.

  10. The young men of Britain severely lack any positive Traditionalist Heterosexual Male role models

    Now there’s one

    TRS also take note

  11. It’s this depressing fallen world, Heavy Weight boxing champ Tyson Fury is really standing out, standing tall. He’s probably # 2 on my favorite man in the world after Vladimir Putin.

    Check out the champ’s great views on women:

    “• SEXISM! “I’m not sexist. I believe a woman’s best place is in the kitchen and on her back. That’s my personal belief. Making me a good cup of tea, that’s what I believe….A woman’s there to be loved, cook food and have some kids. Like Muslims have their ways, we have ours. There are girls who open their legs to every Tom, Dick and Harry. They are looked upon as rubbish. If I had a sister who did that, I’d hang her.”

  12. Boxing is the dirtiest sport there is, since it was one of the first commandeered by the enemy. The prevalence of black “champions” has less to do with skill and more the Anti-White hate of the promoters. There is not a single White American promoter and that is why you don’t see guys like Marciano who crushed black boxers fairly easily on Talmudvision anymore. The Raging Bull played by Robert de Niro said himself that when he finally got a shot at overrated black champ Sugar Ray Robinson his manager and the promoter told him to take a dive, but he refused to fall down like he was supposed to and ended the fight on his feet and the judges all gave almost all the rounds in the fight to the black dummy cause they were greased in case he didn’t do what they wanted.
    When you see marginally talented blacks fighting each other and the only White guys are like Peter MacNeeley, this is pretty obviously Anti-White hate here. These guys are hardly the best White guys who you never see because the want White girls to throw away their genes and futures with these damn dirty apes. This ain’t a sport anymore, its enemy propaganda at this point.

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