Trump Alone Again On Top of Polls

By Hunter Wallace

Now that Ben Carson has imploded, Trump has surged to his widest lead yet with Iowa less than two months away:

“Donald Trump is once again alone at the top of the Republican field, according to the latest CNN/ORC Poll, with 36% of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents behind him, while his nearest competitor trails by 20 points. …”

Meanwhile, ¡Jeb! has sunk to 3 percent in the polls after spending $30 million dollars on television ads.

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  1. “Meanwhile, ¡Jeb! has sunk to 3 percent in the polls after spending $30 million dollars on television ads.”

    That made me laugh. The only ones more pathetic than Jeb are the losers that keep giving him money.

  2. Someone needs to tell Jeb that he is a laughing stock. That he doesn’t have a chance and never did have a chance.

  3. ‘It’s over for ¡Jeb! I wildly overestimated his chances given the pile of money he was sitting on.’

    No, sir- you were right to see Jeb as the odds-on-favourite.

    It was not just money, but the establishment was behind him.

    You could not have predicted the effects of President Obama’s policies, nor what Trump’s entry into the campaign would do.

    If Trump were not in this campaign, Jeb would be the leader – bet on it.

    Trump made him seem anaemick to a publick hungering for some straight-talk, and, thus, Jeb’s support has gone to Carson and Rubio.

  4. FiveThirtyEight covers The Donald’s likely fail here:

    NYTimes conservative commentator David Brooks has a good piece of analysis along the same line here:


    BTW, Nate Silver us a two-fer around here. He’s also fucking brilliant.

  5. Yeah, well, you folks are NOW trusting the Media? What cucks, all.

    After Trump tells Jewish Republicans “I can’t be bought,” you WONDER why they are all predicting his demise? He just did a Charles Lindbergh nationally, (cf. 9/11/1941, Des Moines, IA) and is surging in the polls? WWHD?

    It’s definitely ‘post-peak Jew’ and… unless they can dredge up every anti-Christ slur comparing The Donald to Another Hero (AH) who couldn’t be bought by Die Juden (he who has eyes to see…) we may have a White Man back in the White House. Deo Gratias.

    Which of course, is anathema to the antichrists and their shabbas goyim. Which pleases me immensely.

  6. Whites Unite
    ‘Well what do you know, there is an Axis of Evil after all: Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia.’

    Yes, and not surprisingly, ISIS has not bothered to wage war against those countries.

  7. ‘The experts predict Trump’s downfall:’

    Sir, they’ve been predicting it every week – along with the semi-constant articles about how there simply is no way he will be on top at the end of the process…

  8. Yes, Trump is telling everyone he can’t be bought. I hope it’s true. But, what reason do we have to believe he hasn’t already been bought? Where did those ten billion dollars come from? Will some kind of counter-performance be demanded? Apart from sacrificing his daughter to the Tribe, I mean. We just don’t know these things. All we have is Hope, and she’s not looking as bright these days.

  9. it’s remotely possible Trump has had a White-Nationalist epiphany. Given his present and past associations however (cf.: Chuck Schumer) its more likely he’s just pushing populist buttons ’cause he wants to be Prez. Anyhow, I’m all in for Hillary. She’s got what it takes to drive this country right into Civil War

  10. After Trump made his statements about Mexican criminals crossing the border, Macy’s dropped his products.

    Trump said, ‘They folded like dogs,’ and called for a boycott against the company in the first week of July.

    Macy’s stock reached a high of 72.80 July 14.

    It has been going down steadily and today it was way down to 39.32.

    Yuge drop after being Trumpedoed.

    Could it be possible that Trump’s base of support is broader and deeper than supposed?

    Surely the majority of stockholders and shoppers at Macy’s are not low income rednecks.


  11. It is interesting, Sam.

    Right now, Trump seems to have The Lord behind him, much as Stonewall Jackson did, during the campaign of 1862.

  12. I kinda agree w Haxo Angmark. Hillary winning in 2016 would be the biggest boost ever for secessionist groups–even bigger than Obama in my opinion. After all, if we want to secede, then we’d want a broke US with a weak military and a dipshit leader. Right?

    That said, Trump could sure help straighten a lot of stuff out ahead of time if Congress doesn’t block him. He could get rid of a lot of Mexicans for us, so we wouldn’t have to. But we would have to wait for a new bad leader to come along before we could get anywhere close to seceding.

    One thing I’m confident on:
    I hop Jeb’s donors (and all the rest) just double down real hard, reach deeeeeep into those pockets to try and get Jeb elected. I hope they give, and give, and give…

    Regarding Trump, I wouldn’t be surprised if he got assassinated, or at least an attempt. Or maybe a bombing at a Trump rally.

  13. Yes, Thomas, a Miss Hillary presidency would, after 16 years of George Bush and Barack Obama, spark a an uncivil war.

    I have a hard time seeing that happen, though, because, unless Trump is shot down, he seems a sure thing for the nomination and, afterwards, he would handily beat her.

    I think the Republican establishment is out of their collective mind to think Miss Hillary would beat Donald.

    If it is a Trump vs. Clinton election ; I say 53-47 Trump, though, if President Obama keeps working at things the way he is, the victory margin might even be larger.

    As painful as it is to go through, for any conservative, President Obama is the gift that just keeps giving.

  14. I have said that it’s possible Trump is another insider propped up to get our hopes up falsely. I now believe he’s the real thing.

    I ran across this video. It’s Roger Stone, Trumps adviser or was his adviser. It’s not really clear. He has a book out on Hillary that seems damning. Probably has a lot of truth in it. That would be damning of course.


    In the Stone video at about 12:49 he says Trump knows there’s something “Hinkey” about 9-11. Bingo! If he can stay alive and get elected it would be very easy to roll these people up. Maybe not all of them but a lot. We need an old fashioned “good government” house cleaning.

    Something else Trump said pleases me. He went to some Jewish meeting and pissed them all off by telling the truth that Israel doesn’t want peace.

    I’m very happy!

  15. I might add far from what some people say 42% of Americans believe there is some kind of Cover-up about 9-11. That’s a shit load of votes about an important issue.

    Zogby poll on 9/11 was conducted in May 2006

    “Some people believe that the US government and its 9/11 Commission concealed or refused to investigate critical evidence that contradicts their official explanation of the September 11th attacks, saying there has been a cover-up. Others say that the 9/11 Commission was a bi-partisan group of honest and well-respected people and that there is no reason they would want to cover-up anything. Who are you more likely to agree with?”

    48% No Cover-up / 42% Cover-up / 10% Not sure

  16. What Don doesn’t realize is that The Don
    doesn’t need to sick up to other billionaires.

    It’s great to see this. Shabby little pols fencing policy that no one wants?

    Never Again.

  17. Uproarious, Cap’n Crunch. Could you, though, stop and think for a moment about whether that throwaway neo-Nazi touchstone could have personal meaning, even here. That just might make you sound like more of a fraud than the character “Denise.”

  18. Sam J – listens to what Trump REALLY says. He says things like “I love Mexicans! They are really great people! The hove tons of Mexican friends! I LOVE them.

    But they have to go”

    He’s hip to the Hebes.

    A Trump Presidency will be really interesting………….

  19. Jeff and Haxo – I disagree about the Hildabeast. Sometimes worse is worse. The first thing she/it would do is kill people like us. Look what she did to the White faggot Chris Stevens, in Lebanon. He was a Blood Sacrifice.

  20. Same diff, Donsky. Al that matters is that your Psycho Slag Hildabeast got White men killed. Stevens repeatedly ASKED for more help, and protection, and was met with silence. Your Tribe fed on his blood.

  21. Trump owns the issues and his support is growing. Jews will do what they always do when they can’t win the debate.

    We must never forget that what is good for jews and Israel is all that really matters.

    SATURDAY, DEC 5, 2015 06:00 AM CST
    “If you are a Jew, you should be very afraid of Donald Trump”
    Trump has always appealed to bigots. His address to a Jewish coalition confirms that he’s an anti-Semite himself

    If you are a Jew, you should be very afraid of Donald Trump.

    For a while I explained this sentiment thusly: Trump may not be personally anti-Semitic, but anti-Semites sure seem to love Trump. After all, I’ve received countless emails attacking me for being Jewish when I’ve written articles criticizing the Republican frontrunner… even though none of those pieces actually identified my religion (for more on that, click here). Even though this didn’t prove that Trump was himself an anti-Semite, it certainly reflected the inherent bigotry that he stirs up in his supporters.

    Then Trump decided to speak at the Republican Jewish Coalition earlier today and forced me to revise my earlier opinion. I don’t care that Trump’s daughter married a Jew and converted to his religion – the man is an anti-Semite and I’m calling him out as such.

    Here are some choice quotes from his speech, courtesy of the good folks at Vox:

    “Stupidly, you want to give money. …You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money.”

    “I’m a negotiator, like you folks.”

    “Is there anyone in this room who doesn’t negotiate deals? Probably more than any room I’ve ever spoken.”

    Trump was also booed by the audience for refusing to state that Jerusalem ought to remain the undivided capital of Israel, an offense that I don’t particularly consider to be racist. On the other hand, check out this attack on the national character of the Jewish State:

    “A lot will have to do with Israel and whether or not Israel wants to make the deal — whether or not Israel’s willing to sacrifice certain things. They may not be, and I understand that, and I’m OK with that. But then you’re just not going to have a deal.” (snip)

  22. @Sam…

    A great comment, full of subtleties and a wit like a fine dry vermouth.

    Right, Trump is not, in the slightest, anti-semitick, but, simply unwilling to be led by the nose with Israeli security concerns.

    As he seems to me to be the only candidate like this, I imagine that, for those who have had it with Jewish concerns, he would have to be a tonick.

  23. Junius Daniel
    ‘Right now, Trump seems to have The Lord behind him, much as Stonewall Jackson did, during the campaign of 1862.’

    I hope that is where the comparison ends. After 1862 Jackson did not fare so well.

  24. “Nate Silver us a two-fer around here. He’s also fucking brilliant.”

    His Jewish paranoia over Trump is distorting his judgement.

    Personally I don’t think Trump is anywhere near WN it’s just the things he says are common sense and common sense has been banned for years.

    Tis all good though – he’s deflating the anti-white media which is the single most useful thing he could do.

  25. Trump simply has the balls to say things that everyone knows is true. He is helping to destroy the anti-White hate words that have kept us psychologically immobilized for decades.

    Add to that the White Genocide cult’s frantic push to flood millions more 3rd worlders into our countries in a short period of time. IMO, they rightly fear that more and more of us are waking up to the White Genocide scam.

  26. This story is beginning to remind me of William Marshal.

    Or as he’s known in French Guillaume Mareshal.

  27. Minor Gentry gradually making his way to the top.

    Instead of the Tournament he’s got his game shows and real estate.


  28. I’d like to draw attention to this article in The Nation.

    It’s by a writer called Burger. Note that exactly the same rhetoric used by new guests is used.

    A group of white men shot at young Black Lives Matter protesters on consecutive nights in Minneapolis last weekend, injuring five people. Donald Trump, still a leading Republican presidential candidate, proposed creating a database and ID cards for Muslims, leading even some Republicans to label him as a fascist. White Student Unions are popping up around the country in response to demands that university administrations do more to fight racism on campus. Finally, Robert Dear opened fire at a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood clinic last week, killing three people and injuring nine.

    As a white man [probably whiter than you] I want to understand what it is about the ideas of “whiteness” or “America” that’s causing white American males to be the country’s largest terror threat. Why isn’t white violence that is intended to shut down black movements, or male violence intended to intimidate women, considered terrorism by so many?”

    It’s basically carbon copy spite.

  29. May I toss out a prompt that I hope will produce some useful and thoughtful commentary and analysis.

    I always owned guns. About 20+ yrs ago I gave away my then 2 (or maybe 3?) guns. I did so because I did not want guns in the same house as children. I knew there was no way to own a gun and keep it effective, safe and away from kids. No matter what, kids get into everything.

    My kids have been out of the picture for a while, yet it is only in the last few days I have been very seriously considering again buying a gun. Setting aside that I love and appreciate a well-made firearm as a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing piece of machinery, what does this mean? A conservative leaning but still pretty moderate on most social issues. almost always Republican voting citizen who gave away his guns over two decades ago for safety reasons, is inclined to again buy a handgun. Keep in mind we are talking about maybe a $600-$800 purchase, so it’s no small potatoes move.

    The overarching question is, why? Has there been a fundamental change in America because of San Bernadino? If so, what about liberals and others who appear to reject the premise of there being a change? Could this situation become a pressure-cooker in the mainstream?

    Please, even though I understand it would be from the extreme Right, I would really welcome intelligent thoughts and commentary on the “change?” question.

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