Lugenpresse – Are Conservatives to Blame for San Bernardino Slaughter?

Regular Germans, German immigration patriots have a great new term for the lying, anti White media:


roughly translates as “lying press”.

Just when I think the American Lugenpresse can’t get any worse…

it gets EVEN WORSE

Regarding Islamic terrorists slaughtering our people in France, England, tourist places in Libya and Egypt, I thought the worst thing the Lugenpress could say is that

1) “Well, White Christians have done similar bad things in the distant past”
2) “These terrible Islamic terrorist acts had “root causes” in things like racism, discrimination, opposition to bad US foreign policy, the Palestinians etc”
3) “Racist Nationalists like the BNP, or the American Tea Party could do just as bad things if we don’t empower Lib Leftists.”

I thought that was as bad as it could get. Well this week, it just got worse.

Lugenpress like the #*$&@ New York Daily News are now charging that White Conservative Christians, Southern GOP Conservatives are actually the most to blame for the San Bernardino slaughter because they reacted to the San Bernardino slaughter by offering

Christian prayers for the murdered victims and their relatives

“God Isn’t Fixing This”

Instead the lying Libs at the New York Daily News demand more gun control ACTION, not Christian prayers to a Christian God that doesn’t exist. It’s doesn’t matter that California has the strictest gun control laws of any state, the NYDN demands more Lib Leftist power, Lib Left ACTION.

OK, that’s really, really bad – a big giant step down Dante’s Inferno the worst rings of Lib Left Hell.

Another giant step was taken by New York Daily News writer Linda Stasi (STASI was the name of the Communist East German Secret Police!), Ms. Stasi charged that San Bernardino murder victim Nicholas Thalasino was every bit as bad and evil as his Islamic terrorist murderers because:

He made pro NRA, anti abortion, anti Islam, pro Ann Coulter comments on his Facebook page!

So what do we do with the likes of Linda Stasi – the worst of the Lugenpresse?

My advice is to do what the Left does to anyone who publicly supports traditional marriage ballot initiatives.

Dox them – publicize the personal information of where the offender lives, works, plays. Who are his/her friends, neighbors. Be very careful not to make threats or encourage anything illegal, but there is no law against publicly shaming the worst, most evil media people who like and slander innocent victims of Islamic terrorists, mass murderers. Of course boycott the Lugenpress, maybe contact sports writers that you like that have to work somewhere, including at the Daily News. Be honest and say that you like their writing on sports but strongly object to front page editorializing slandering the dead and slandering Christian Conservatives.


  1. And that would be because sport writers possess a secret power over the editorial board that controls the front page?

    You just revealed that you haven’t a clue about how newspapers are run. They’re certainly not run with the sort of vague and inconsistent BGG that’s now the latest craze on this blog. Hell, I can’t find the policy you claim to run by in a simple fashion, HW. That’s because that would inconsistent with the normal tone of comments around here and you know how hard it would be to police and still keep your friends coming back if some pissant were to come along and complain.

    Awhile back I visited Andrew Anglin and pointed out some favorites repeatedly violating his “no threats of violence” rule, after which I believe one or two got banned.

    If you write the rules it’s going to be hard, but not writing them is to invite repeated replays of stuff you don’t like.

  2. Stasi is an apt name for this insignificant person.

    This article could have been written by Gregor Gysi himself.

    I hope Mrs. Thalasino sues NYDN owner Mort Zuckerman for defamation of character.

    How does our government respond to blatant ISIS terror? Yesterday, we bombed Assad’s forces. That’s right, our AIPAC controlled politicians are actually HELPING the Islamic State by bombing their worst enemies for them.

  3. Mr. Ryan…

    In 1967, George Wallace gave the ‘Lugenpresse’ a Confederate christening…

    Please have a gander at this 2 minute clip of the greatest governor of the great state of Alabama, and see for yourself if this video does not apply for 2015?

  4. It’s all about OFFENDING someone. Pansy commie libs are terrified that someone might become offended, unless said party is white, conservative, etc. Then, all bets are off. Allow the games begin, eh?

    And the single biggest vagina spoke the other night and said everything I expected he’d say. Blah, blah, blah, guns, blah, blah, blah, more gun controls, blah, blah….

    Dante, we have arrived.

  5. As the late Edgar J. Steele used to say, ‘It’s the Jews, stupid.”

    And as E Michael Jones has written so damningly (with footnootes on every page) in his book of over 1000 pages, this is ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit’ alive and well.

    Antichrists, all. Because Jewish.

  6. GonerWithTheWind // December 7, 2015 at 8:21 pm //
    Another reason the anti-Whites hate Dante, he reserves the worst place in Hell for traitors.

  7. So many bad things going on here. The American Lib Leftists are doubling down and just blaming Conservative, guns for this latest Islamic immigrant horror.

    It was like when Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F Kennedy and Walter Cronkite moralized:

    (Texas Conservative White) Hate killed John F Kennedy.

    No, Walter some Free Cuba Communist Lee Harvey Oswald killed John F Kennedy because strange as it sound now, JFK and the Kennedys were anti Castro Communist then.

    But to the Left, White Conservatives are always to blame for everything bad in the USA or the World. So, when some vicious Black/Brown/3rd world Muslims do something horrible, White Conservatives are still to blame, why? Because they supposedly created a “Climate” of guns and violence and hate and these poor misguided Islamists from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia would have been nice, multi cultural supporters of MLK, Ghandi, Greenpeace, the NAACP, SPLCE, gay and lesbian marriage equality, John Lennon Imagine… and if ISIS Islamists are throwing Gay people off of roofs and holding slave sex auctions for 9 year old Christian/Kurd girls, it’s somehow all the fault of White Conservative southerners who like NASCAR and guns.

    Let’s do some hostage exchanges with ISIS – give them as many NY Daily News Harvard and Yale SJWs.

    As for the rest of us, we’re still free.

  8. Well, when they finally pass an illegal Bill in the dead of night rendering our AR-15s, M-4s, AK-47s, 1911s, Glocks, and 22 rifles illegal they’ll HAVE to come for them then. Then maybe we can finally get down to some dirty and stop bitching on the net that 95% of the white population is more concerned with niggerball. I suspect the “hardened journalists” that write this shit will be in the front of the charge to collect mine. No?

  9. The cops don’t want to disarm whites. They know full well that heavily armed whites are the only thing that really keeps the nigs in line.

    It’s not even about potentially being shot by a nationalist/gun during a theoretical confiscation operation.

    Whites with pistols and rifles check black aggression.

  10. I have two words for Mizz Stasi and Ms. Information at the soon extinct Dinosaur Media. GET OUT. I’m not asking. Take a walk out of my country to the other side of the Planet. It might be far enough and the alternative is now a forgone conclusion. Full Retard never works, and you don’t either. You have a choice. GET OUT or be removed.

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