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  1. I’m listening to them speaking very favorably about Trump.

    How is it possible to confuse Brenda Lee with Connie Francis?

    Haven’t heard Cushman yet.

  2. @Mr. Griffin…

    Sir, as someone who followed Mr. Cushman’s ‘RedShirt Army videos’ at YouTube, for quite a few years, and who visited SNN so many times, I was stoket to hear hear him interviewed, tonight.

    Lamentably, I listened to 45 minutes, in the second hour, and all they talkt about was about Jews & Immigration and Mr. Trump – and not a word with our Michael.

    Could you, over the coming days, give us a link where we might hear Mr. Cushman speak?

    Thank you.

  3. “In all of these post-plantation societies we have civilization turned upside down. … We can see from the model of Brazil and the Black Belt in the South … exactly where we are going. And that’s just absolute, total destruction of civilization.” – Michael Cushman
    http://lnrlive.com/tpc/tpc20151212b.mp3 Political Cesspool Archive, December 12, 2015, Second Hour
    The first step is to break free from brainwashing.

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