Best and Worst of 2015

I hope everyone is enjoying a traditional Southern Christmas. I sure am – as my new girl friend is very “Southern” – South American, White Hispanic from Venezuela!

In the week after Christmas, let’s try to do some best/worst of 2015.

Who was the best/worst:

American politician?

International political leader?

American pop personality/sports figure?

International pop personality/sports figure?

Hollywood actor, director?

Lot’s of great things going our way in 2015.


  1. I would hazard to say Trump/Putin were some of the best of 2015. If you could say, The worst gotta be Miss Lindsey Graham (yuck) the SJW attacks, BLM and S.W. TFA doing so well. IMHO

  2. “I would hazard to say Trump/Putin were some of the best of 2015. If you could say, The worst gotta be Miss Lindsey Graham (yuck) the SJW attacks, BLM and S.W. TFA doing so well. IMHO”

    I respond:

    Yes, very much agree. But, let’s also try to go for some lower level awards. Miss Puerto Rico has certainly had a great week, excellent tweets.

  3. Again, for 2015 the enemy has each of us believing our unborn are sub-human (a fetus), making it easier to call us the same.

  4. Best politician was Trump; the worst was way too many to list (pretty much the lot of Lords and Ladies of Congress along with their bully-in-chief!
    Best international leader was Le Pen; the worst was the world “leaders” who failed to protect their citizens from mass immigrants.
    I don’t get into celebrities or Hollyweird much.

    I pray that many more will support the preservation/protection of the white race and their Southern heritage/future. I am proud to be Southern and proud to be white. And may political correctness be damned.

  5. Thanks PP

    My new girl friend isn’t in to politics or history (thanks the lord) she just doesn’t like the Hugo Chavez mobs in Venezuela. It’s real nice to be with a woman where there is no arguments or even discussions about politics, history etc. We just do thinks like go for hikes, do Salsa partner dancing , make love. She also cooks.

    But send me the link and I should order your book.

    Merry Christmas PP

  6. ‘We just do thinks like go for hikes, do Salsa partner dancing , make love. She also cooks.’

    A rare breed you got yourself, jack. Good for you.
    Well the trumping was entertaining at least this year but I don’t think he stands a chance against hilarity.
    Hollywood is down the drain.
    I hardly care about popular culture and sport except maybe for the Olympics in Rio next summer.

  7. The best “thing” of 2015 was the ascendancy of Trump and #cuckservative. If my memory serves me correctly, they both happened at the same time. This signaled a paradigm shift within the American Right.

  8. Certainly one of the worst articles.

    TUESDAY, DEC 22, 2015 02:15 AM CST

    White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it
    For 500 years, they’ve exploited their fellow man and plundered the planet. It’s time they reign themselves in

    This article originally appeared on AlterNet.

    The future of life on the planet depends on bringing the 500-year rampage of the white man to a halt. For five centuries his ever more destructive weaponry has become far too common. His widespread and better systems of exploiting other humans and nature dominate the globe. The time for replacing white supremacy with new values is now. (snip)

    Katznelson is white. So am I. So are many others now writing and speaking honestly and openly about the enduring power of white racism. (snip)

    The author of the piece, Frank Joyce, quotes Ira Katznelson and says he is white.

    I don’t know about Joyce, but Katznelson definitely is a jew.

    Astonishing how many of these virulently anti-white authors who claim to be fellow whites are in fact jews.

  9. Best columnist, tweeter, pundit? Ann Coulter. As a mainstream writer she has no peer. Rush Limbaugh ( Mr.Cutting Edge) is a politically correct coward compared to her.

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter Dec 21
    FBI: More than 80% of all interracial violence is committed by black people.

  10. Sam

    I agree that Ann Coulter is a spirited writer , maybe the best pundit.

    But Ann is mean and insulted me personally and insulted Occidental Dissent.

    Our women shouldn’t t be mean and insult our solid men. Politics is after all a man’s business.

  11. Jack Ryan
    ‘But Ann is mean and insulted me personally and insulted Occidental Dissent.’

    What did she say?

    When, where and why?

  12. Donald Trump is the BEST American Politician/Pop Culture figure.
    Putin is the best international figure, with Victor Orban a close second.

    Couldn’t care less about Jewlywood.

  13. Feliza Navida Hunter

    Hunter is censoring my personal, very sexual conflict with Ann Coulter.

    Ok, that s his call.

    I think it s perfectly ok a good thing for American White men and women to express interest in spanking the other , we can t rely on some stork …


    Feliza navidad

  14. Well, I haven’t discovered what she said to irritate Jack, but I won’t pursue the matter out of respect for Hunter.

    Perhaps Ann had an epiphany since then.

  15. Well here are some of my suggestions for best/worst of 2015

    American pol – Trump is obviously the “biggest thing” – but my take is it is always a mistake to put all your/our hopes and time in to electing some White guy on a White horse savior to somehow be elected President of the United States and somehow make everything OK, back the way it used to be.

    Big mistake – one we always, ALWAYS seem to make. Pat Buchanan could/should have run and won Governor of New Hampshire and then built a state party, encourage likeminded folks to do the same in places like the South – Tancredo in Colorado. Instead his overly enthusiastic supporters insisted on running Pat for President against this time on the Reform Party ticket, his idiot sister Bay Buchanan convinced Pat to make some Black woman John Burch Society non person his VIP to disassociate himself from all us evil WASISTS so ugly Bay Buchanan could somehow keep a talking head news job, that didn’t happen either.

    Donald Trump should have run for governor of New York state and defeated son of Cuomo, taken on race mixing Black Liberation theology NYC mayor.

    No I nominate Tennessee Speaker of the STATE House of representatives Casada

    He called out the Tennessee National Guard to stop the Syrian Muslim migrant invasion – and publicly defied the Fed government.

    This is what we need – state and local leaders. Remember David Duke WON his state representatives race back in the early 90s. This is what we must do now – go State and local.

  16. Worst columnist- George Will. The cuck’s latest meltdown.

    December 24, 2015, 09:07 am
    George Will: Trump nomination would destroy GOP

    ‘George Will is warning that if the GOP nominates Donald Trump for president, it would be the “end” of the Republican Party.

    “Conservatives’ highest priority now must be to prevent Trump from winning the Republican nomination in this, the GOP’s third epochal intraparty struggle in 104 years,” he writes in a new Washington Post column Thursday.

    The conservative columnist says preventing Trump from winning the nomination should be an even higher priority than denying the Democratic Party a third term in the White House.’

  17. Worst choice for Speaker – Paul Ryancuck.

    It’s been said that our restaurants would shut down if we deported beaners.

    Oh noes!

    Now, our companies will shut down with out foreign workers.

    Paul Ryan’s Christmas Warning: American Companies Will Shut Down Without More Foreign Workers

    In a Tuesday morning interview with radio host Bill Bennett, Rep. Paul Ryan
    defended his omnibus bill’s controversial expansion in the H-2B visa program, which would allow foreign workers to fill blue-collar American jobs, by arguing that if the provision were not included, American companies would be forced to shut their doors. (snip)

  18. Best history lesson no one knows about. Arthur Jacobs? Stunning article written by David Cole. Yes, that David Cole. Amazing. Must read.


    The Nazi Kid From Brooklyn by David Cole December 17, 2015

    History must always be remembered, except when it shouldn’t. No one will ever claim that adage, but many people adhere to it, one way or another. Pity the person with a history that disturbs a popular narrative. In the blink of an eye, “never forget” can become “never remind.”

    Last week, the media went into full-on “never forget” mode after Donald Trump’s “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” proposal. Damn near every mainstream media outlet immediately invoked World War II Japanese-American internment as an example of how U.S. war hysteria inevitably leads to racism.

    The fuss over Trump’s comments will eventually ebb. Of more interest to me is how the episode proved, once again, that while the story of the 71,000 Japanese-Americans who were relocated, and the 35,000 Japanese aliens who were interned (in a previous piece, I explained the difference), is classified under “never forget,” the story of the approximately 14,000 German- and Italian-Americans and aliens interned during the war is officially filed under “never remind.”

    Meet Arthur Jacobs. He’s the poster boy for “doesn’t fit the narrative.” Not coincidentally, he’s also the poster boy for getting your nads kicked by your own government for eighty years just because you’re of German descent. You know what he isn’t the poster boy for? “White privilege.” Jacobs’ story personifies why the ordeal of interned German-Americans and aliens during World War II was sometimes worse than what the Japanese internees went through. (snip)

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