Politico: Why Obama Must Reach Out To Angry Whites

By Hunter Wallace

Over at Politico, Issac Bailey wants Obama to go on a national tour to listen to our grievances because Trump’s poll numbers are still so high:

“For all the bad feelings that Donald Trump’s naked religious bigotry and race baiting are conjuring up, they are also providing our nation with an opportunity. The ugly rhetoric just might force the country to finally contend with a problem many don’t even want to acknowledge exists: that we are fast becoming a nation in which minorities make up a majority of the population. As a result, tens of millions of white Americans, accustomed for so long to having all the benefits of being the majority, are scared out of their minds—and it is this fear that Trump is exploiting so effectively. These feelings are emerging not because whites are all racists, but because they don’t know what that might mean for them and their children.

As long as angry, scared white Americans follow Trump and his rhetoric, the racial divide in America will only deepen, and it will become increasingly difficult to solve the nation’s most pressing problems. So the question becomes: Who can counter Donald Trump? …

Reaching out directly to those who express hatred for him is the kind of powerful symbolism that can break through a divide that cannot be healed by reciting statistics, will not be moved by stirring sermons and won’t disappear because enough of us wish it away.”

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that we have probably heard enough from Obama over the past seven years. Whenever he starts to give a speech, it is always good time to change the channel. There isn’t anything he could say that would change our opinion of him. Even if he went on such a national listening tour, we only have to put up with him for another year – so why would anyone show up?

Is it because he is black? That’s a comforting illusion for many on the Left, but actually has little to do with it. The revolt that Trump is leading in the Republican presidential primary is against ¡Jeb! and the GOP establishment, not Obama, who has hewed to more or less the same policies as W. on trade, immigration, political correctness, campaign finance and foreign policy. Does anyone doubt that most of Trump’s supporters will oppose Hillary with the same ferocity that they opposed Obama?

Hillary or ¡Jeb! will continue the policies of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama – open borders, multiculturalism, free-trade, political correctness, endless wars, the bubble economy, etc. The only real point of difference is that Obama and Hillary are more inclined to confiscate guns than the mainstream Republicans. Otherwise, the rivalry between Democrats and Republicans is on the same level as Pepsi vs. Coke.

In 2016, there will likely be many, many more “Angry White Men” columns like this one as the Trump Trains runs over the Republican establishment candidates in the primaries.

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  1. absent JewPonziCollapse, Whites in North America will be a minority by the mid-2020’s, Palestine’d by 2050, extinct by 2090. There’s not a lot that Obama/Soros can say to that, since they’re all 4 it. Trump is, though, alerting a few of the more perceptive Reds to the coming Storm. I’m seeing these “we must reach out to the WhitePeople” screeds all over JewLeftist media (Barbara Ehrenreich; Katerina Stein-alias-van dan Heuval/The Nation; Amy Guttman/Democracy Now) for the last several weeks. Funny stuff

  2. I can’t wait till Trump has finished demolishing the anti-White Republicans and starts in on the Democrats. If you thought he was being nasty to the Republicans, it will be nothing compared to what he does to Obama and Hillary. First its jail for Hillary, then she’s too sick, now she does Disgusting things in the bathroom and now she’s been shlonged! There’s no line this guy will not cross.

  3. I love how these people always frame the narrative as only us Whites are engaging in “ugliness” as they call it.

    After 7 years of Obama, Black Lives Matter, watching cities burning, White privilege nonsense, boasting about the demise of the White majority and how wonderful that is going to be, mocking Whites for being “uneducated bigots” “bitter clingers” and “fearful” and all the rest of the constant 24/7 insults and gas lighting along with a hostile media that goes so far as to promote and justify murder against Whites – sorry if I have a hard time taking seriously the idea that they give two shits about our “concerns.”

    They are ones who are fearful because Jeb who is their little cucked goy is not going to win the nomination and cuckservatism inc. which has been nothing more than a boondoggle to hand victories to our enemies is on its death bed.

  4. RichardBird,
    You are correct that the anti-racism cover has been dropped and now anti-white is displayed nakedly. Remember however that our opponents are fools. For example, in the article you cite the author used “reign” for “rein” when asserting that white men must be reined in. Half-educated, careless, bloviating fools.

  5. I love the left, they do our work for us, I wish I could write for the left, but for the most part they do a bang up job. A trillion essays were written by the White Nationalists, 12 people showed up. The BUGs crew helps destroy the anti-racism fraud, frees the left to be the crazies we need and love and now being white is on the cusp of being cool (I will stand by that prediction)

  6. @Mr Bird…

    ‘@Ulfric // December 24, 2015 at 9:12 am //

    They can frame it however they like. We just have to show Whites the latest headlines from Salon.’

    Sir, you are assuming that they will read it with ‘white eyes’ …

  7. If Trump wins, great. But if he dose lose, we can use Trump electoral performance as a way to draw Partition lines.

  8. @Mr. Griffin…

    ‘“For all the bad feelings that Donald Trump’s naked religious bigotry and race baiting are conjuring up, they are also providing our nation with an opportunity. The ugly rhetoric just might force the country to finally contend with a problem many don’t even want to acknowledge exists: that we are fast becoming a nation in which minorities make up a majority of the population.’

    Sir, there is this thing about people on the left : that they keep thinking just one more manoeuvre will, finally, get everybody to ‘realize the truth’ – to think like they do…

  9. I’m going to give some advice to the teeth grinding reactionairies, don’t fall for the outrage propaganda produced by the left and seconded by the Cucks. It is all a game to make you look helpless and to leave you depressed.

    Mock it but don’t lose your frame, that is Trump and he knows Game, he never loses frame.

    FTR I could see Obama doing something like this tour, but only to rub it in and mock us. And by god I hope he does, I’m going to pray for this.

  10. Ha! It is far too late for an Obama or a Jeb! to “reach out to” White Americans, i.e. Real Americans. We are taking our country back one way or another. “Minorities” have two choices. Sincerely assimilate to our culture or leave. Period.

  11. ‘“The future of life on the planet depends on bringing the 500-year rampage of the white man to a halt.” ‘

    Even if it were not too late to do so, Mr. Bridges, it would still be difficult for Jeb Bush to ‘reach out’, as he considers himself a ‘Latin-American’ …

  12. Chris Bridge,
    The purpose of forced racial assimilation is intermarriage of White with non-White. If you really Whites to go extinct keep screaming for forced racial integration in White countries.


    We WANT Whites to STAY WHITE.

    You must be new to this. It’s a conceptual leap.

    Let me break it down:

    White is WHITE
    Orc is ORC.

    Orcs are NOT White.

    White/Orc Breeding = BAD BAD BAD. Whites aren’t WHITE when they breed with Orcs.

    Do you begin to understand?

  14. ““Minorities” have two choices. Sincerely assimilate to our culture or leave. Period.”

    And the first one, don’t count.


    P.S. Where can I get that t-shirt? LOL

  15. Rob Roy – yes. Exactly A White Placation Tour by Lavender Barry would be just the thing to really solidify White Resistance to extermination. Bath House Barry would not be able to conceal his contempt and disdain for the STUPID Whites that tolerated his vile Race, in the first place.


  16. President Mugabongo better not heed that advice. He should pad his bank account and buy tickets to the Caymans.

    A tour in front of the people he’s trolled for 8 years? That ain’t gonna end well. Adolf could appear in front of his people until the near end without worrying too much about a reaction. Not this fool.

  17. Why does the enemy always lose? Because they always spike the football before they reach the 50 yard line! Are they STUPID? Yeah, yeah they are, and they have no will or self control, or talent or beauty, etc., etc., etc.

  18. The question to me is not that he should tour Dixie and ask, but would he listen? At all? To any of us? No, and even then, the Commie News Network would spin all into Pravda II. Let’s leave this one alone, and pray he finds himself a cool job afterwards.

  19. Try as much as they will, the anti-White cabal can’t stop the Trump train. Now they expect us to listen to a conciliatory Obama, LOL?

    Articles like this tell me that our enemies are running scared. All their usual anti-White, mudslinging tactics are losing the effect they once had.

    Thank you BUGS.

  20. in the still unlikely circumstance that the Donald gets the Republiscam nomination, the “Trump Train” will be easily stopped by the same majority alliance of open-borders Cucks and open-borders Communists that stopped Le Pen in France. Trump will, however, done a great deed in liquidating the Republiscam Party and drastically polarizing the Left/Right and Racial situations. There’s still way too many WN’s and hardRights who think they’re going to vote they’re way out of the demographic deathtrap that the Jews have arranged for us; cf. KMac’s crowd…and not a few in the threads here

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