1. I just got home from celebrating the birth of blue eyed blonde Aryan Baby Jesus! I had a GREAAAAAAT TIME! My family is half posh, Earthy Crunch Twee effete Foody Whites, and half wild chaotic insanely funny classic Drunken Yankee Redneck White Trash.

    Aaaahh! Flawless. We had brilliant food – the desserts were crazy good – and my niece in law and another nephew got into a friendly “pretend” knife fight in the kitchen; of those pranks where-in it’s a “joke” – but people end up in the ER! But my sister stopped it before they actually stabbed each other.

    No one could have asked for a better night!

    I got and gave GREAT presents!!! YAAAYYYYY

    Merry Christmas!!!


  2. Some good Christmas news in Corsica France.


    Corsicans are the White European people that gave us the likes of Napoleon Bonapart. So if there are any remaining White Western European associated people who might get down and dirty with the roughest Arab Muslims it’s going to be the likes of Corsicans and Sicilians not some blue blood English royals.

    Some nasty ghetto Alergian Muslims apparently attacked some French firefighters and policemen in a Muslim no go ghetto in Corsica. Corsicans responded by burning up an Islamic prayer place. Good for the Corsicans.

    This also shows that responses to Muslim violence and terrorism or just crime, insults is better done without guns.

    American right wing obsessions with guns is a sign of not taking real world action.

    Good job to are tough kinsmen the Corsicans – Eastern European Slavs like the Poles and Hungarians have also been very solid about not tolerating any Muslim migrant invasions.

  3. @Mr. Griffin…

    Merry Christmas to you, too, Sir!

    By the way : have you done articles on why Southerners seems to unmotivated by their own sovereignty, and or why they are so passive in the face of such constant interference with our society?

    It would seem to me that such articles, particular within a historical overview, would be a ripe field for your analytical brain…

  4. Jack, don,t be so optimistic. Corsica is not gradle of resistance, Corsica is example of complete surrender. 13 days ago they had elections in France and Front National got only 9% of the votes in Corsica. And Corsica had invasion problem for years. Google “corsica refugees”

    FN got only 27% votes in whole France. And this was made in the middle of invasion madness and after a month from worst act of terror in France. Turn out rate was 58% so totally only 15% of all voters went out to support closing borders.

    Eastern Europe is fine but in the west things are very bad. Yes, lot of people are happy to see another minor attack. But Western Europe doesn,t need looting, they need election victory to close the border and sad reality is that nationalist keep making their 10%-20% of support like they always had and nothing seems to change that.

    Those arsons and lootings in Western Europe are not resistance, they are signs of desperation and agony.

    Merry christmas from 99% white facist racist Eastern Europe. Down here, we had great hope on USSR collapse scenario. Left does something that freaks out whole society. But after invasion “crisis” this summer and terror in Paris and folloving elections in France showing firm control of communists despite everything…next hope is great white Donald from America. God bless us all.

  5. Thanks Juri.

    I agree that Eastern Europe is looking the very best. Give my best to the locals, tell them few, no one is making jokes about dumb Poles these days. Poles and Hungarians are smart. English, Germans stupid.

    Still I see hope and resistance in many places. Corsicans have always been tough. My understanding is that the nationalist vote in Corsica goes for Corsican nationalist/separatists, not the FN.

  6. Corsicans have zero interest in voting FN, they voted into independent, what the Breton Jean Marie Le Pen, his daughter and party think have zero bearing on Corsica, also saying they surrender? That was a pretty inane comment considering the history of this island.

    ETA, yes Jack got it right in the last line.

  7. More good news from Corsica.

    The heirs of tough guy Corsicans are taking to the streets to demand that the Arabs must leave, “This is our home”.

    “Security forces also cordoned off Ajaccio’s poor Jardins de l’Empereur housing estate, as Corsica’s administrator Christophe Mirmand told AFP that the ban would be in effect until at least January 4 and cover “all protests and gatherings”.

    Hundreds of protesters marched for a second straight day Saturday through several working-class districts of Ajaccio shouting slogans such as “This is our home!” and “Arabs get out”.

    The unrest followed a Christmas Eve clash in which two firefighters and a police officer were injured at the estate, home to some 1,700 people.

    Regional official Francois Lalanne said a fire had been “deliberately lit” in the neighbourhood in a ruse aimed at “ambushing” the emergency services.

    A firefighter told French television that “about 20 people armed with iron bars (and) baseball bats” had tried to attack them but were unable to smash through the windows of their truck.

    View galleryPeople wave the flag of Corsica as they celebrate after …
    People wave the flag of Corsica as they celebrate after the second round results of the French regio …
    The next day, 600 people gathered in front of police headquarters in Ajaccio in a show of support for the police and firefighters. But some 300 broke away to head for the housing estate.”

  8. @Mr. Ryan…

    ‘I agree that Eastern Europe is looking the very best. Give my best to the locals, tell them few, no one is making jokes about dumb Poles these days. Poles and Hungarians are smart. English, Germans stupid.’

    How very right this is. Yet, in defence of the Anglo-Saxe – they have not, unlike those in Eastern Europe, yet developt the anti-bodies that comes with having been pillaged by the socialist disease, for decades.

    As you know, Eastern Europe underwent ‘the utopian treatment’, and they will never likely forget the stark discrepancy between it’s promise & it’s reality.

    Many of us, in The West, however, are still in the onset-incubating phase – a time when the pathology of the disease has not yet become apparent to most of it’s host, nor have it’s ravages come to it’s fullest misanthropick peaks.

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