2015 Worst Media Liar – Garry Trudeau, Doonesbury

I hope everyone had a great Christmas day. Mine was one of the best ever. Dating an appreciative White Hispanic gal from Venezuela certainly brightens up most everything in gloomy Chicago. I attended a Christmas mass at a local Catholic church. The head Catholic priest is traditional, British educated and doesn’t do any bad Leftist, Liberation theology politics. God bless him.

OK, let’s start the year in review awards for the best and the worst of 2015. I suggest the following format:

I’ll present my views of the best and the worst in areas like

Worst media liar(s)
Worst American pol(s)
Best American pol(s)
Best sportsman/woman international/USA
Best Political Cartoon
Best Alt Right commentator

Then OD’s fine readers can share their views and I’ll edit the post to reflect the consensus winner/loser.

So, here’s the first category:

Worst media liar(s) for 2015 – Doonesbury cartoonist Gary Trudeau

The American MSM Mainstream media is overwhelming Leftist, anti Southern, anti White, disproportionately Jewish and has created a false opposition of fake conservatives, Neo Conservatives, cuckservatives. The American MSM media tends to function as a stray dog pack, jumping in unison on some anti Southern, anti White story/cause that more often than not is a pack of lies. The 4 worst stories/causes this year were:

1) the BlackLivesMatter fabrications of alleged White racist police killings of Black males

2) The mass Muslim male migration/invasions of Europe/the West – fabricated as Syrian war refugees.

3) Islamic slaughter of Westerners/Americans spun as Islamists not to blame, Conservatives, Racists, gun rights activists to blame.

4) Attacks on all Confederate/Southern symbols, colleges, Confederate grave desecrations.

It’s hard to make distinctions about which lying Leftist media was worse on BlackLivesMatter stories as virtually the entire MSM jumped on Ferguson MO, “hands up don’t shoot”, Michael Brown was a “gentle giant” lies. The latest BLM propaganda martyr is here in Chicago. Laquan McDonald was a deranged, PCP Angel Dust drug abuser – who went on a vandalism spree brandishing a knife, alternatively running from and threatening the police with his knife. A video does make the accused Chicago policeman to be in error as he could have used better, non lethal force to disarm the crazed PCP Angel Dust violent lunatic. But, it is hardly 1st degree murder as is now charged, and hardly the crime of the year in my city of Chicago which suffered over 2,000 shootings, 450 plus murders including the execution of a 9 year old Black African American boy by open Black gang members.

The Chicago Sun Times and New York Daily News have been arguably the worst in covering the mass Muslim invasions of Europe, the Islamist slaughters in France and San Bernardino – also slandering Donald Trump for his common sense suggestions to curtail mass Muslim immigration. New York Daily news columnist Linda Stasi went so far as to slander Jihad murder victim Nicholas Thalasinos for provoking/deserving the Islamist slaughter. Thalasinos’ thought crime was “engaging in heated arguments about religion and politics” and liking Ann Coulter on his Facebook page! Stasi suggested that Thalasinos was equally responsible for the attack. The New York Daily News and Chicago Sun Times consistently invoke the alleged NAZI Jewish Holocaust to demand that Western Europe and the United States MUST accept unlimited numbers of Muslim “refugees” (Muslim males of raping, military age). Neither the New York Daily News and the Chicago Sun Times or the rest of the “lugenpresse” (lying press) report the truth that neither Israel or Saudi Arabia are accepting ANY Muslim refugees from Syria or anywhere else.

My pick for the worst media liar for 2015 is Doonesbury cartoonist Garry Trudeau. Gary Trudeau was heavily involved in the University of Virginia fraternity rape hoax first started by Rolling Stone magazine. Rolling Stone Magazine and Garry Trudeau Doonesbury put out the charge:


"You're not going to UVA"
“You’re not going to UVA”

When the Rolling Stone Magazine rape story was proven to be another Duke Lacrosse Team rape hoax, RSM issued a formal apology – but not Gary Trudeau. Trudeau insisted that though this one rape charge proved not to be true, this wasn’t important because University of Virginia and other Southern colleges had climates of sexual oppression and racism. The reality that any honest person will admit that the preponderance of rapes on Southern Universities are committed by Black football and basketball players who are “students in name only”.

Ok, so Gary Trudeau – 60s Leftist Yalie hates White Southern fraternity boys. He hates all things traditional White Southern. We’re not surprised he hates the South the same way Tim Wise hates White Southerners – the ends justify the means, and Gary Trudeau is perfectly fine with using rape hoax slander to attack White Southerners.

But, I was surprised when Gary Trudeau defended the Islamic extremists associated with the slaughter of French cartoonists Charlie Hebdo. Under Garry Trudeau’s warped hate White Western people Leftist mindset – Algerian Muslims in France are an oppressed minority group and humor satirists should never “punch down”, but should instead mock those in the ruling elite. Why a #*$&(@ filthy liar as the Harvard and Yale, European multi cults have been the elite in the West since at least 1972! Garry Trudeau also pushes the lie that Islamic extremist/terrorists are all poor, oppressed people, victims of racism and intolerance. Many of the worst Islamic extremists like Osama Bin Ladin are Saudi Oil $ billionaires and the Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia is hardly a poor – neither was the San Bernardino CA Islamist mass murderer – he had a solid, stable government job. And what kind of self respecting political cartoonist shouldn’t take the side of political cartoonists targeted for murder for drawing a political cartoon?

Just read this idiot cultural marxist Leftist’s full speech about why Western cartoonist must never mock, make fun of Islam.

So this lying PC #*&$# “liberal” in name only insists no White Westerner can “mock” Islam or just note that the worst Islamists are back in to things like…

Slavery, female genital mutilation etc.

And Garry Trudeau is also a filthy rich Leftist. So we don’t feel bad about…

Punching up!

I encourage OD readers to “dox” Garry Trudeau – publish (with clear instructions not to harass or threaten) the personal information where this filthy rich, lying lugenpresse Leftist lives, hangs out. Who are his friends, neighbors? Let the relatives of the victims of the Paris and St. Bernardino Islamic slaughters know where Garry Trudeau hangs out. There should and must be some social consequences in lying in support of the destruction of Western people, Western civilization.


  1. Good history lesson Hunter – it does cover a lot of time and events in a rather short post. But, very good.

    Hunter, unless you have objections, I will post my first year end worst/best of 2015 post about the worst media liar for 2015. I wasn’t able to get Countenance to proof and I know you are slammed with family. I spell checked this and wrote and edited it sober, so it shouldn’t be too bad. If anyone notices typos, just let me know and I’ll correct.

    I think OD readers over this holiday weekend should have something, lots of new things to read.

    Thanks Hunter,


  2. pretty good list there! sounds about right. another was midget Loretta lynch getting her ‘feelings hurt’ over the Muslim thing. waha

  3. No. The worst media liar is Bill O’Reilly with his “Killing Lincoln”
    crap. Fox played his “drama” villifying my hero, JWB over and over.
    Bill O in an interview, proclaims Lincoln as the greatest president
    of all time!
    Yeah, we watch Fox since Fox sometimes tells part of the truth;
    when the other networks never do. But, Bill O’Reilly is an SOB
    and Roger Ailes is an idiot to promote him and Glennie Beck.

  4. Trying to pick out the worst in these categories is like going into a sewer and trying to pick out the worst turd.

    They all go to college and get thoroughly marinated in anti-White propaganda. They go out and get influential jobs allowing them to spread and perpetuate the PC gospel. A gospel riddled with lies, deceit, and attempted White Genocide.

  5. The worst? Hollande and Merkel sealing Europe’s doom.

    Best? The Dutch Anti-Immigrant Riot. Possibly Trump’s run.

  6. Captain John

    This post is strictly addressing the worst liars in the media.

    We will have political leader award for best and worst coming up soon.

    Let’s be focused and targeted in the new year.

  7. Oh right.

    Hmmmm let me see.

    Ben Shapiro, while he plays a good one, he’s obviously attempting to channel white disgust into support for Ted Cruz.

  8. I agree with more of the same, trying to figure which of these assholes is the worst is like arguing John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, Ted Bundy, the Zodiac Killer, the Boston Strangler, which is the worst? Wow.

  9. I guess I haven’t read this site in a while. Is this Hunter Wallace ? I thought he was married and had a couple of young children ?

  10. I want to encourage our readers to submit their own personal, local examples of terrible “lugenpresse” – lying press.

    Since I am most in and around Chicago – I concentrate on Chicago stories.

    Here’s a terrible example of CNN blatantly lying promoting the BlackLivesMatter incite the Black criminal mobs.

    At 1 minute in to the video – features lying whore woman at CNN stating that a White racist Chicago policeman shot and killed a Black teen for get this…



    The reality was the deceased was a crazed PCP Angel Dust drugged lunatic running through the streets vandalizing cars with a large knife, alternatively threatening police with the knife, refusing police orders to drop the knife, surrender.

    CNN translates this as White Racist policeman shoots innocent Black teen who “DidntDoNuffin” except jaywalk.

  11. White Venezuelan girlfriend? So… white(ish) in appearance, and only half mestizo? What are the chances she has no Injun blood? DON’T MUDDY UP MY RACE!!!!

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