Cuckservatives: ¡Jeb! Is Readying His Nuclear Option

According to various sources, ¡Jeb!, the winner of the 2015 Cucky Awards, is preparing to go down like Samson with negative campaign ads that torch Rubio, Cruz and Christie over the next few months!

“As the rest of the world begins to grapple with their New Year’s resolutions, Jeb Bush, who spent most of 2015 in a dismal tailspin, has apparently made a solemn vow of his own: to take down Marco Rubio, his former Florida protégé, even if he has to spend gobs of cash to do it. …

That take-no-prisoners approach is in line with a strategy Right to Rise has been considering, a source close to the super-PAC told Politico, in which they “might spend the bulk of the $75 million to carpet bomb Rubio, Cruz, Carson, Chris Christie—everyone but Trump.”

Way to go, ¡Jeb!

The news gets even better: all the other Republican candidates are preparing to carpetbomb each other with negative campaign ads in January.

“Supporters of Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee are poised to unleash a wave of ferocious attacks this month, according to Republicans familiar with their planning, plunging the muddled contest into a multidimensional war in the weeks leading up to the Feb. 1 Iowa caucuses.

By month’s end, the candidates and their allied groups could spend as much as $100 million combined, much of it on negative advertising delivered via television, radio, mailers and digital spots. And after the effectiveness of positive television commercials came under question last year when tens of millions of dollars failed to lift Mr. Bush, January will offer insights into whether attack ads still have the power they did in past presidential elections.

Mr. Bush’s supporters effectively ended the Christmas truce last week when they went on the air in Iowa with an ad savaging Mr. Rubio over his Senate attendance record and with a New Hampshire commercial contrasting Mr. Bush’s achievements as Florida’s governor with Gov. Chris Christie’s tenure in New Jersey and Gov. John R. Kasich’s record in Ohio. The coming offensive will be just as varied, reflecting the layers of the Republican race.

Mr. Cruz is trying to head off Mr. Rubio, perhaps the only candidate who can build a coalition of conservative and center-right Republicans. Mr. Rubio is determined to slow Mr. Cruz in Iowa, where Mr. Cruz is at or near the top of every poll and could be formidable with a decisive win. But Mr. Rubio also must confront Mr. Christie, who is ascendant in New Hampshire, which votes just over a week after Iowa. …

That is why so few of the leading candidates have engaged in any sustained assault or have run ad campaigns against Mr. Trump. It is a remarkable phenomenon: The party’s national front-runner remains largely unmolested as the first votes near, reflecting how his rivals believe that spending money against Mr. Trump and inviting his wrath could only help another hopeful.”

Huckabee and Rubio are going to air campaign ads to torpedo Cruz. ¡Jeb!, Christie and Cruz are airing campaign aids to torpedo Rubio. Meanwhile, Gulliver coasts through January unscathed while the Lilliputians destroy each other.

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  1. Doesn’t this help Trump?

    Bush is a dead name in US politics, no amount of money can change that.

  2. Trump is leaving the GOP in such disarray that all the usual hopefuls can do is savage one another. Typical behavior of a party or any organization that’s on its last legs.

  3. “Meanwhile, Gulliver coasts through January unscathed while the Lilliputians destroy each other.”

    Now, this is what I call reality television.

  4. For the record: I’ve seen no report of an Iowa poll since that Des Moines Register one—back on December 14, maybe. That was the one that put Cruz ahead of Trump, 31-21, in Iowa.

  5. Meanwhile, Gulliver coasts through January unscathed while the Lilliputians destroy each other.”

    John Bonaccorsi, I agree. This is the best line in the entire article. What utter fools these small, petty, and shallow GOP-ers are!

    Trump’s interview on Sunday showed a stronger, more confdent, take no prisoners approach. His demeanor was less frantic, his persona poised for RULE. He is a LEADER. The others are not even followers, they are psychopathic children, engaged in a sandbox battle.

  6. Jeb radiates weakness in the same way Putin, love him or hate him, radiates strength. I can just image the hell Jeb went through in high school because his demeanor just begs to be picked on.

  7. The big story in this election was how Trump was able to take down Jeb so easily. Trump barely broke a sweat.

    Even Trump has remarked how he was surprised at how fast and how hard Jeb fell in the polls. This was the establishments boy and he has been around 3 to 5% for months. This is with the most money spent of any candidate…

    Trump made mincemeat of the GOPe.

  8. Where are all these undecided voters? I have yet to meet the person that doesn’t know which candidate he supports. Perhaps it is more a matter of motivating your supporters to actually vote rather than stay home. I don’t think any amount of money can significantly alter the race at this point. The only thing to be decided is after the first few states have voted which cuckservative will get endorsement of the political class to oppose Trump.

  9. Having just now checked Real Clear Politics, I think there have been three Iowa polls since the Des Moines Register poll I mentioned above. Without getting into detail, I’ll say they seem to have been conducted, in aggregate, from December 10 to December 21 and had the following results:

    Cruz-Trump: 31-31
    Cruz-Trump: 40-31
    Cruz-Trump: 25-28

    The Des Moines Register poll, which, as I said above, was reported back on December 14, I think, looks to have been conducted from December 7 to December 10.

  10. “I can’t believe our good fortune in Ben Carson’s timely implosion. I thought for sure the negrophiles and evangelicals had found their champion.” – I’m still baffled by his decision to support the TPP.

  11. Cruz the Cuck will be the republiscam nominee. He will lose the fake election narrowly to Mrs. Clinton. She will be ‘murka’s last Prez. Then: politics by other means. I continue to be amazed that there are still hardRights and WN’s who think they can vote their way out of the globalist open-borders deathtrap the Jews are now closing on us

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