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  1. Virtually all of them are owned by Big Jew, Big Business or both. Which begs the question: Who owns Trump, all the good he’s doing notwithstanding?

  2. MOTS
    He’s probably owned by himself and his family. I think RRShad it right when he said Trump figured out he’d lose his empire, if he didn’t do something. A White billionaire isn’t going to last long in a country that is rapidly going non-White, Bolshevik.

    BTW here’s a WN naming the Jew at a Trump rally. Trump looks irritated, but tells the crowd, “He is on our side – sorta”.

  3. Rubio is getting zero traction because of his amnesty position, even though he polls strongest in a general election matchup.

    I bet if you pinned down the rank and file they would consider immigration more important than the supposed hot button issue of abortion.

    Trump’s success in the primary is based on his wall + deportation platform. Very few people care about any of his other positions.

    By the way, Jews ought to know better, much like RichardBird says of billionaires generally. But we are dealing with an irrational religious hatred of whites.


  4. You realize,of course,that Freeemasonry in the United States is still divided, a division that days back to the Civil War. There is a Southern Jurisdiction and a Northern Jurisdiction. The Southern Jurisdiction is not interracial, but the Northern jurisdiction is. Since every lodge member has a vote on incoming members and one vote in the negative can refuse entry I don’t see the Southern lodges becoming integrated. They are still more segregated than Southern Churches, many of which have made a concerted effort to integrate. By contrast white Southern Masons consider black Masons (So called Prince Hall masons) as clandestine, mainly because the term Free & Accepted Masons implies a person who was never in servitude. In many Southern families Masonry is still a tradition going back generations. Unlike European Masonry each state lodge is self autonomous and belief in God and the immortality is the soul is necessary before one can become a member. Such is not the case with the atheistic-Communistic lodges like the Grand Orient in Europe. I suspect, however, that it will die out in the South because in order to be a member and advance one must memorize vast amounts of Masonic lore and ritual which takes quite a while and modern society has neither the time or effort to do so. Conversely, black masons do not have to memorize or learn any ritual. It is merely read to them. That is forbidden in white Southern lodges as nothing can be written down, it must all be memorized and pasted down from one member to another via oral tradition.

  5. Jews who support mass immigration and a “browning” of America are incredibly shortsighted. A brown America will side with the Palestinians, not Israel, and the latter will be fully alone at the UN, in danger of strangulation as was white-run South Africa. America stays majority white and Christian, America has Israel’s back. Israelis recognize this, American Jews don’t. But then, American Jews blab and blab but they wouldn’t give up their cushy lifestyles in New York or Los Angeles to live under the shadow of war in a pokey Petach Tikva apartment!

  6. Jagger, Freemasonry still ADMITS the jew as ‘equal’ to the White Man, and the rituals are steeped in satanic signs and symbols. Many Churches used to excommunicate people foolish enough to join the Masons- some still do. OR SHOULD.

    YOU cannot be a Mason and be a Christian. You can be a Mason and be a Protestant, or a Baptist, though. And no, that is not an oxymoron…..

  7. the Donald’s offspring are married to JEWS. Wall Street JEWbanks hold $billion$ of Trump’s debt. His pet Senator is the gun-grabbing, White-hating NY JEW Chuck Schumer. Etc. I will give Trump credit for moving the Overton Window. And that’s all. He will likely not be the nominee – you can already see the republiscam cucks lining up behind fellow cuck Cruz – and if nominated, would be easily defeated (after the cucks defect) by Mrs. Clinton. Sorry, WN’s. You are not going to vote your way our of the open-borders deathtrap the Jews and their political shabbatz goyim are now closing on us

  8. @Haxo Angmark: “… the Donald’s offspring are married to JEWS.” Out of three sons and two daughters, one son and one daughter are married to Jews — and one son has not reached puberty. About half of billionaires in the U.S.A. are Jews, and most of the other billionaires are economically bound to rich Jews.
    “Courage — that is the key to our survival.” – Dr. William Pierce
    We need the courage to face the truth and fight for survival. Business as usual and being polite and law-abiding are not good enough.

  9. Haxo- You aren’t going to convince intelligent white readers with your anti-Trump hysteria.

    The DONALD continues to say and do things that PROVE he is both race-conscious, the favorite candidate among REAL (read, WHITE) America in the heartland, and the denunciation of Obummer, Merkel, Hitlery, et al. are only proving HE IS THE NEXT LEADER for our nation.

    Take your talmudic pilpul someplace else.

  10. Dude Trumps surrounded by jews. Hus manager, advisor, half his family, the jews who own the media wrote his TV show checks; the jew bankers bailed him out, he workded with jews in NY to learn his real estate biz. At this point im pretty sure Trumps jewish advisor is working with people who run “white nationalist” media. He and the jew media are literally using lingo from daily stormer.

  11. This candidate never seemed to be his own man. The name “special interests” is a mild brand for him. Even the people of Florida took note of his style… spounding more like an Israeli agent inside the US Senate. That other Spanish-name guy Bob Menendez of New Jersey is also an Israeli agent. You know the criminal Jews like to hide behind all kinds of names. The US Supreme Court is now slated to comprise 5/9 Jews….Gingsburg, Breyer, Sotomayor, Kagan, and Merrick Garland (all appointed by two Democrats Bill Clinton (Jewish wife Hillary running for US president) and the Jew himself Barack Obama)…. ideal to blow away once and for all our First and Second Amendment rights. Those motherfuckers.

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