Is Trump The New Pat Buchanan?

No, if Pat Buchanan were running in 2016, he would have more appeal to the social conservatives who are backing Cruz and Carson in Iowa. Otherwise, Trump has taken Buchanan’s old message, secularized it, and spiced it up with celebrity. Interestingly, Trump once denounced Buchanan as a Neo-Nazi, condemned his “dangerous ideas,” and quit the Reform Party because “this is not company I wish to keep.”

Trump now says that Buchanan was way ahead of his time. For his part, Buchanan is happy to have been vindicated by history. If Trump wins the nomination, there is a new poll out which shows that 20 percent of Democrats would defect to vote for Trump while 16 percent of Republicans would defect to vote for Hillary. In the interview below, Buchanan says that he wants Trump to campaign in the general election in the Rust Belt and slam Clintons for NAFTA, the WTO, and Wall Street deregulation.

The New York Times interviewed Buchanan for a new article, “For Republicans, Mounting Fears of a Lasting Split”:

“The Republican Party is facing a historic split over its fundamental principles and identity, as its once powerful establishment grapples with an eruption of class tensions, ethnic resentments and mistrust among working-class conservatives who are demanding a presidential nominee who represents their interests. …

Rank-and-file conservatives, after decades of deferring to party elites, are trying to stage what is effectively a people’s coup by selecting a standard-bearer who is not the preferred candidate of wealthy donors and elected officials. …

The issues animating grass-roots voters — opposition to immigration, worries about wages and discomfort with America’s fast-changing demographics — are diverging from and at times colliding with the Republican establishment’s interests in free trade, lower taxes, less regulation and openness to immigration. …

The divide was evident at a recent Greenville, S.C., gathering of bankers and lawyers, reliable Republicans who shared tea and pastries and their growing anxieties about where their party is going. In a meeting room near the wooded shore of Furman Lake, the group of mostly older white men expressed concern that their party was fracturing over free trade, immigration and Wall Street. And they worried that their candidates — mainstream conservatives like Jeb Bush — were losing.

“It’s all really hard to believe that decades of Republican ideas are at risk,” said Barry Wynn, a prominent Bush donor at the meeting. …

Patrick J. Buchanan, a Nixon and Reagan adviser who ran for the Republican nomination in 1992 and 1996 by stressing the economic and cultural concerns of working-class Americans, said these voters were roiling the party because they had “suffered long enough.”

Mr. Buchanan cited years of job losses and wage stagnation that he blamed on free-trade deals and cheap labor from illegal immigrants, as well as hardships from foreign wars that have hit families whose children enlisted in hopes of better lives.

“The chickens have come home to roost,” Mr. Buchanan said. “Putting the party back together again will be very hard after this nomination race. I think the party is going to shift against trade and interventionism, and become more nationalist and tribal and more about protecting the border.”

The horror! The horror!

All of the cuckservative establishment’s men might go down the primary! For the first time in generations, the Republicans might nominate someone who is not an open borders, free-trading globalist enthralled to neo-liberal economics. The curtain might fall on the post-World War II era in which the US was the “leader of the free world.”

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  1. Buchanan endorsed Dubya in the 2004 election… granted, Kerry/Edwards would have been worse. A billionaire version maybe, though Buchanan is an intellectual, a writer whereas Trump is a successful business man. The death of the west will be remembered as quite spot on a century from now.

  2. @countenance
    Cuckservatives are just liberals that don’t like paying taxes, so they aren’t going to vote for high taxing Democrats. They’re just threatening to take all their toys and go home. Go on do it, cucks! Make my day!

  3. Trump is a obnoxious loud mouth New Yorker and is no friend of the South. On the other hand, Buchanan has for decades been a voice in the wilderness, sounding the warning to all who would hear!

  4. if Trump gets the nomination, the cucks desert. If cuck Cruz gets it (as appears to be increasingly likely), most of the White middle class/working class voters who did not show for McCain then Romney will sit it out again…except in even greater numbers. Either way, the Republiscam party is finished. And good ridddance. I’ll say it again and I’ll keep saying it: we are not going to vote our way out of the open-borders anti-White insourcing deathtrap the Jews have set for us

  5. Mr. Aurre:
    Yes, Trump is a loudmouth and a New Yorker (an oxymoron if there ever was one) but he is no enemy of the South. On what do you base your comments? The fact is, Trump is calling for everything any Southerner might want, starting with stopping the immigration that is literally stealing our own home from us. Who do you support? Hillary? Bernie Sanders? Or maybe Marco Rubio. Now he is a real Southerner! Or Jeb Bush, the Yankee patrician doofus? Smell the coffee. Trump is the last chance we have to take back our country without violence.

  6. Hack-so: “I’ll say it again and I’ll keep saying it: we are not going to vote our way out of the open-borders anti-White insourcing deathtrap the Jews have set for us”

    And what makes you think that armed Revolution- armed WHITE revolution- isn’t an option? Been watching the saga of the Rachers out West? You presume the Jews are invincible. Clearly, you are no Christian. Christ and His Kingdom WILL Win- in fact, ALREADY HAVE WON. I have been as sure of that as anything since I began to understand the concept of Christendom, at age 9. The last hundred years is merely a skirmish in the ‘mopping up’ operation of God’s Adamity.

    Again, you sound either like a loser, or a shabbas goy. Try a daily dose of some of the articles over at DS- you might be surprised that the war goes not to the weak, or namby-pamby, but to MEN.

  7. Capitalism divorced from loyalty to one’s own is inherently globalist. Trump is saying many of the right things, all fine and good. His sincerity is another question.

  8. Chris Bridges // Trump crows about “Making America Great Again”, this translates into giving the DC EMPIRE, our swore enemy, more and more power! Hillary is fine with me, remember it was the election of Lincoln in 1860 which brought about secession. Trump will be business as usual, Hillary will hopefully have the same result as Lincoln, namely cause the South to secede!

  9. Hilary is an incredibly weak candidate. Will she survive the email scandal and get nominated? Can she win any competitive election? New York Senate was a bossed election, she lost to a black muslim named Hussein in 2008, and this year’s primary is bossed. No wins against competition.

    All Trump has to do is shut up and build the wall. Can he do that? Can he build trust, reassure, and show the voters that he is Presidential material rather than a ticking time bomb?

  10. The narrative went away and the enemy is still shell shocked. They’ve been playing that racism broken record for half a Century and one Nigger blew it up. I think that fag is going to indict Hillary. He’s no politician and his political career is over anyway. I think he’s still mad about Bill saying he would have been fetching coffee for them a few years before he became Senator of Chiraq.
    Hillary is the Queen Bee of the D-Party, and Hussein is one big jealous queen himself. I think this whole e-mail scandal is his passive aggressive hatred for the Clintons. This fag Bombhatta can’t even stand criticism. Having a former opponent who bad mouthed him become POTUS is probably what is getting all these e-mails found and leaked. If he deep sixes Hillary, its big trouble in D-Party City. Their bench is weak and old. She’s the only viable candidate right now.

  11. Pretty close. I’d say Buchanan was right before it became obvious he was right but I’d also say he is maybe too conservative/respectable (in the bad way) for how things are now whereas Trump is much harder and wilder so (fingers crossed) better suited to the situation now.

  12. Trump is the last chance we have to take back our country without violence.

    The atrophy of White America was born from the inability of Whites to know when to hope and pray, when to ignore the trivial, when to organize, and when to abandon all of the wishful thinking and start fighting. We keep hearing about “the last chance,” and in another 2 years or 4 years or 6 years, we’ll hear about last chances again. All we have to show for it after all of these years/decades are the ashes of withered and wilted dreams. The people that want to kill us don’t seem to have this affliction.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m way past the stage of hoping for someone to come along and save me. I’m certainly not waiting for a New York billionaire who really can’t relate to regular working class Whites. Trump, like everything and everyone tied to the two-party system, is political theater, and we are political leverage that can be tossed aside once we’ve served our purpose.

    Trump does serve a few useful purposes to us. One purpose is to draw vivid lines of distinction between pro-Whites and anti-Whites, NOT to be some launching pad for Whites to “take back our country without violence.” You can’t even take back a single city and keep the non-White hordes from encroaching further, but you’re going to take back an entire country with fancy words, clever quips, and an elected official who serves a limited term in office? That’s complete batshit logic. Anyone who can’t see this should not be in any position to speak for Whites. Probably shouldn’t even be in a position to manage a lemonade stand if it were up to me.

    I’m at the Mel Gibson/Braveheart stage—I’m going to pick a fight. Not because I desire conflict, but because I already know what the anti-White’s responses will be to any attempt to introduce truth, reason and logic into the mix. All I/We really want is to be left alone. Are they even willing to give us that?

    • 1.) Is Trump a Great White Savior? Obviously, no.

      2.) Can Trump inflict great damage on the GOP, undermine PC, and give oxygen to some of our issues? Yes.

      II is better for us for Trump to roll through the primary season and beyond. As for what emerges on the other side, who knows?

  13. Trump is nowhere near as conservative as Buchanan.

    Buchanan was nowhere near as fiercesomely articulate as Trump.

    They share protectionist attitudes, towards our culture and economy, but, that is why, I think, the comparision ends.

  14. Buchanan’s message resonated with working class whites. Trump, the same.

    Working-Class Hero: Trump Expands To 20-Point Lead Among White Blue-Collars Vs. Hillary Clinton

    New polling data from Reuters finds a nationwide toss-up 2016 contest between GOP frontrunner Donald Trump and Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton — but he’s beating her by 20 points, 46 percent to 26 percent, among white working-class voters.

    That’s up from a five-point lead in mid-December. Trump’s January lead is so huge, in fact, that Hillary just barely edges out the option “don’t know.”

    In fact, he is beating Hillary Clinton among all working-class voters, regardless of race. Trump leads Hillary by five points among all voters earning between $25,000 and $75,000.

    Just among whites, Trump gets the support of almost half of all white voters who earn between $25,000 and $75,000 a year. Among white working class voters who are married, Trump’s lead over Clinton expands to 27 points. His lead is 30 points among married, white working class voters with children. -snip-

  15. Celestial Time nails it again. Too many of us are putting too much hope in a billionaire New Yorker.

  16. Trump is absolutely killin’ it tonight in Florida.

    More passionate and animated than ever.

    Lobbing grenades all over the place.

    His recitation of “The Snake’ in reference to Muslim immigrants is brilliant.

  17. I have to agree with Hunter. How much airtime did ANY of our issues get pre-Trump? He’s saying things we’re all thinking. Now, we can speak freely about building a wall to secure our borders. I met a lady from Michigan (I’m in Florida) and she was asking about what advantages a wall would bring. She had a priceless look when I told her it would keep the Michiganders and Massachusites out of Florida! Our rallying cry should be “BUILD TWO WALLS!’. Thank you for your support.

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