The FBI Didn’t Investigate The CofCC Over Charleston

Check this out:

“The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it did not investigate the hate group that inspired Dylann Roof to kill nine black parishioners in Charleston, South Carolina last year.

FBI spokeswoman Jillian Stickels told The Daily Beast that there is no record of an investigation into the Council of Conservative Citizens. This comes after The Daily Beast requested FBI files on the group through the Freedom of Information Act. The FBI did not respond to requests for files on the CCC’s most prominent leaders.

The FOIA request also covered one week following the June 17, 2015 attack, indicating that the FBI wasn’t looking into the group even after it was revealed that Roof cited the CCC in his manifesto. …”

According to the SPLC and the mainstream media, the CofCC “inspired” Dylann Roof’s attack in Charleston, but the FBI knew all along that the alleged “links” were bogus and that our group had nothing to do with Roof’s actions.

We said all along that Dylann Roof was 1.) never a member of the CofCC, 2.) never made contact with anyone we know in the real world, 3.) and that we had never heard of him until he was connected with Charleston on television. It was also clear to us that the investigators assigned to the case must have believed the same thing because we were never contacted by anyone affiliated with law enforcement.

Like the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie or the demise of Obama’s son Trayvon Martin, the truth was bound to come out at some point.

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  1. Liberals always decry guilt by association unless a “right wing hate group” is somehow involved. Perhaps even the FBI realizes by now that SPLC is nothing but an anti-White hate group.

  2. Not only is this damning evidence for the Lugenpresse, but it also casts a pall on the entire apparatus of honest reportage/analysis of racial incidents.

    As if this were news to those of us who know better. But still- Americans need to know.
    Thank you for this information.

  3. I believe that in his manifesto, Roof mentioned learning about the true nature of race relations from Wikipedia, Google, and the cofcc website. The Jew media fails to mention that the info on the cofcc website is true, and mostly taken from local TV stations and newspapers.

  4. When Kyle was running it, the comment section was too unwieldy to monitor 24/7. All kinds of people would come on there and say all kinds of crazy shit in order to get around the filter. It turned out to be a liability and was shutdown around the time that thousands of idiots were pouring in there after the Dylann Roof shooting.

  5. Being absolutely fucking insane might have been the avenue the FBI were actually going down.

    They might well resent the press for the disaster of the Trayvon-Brown-Grey narratives.

    My guess is that many FBI investigators of actual crime quietly agree with the gist of CofCC SBPDL. They must resent the craven apologists of the BLM.

  6. If I have a psychotic episode, I will be sure and blame it on Occidental Dissent—you need the publicity. Come to think of it I will blame the SPLC, that would be kind of funny.

    I think Kyle was really on the right track with his Black and Mestizo crime stats, too bad all of that good work has come to nothing because of young Mr. Roof.

    It is too bad that no one got to Roof, and possibly prevented his crime, by explaining how the world works to him. Then again some events probably are not preventable. That’s what John Calvin taught didn’t he? From a Methodist standpoint, and Roof killed a number of harmless Colored Methodists, John Wesley taught that we could reject Salvation.

  7. As the only white kid his life was probably worse than most people can imagine but sadly he took it out on the wrong people.

  8. I’m not advocating what Roof did but as a practical matter if every time a White was attacked, raped, murdered, etc. by Blacks. Whites assaulted and killed Blacks at the same proportionate rate as Blacks do to Whites it would get their attention real quick. I dare say that violence against Whites by Blacks would dramatically decline.

  9. Question is, how much of law enforcement agrees with all or part of a race realist/Southern nationalist point of view? They can see the disproportionate amount of violent crime perpetrated by blacks. And they also have to deal with the liberal ideological delusions which undermine law enforcement.

  10. Call me a conspiracy buff, but I always thought that Dylann Roof and his activities were well-known to the FBI long before the incident in South Carolina. I have noticed, usually after a left leaning (and eerily prescient) president makes some speech warning about violent White racism (while ignoring minority crime) being a threat that “things just happen.”

    One can always count on some whacked out White wingnut to pop out of the woodwork and fulfill Presidential “forebodings.” Just like – who-da-thunk-it, Tim McVeigh materialized to bomb innocent little White children in the Alfred P. Murrah children to avenge the innocent little White children in Waco after President Clinton had forebodings about White militias.

    If you think about it, Barak Obama has been unusually prescient about White male gun violence. And sho’nuff, Adam Lanza pops out of the woodwork to perpetrate the Sandy Hook shootings, James Holmes pops out of the woodwork to shoot movie goers at the Batman-Joker premier, and now ….. drumroll …. THIS!

    With all these young hyperactive White boys being forced by the education system to take psychotropic drugs to behave in school, I wouldn’t be surprised if FEDGOV has a whole reserve of potential maniacs that it can tap (what with access to school records) whenever it’s time to take another whack at the Second Amendment.

    I know OD readers like to roll their eyes whenever some addle-patted conservative quotes MLK, but allow me to quote a Black guy who made a certain amount of sense now and then, Malcolm X. “Only a fool would let his enemy educate his children.”

    Even the most racially realistic Whites have been pretty damned foolish where it comes to public education. Because they think it’s free. Nothing’s free. There is a price to pay. We are handing our children over to the enemy to educate or drug, as they see fit, for their own purposes. We should never leave our children alone with them for one single solitary second. For that reason and that reason alone, young Whites parents should be proactive about home-schooling their children, even if they have to work separate shifts.

    • First principles – what is the thing, in itself? what do we know, on the other side of this “narrative”?
      1. The Church was decommissioned. The bulding was ridden with termites, and falling apart.
      2. The fundraiser failed. Blacks TAKE. Thy don’t give.
      3.The families were paid MILLIONS, BY FedGovZOG,immediately after the event. Since when does that happen?
      Sometimes there are conspiracies, to achieve goals.

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