Cuckservatives: Ted Cruz Celebrates Martin Luther King Day

Read the whole thing:

“There are moments in our national history that have called Americans to bend the arc of history towards justice. Each moment has required exceptional leadership. Today, we commemorate one such leader who illuminated our nation by his courage and dedication to the truth.

Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. understood the American potential more fully than it was actualized at the time. He challenged the distorted conventional acceptance of a “separate but equal” citizenry.

Instead, he drew upon that promise of our founding that every person is “endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights.” Reverend King reminded communities across the country that we have a duty to rectify the original sin of our nation and to respect the “dignity and worth of all human personality.” …”

Amazing, we are being lectured by a Cuban born in Canada about “the original sin of our nation.”

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  1. Golly, when the white supremacist bigots diss a fundamentalist bigot, that’s what I call Civil War. Hahahahaha!

  2. What a clueless cuck! Hasn’t he been to Toronto? That whole black thang isn’t cool anymore. That died when rap started up and people couldn’t stand the noise. Cosby ain’t America’s Dad anymore Cruzer Loser, he’s on America’s Most Wanted now dummy. Remember when everyone said Trump would do something stupid and crash and burn? Yeah, well its not him. He’s used to dealing with the airheaded retards on TV with more hair than brains. He can say anything and still make those TV bimbos look dumb. First Little Jebbie said he liked Mexicans better than Americans because of his Motel Six Wife, and now Loser Cruzer is going black. Is he going to rap? Is he gonna have Kanye Whatshisface and Kardashians with him now? Do it! I dare you Canada boy!

  3. Whatever contributes to the flourishing of whites is justice. Whatever operates against it is injustice.

  4. I am a Ted Cruz supporter, and may I wish y’all a very very happy Robert E. Lee day?

    Long Live Dixie…

  5. Thomas Jefferson and our Forefathers were more concerned with the prosperity and security of their brethren than the dignity of their Slaves, whose Emancipation was to be in conjunction with Repatriation.

    • If that is so, Mr. Owen, then there is no viable small government conservative or constitutionalists for whom to vote.

  6. The worst thing about MLK Day is all the emails I received at work last Friday from all of the CEO, COOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents concerning how great MLK was and how his holy day (oops, I meant holiday) should be used as a day of service.

  7. How many black votes will he get with this pandering? The white champions of MLK must have little or no experience with close proximity to negroes. Either that or their self hatred exceeds a natural inclination for self preservation.

  8. courage and dedication to the truth?

    Until these kind of White Civilization destroying Cucks feel the weight of vocal pro-Whites pushing them aside, we will continue to see this kind of cuckery being passed off as sensible, compassionate and virtuous. People like Cruz probably couldn’t name a single damn majority-black nation, city or even community that they would like to live in, but they can tout the wonderful virtues of being more diverse and less White.

  9. The GOP follows the money and the bankers hate Whites and don’t want them to be represented in Washington. So I guess we shouldn’t even care what happens to the GOP anymore and focus on survival by realizing there are existential threats that need to be dealt with in a far more direct fashion.

  10. @ Mr. Griffin…

    Sir, if you think Senator Cruz a ‘cuckservative’ – that great coining of yours – then you ought listen to Mr. Cruz outline all the Obama and Clinton policies Mr. Trump has openly supported, and all the politicians, like Senator Schumer, to whose coffers the real estate mogul has hithertofore mightily contributed.

    After you have listened, you might need to come up with another coining, for those who are ‘cuckservative’ cubed…

      • Thank you for your answer, LLDixie. I was not aware of Mr. Trump’s stance on ‘free trade’ – something I have hate for decades.

        Still, Sir, the way I think of Mr. Trump is as a Harry Truman style Democrat – an interesting phenomenon in this day & time, and for whom I will have no choice to vote, if, by November of this year, my fellow southerners still deem it fit to stay in this union, and if he is the only serious alternative to a socialist.

  11. To put this into perspective, I will ask one question…

    Is there any national politican, as of 2016, who does NOT celebrate MLK day?

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