The Cuckservative Manifesto

Seriously, it is coming on Friday:

“WASHINGTON — With Donald J. Trump and Senator Ted Cruz battling for the Republican nomination, two powerful factions of their party are now clashing over the question: Which man is more dangerous?

Conservative intellectuals have become convinced that Mr. Trump, with his message of nationalist-infused populism, poses a dire threat to conservatism, and plan to issue a manifesto on Friday to try to stop him.” …

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review — embracing the role of his predecessor, William F. Buckley, who in the 1950s confronted Birch Society members — has reached out to conservative thinkers to lend their names to the manifesto against Mr. Trump. He has drawn some of the country’s leading conservatives, including Erick Erickson, William Kristol and Yuval Levin, to write essays buttressing the argument that Mr. Trump has no commitment to restraining the role of government and possesses authoritarian impulses antithetical to conservative principles.

“Donald Trump is a menace to American conservatism who would take the work of generations and trample it underfoot on behalf of a populism as heedless and crude as The Donald himself,” the magazine says in an editorial that will anchor a coming special issue.”

I’m delighted.

For 15 years now, I have been a nationalist and a populist to the bone. I have always hated mainstream conservatism. Karl Rove is so distraught that he has even written a book about the populists and the election of 1896.

Note: Mark Levin is condemning “agrarian nationalist populism.”

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    • Interesting, Sir. Thank you for the link.

      More and more it seems to me that the Republican establishment is falling behind Trump. Certainly Trump has changed his tact to that of an insider – he labeling Senator Cruz, ‘an outsider hopelessly unable to get along with the party and unable to make the deals that it takes to effectively govern.’

      I wonder if voters notice this – Trump’s entire shift in posture?

      My suspicion is that he is courting the establishment by doing this, and feels that, if he loses a some percentage points because of conservative fleeing his tent, it is an expence he can afford for long-term gain.

      I think that, though he has one eye still on the primaries, Trump is already looking ahead with the other eye.

      Do you see something different?


    Los Angeles (CNN)National Review, the conservative magazine founded by William F. Buckley, will publish a special issue on Friday opposing Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency, according to a source with knowledge of the issue’s contents.

    The issue will feature a blistering editorial that labels Trump a threat to conservatism, as well as essays by 22 prominent conservative thinkers from various ideological factions, in opposition to Trump’s candidacy, the source said.

    “Donald Trump is a menace to American conservatism who would take the work of generations and trample it underfoot on behalf of a populism as heedless and crude as The Donald himself,” the editorial states.

      • When Christians are offended “they turn the other cheek” (so their aggressor can get more lube to thrust deeper).

        When Muslims are offended they riot and act to kill the offender.

        Who is feared & respected more? The wishy-washy Christian Church of Cuckoldry or the guys who act decisively when they are irked? It’s time to change tactics if you want lasting results.

    • Interesting, Sir; particularly so in how resolutely they seem to feel that Mr. Trump would destroy conservatism.

      It seems to me that what they mean by ‘conservatism’, is something that remains cryptick to me.

      What do you think they mean by that?

      • Good question! I’ve listened to some of the “conservative” shows from all the top names and there were never any definitions or attributes given to the word. If Paul Ryan is a top conservative then that movement is dead. Its as destructive as liberalism.

    • “”Donald Trump is a menace to American conservatism who would take the work of generations and trample it underfoot”

      Oh, I HOPE SO!

      Deo Volente and Deus Vult.

      Down with the Cucks. Long live the Nationalists.

      Trump, Forever.

  2. Down with cucks!
    Hunter, I noticed every comments pre-worldpress screw up this week disappeared from your blog, will it ever be restored?

  3. It seems like half of this day, and it’ll probably go on through the evening, I’ve had to listen to people moan and preen on about “pure conservatism” and “conservative purity.”

    What his “pure conservatism” done for us lately?

    • “Pure conservatism” means publishing Kat Timpf articles to gin up outrage about SJWs so someone like ¡Jeb! can get elected and sign off on tax cuts, foreign wars, and free-trade deals.

      • Other than “pure conservatism” just being a bunch of talk talk talk nowadays, it’s also a 1980s ideology that succeeded in its major existential raisons d’etre a long time ago trying to remain relevant in a very changed and different thirty years later world, and sounding more and more bizarre to outsiders all the while. For instance, imagine by some fluke, Ted Cruz wins the nomination. Can you imagine what a debacle his acceptance speech at the convention would be? We’d probably hear him screaming from the top of his lungs about how Hillary Clinton, Baraq Obama, the Democrats, are all anti-Semitic Nazis who want to wipe Israel off the map and send all its Jewish residents into gas chambers. Ted Cruz doesn’t suffer from sincerity issues; he’s a perfectly sincere adherent to lamestream conservatism. Read that last sentence again and again.

    • There are on two conservative principles, “mind your own business” and “do it yourself”. Where do foreign wars of aggression and inviting in foreigners to do work you don’t want to do over lap with these principles? Trump is the true and only conservative in the whole pack and that is why he is winning.

  4. Conservatism is a stool with only two legs. As an identity it includes an intellectual tradition and a spiritual condition. It has since the 1960’s, if not before, excluded our physical natures, our ethnicity or race, from being a part of our identity. It is therefore as a form of identity deformed and impaired. It is subject to manipulation by distorting our intellectual and spiritual traditions. It is like an immense old oak tree whose center is rotten and hollowed out. When a large enough storm comes along it will fall. Or if you will it is comparable to a bundle of sticks or a faces with some of the sticks removed. The faces is therefore weakened to the point that it can be easily broken. Only a whole and complete identity can shelter a people from the tumults of history and fortune.

  5. Sir, it seems to me that more and more figures of the establishment come forward and seem to support Trump.

    Why that is, I do not know.

    As to the quote you made of Tom Watson, I thought it was great – the obvious truth.

    Thank you for that.

      • I see, Sir. Yes, now that you bring it up, that makes sense. So, in essence, what you imply is that Trump is gaining a constituency by, in large part, galvanizing a certain percentage of not only discontented Republicans & Democrats, but, I imagine, from the 50% of voters who rarely or never vote.

    • These people are so dumb.

      A few months ago, I wasn’t paying much attention to the race. I intended to half heartedly support Trump in the primary. I outlined all the reasons why Trump’s policies weren’t that revolutionary.

      The fact is, the best thing Trump has going for him is the opposition of these bow-tied cuckservative clowns. The main thing that attracted me to Trump in the first place was all their attacks on him in July and August.

      Now they have a brilliant idea: 21 cuckservatives are going to attack him less than two weeks before Iowa. There’s nothing these people could do that would excite and stir more interest in showing up to vote for Trump.

      • And that’s one thing all these trew conservatives weren’t thinking about, the folly of their strategy. Trump actually winning at least the nomination, which looks more and more likely, and maybe even the general, very possible, will make all these trew conservatives that lined up against him moaning that he isn’t one of them seem like they’re on the wrong side of history. Trump won’t have to send lamestream conservatism to the dustbin of history; they’re willingly going on their own.

      • Sir, this is the time of the race when assassins of every kind and shape try to shape the race by doing in the opponent of their preferred one.

        It was no less vicious when I was a child – though, as we have come to find out, a lot of the viciousness was behind the scenes.

  6. I honestly thought this was a parody, ot maybe a new Paul Kersey book.

    But then NR is itself a parody. Buckley was sort of a parody of something too.

  7. The term “conservative”, used in a political context, was first used to describe the coalition of Tories and right-wing Whigs who supported Pitt and Burke’s political, military and ideological crusade against the French Revolution.

    It had absolutely nothing to do with limited government.

    They censored, jailed, and ginned up mobs against their opponents. They supported guerrilla warfare and terrorism in the Vendee. They conceded nothing to the viewpoints expressed by even the most moderate sympathizers of the revolution. English liberals were forced to flee to America and France.

    As far right as I am, even I cringe when I read Burke’s “Letters on the regicide peace”.

    When Mussolini and Hitler were already politically active shortly after the end of WW1, they weren’t anti-Bolshevik enough for the tastes of W.B. Yeats. In an early draft of his poem “The Second Coming”, he pined “There is no Burke to cry aloud, no Pitt”. Yeats correctly realized that Burke was a more ruthless and thorough foe of the left than were the fascists.

    To call Rich Lowry a “conservative”, to consider him an heir of Burke, is f@cking absurd.

    • “Conservative” is the most misleading term in the American political lexicon because it means the exact opposite of what it suggests. It really means “classical liberal.”

  8. It’s good to see Sam Francis, Pat Buchanan and, yes, a lot of 1970s-early 2000s white nationalists vindicated by history.

    A lot of trends both hopeful and disturbing are in motion both here and in Europe. I’m trying to keep my expectations as low as possible for change in a positive direction. The dissident community has been burned too many times to count. We also have powerful enemies that still have many cards to play against Trump and the populist insurgency.

    • A few valid points and a lot of spittle contained in the broadsides against Trump. All the writers either cucks or kikes.

      We don’t care about them anymore.

      Their policies have screwed over white people for several decades.

      If Trump keeps only half of his promises we are immensely better off.

      Forgot to add that the the negro burping cuck in photo below is Rick Wilson.

      How appropriate!

      • There is a token black as well. Can Negros be cucks? As a writer Sowell is heads and shoulders above the rest of them, sadly.

  9. The funniest thing about this is that it’s, well, funny. Here they are, mustering their intellectual firepower to hole Trump below the water line, just before Iowa; but all they’ll do, as our host, Mr. Wallace, said below, is lift him. With a single tweet, Trump will dismiss their manifesto and rise three more points in the polls.

  10. Trump vs the Jews (this is who is behind this slice of so-called Conservatism) is not a battle the Jews want to have,

    Trump vs his own big mouth is a much more plausible battle.

    Polls are not showing that Trump is a viable candidate in the general, but anything can happen between now and November, especially against a weak candidate like Clinton.

    On the flip side, that anything can happen principle can also apply to Trump who could be the next Goldwater or even worse depending on what comes out of his big mouth; which is why I advocate a “shut up and build the wall” strategy for Trump, and for God’s sake no more foreign entanglements!

    • Dear Afterthought,
      I don’t think Miss Hillary will be in the general election, and I do not see the Democrats being able to finesse the issue of Sanders’s popularity, thus, it is difficult to imagine a Republican candidacy of Trump not winning the White House.

      You are right how unpredictable things are, yet, I have a difficult time seeing Mr. Trump as Senator Goldwater – or winding up in a similar position.

  11. The “Conservative” movement was co-opted by CIA shill Buckley post-WW2. It hasn’t conserved anything and has only helped to push more globalism, more immigration, and more wars. Both sides of the political spectrum support bank bailouts, wars, and free-trade. They’ve both sold out the great White Middle Class. No wonder people (Whites) are flocking to support Trump.

    People like Sam Francis and Pat Buchanan were correct.

  12. Here’s the REASON for this HATRED-

    “…the Jewish oligarchs don’t want to be treated fairly by a leader who’s in control. They want to be treated deferentially by a puppet they control. Trump likes the Jewish people, but that’s largely beside the point. He’s an antisemite by the operative definition; he’s a man who Jews don’t like. He’s a civic nationalist who wants what’s best for America as a civic nation, and that puts him diametrically at odds with the Jewish agenda.”

    And I believe that even this author does not yet Understand how much TRUMP hates the Kikes- he’s been dealing with them for his entire life, and has WON almost every battle he’s engaged in- he’s ‘outjewed the Jew.’

    That is not love, my friends. Not love, indeed! But a battle stratagem we ALL must emulate.

    “Live in peace with your personal enemies, but not the Enemies of God. ‘- St. Theodosius of the Kiev caves

    “As far as the gospel is concerned, they are enemies for your sake…” – Rom. 11:28.

    This first half of this verse still is operative, for the ideological descendants of the Deicides still exist. But the Judeans (Israelites) of St. Paul’s day are no more, and have been subsumed in the Khazarian, and Edomite bastard races, so the second half of that verse no longer has a present day application. Doubt me?

    As of @ 400 AD, we read: ““But if the Jews were to say, that the word, “In Isaac shall thy seed be called,” means this, that those born of Isaac should be reckoned to him for a seed, then the Edomites, too, and all those people, ought to be denominated his sons, since their forefather Esau was a son of his. But now so far are they from being called sons, that they are the greatest possible aliens…” – St. John Chrysostom, Commentary on Romans,
    Homily XVI


    “The Jew will live under the yoke of slavery without end. God hates the Jews.”
    – Saint John Chrysostom: Six Homilies Against the Jews

    • Father, I love our Saint John, but, in this case, his prediction has not come true.

      Jewish culture, for at least a century, is not in the submissive position of the enslavement culture.

      If anything, Father,the position of Jewish culture is at an all-time ascendency – in every way, influence, wealth, alliances, and the reformation of Israel.

      If that is an evidence that Oure Lord despises those from the tribe, then, it may be that I do not see your criteria.

      • Merely a skirmish in the war. The battle was won at Calvary, and Christ crowned King at Pentecost, when he ‘sat down at the right hand’ of God the Father.

        We must think in terms of thousands of years, and that, ultimately YHWH God has WON. And the Deicides, the degenerates, and the merely demonic, have ALREADY failed.

        “In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer. I have OVERCOME the world.”

        • Father, I know that the war for our eternal souls was won at Calvary, BUT, we still have a world to tend to – a world we have been charged with making suitable for his creations, and, I fear, we are far from doing it.

          I am sickened and very very angry at my Southern culture & lands being perverted, sterilized, abused, and made mock of by the apostates of the devil, and I wish the Army of Northern Virginia were forming again on this day, so I could find a proper Christian expression for my grief.

          The ultimate battle in the sky is won, I know, Father, and in my and your heart, BUT, it is being lost on the ground.

          Still, I thank you for your holiness and in your charity for having extended that, and the good news of it to me.

    • Father, I have thought carefully about you thoughtful analysis here, and I have this to say.

      Mr. Trump is a Jew – in the body of a WASP.

      He fulfills every criteria of a ‘Mensch’, as they would say.

      In this way, it may be, as you seem to suggest, that, if he assumes The White house, he will be a homeopathick remedy for humanely ameliorating the unsavoury effects of modern day Jewish Bolshevism on this culture, and with that, improve the circumstances of all those around.

  13. And, as Cambria has noted this past week, Trump is up against more than just ‘liberals v. conservatives.’ This is a RAHOWA, with all that that implies.

    “Hamlet’s father enjoins him to “Remember me.” And Hamlet replies, “Remember thee! Ay, thou poor ghost, while memory holds a seat, In this distracted globe.” We must first remember what we were and then love what we were as a people. Once that memory and that love are combined, we will have the will to fight for our people against all the forces of hell. And it is all the forces of hell that the Europeans are facing. It might well be that our Lord is about to come in glory to put an end to Satan’s reign here on earth. But we know neither the day nor the hour of that battle, so we must keep fighting till our Lord returns. And even then does He want us to stop fighting? I doubt it; I think He’ll want us to go with Him into battle against Satan and his minions.”

    The Cucks are OUR ENEMIES. THEY NEVER WERE ‘OF US.’ NEVER. [cf. I John 2:19]

    • ‘And it is all the forces of hell that the Europeans are facing’

      Father, it seems to me that ‘the hell’ that the Europeans are facing is their own degeneracy, atheism, and ennui – much the same issue afflicting this country, though, not quite yet to the same extent.

      The architecture of Western Europe is still there to see, Father, but, the living breathing heart is gone.

      • Well, what is hell but the attempt to seek to do other than the WIll of God? Don’t be so pessimistic. The World is changing even as we speak, and the godless are running like chicks before the Eagle – the image of St. John, btw.

        • Father,

          I stand with you in seeking out the will of Oure Lord.

          I am full of hope and joy for other humans, though, this is a very dark time for humanity.

          The devil has got us by the throat, and his minions are many – coming at our civilization from every race, creed, class, & location.

          I know my vision is not 20/20 on events, Father, but, from my neck of the woods, this century is threatening to become catastrophick on a par with the previous, and I don’t want it for anybody.

          ?????? ?????? ??????

    • Father John the overwhelming majority of the Christians I know refuse to get involved because they think Christ is going to Rapture them out of here. The belief is endemic in the Southern Baptist ranks. Talk politics to this lot and sooner or later they use the Rapture as a device not to get involved. I believe Christ said occupy till I come, not do nothing and wait deliverance.

    • Yes there is. As odious and monstrous as the Leftards are – they are honest about their evil goals, and they get things done. It’s all about implementing Communist slavery, and genociding Whites – but they’ve been very successful.

  14. Mark Levin is a jew. I don’t need any other reason to want this ass out of America.

    Furthermore, it is my opinion that Tel Aviv must be destroyed.

  15. “Conservatives” deplore where we are but applaud every step that brought us here. Anyone who threatens to take back any of those steps they’ll oppose. It’s reminiscent of the Buckley crowd’s opposition to George Wallace in ’68.
    The names and faces have changed but not the mentality.


    Sources tell me the National Review board of directors are going to be replacing Rich Lowry with Richard Spencer.

    Spencer would make National Review great again!

  17. The latest, reported by Fox political news: “RNC cuts debate ties with conservative magazine over anti-Trump issue”

  18. It’s featured on the front of Drudge. NR has finally found a way to be newsworthy. What clowns. Just look at the authors. Glenn Beck? He has described himself as a “Rodeo Clown”. William Buckley has many sins to seek repentance for, especially in his later years when his alcohol soaked lifestyle took a real toll on him. Jonah Goldberg’s editorship is certainly among the worst of his sins. But even on the worst day of his time at the helm of NR it’s impossible to imagine him giving editorial space to an idiot like Glenn Beck.

    When did Mark Halperin become a conservative we should be listening to for guidance. Last I remember he was head of ABC News Political Unit and was instructing the team that John Kerry’s lies were not as bad as George Bush’s and should not be reported on. He’s a very thinly disguised Democrat operative, as his father was.

  19. National Review dismissed its finest; Mark Steyn, John Derbyshire and Joe Sobran. Only open borders, Israel-first Neocons remain as it continues its march to irrelevance.

  20. The Rockefeller Republicans and the neo-con Trotsky wing from the Soviet Union have totally robbed Whites of any representation in this fake government of whores who take bribes and kick back contracts to their pimp donor class. Those boobs like Beck are always trying to keep Whites from destroying the system by making false Christian Cuckold appeals to “help” everyone but White people. This shit is OVER now. That little jew Levin has finally blown his yid lid. What is agrarian about Trump? He’s a builder and real estate tycoon. That little shill has been dreaming too long about his Neo-Feudal Plantation and his 2800 brown slaves, methinks.

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