Roundup: Neocohens Ponder The End of Their World

Editor’s Note: Here’s a roundup of neocohen tears. All of these pundits are either confirmed Jews or known to have Jewish ancestry. Enjoy!

Noah Rothman:

“It is a testament to the combination of spinelessness on the part of party elders, complicity from the conservative media complex, and excessive cleverness by Republican presidential campaigns that we are today assigning fault for Donald Trump’s rise even before the first votes are cast. The pervasive waft of resignation pollutes the air around the hollowed out carcass that we occasionally refer to as the Republican “establishment,” for want of a more descriptive term. Rather than resist the hijacking of conservatism with any unity or conviction, Republicans are busily casting about for someone to blame. There is plenty of responsibility go around, but it is not Republicans’ alone. …”

Jonathan S. Tobin:

“Since the rise of Trump was so unexpected, it’s unfair to blame conservative thought leaders for failing to write about this problem prior to the start of the election campaign. Nevertheless, the last days before the Iowa caucus is way too late to start a meaningful conversation about the danger of a non-ideological, non-conservative populist seizing control of the Republican Party. …

A Trump victory will, as NR right states, mark the capture of the GOP by a non-conservative candidate whose positions and beliefs are so far removed from the sort constitutional conservatism that springs from the beliefs of Buckley, Barry Goldwater, and Ronald Reagan, as to represent a turning point in American political history…”

Aaron Goldstein:

“Trump represents not only an existential threat to the Republican Party and conservatism, but to the Constitution and our Republic. If that is insufficient grounds to warrant National Review from taking a stand then what is? …”

David Harsayni:

“The ugly reality of the right-wing electorate might be that a majority (this includes the Trumpkins, rent-seeking donor class, those who rarely pay attention, etc.) doesn’t give one whit about Buckley-ite conservatism anymore. The other day, Rush Limbaugh pondered whether “nationalism and populism have overtaken conservatism in terms of appeal.” Maybe. But if it has, America is going to need another party. Maybe two. …”

Bill Kristol:

“Vulgarian and climber, braggart and charlatan, he tends to be portrayed as pretty harmless in the big scheme of things, someone who does limited damage to the republic as a whole—though of course he can impoverish individuals and damage communities that get in his way. …”

Mort Kondracke:

“The way things are going in the presidential race, I’m going to write in Paul D. Ryan. …

Trump is nativist, xenophobic, misogynist, undignified, insulting and profane. Admittedly, he’s giving voice to the anger of working-class white voters who feel they are losing out in the modern economy and think establishment politicians have done nothing for them.

But his solutions — to the extent he has any beyond “I’m a billionaire. Trust me.” — are to expel 11 million illegal immigrants, renounce trade agreements our allies expect us to live up to and enact a tax plan that will widen income inequality and balloon the national debt …

Ryan is a statement. He means to pass a policy agenda, to make the GOP “not the opposition party, but the proposition party.” Admittedly, the agenda exists only in outline, but it’s pretty clear it would involve tax reform, free trade and deregulation; replacing Obamacare with a market-based health plan, and waging a conservative war on poverty.

Like Jack Kemp, Ryan is a genuine compassionate conservative. He didn’t have to denounce Trump’s Muslim-exclusion plan, but he did. He wants poverty programs to be, as Kemp used to say, “a trampoline, not a trap.” He says that immigration reform is a growth strategy. He’s already proved he can pass a bipartisan budget, a highway bill and education reform.

I wish Ryan had run this year. If enough of us write him in, maybe he will next time.”

David Brooks:

“Instead of shoring up these institutions, many voters are inclined to make everything worse. Plagued by the anxiety of impotence many voters are drawn to leaders who pretend that our problems could be solved by defeating some villain. Donald Trump says stupid elites are the problem. Ted Cruz says it’s the Washington cartel. Bernie Sanders says it’s Wall Street.

The fact is, for all the problems we may have with Wall Street or Washington, our biggest problems are systemic — the disruptions caused by technological progress and globalization, mass migration, family breakdown and so on. There’s no all-controlling Wizard of Oz to slay. …”

Jennifer Rubin:

“Whether sincerely or simply in an effort to cater to the lowest common denominator in the GOP, too many of its presidential candidates, most especially Donald Trump and Sens. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) and Ted Cruz (R-Ky.), share in the moral indifference and strategic delusion that other countries can work it out, that regional players (whether in regard to Ukraine or to Syria) have more at stake than the United States (which is the guarantor of the nation state system and security for the Free World) and that there is an antiseptic, easy solution (no ground troops, no military investment) to what ails us. These anti-internationalists also mistake words for action, as if bellicosity and meaningless phrases (“carpet bomb,”neocon,” “America First,” etc.) take the place of a coherent policy and reasoned arguments. There are several defenses made by respected conservatives for this sort of foreign policy that require a response. …

Third, if the Trump phenomenon has taught Republicans anything, it is that bad ideas (xenophobia, protectionism) and habits (vulgarity, appeals to fear, non-fact-based arguments) that are not confronted become normalized and rooted in the body politic. Conservatives have always railed against a post-modernist mind-set that treats facts as ephemeral and history as a flexible record to be manipulated for desired ends. They therefore should stand firmly against blatant misrepresentations (e.g., Moammar Gaddafi was our friend, dictators were islands of stability, the United States “created” al-Qaeda, the National Security Agency program entails listening in on Americans’ phone calls), not slough them off as mere campaign piffle.”

Ben Shapiro:

“Trump wouldn’t make America great again – he’d make Trump great again, and by his lights, America would follow. So long as Trump temporarily attacks the right enemies, enough conservatives might follow him. But that doesn’t make him trustworthy. …”

Yuval Levin:

“A shortage of such skepticism is how we ended up with the problems Trump so bluntly laments. Repeating that mistake is no way to solve these problems. To address them, we need to begin by rejecting what Trump stands for, as much as what he stands against. …”

Jonah Goldberg:

“I’m open to the complaint that our self-interest has driven us to become too invested in an ideology that too few voters subscribe to. But if that’s the case, the remedy isn’t to abandon all principle and just join the mob. I’d rather go down with my ship, thank you very much.”

Michael Rubin:

“Donald Trump continues to upend traditional politics. Few if any pollsters or professional political analysts could have predicted that a man repeatedly caught lying outright, disparaging women, making menstruation jokes that even sixth graders in a locker room wouldn’t find funny, making racist remarks about Mexicans, casting doubt on his competitor’s citizenship, or committing any number of other outrages, would now be leading the field of a major political party. …”

Mona Charen:

“When a con man swindles you, you can sue—as many embittered former Trump associates who thought themselves ill used have done. When you elect a con man, there’s no recourse.”

Mark Helprin:

“And forget trying to determine whether he’s a conservative. Given that, at the suggestion of Bill Clinton, he has like a tapeworm invaded the schismatically weakened body of the Republican party, it’s a pointless question, because, like Allah in Islamic theology, he is whatever he pleases to be at the moment, the only principle being the triumph of his will.”

Michael Medved:

“Trump’s defenders insist that his flashy, shameless, non-conservative style will help win support for his views, which are, they say, substantively conservative. But where, exactly, do we find the conservative substance? His much-heralded hard line on immigration discards pragmatic reform policies favored by the two most popular conservatives of the last half century, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. Building a yuuuuge wall along the southern border hardly qualifies as a “cautiously moderate” approach, nor would uprooting 11 million current residents (and, presumably, millions more of their American-citizen children and spouses) in the greatest forced migration in human history.”

Michael Mukasey:

“Moreover, Trump’s proposal would assure the enmity of all Muslims, including those whose support we need if we are to prevail. …”

John Podhoretz:

“In any integrated personality, the id is supposed to be balanced by an ego and a superego—by a sense of self that gravitates toward behaving in a mature and responsible way when it comes to serious matters, and, failing that, has a sense of shame about transgressing norms and common decencies. Trump is an unbalanced force. He is the politicized American id. Should his election results match his polls, he would be, unquestionably, the worst thing to happen to the American common culture in my lifetime.”

Michael Gerson:

“We are already seeing the disturbing normalization of policies and arguments that recently seemed unacceptable, even unsayable. Trump proposes the forced expulsion of 11 million people, or a ban on Muslim immigration, and there are a few days of outrage from responsible Republican leaders. But the proposals still lie on the table, eventually seeming regular and acceptable.

But they are not acceptable. They are not normal. They are extreme, and obscene and immoral. The Republican nominee — for the sake of his party and his conscience — must draw these boundaries clearly.”

Mark Levin:

“If [Trump] becomes the nominee, a lot of people who otherwise would unite under that tent may not, because when you run a campaign of personal attacks, an Alinskyite campaign, wittingly or unwittingly, you turn people off …”

The tribe has spoken: Donald Trump, you are not good for the Jews!

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  1. How much need is there for a rump political party that espouses Trotskyite solutions that benefit a small oligarchy, aren’t the Democratic crooks enough?

      • They seem to be trying to shut down the message of Jewish domination in politics, by running even more Jew candidates.

        I’m expecting a really embarrassing public meltdown of Jewish pundits as we get closer to election time. Trump knows how to push all their buttons, and their spatial IQ is horribly lacking.

        • Trump has beaten them at their own game, in real estate markets. He knows how to handle them. They’ve grown soft, after centuries of dealing with defenseless, accommodating White Eloi.

          • Could be, but look at their history over the past 2000 years. Boom, bust, boom, bust, 109 times and counting.

            They always make a killing but get run out of town in the end. Hard to see this one going any different, and Trump seems to have their number.

            I like to think Putin does too but honestly both men are really tough reads.

        • What the fck do you think Trump is? He is also a Jewish candidate!!!!!!!!! What part don’t you get? He said he fully supports the kikes in Israel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • That’s good news – for as yucky as a candidacy by him would be, it would hurt the Democrat candidate much more than Republican.

        Sir, have you given any thought to this? : that both parties, being unable to sabotage Sanders or Trump, or setting about composing 3rd party challenges to their own candidates?

      • This is the third election where he has floated the idea. If Trump and Sanders actually become the major party nominees then I think that this time he will actually do it. He has until early March to start getting on all 50 ballots and by that time we may very well know how many votes Trump & Sanders can actually muster.

    • The neocohens have won elections by dog whistling – not through their “principles.” Who are they going to whistle to in another party if the “rubes and yokels” are following Trump?

  2. ‘Since the rise of Trump was so unexpected’

    Only unexpected to those who fail to represent their constituents’ interests year in and year out. I’ve known a Trump-like figure could motivate a ‘disenfranchised’ base for years.

    • That was my first reaction too – I’ve been an Amren reader for 20 years and VDare almost as long.
      But then I realised that the sheer hubris of the Jewish establishment really has put them far out of touch. They are literally following in the path of the French monarchy in the 1780’s – the rulers who can’t be bothered to know those they rule.
      This is a good thing. They are far riper for a fall than they know.

  3. The Neocohens are fine ones to talk about high jacking, LOL. That’s exactly what they did to Republican party years ago.
    The tables are turning. What does it mean? Oy Vey, anoddah Shoah!

  4. National Review succumbed to group think. The endless purges of paleo or alt-right dissent ended any self-directed criticism that is vital for any organization.

  5. The cucks have been purging dissenting voices for a long time. Anyone remember: Sam Francis, Larry Auster, Jason Richwine, or John Derbyshire? Recently they even purged Mark Steyn. So all the neocon cucks had was an echo chamber, and now they’re paying for it. I’m drinking Jew tears and loving it.

  6. One point about the folly of the trew conservatives throwing everything and the kitchen zinc at Trump that they don’t get — It’s going to be a public relations disaster for them. You see, all these trew conservatives are doing everything they can to make sure we know that Trump is not a trew conservative. Okay, fine, well, good. But what if this not-a-trew-conservative winds up winning the Presidency? All that will do is send a message to people that trew conservatism is the opposite of winning, and as Jack Ryan will tell us, the opposite of winning is losing. IOW, the trewcons will implicitly and forever be confessing that their way of thinking is a political loser. Believe me, if you truly believe in something, you never want people to associate it with not winning slash losing. If these trewcons had brains, they’d try to find some way to associate Trump with trew conservatism.

    Likewise, when Dave Brat shocked the world knocking off Eric Cantor in 2014, a lot of libertarians were running around the internet bitching that Brat wasn’t really a libertarian. Same thing: Libertarianism on one side, winning once-in-a-century political upsets on the other side.

      • John Podhoretz Retweeted Hunter Wallace

        This is the fellow who likes to refer to people as “neo-Cohens.”

        John Podhoretz added,

        Hunter Wallace @occdissent

        @jpodhoretz Anyone remember the days JPod was labeling “Iraq a new kind of threat to America and the world”?

        Notice how jpod evades the subject. Bye the way, people are not referred to as ‘neo- Cohens’ only jews are. Ha!

  7. Many more cohenservatives could be added to the list. How do they manage to finagle their way into every organization and redirect original intents/purposes exclusively into what is good for jews?

  8. I do not believe Trump is a vengeful person, but he is not a punching bag either. The Jews never know when to quit and judging by their current conduct I do not foresee a compromise or acceptance. The Jews are going to force Trump to fight back.

    • Judging by his campaign appearances and strategem, Mr. Trump does seem to be, not just a ‘fighter’, but, a tit-for-tat person – his behavior in debates particularly demonstrating that.

      I use the expression, ‘tit-for-tat, because, though it is the same principle as ‘vengeful’, it does not have the damningly denigrating judgemental quality to it that tagging someone with ‘vengeful’ seems to imply.

      Mr. Trump is very contentious & combative, which, in my view, is a good quality in a leader, particularly in a time like this.

        • Dear Fee-fi-fo-fum,
          It depends on the man uttering them. Sometimes the words are uttered with no intent, whatsoever, to fulfill them. Other times, the words are uttered with sincere belief, but, without the skill and resolve to see them through. Still other times, the words are uttered, this time with some skill, but, something happens, and they are compromised by a desire to trade them for some other gain or goal. Then there are those people who utter the words upon whom you know it reflects what they think.
          Bernie Sanders or Jesse Helms are examples of people, left or right, who say what they mean and mean what they say.
          In life, particularly the political realm, these people are rare; people whose machinations are sincerely integrated into a principled life.
          Voting is hard, a long shot, really, because we are askt to evaluate the level of a person’s intellectual and spiritual integration, from a distance.
          Do you see it differently?

        • With regards to Mr. Trump, I have been taught to appreciate the unique possibilities of his candidacy by Mr. Griffin’s shrew and thoughtful eye.

          Still, because I know the Manhattanite, quite well, I am wary. (pragmatism over principle is their religion)

          This wariness is reinforcet by the factb that Mr. Trump is now campaigning as an insider – someone who like Reid, Schumer, and McConnell, and who will ‘know how to make deals with them’.

          That is extremely inconsistent – the polar opposite of the way he framed his campaign for the first 8 months.

          Smoke & mirrors. He has no political record (we don’t know his behavior in active governance)

          His interviews show him to be autocratick and a modern centrist.

          He is NOT a racist, like we are, here.

          He may not build that wall – but, if he does, he has promiset to continue the massive immigration.

          He has promiset to halt Moslem immigration for a while.

          Will that ‘while’ turn out to be a brief interlude, once he is confronted with Prince Faisal and Angela Merkel?

          We don’t know.

          On the other hand – he has done the country a great service by shifting the dialogue and the tone of it.
          He is a genius businessman, and we certainly need some of that, if for no other reason than to renegotiate our debt.

          What do you think about my observations?

          • Come on, be honest, you hate Trump because he represents the interests of whites and you hate whites with all your heart. You think we don’t know who you are, white hater??

          • Are you denying you hate white Christians?? How could you be a white person who has been persecuted and ignored by the political establishment since the 60s and be against a person who is explicitly representing your interests?? Please Jew stop masturbating in public. It and you are disgusting to us.

  9. Wow.

    haven’t heard anything like this since the mobs of corrupted Jews shouted the Romans….

    “Crucify Jesus! We have no King except Caesar”

    (like these corrupt leaders and Jewish mobs were supposedly loyal Roman citizens loyal to Caesar.)

  10. NO!! No, no no no no no no no no…. trump is a yankee and that just won’t do… no no no no no…..

    • don’t you have a witch you need to burn at a stake in Salem?

      I hear Hillary landed with her broomstick somewhere up there in yankee land.

  11. These are quotes of varying relevance and quality. The Jennifer Rubin one is very relevant, because as usual, she’s advocating for US imperialism and attacking Trump for being more isolationist.
    But a lot of these quotes don’t seem specifically indicative of Jewish based identity politics.

    • it’s all about how “conservative” one is re: conserving Israel. Nothing else. Trump’s family is intermarried with Jews, Trump respects the Jews, but – unlike, say, Cruz, Rubio et al. – they don’t OWN him. And Jews fear what they do not own

      • That’s my nightmare. Trump says, “I’ve got ten billion dollars; I can’t be bought”. But we have no guarantee that he hasn’t already been bought, and the ten billion dollars was the price.

    • Mr. Basarab – it’s not Mr. Griffin’s contention that what he has presented is because of overt ‘Jewish identity politicks’ – but, of the complete opposite – that it is some mysterious blood-environmental development thang that, unwittingly or not, enlists the vast majority of contemporary American Jews into opposing anything which seems to represent non-Jewish white interests.

      Or, at least, that is what I got out of it – BUT, if you are not a regular visitor here, then you wouldn’t realize that this is one of a continuing group of themes – i.e. : everythang and everyone who are adversely impacting The South

  12. What is extreme, obscene, and immoral are Jewish neocons hijacking the GOP and making it into a Zionist party expending American blood and treasure for a foreign entity – while simultaneously destroying Europeans via Third World immigration, open borders, cultural decay. The Jew World Order is Collapsing.

  13. Imagine these “people” when they’re sandwiched between President Putin and President Trump. Maybe this is why they’ve so ramped up concern for “refugees” in Europe? Oy vey, da sufferink! Let us in.

  14. At least 7 of the 22 anti-Trump polemicists are Jewish. Is David Boaz jewish? It seems likely, but I can’t find any clear evidence. His bio info is suspiciously free of references to ancestry and religion.

    I’m not one of these meme guys, but this is the kind of thing that should be pointed out in simple graphic form by someone. Let’s start keeping score of what the make up of the Trump haters is when they come together. This could be a valuable line of attack.

    Here’s a prediction — As Trump rolls on, more and more gentile GOPe and corporate types will say “ef it, we can work with this guy.” The hardcore neocons will hold out and become more unhinged. We are likely to see a steady shift towards Jews coalescing around an anti-Trump platform, maybe even supporting a third candidate or Hillary.

    Gentile conservative pundits will be torn between pressure from Jews to maintain a united anti-Trump front and maintaining their last shreds of dignity and reputation as even GOPe apparatchik scum jump on the Trump bandwagon.

    The more gentiles follow Trump, the more the Jews standing to the side jeering become conspicuous. People will notice, it will become an issue. And a tremendous opportunity for us. Let’s start thinking about how we can work to inject important information into the media discourse as these events play out.

    • It is.

      “The last one to go, will see the first three go before her.”- the “Wicked Witch of the West,” speaking as if Donald Trump, in the WoO.

      1) Moslems
      2) Mexicans
      3) Blacks
      4) J……

      • Father – with all due respect – if you think Mr. Trump has any intention of throwing out any legal ethnick group, you are projecting – NOT perceiving.

        Mr. Trump is not more popular, than any other candidate, with all groups without reason – it’s because they feel he has no particular malice towards anyone – that the only way to incur his malice is to strike out at him or those whom he regards as his own.

        Indeed, Father, Mr. Trump is nurturing a hatred – a hatred for bad governance and incompetence – NOT birth characteristicks.

        That makes him a Manhattanite – NOT anti – … ite.

        • We are engaged in a sea change of public opinion at so many levels, Mr. Leskov at present, that it doesn’t hurt to move the Overton Window by rhetoric alone. The growing awareness of the “J-faction” is astounding to one who used to have to listen to Fallwell, Robertson, and Swaggart 24/7 on ‘Christian TV’ in the 1980’s. This is our time. Take the ball and run with it. Deus Vult.

          • Thank you for your thoughtful reply, Father. I hope it is our time. This country is adrift in a sea of darkness, and, I hope, some light is on the way.

  15. Thanks Hunter for presenting this “best of” the worst of NR. But there were others right – cuckservatives like George Will and petrified old farts like Cal Thomas. Does anyone have a complete list?

  16. Sir, just curious : might it be that all these neo-cohens are Yankees ? … in addition to being members of the tribe?

    As to Mark Levin, he is definitely not anti-Trump. In fact, just like week I heard him speak rather warmly about Trump.

    Further, there is Mark Steyn and, someone you will quote, now and then – Michael Savage.

    Why do I say this?

    Because, the overwhelming bulk of the national media hates Trump, and few of them ever ate a knish – but, yes – people with my blood are running away with the MVP for most ludicrous and asinine.

  17. Christ was not good enough for the Jews, no one and nothing is good enough for them, history has taught us this.

  18. Gregory Hood nails it.

    –snip– There’s almost nothing uniting even the elected group of contributors to #AgainstTrump but their devotion to slogans. All conservatism requires today is certain invocations and rhetorical prostrations before key phrases such as “limited government” and “the Constitution.” But these words are empty. And they certainly have no connection to advancing an agenda that can actually make life better for the GOP’s supporters.

    What we are left with is simply a scam, a movement generating an endless series of complicated explanations about why White people are not allowed to pursue, attain, and exercise power to defend their collective interests. –snip–

  19. His kids are both married to JEWS. Ivanka is married to Jared Kushner. Trump is in love with Netanyahu and Israel. Kushner supports Rubert Murdoch. Rubert Murdoch and Dick Cheney and Rothchild are all with Netanyahu and trying to steal the oil in Syria’s Golan Heights for Genie Energy. People are damn fools to support Trump on the belief he won’t be a Neocon. He might be worse. Jews like Jennifer Rubin are lying and pretending not to like him so you idiots vote for the Jew loving Trump. You all better get smarter and start to think like the Jews if you are going to beat them and get your country back.

    • Justin, you are SO late to this train. We all KNOW this. He was born and lived in JEW YORK CITY. What his EX did, doesn’t matter. What his GROWN kids choose to do, is THEIR OWN AFFAIR.

      Trump is like Constantine of old. He’s far bigger than this small, petty, shallow talmudic nitpicking about who is and who isn’t friends with the Jews.

      His comment to the Jewish Republican Caucus, “I don’t NEED your money” is about the BRAVEST, MOST WHITE/ANGLO thing ANYONE has done, since Nixon and Graham talked abou the Jews (but did nothing) or Kennedy.

      Grown up, and see the forest for the trees.

  20. Here’s another idol that needs to be smashed. Someone sent this to me today.

    I guess 2nd Vote is an online rating system that shows where corporations are on a liberal-conservative scale. FWIW. [I’m signing the petition.]


    Last summer, the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) exposed Planned Parenthood in a series of videos seeming to show employees of the abortion giant negotiating the illegal sale of body parts for profit. The videos helped 2nd Vote bring attention to Planned Parenthood’s corporate supporters and became the catalyst for four major corporations (Coca-Cola, Ford, Xerox, and AT&T) publicly cutting ties.

    However, a Harris County, Texas grand jury has declined to hold Planned Parenthood accountable for these illegal practices and has instead only indicted the creators of these videos, CMP’s David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. Furthermore, it has been reported by that a prosecutor in the Harris County District Attorney’s office serves on the Board of Directors for Planned Parenthood.

    LifeSiteNews has posted a petition in support of David and CMP and has started a #IStandWithDavid Twitter campaign. Click below to read the petition and learn more about David’s case:

    PETITION: Drop all charges against David Daleiden, investigate Planned Parenthood

    etc. etc.,
    Thank you again for your support,

  21. Trump’s comments on immigration (the forced open boarders Balkanization of the US) as well as his “US first” opposition of unfair trade deals and the gutting of American industry has resonated with the masses. Despite their ignorance of the hidden hands of Zionist Supremacists and their partners in crime, there is only so much of this “multiculturalist” ‘liberal’ pie they can manage to wretch down without realizing that something doesn’t taste right.
    The ignorance and complacency of the masses can only serve the globalist elitists to a degree. Those who are demanding the WASP sector of society to commit suicide in the name of political correctness should hardly be surprised if they become suspicious at some time during the process.

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