Trump Retains South Carolina Lead In Post-Debate Polls

Ever since the Republican debate on Saturday, the conventional wisdom has been that Trump damaged himself in South Carolina with his full-throated attack on George W. Bush over the Iraq War. The two South Carolina polls taken since the debate show otherwise:

PPP – Trump 35, Cruz 18, Rubio 18, Kasich 10, Carson 7, Bush 7

SC House GOP – Trump 33, Cruz 14, Rubio 14, Bush 13, Kasich 10, Carson 6, Undecided 10

The polls taken since Trump’s victory in New Hampshire, but before the Republican debate show that nothing has changed:

ARG – Trump 35, Kasich 15, Rubio 14, Cruz 12, Bush 10, Carson 2

Gravis – Trump 37, Cruz 23, Rubio 19, Bush 9, Kasich 6, Carson 6

CBS/YouGov – Trump 42, Cruz 20, Rubio 15, Kasich 9, Bush 6, Carson 6

Augusta Chronicle/Opinion Savvy – Trump 36, Cruz 20, Rubio 15, Bush 11, Kasich 9, Carson 6

If the polls are accurate like they were in New Hampshire, Trump is headed for a landslide victory on Saturday in South Carolina. If the polls are off like they were in Iowa, it is still hard to see Trump losing with an overwhelming 18.5 point lead.

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  1. Trump is setting up for the general to take massive numbers of White Democrat voters away from Hillary. Going against the Bush family was a brilliant move by Trump. Bush economic policies and endless war were major obstacles in building a coalition with the swing states.

    Sure Trump loses the cucks but he was never getting them anyway – we all know that. It was hilarious to see Kristol, Graham and the rest of the cucks remark that they might have been willing to go along with Trump as the nominee but after the debate they would never support him. We all know that they never had any intention of voting for Trump.

    Also George Will predicted that Trump was finished after the debate. How many failed predictions does that make now?

  2. The GOPe really doesn’t know what to do. Apparently a talking point had been sent out to Conservatism Inc to hammer Trump on sounding like a Democrat on the Iraq War and 9/11. I think they were assured that this would work but it hasn’t.

    • Correct, Jeff Davis. Conservatism Inc doesn’t understand that the rank-and-file GOP are sounding like Trump, not like Hillary and Bernie.

  3. If the polls were off like they were in Iowa?!?! I don’t think the polls were off. I think caucuses are pointless. If Iowa held a primary election, Trump wins by a landslide. Many people are afraid to take a public stand for him, but once the curtain closes on the voting booth, the dynamics change drastically. Iowa means nothing.

      • Correct. Independents are keen on Trump. How many chose Trump in their caucus? In theory, none. Only GOP diehards. How many Dems voted for Trump? None in the caucus, but expect a large number of crossovers in November. How many Independents would chose Rubio/Cruz/Bush in the general election? I predict very few. How many Dems will cross over and vote for Rubio/Cruz/Bush? With rounding, it will be approximately ZERO percent.

        If Trump wins the nomination, he should get ALL the GOP vote, much of the independent vote, and some of the Dem vote. In this equation, Trump = Victory 2016.

        • Recent poll shows Trump beating both Hillary and Sanders. I posted link in most recent article here.

          Cruz would throw away many non-conservative states that Trump could win.

          Trump will not win the neocon warmongering vote. They’ll vote for Hillary. Hillary truly is not a bad candidate from a neocon perspective.

  4. From “This Week with George Stephanopoulos,” this past Sunday (February 14), the day after the debate:

    MATTHEW DOWD: [I]f Donald Trump, after last night, wins South Carolina—and all of the ads [against him]—and he wins that South Carolina, after attacking Lindsey Graham and after he was attacking George W. Bush and actually saying George W. Bush lied about the war, if he wins South Carolina, how does one stop Donald Trump?

    STEPHANOPOULOS: That is an excellent question.

    COKIE ROBERTS: That is…

    STEPHANOPOULOS: Thanks to all of you. We will come back, more…

    ROBERTS: That is really the question.

    STEPHANOPOULOS: It—it certainly is.

    (Transcript and video at )

    • They will stop him by infuriating him enough to make him leave the party and make an independent run.

      That is my suspicion, Mr. Bonaccorsi.

        • Mr. Bonaccorsi – my daddy being a Manhatten Jew of Hungarian stock, he began training me in strategy in my earliest years : first in conversation, then at chess, scrabble, and bridge.

          Everything was ‘a strategy’ for my daddy’s family.

          I’m glad I had my Southron mama to teach me that ‘strategy’ does not belong in all places.

          • Thank you, Mr. Bonaccorsi – but, I prefer the game style of Mikhail Tchigorin, Paul Morphy and other 19th century all out bold sacrificing king-side attackers. I take a dim view of the gradual suffocation strategies of the modern day globalist flanker:)

  5. How do these figures compare with the pre-debate figures?

    I’m just hoping for a victory. It doesn’t have to be landslide. Just enough to hold the fort. Watching the staged boo-fest last from the last debate, I’m concerned that the malleable minds of the electorate are too easily swayed. And Ted Cruz is really using Christ in vain for political purposes. Such a path is a fearful thing to tread. I hope for his sake he repents before death throws him at the feet of the Son of God.

  6. Can someone explain how a total mediocrity and nonentity like Rubio is polling so well? Who in their right mind would vote for him? What is the appeal?

    • Part of the big tent philosophy the cucks have been promoting. They think Rubio will attract millions of Hispanics. Unfortunately for them tens of millions of Mestizos can’t relate to Pool Boy because he is too white for them.

      • Yeah, I get the logic and phenonemon generally. My question was mainly rhetorical. But the fact is that even at that level, I just cannot fathom that almost 20% of GOP people would get behind him.

        • You have to figure anyone with a pulse can vote, and many without one do as well. But almost 20% of the vote doesn’t cover that, so the gay south of the border pool guy image must have appeal to a few voters. I guess.

          Meh, we know there are a lot of Dems voting in the Republican primaries.

      • There’s a huge difference between a white man of Spanish ancestry, and Spanish speaking Injuns. It’s all Hispanic hype, an

        • Glad you used the correct term (Mestizo) and identified the hype.

          Global words like “Hispanic” and “Latino” are relatively new inventions of the Marxists, designed in the 70s in a failed attempt to promote unity in their voting bloc. The reality is that they prefer to identify with where they come from, e.g. Mexicans, Cubans, Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, etc., and they don’t like each other much in reality. Interesting point about the PRs is that many are Mezclado i.e. a three-way mix of Indio/Negro/Blanco.

          For the uninitiated, Spanish colonial caste terms below, by quarter of blood:

          Indio > Cholo > Mestizo > Castizo > Blanco

          Negro > Griffe > Mulatto > Quadroon > Blanco

          Any 3-way or unidentifiable mix = Mezclado or No Te Entiendo

          Indio + Negro = Zambo, too confusing nowadays, use Mezclado

          • “Hispanic” is a culture, not a race, to me. Here in Texas, it’s ingrained in the culture. I grew up with people who had Spanish surnames who looked like they were actually from Spain. Some you’d think are Italian. They don’t like being invaded by Mestizos anymore than the rest of us. How is it that a Spanish speaking injun from Mexico is “Hispanic”, but my former classmate, ” Billy Taylor,” who’s a full blooded Cherokee from Oklahoma, is not an “Anglo?” A major problem for people here in Texas, and the rest of the South, is
            that they let hostile outsiders define
            them and their land.

          • Spent a decade in TX and another in parts of LA that are practically TX, so I’m familiar with Tejano and TexMex.

            Do NOT use “Hispanic” for the culture. It’s an abortion of a term, designed to be global and unite people of primarily mixed race but different CULTURES such as Mexican, Chicano, Cuban, Puerto Rican, etc. These cultures **hate each other**. Either Mexican or a subset like Norteno, or a mixed term like TexMex or Tejano, is better.

            And keep in mind that the race IS different from the citizenship and culture. Always best to use the right terms, and if you’re not sure of all of the three, use the term for the one that you ARE sure of.

            My favorite counterexample for this kind of shit is Carlos Slim. His original last name is Salim. All four grandparents immigrated from Lebanon and were Maronite Catholic, but he was born in Mexico. To call him Latino or Hispanic is just … retarded. He’s a Mexican citizen of Lebanese descent, and possibly Mexican culturally, but I doubt it, his ancestors had money when the migrated and made more before he was born, so he has nothing in common with the folks you see in Texas from south of the River.

    • Pool Boy has turned himself into a neoconservative doctrine spouting robot. There’s always a market, in terms of both money and voters, who eat it up. The low country of South Carolina, being on the coast, and having lots of military bases and concerns, is very dependent on Federal military spending, and the more wars we start, the more the Feds spend on the military. Pool Boy will probably do pretty well in the SC low country.

  7. Lots of interesting information in the PPP poll such as this tidbit

    ‘Trump’s support in South Carolina is built on a base of voters among whom religious and racial intolerance pervades. Among the beliefs of his supporters:

    -70% think the Confederate flag should still be flying over the State Capital, to only 20% who agree with it being taken down. In fact 38% of Trump voters say they wish the South had won the Civil War to only 24% glad the North won and 38% who aren’t sure. Overall just 36% of Republican primary voters in the state are glad the North emerged victorious to 30% for the South, but Trump’s the only one whose supporters actually wish the South had won.’

    • Lol, as if that’s any different to the beliefs of southern supporters of any Republican candidate the last however many years.

    • Dear God, the utter humanity of it all. It’s like watching those films of the Founding Fathers, when Washington or Franklin, Jefferson or Adams stopped merely to speak to a common man, and while nothing special happens, you sense something is different. Something in the situation is suffused with the grace of a REAL LEADER. I’m crying right now, for sheer joy. Look at Trump’s smile- it’s REAL.

      O LORD GOD, bless this man. Amen.

    • It made me well up, I was watching live. It was absolutely beautiful, so genuine, so heartfelt. Both of them-the young vet after him too.

  8. Dan Scavino Retweeted
    John Nolte ?@NolteNC 2h2 hours ago North Carolina, USA

    Trump should make our new border wall look exactly like the Vatican walls — just for the lulz.

  9. Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter
    Rubio’s “improvement” 4 U.S.: Indian & Af-Am endorse a Cuban! Replace ALL whites w/ immigts & it’ll be EVEN BETTER!

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter
    The only law enforcement officers Rubio likes are in the Village People.

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