Trump’s Dangerous Populism

In the Northeast and Midwest, Trump is going to go for the jugular on free-trade in the general election and he will have plenty of ammunition to work with:

“In the middle of the political food fight that was the ninth Republican presidential debate, the front-runner suddenly abandoned the petty politics of the moment and delivered a message that mattered less to the scramble for South Carolina primary votes and more to the November fight for the battleground states that ring the Great Lakes.

“This country is dying. And our workers are losing their jobs,” Donald Trump declared. Noting the announcement of plans by the air-conditioner company Carrier to transfer production (and 1,400 union jobs) from Indianapolis to Mexico, the billionaire said, “Carrier is moving. And if you saw the [workers]…. They were crying.” Promising a no-more-tears presidency, Trump said he’d renegotiate “trade pacts that are no good for us and no good for our workers” and tell corporations to keep production in the United States or “we’re going to tax you.” …

… “I don’t think the Democrats are ready for this,” adds Ralph Nader, the consumer activist and former presidential candidate. “Once he gets these wildcats off his back, once he gets the Republican nomination, then Trump becomes the builder again. He’s already said he’s going to be the greatest jobs president in history. He hasn’t pushed that line too hard in the primaries because he doesn’t want to come off as something other than a conservative. But if he’s the nominee, watch out.” …

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  1. White working class – what incentive do they have to vote for Hillary? Look at the past couple of weeks and how the party moved away from Bernie’s more socialist populist message and reverted back into the Black identity pandering program which Bernie was also forced by design to partake in with zero success – it was sickening.

    I do not see any room for Whites in the Democrat party. This is something that Trump can and will exploit with great success that the neocohens and the cucks could never do due to “principles.”

      • All the analysis on how the Republicans have been weakened and torn apart by Trump fails to not that the same thing may be in process amongst the Democrats. They idealistic Stuff White People Like youth element that was behind Obama is now having the ghetto blacks foil their new favorite candidate for a rerun of the crooked Clinton machine. It was one thing when they were all aboard team Obama, but to see their “smart” choice thwarted by ghetto stupids must be angering them deep down.

    • The Democrats are the party of SJWs and their coloured auxiliaries. They hate the White working class.

      Ever notice that every time they soak the rich, the working man ends up drowning?

  2. Populism. Hmm, Sounds dangerously like nativism. Who would be for this? Propositionalists? Racists? You decide.

  3. I have the first suggestions for Trump on his “insider” VP pic:

    Jeff Sessions
    Maybe??? Walter Jones

    Anyone else have suggestions or comments on these two?

      • In modern, fourth wave warfare, Mr Leskov, bullets are almost obsolete. Old fashioned even. You beat the enemy by turning off the lights, heat, gas, food and money. Shooting war might be the result of desperation on the part of the country so affected.

        • Maybe then, according to this logick, Mr. Owen, we are in a ‘5th wave war’ – one where the society is doped up on psychotropicks and pain-killers, while the rest, whenever they are not drunk or stoned on pot, are busy ingesting lies about reality on the tube, or getting ‘idjucated’ on false historical mythologies at ‘university’.

          All the best to you, down in Texas!

          • Thanks. Reality distortion is a big part of it. Information war. It’s not whose army wins, but whose story wins.

          • Mr. Owen, you’re right again. What a weight it must be to be so incredibly brilliant, and have to live with that all the time! My mind is cluttered full of your sagacities!; and this is just another gem!!!

            Yes, Sir, this war is one of information and consciousness.

            We can secede, and the way to do that is by determined non-violence, BUT, to get there, first we must win the ‘info-war’.

  4. The greatest job-building plan ever imagined won’t work unless we close the border against hostile, third-world savages and deport as many of these lively vibrants as possible. It makes no sense to build jobs in a country that is being overwhelmed with nonWhite barbarians. It seems as if Trump is ready to do both things, and I certainly like him. But Immigration is a greater issue than all the rest put together. It is THE existential issue.

    Trump has already done an inestimable service to his country though. He has shown the Leftist, globalist, multiculturalist, racial-Marxist coward and traitors that real Americans (White Americans) are done with their lies and betrayal.

    • I agree that the invasion is the singular issue of Trump’s presidency, but I see it as a catalyst of divorce if/when they start to see hundreds of thousands have been reimported back to Mexico.

      They will be seeking nonstandard, non-electoral solutions, and we should be shaping their reaction even now.

      • I see surly Mexicans up here in Northeast Texas now. In the 70’s and 80’s, you had to go to San Antone and El Paso to see any. They’ve even jumped the Red and are in Oklahoma. The map shows the 4th Congressional District, where I live. That’s how far the Mexican invasion has gotten.

    • After Trump takes over and shows he’s serious about rounding up illegals, many of them will begin to self-deport. That should result in much better job numbers right away, along with a lot of other measurable improvements in areas like crime.


  5. I like Webb and his ScotsIrish, honor culture, pugnacity. I actually like him a lot. But I hope Trump’s war council is seeking the candidate that would ensure victory in this age of social media, etc.

    After all, Trump could just fire the VP and bring someone else in, or give him/her an “assistant” like Webb!

    How about Joe Biden?!

    Might that not result in a historical rout of Clinton?

  6. If Trump wins back the “Reagan Democrats” , lost by Bush I and Bush II, he’s in. If he keeps them for 4-8 years the Dems are on the way to permanent 2nd place, BLM/SJW 3rd world party. GOP could emerge as permanent 1st place White Majority, aka cuckless, party.

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