The Trumpening Is At Hand

The latest CNN/ORC poll out this morning shows the Trump Tide is surging and is about to sweep away the Republican Party as we have known it:

“On the Republican side, the new survey finds Trump’s lead is dominant, and his support tops that of his four remaining opponents combined. The businessman tops his nearest competitor by more than 30 points: 49% back Trump, 16% Marco Rubio, 15% Ted Cruz, 10% Ben Carson and 6% John Kasich. …”

Just a few days ago, the narrative on Cuck Twitter was that Trump couldn’t lock up more than a third of Republican voters and that the other two-thirds supporting the other candidates were the “good ones” who were #NeverTrump.

It has been a momentous weekend with Jean-Marie Le Pen and Jeff Sessions endorsing Trump. I didn’t get the chance to weigh in yesterday on Trump’s “disavowal” of David Duke and refusal to cuck and condemn “white supremacists.” The hysterical virtue signaling that erupted on Cuck Twitter over Trump’s racism had me in tears:

“Political consulting and morality go together about as well as that famous fish and bicycle. Lawyers have constructed a neat paradigm obligating them to handle any and all clients, a very convenient way to maintain pretext of high road while taking any road possible. So it is with political consultants. For years when asked my positions on issues, my standard response has been, “I don’t have positions, I have clients.”

Along the way I’ve been accused of not believing in anything but winning, which I always took as a compliment. The only reason I or any political consultant should be hired is to help a client win. We’re not there to remind a candidate of his deeply held positions or to solve the problems of the world. We are there for one purpose: to do everything possible to win an election. We’re the hammer, votes are the nail. …”

I’m sitting here driving and my notifications are blowing up with new tweets about how Cruz and Rubio are getting in on the act:

Yeah, that’s exactly what Republican primary voters on the eve of Super Tuesday want to hear: racism lectures from preening cuckservative school marms! I stop at a gas station on I-65 and two men at the counter in front of me are talking about Trump and how they could never vote for the Cuban or the Canadian.

When I get into Madison for the Trump rally, at least three hours before the events starts, the line around the stadium that snakes around like the parking lot like a paperclip is enormous. At this point, it is over a mile long:

I was there in the crowd in Madison and saw Jeff Sessions come on stage and endorse Trump. A first fight broke out below us when a protester tried to disrupt the rally. There were a handful of protesters who we laughed at on the buses on the way into the rally. Otherwise, the rally was pretty much like the ones I have seen on television.

From riding on the bus, talking to people, watching those who showed up, it is clear to me that Trump isn’t appealing to any specific White sub-demographic. These are not downtrodden, elderly, highly religious, blue collar voters. I saw tons of teenagers and college kids, lots of college-educated, white collar supporters, a much more secular looking crowd. It is clear that all kinds of people are attracted to Trump’s message and we have seen this in the exit polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

James Edwards and The Political Cesspool broadcasted live from the Trump rally in Millington, TN:


Look, he even got a selfie with Katy Tur! Will she “disavow” it?

Note: The Trump Train runs into Valdosta, GA tonight and Columbus, OH and Louisville, KY tomorrow.

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  1. If I was a white “supremacist” I might be put off by a disavowal. Fortunately, I’m just a lowly seperatist! Everyone forgets about us!

  2. You got it 100% right, when you noticed that the 4th Estate is playing right into Trump’s hands in the days before the SEC Primary. They don’t even see it. So much for the vaunted Jew genius.

    The Roman Catholic types follow blindly behind the Jews, and the Protestant Trump makes fools of them all.

    Btw, David Duke did not endorse Trump. A bonny, bonny non-endorsement as Andrew Carnegie would say…

  3. They are beating the “White ssooooooooopremacis” line pretty hard, frankly its some easy rhetoric to swat away, the people who use that line are dirt bag nutters.

  4. Interesting remarks here, re the David Duke thing… (“Carol Swain: David Duke Endorsement of Trump ‘Non-Issue,’ ‘People Have Said Enough with Political Correctness'”)

    This Carol Swain is an interesting character, who’s probably been mentioned here, at Occidental Dissent, before. She’s a Vanderbilt professor, who, as far as I can determine, from the one or two things I’ve read about her, seems to think the old, pre-immigration America was a better deal for blacks. In the one photograph I’ve seen of her, in her adulthood, posed at her childhood home, the structure appeared to be a shack—unpainted. If you’d driven past it, in the 1950s, and seen her, as a child, standing there, you probably would not have foreseen a big future for her. The “Early Life” section of her Wikipedia entry is at

  5. Pedophile protector Ben Sasse has come out against Trump. In the 1990’s Sasse covered up the sexual abuse of underaged male pages while tutoring and proctoring the House Page Program.

  6. Any heterosexual man who would vote against this for First Lady should be charged with a crime against humanity …

  7. Worth mentioning : Jean Marie Le Pen has twitted yesterday, ‘If I was an American, I’d vote for Trump, may God bless him’. As far as I know, Trump hasn’t been much endorsed abroad.

    • He’ll have to “disavow” him next. The one guy who can show them how to stand up to anti-Whites they never consult.

  8. You gotta love how the media spent all weekend yapping over a man who hasn’t been politically relevant since 1991 and the organization he once belonged to whose power peaked in 1924, the man in question just had to butt-show and get some cheap publicity for himself by semi-endorsing Trump.

    Non-troversy, nothing burger. Trump should have totally blown it off.

    • Leftists live in the past. Just like the 19th Century political philosophy they espouse, they themselves are relics who are past due for retirement to the ash bin of History.

  9. Sir, The GOP ain’t going to let Mr. Trump win the nomination. Just saw one of their lawyers, on the tube, explaining the many turns the Republican convention might take. Them folks is readyin’
    the publick fer sum’ hanky panky.

    Gonna be a three headed general election, maybe four, as the Republican party might even finance a 4th candidate – like a Bloomberg, to take away from Miss Hillary.

    • There will be blood. And most of it will be theirs. Anyone here know Karl Rove’s address? That might come in handy next summer.

      • I think, Mr. Samsa, this is going to be the wildest election cycle, since 1912 – Wilson-Taft-Roosevelt. There may even be 4 or 5 candidates for the general election.

        The negative to that is that of which you are already aware, BUT, the upside is this : it holds the possibility of loosening up the fascistick stranglehold both parties have held on the process for too long a time.

        Anyway, Good night to you.

    • Whatever happens, Mrs Clinton will gain the nomination, by hook or crook. Hopefully, by hook or crook, as it will destroy the Democrats if Bernie supporters figure out they actually won and got cheated out of it. Which they will be, if it looks like she’s failing to win legitimately.

      • Well, Mr. Owen, you’ve said this all along, for months now, and I? : I have been only too happy to parrott you to other folks!

        One little note, though – some of my longtime friends who, God forbid, are ‘true progressives’ (Bosheviks) have started to wake up to the notion that the Democrat Party ain’t very ‘democractick’.

        All the best.

      • Yes, Mr. Owen, and let me add this : Mr. Trump will either be denied the GOP nomination, by hook or crook, or they will launch a 3rd, and or 4th, party bid, either overtly or covertly, to sabotage him – the point being that they will sabotage his candidacy.

        And then : as you’ve said all along, Miss Hillary will be president of the Yankee Empire, because she was ‘selected’ long ago.

        Then, just as I have been saying, since last summer – if Miss Hillary is president, this country will slide, precipitously, towards a very uncivil civil war; if for no other reason than people, such as you and I, have run thin of patience with the empire.

        • Did he work in a “Mistah Prodoosah”?

          Nothing like the initials “KKK” to send a Jew into a cold sweat.

          Whatever crimes that group ever committed do not compare with a year’s worth of black criminality in Chicago alone, or with Jew criminality in faux-Israel alone.

  10. It’s up to Trump to disavow the KKK?


    Does Hillary have to disavow the Black Panthers and leftwing Jewish pornographers? I must’ve missed it.

    And Rubio and Cruz are happy to play along with the liberal playbook – cuz they’re “conservative” and “Christian.”

  11. The racial aspect of this recent attack on Trump won’t be successful. I’d guess that most of Trump supporters are race realists to some degree anyhow.

  12. Mitt, who never had a negative word for Obama, Black Panthers or Rev. Wright.

    Mitt Romney ? ?@MittRomney
    A disqualifying & disgusting response by @realDonaldTrump to the KKK. His coddling of repugnant bigotry is not in the character of America.
    12:22 PM – 29 Feb 2016

  13. Erick Erickson @EWErickson
    If Trump supporters are so proud of their guy, why do almost all of them use pseudonyms on Twitter?

    Because repulsive cucks like you try to get them fired from their jobs. Matt Heimbach recent example.

  14. Calling Trump a “racist” or a Fascist is a standard Communist tactic. However, their attacks are lame, and will have no effect on anyone except the usual Leftist dupes and stooges. None of whom will vote for Trump, anyway.

  15. It would be a lot more relevant to 2016 if they asked Bernie and Hillary whether they agree with the Obama Education Dept forcing schools to let “transgender” (i.e. mentally ill males) shower with the girls. That policy is indefensible. So they’ll never be asked.

  16. 14:20 into the vid they make Ron Paul do the same thing so many times he gets upset Ironic? Ron paul ” I disavow ” exact same words and all.

  17. It’s all a part of jewish plan which is 100’s of years old now they can’t stand when White nationalist love someone it doesn’t matter who they are it drives the ZOG mad.

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