The Constitution Cargo Cult

James Kirchick, a Jewish homosexual, who is famous for his role in the Ron Paul newsletters scandal has a new article up about the Alt-Right:

“Identitarianism” is a newfangled euphemism for white supremacy. Coined around the start of the 21st century by the intellectual wing — such as it is — of the French far right, it has since been adopted by white nationalists the world over. Last October, I attended a conference in Washington convened by the identitarian movement’s American division, the National Policy Institute (NPI). It was fitting that the gathering would occur on Halloween, as about 150 ghouls filled the ballroom of the National Press Club. The crowd was almost entirely male, many of them (apparently taking advantage of the under-30 registration discount) young. A conspicuous number sported the Hitler Youth–inspired hairdo known as an “undercut,” short on the sides with a long part on top. …

“Holding a drink and standing by himself was Bill Regnery, a co-founder of NPI and the black sheep of the Regnery publishing clan. A mildly enthusiastic Trump voter, he bemoaned the conservative movement for having “too much involvement with the mechanics of the old America, the Constitution, bromides . . .” Asked to elaborate, Regnery replied that “the Brits have done pretty well without a constitution and maybe this country would do well without a Constitution.”

I was rather surprised by this open disrespect for America’s founding document, especially from someone to the right of Genghis Khan. But it turns out that the Constitution is largely unloved, if not outright disdained, among identitarians, who despise it primarily for extolling the virtues of egalitarianism. Writing on the website of Spencer’s Radix journal, a contributor denigrates the Constitution as a “primitive article of antiquity” that “will not solve the problems we face in the 21st century.” Proposing that “cuckservatives” who speak reverently of the Constitution be denigrated as “paper worshippers,” “vellum supremacists,” and “parchment fetishists,” he argues that the object of their admiration “has ceased to be a vehicle for progress and has instead devolved into a major obstacle to our future.”

It’s ironic that self-identified right-wingers would proclaim the obsolescence of the Constitution as a “vehicle for progress,” since that’s precisely the way many liberals see its role in American society. Spencer, “fresh from a Russian-television” interview, let it rip when I asked what distinguishes him and his movement from the conservatives with whom he used to associate. “I’m more interested in identity . . . than they are in protecting capitalism or adhering to the Constitution or whatever gobbledygook conservatives believe,” he explained. “Conservatives have been damaging to the world” and “are fundamentally boring. I really want something that is more dynamic, about our identity.” Spencer relishes the rise of a new conservative movement because — and it was at this point in his disquisition that he became most visibly excited — he’s “tired of a bunch of boring fatsos talking about how much they love the Constitution,” the word “boring” dripping from his lips with especial scorn. …”

The rest of the article is behind the paywall at National Review. For now, it will cost you .25 cents to read it.

As for the charge of Constitution skepticism on the Alt-Right, I would say we would have to plead guilty as charged. There are many reasons why the Alt-Right is dismissive of the US Constitution. This is scandalous to mainstream conservatives many of whom venerate the Constitution as a “divinely inspired” document like Glenn Beck. It is one of the key reasons that Ted Cruz has been so overwhelmingly rejected in our circles though.

1.) As a hardcore Southern Nationalist, I dislike the Constitution because I believe the Union should have never been created in the first place. Instead, the United States would have been better off evolving as several regionally based nation-states.

2.) As a hardcore Southern Nationalist, I believe that whatever there was that had been good about the Old Republic pretty much ceased to exist around 1865. The voluntary constitutional order that had been created by the Founders was annihilated during the War Between the States and Reconstruction.

Now, with that out of the way:

3.) I don’t have any love for the post-14th Amendment Constitution which created a centralized government and bestowed nearly unlimited power to Washington to intervene in the affairs of the states.

4.) If current demographic trends continue, we are headed back to the Reconstruction era when The Prostrate State: South Carolina Under Negro Government was written.

5.) Congo, Haiti, and South Africa have had many fine constitutions. Ponder what that means for our descendants.

6.) The Constitution means whatever the Supreme Court says it means … and it has ruled that abortion, sodomy, gay marriage, affirmative action, Obamacare and illegal immigration are “constitutional.” How long will it be before we have Canadian-style human rights tribunals after a left-leaning Supreme Court figures out what the First Amendment really means? How long will it be until the Supreme Court figures out what the Second Amendment really means and orders the confiscation of firearms?

7.) Considering the present state of the Western world, there isn’t much that is positive that I can say about the liberal order which is enshrined in the Constitution. Indeed, it is a cause of many of our problems and blocks any solution to them.

Finally, I am going to hit you with an irrefutable argument: watch the entirety of “Mugabe and the White African” and tell me you believe the Constitution will protect your descendants in a minority-majority America because of “American exceptionalism” when you believe it has failed to do so over the past fifty years.

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  1. The Parchment Fetishists are invariably willful, hard-core, categorically deranged Race Deniers. Write them off.

      • If you want to read anything on the Constitution-as-interpreted -by-the-Supreme-Court the most trenchant and accessible commentator is Prof Lino Graglia of U Texas School of Law …he is in his 80s now but his writings from the 80s and 90s are great, eg —, paraphrasing, ” why should the American people allow major issues of public policy to be decided by a committee of unelected lawyers who have no special expertise in any of these matters…”…

      • SCOTUS long ago became an unelected nine-person legislative branch with each jurist enjoying a lifetime appointment.

        • Its an unelected dictatorship. When they declared the Constitution a living document, that meant they were making it up as they go.

  2. I care about having a stable prosperous nation with leadership that I can be proud of – not a document which keeps being “interpreted” and keeps evolving.

    The entire Cruz phenomenon is based around the worship of a piece of paper as George Bush called it. I’m done with it and have been for years. There is nothing Holy about the constitution and there is nothing special about it. Constitutions have been written in many places and all seem to have had about the same effect as Hunter points out above.

    None of the rights “given to us by God” will survive a minority rule anyway so it is pointless to begin with. If these people truly care about the constitution they would be preserving a White majority rule.

    Does anyone actually have any faith that the future supreme court is going to uphold our rights as a people?

    • In a few years, give or take, the Constitution will be “interpreted” to mean that individuals were never meant to own firearms. All this rah rah muh Constitution will look silly in hindsight.

    • The Constitution was written by Whites FOR Whites. The ideas of “rights” and “freedoms” are purely White ideas, totally alien to other races. Even a healthy functioning Constitution will never survive a 3rd world majority population.

  3. James Kirchick doesn’t care about the Constitution either, except insofar as he can use it to manipulate cuckservatives.

    • That’s the damn truth and it shows just how low NR has descended. Kirchick is the bottom of the barrel.

    • Cuckservatives will argue we just need GOP appointed “conservative” SCOTUS judges and all will be well. Been there, done that, NFG.

    • Lincoln pretty much started the death roll. Which reminds me, one Mona Charen, of National Review, has an article up now telling we of the lesser light class why Donald Trump will be bad for the Republican party (cuz you can’t have enough anti-Trump articles at NatRev, even after you’ve already said the same thing now over several hundred times). In the article, she refers to the Republican party as “the party of Lincoln.” Gag! I know that this is not an uncommon formulation, but it sure is annoying.

      • Charen knows her readers and repetition is key. They are like an OSHA approved lawnmower where you have to depress a lever to keep the engine running, otherwise it shuts off. Neocon talkradio operates on the same principle.

    • I respectfully somewhat disagree with this, Sir.

      I think you ascribe too much Southern fecklessness to Constitutional inefficacy, or is it the other way around?

      That said, I do agree with you that the constitution has been tailored more to the Yankee oligarch’s taste, ever so gradually so – as my wife is fond to say : a gradual suffocation

  4. I keep telling my friend who is supporting Cruz, that this is his son in the meme in ten more years if we don’t adopt a new racial consciousness as Whites in America. This is OUR Nation. We built it. Why the fuck are we giving it away?
    Trump 2016

    • We are giving it away because around 65 years ago, a cabal of Jewish Marxists took over every position of influence in our culture in order to train each successive generation of white children to feel more and more ashamed of their culture and to convince them that the civilization we brought to the world is pure evil.

      Now, most whites reflexively reject our natural tribal instinct and actively attack any whites they even suspect might be acting in the interest of the white race.

      • When Reagan got in, he didn’t put our people at the control points. The rest is Cultural Marxists repeating their memes over and over.

      • The Naturalization Act of 1790 says that the country is open to FREE WHITE PERSONS.

        I don’t see a “proposition nation” or race denial. It is totally explicit- the Original Intent is a White country.

    • “Inheritance” was long ago relabeled as “privilege”. Re-substituting the terms in everyday discourse make it apparent why this is happening; another people set upon America’s inheritance and sold it off piece by piece. They will only stop once America’s founding stock has been completely dispossessed of its birthright.

      And the frog finally twitched: The pot had been getting hotter!

  5. Comparing America to Zimbabwe is unrealistic. Different place, different people, different history, different trajectory.

    As for the Constitution, just appreciate it for what it was at the time of it’s framing — a bold expression of self-determination made in the afterglow of free men beating a tyrannical superpower into submission. Accept that fundamental quality — self determination in all things — as the bone marrow of American identy and leave it at that. Otherwise, it’s just a stuffy, out-of-date outline from a bygone time that ain’t ever coming back, and who’s dynamics don’t apply today.

    Appreciate the spirit of it, and hold on tight to that, but don’t intone it like some bullshit religious scripture or canon law.

  6. I think the Constitution was a good document, at least up until 1865, but notice that I didn’t say “Divinely inspired” “perfect” “incorruptible” “infallible” or “complete”.

    I think in a new ethnostate we should have a constitution modeled after the old one, up to Amendment 13.

    Changes I would make:

    1) Limit freedom of religion to Christianity, Deism, Agnosticism, Atheism. (I suppose we could argue about whether Mormons are Christians.) and explicitly ban Islam nationwide. Name Christianity as the official religion of the government.

    2) Include language to explicitly state that it is an ethnostate, and not founded on ideas. This section would also include *minimum* restrictions on immigration where congress could at any time vote to make it more strict.

    3) Include language to explicitly state that we are a patriarchal nation, with only men (at least 3rd generation national) being eligible to serve as judges/justices, state and federal senators and representatives, governors, lieutenant governors, presidents, vice presidents, secretary of state, secretary treasurer, secretary of defense, high ranking military officers, chiefs of police, high ranking highway patrol, sheriffs, mayors.

    4) Constitutionally limit voting to persons who are:

    –male (confirmed by DNA if disputed)

    –at least 30 years old

    –at least 3rd generation national.

    –paying a small poll tax (like max of $20 in today’s dollars) with the tax waived for veterans who honorably completed their terms. (Will have to make sure that military status doesn’t get dumbed down like college degrees and high school diplomas have been.)

    –not on welfare or in prison

    –maybe require passing a standardized competency test to weed out retarded men, very slow men, and old men w advanced dementia.

    5) Set minimum ages for high ranking elected offices, like maybe 40 to be a representative, 50 to be a senator, 60 to be president or vp.

    6) Include language banning congress from voting on their own pay raises or any other material benefit. Make congressional salary raises/reductions subject to popular referendum each election cycle.

    7) Include language to explicitly state that we are not egalitarian, even after controlling for race as it is obvious that neither men nor women are equally intelligent, equally honest, equally hardworking, or equal in any other virtue and that meritocracy (as opposed to egalitarianism) is the only sustainable way to run a country. Perhaps strike out language from original Constitution stating that there will be no titles of nobility.

    8) Possible constitutional ban on income and property taxes.

    Anybody got suggestions for 9 and 10?

    • Give citizens the right to revoke laws they do not agree with. So when our rulers inevitably go full retard like Merkel, the citizenry have the power to stop them.

    • I love how liberals think the Constitutions Right of Freedom of Religion means importing Muslims. What it actually meant is that if George Washington had a crazy uncle who one day started to espouse Mohamediansim, he was free to stand on the street corner and make a fool of himself. No clergy could put the screws on his fingers and make him recant in some inquisition. The memories of the horrible witch trials was just a century past and also in the minds of the founding fathers and they wanted none of that insanity. What it did NOT mean, and no one at the time would even seriously consider, was importing vast numbers of Muslim Arabs who were the main historical ENEMY OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION ITSELF.

    • Written “constitutions” are invitations to hairsplitters. Always doomed to devolve into chaos.

  7. For now the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, so we should use
    it as long as its there. If this was almost any other White country,
    everyone here and especially the Alt-Right would be doing time, because
    no other country has free speech.

    The Constitution can be made
    useful to troll race denying Conservatives who are the greatest enemy
    Whites have. I’ll post a link to a meme in a separate post below. For
    some reason links don’t show up for me here.

      • Thank you so very much, M’am.

        ‘Twas a joyous kind of religious hell – we attending sunrise services, and then the regular, later on.

        The feeling in our country church was spectacular – hard to describe, really; but, ebullient and transcendant all the way to the rafters.

        Afterwards, we went home, changed, then rode around the sylvan countryside, viewing antebellum splendour – then checkt in at Claudine’s, in Rich Square, for fried okra & chicken livers, sweet potato casserole, and all sorts of delicious fatty goodies.

        God bless you and yours.

  8. All the Cuckservatives have touched the third rail of identity politics, it’s their weakness. Talking about the Constitution is boob bait meant to distract and it mainly does the job. I really wouldn’t take the bait, I would reframe the conversation if I participated

  9. Two points.:

    1) James Kirchick, a Jewish homosexual…. Thank you for naming the Jew. It needs to be done, continually. We cannot extricate ourselves from their propaganda, and antichrist mentality, without first knowing the seed of satan.

    2) I’m all for the Constitution, as long as we go back to the worldview that it enshrines, including the 3/5ths clause. Niggers and Spics Amerindians, and all the rest have NO representation in a TRUE America- created for godly, White, Englishman.

    Otherwise, autocracy, monarchy, orthodoxy. It’s time to crown an Ethnarch, and begin the process of purification.

  10. The Constitution itself isn’t the problem, it’s the third world demographics coupled with the Supreme Court overreaching that’s the problem.

  11. Well said, Brad. The Southern nationalist movement will not be mesmerized by worship of the Constitution. It is yet another temporal scrap of paper that has failed our civilization. Let us look to faith, family, and folk and to our blood and soil heritage as Southerners for our future.

  12. The Constitution, like everything else in the West that was once good, is fatally infected with terminal cancer, brought on by decades of Cultural Marxism and radical liberalism. It’s a good sign that many alt-righters are young and thinking outside of the box. The box “conservatives” demand on staying in will turn into their coffin.

  13. I disagree profoundly. Your thinking on this matter is very short term and a excellent example of the phrase of “throwing the baby out with the bath water”. The Constitution provides guidelines for our freedoms that are difficult for the left to trample as they’re fairly simple and written down. Now you’ve made a great deal about the corruption of these guidelines. Well I ask you if you can’t control the narrative and function of clearly written down guidelines then what makes you think you can control any non-written down guidelines? The Constitution used to allow slavery. So it can say whatever we have the power to push. There’s nothing wrong with the Constitution. Congress can reinforce the Constitution we have in a direction we want by setting the parameters of the Constitution and impeaching every single judge that attempts to overthrow these parameters. If you don’t have the power to do this now throwing out the Constitution won’t magically give you these powers.

    Some of the Alt-Right views are babbling lunacy. They say we need Kings. This is dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. The idea that if we get some fat Monarch and bunch of guys with fuzzy hats everything will be ok. What a foolish idea. Just another spastic -ismnistic idea. Like Libertarian-ism, Conservat-ism, Commun-ism, etc. We have a perfectly good system of government if we would just enforce it. One or all of these requisites for voting, property taxes, literacy test, poll taxes. Make any corporate entity that gives money to candidates forfeit their immunity of prosecution (treat them exactly like a person if they demand so and no limited immunity). That would put people of some mental capability in charge of the government and lower corporate abuse. If the judges disagree, impeach them. Over and over and over until they get it.

    • If Trump loses the general election, we will see within a year how easy the Constitution is to corrupt. We will still have the Constitution, but conservatives will be reduced to arguing how it “really meant” we once had a right to free speech and to own firearms.

      • If Hillary wins we can expect sweeping new changes in the way the Constitution is “interpreted”.
        Without a doubt the Second and First Amendments will be turned on their heads; the Constitution, as was originally written, will not be worth the paper it is written on.

      • The first amendment will be reinterpreted as such: “free speech does not include hate speech.” Then hate speech will be continually redefined to limit what our people are allowed to say. Already, that interpretation is common among SJWs and is prevalent on many college campuses.

    • We do need Kings. REAL Kings. The King is the Land, and the Land is the King. We need heroic LEADERS – KING – of our People. They won’t be fat guys wearing fuzzy hats.

      • We settled that issue 240 years ago. Kings aren’t coming back and free white people don’t need them. Kings are nothing more than inbred spoiled faggoty tribal chiefs, and tribal chiefs are for niggers.

        • What an utter @ss you are, have been, and always will be.
          You aren’t intelligent, omniscient, nor valid in your worldview. Kings are the only valid form of government, because there will always be lesser men, lesser races, and lesser intellects that the aristocracy will have to rule over. I thought perhaps you might have grown up some, since you last were online. I see I was wrong.

          And, even if one presumes that there iS no ‘aristocracy,’ one will ALWAYS be created. I’d rather have an ethnarch than a fool, or a demagogue as ruler. Is it perfect? No, because men are sinful. And it don’t matter a hill of beans whether they are white, green, or purple. Sin is sin, and men are sinners.

          At least the ethnarch is supposed to care for his people. In Democratic/Anarchic systems, all we get is the most unprincipled people lording it over everyone else… as today.

    • The mechanisms were put in place in the Constitution whereby errant officials could be impeached. Impeachments ought to occur with great regularity but the tool is treated like Superman treats kryponite. Same with the power of the purse. The House of Representatives has it but you wouldn’t know it if you studied up on the passage of the last spending bill.

      The electorate panicked during the Depression and, as with this current monstrosity, they were unfortunate to have as one candidate for the presidency a man who had a fully-formed scheme in mind in 1932 to turn the nation to fascism. FDR proceeded to use the tax revenue that the 16th Amendment made possible to buy votes, which has become the bedrock principle of our noble experiment in representative republicanism.

      Giving the vote to women probably injected a note of sentimentalism into politics and with the later tidal wave of illegitimacy became the instrument whereby single women could become a significant force in transforming government into a conduit for other people’s money to flow to them rather than serving as a protector of basic rights.

      Thus, the fatal flaw has been the stupid expansion of the franchise which you understand very well. Whether a more workable and durable version of America could be reestablished by repealing or amending the 16th Amendment, repealing the 17th or limiting the franchise is the $64 question. Whether the coming economic upheaval — and the warlordism of which Pastor Lindstedt speaks — will provide an opportunity to clear away the mistakes that have been made in our approach to the Constitution is perhaps an open question. I rather suspect that there will be a New Dispensation that will be far more authoritarian and chaotic than anyone wants.

      Without either of these, I don’t see that a “revolutionary consciousness” will arise in the “masses.” If anything, it is a near-universal lunacy that has taken hold of the people of the West. Germans and Swedes don’t seem to be able to decide that immigrant rape epidemics are anything with which they need concern themselves. Being turned into second class citizens in their own countries doesn’t concern them and they vote into offices politicians who are intent to making sure that they become that. Principled, deliberate reform will be impossible when legions of white moonbats will fight to the death so that holders of EBT cards can have the right to vote.

      The emergence of democratic idiocy was probably inevitable even in the rather imaginative and workable constitutional order established by the Framers and the Ratifiers. They probably never imagined that an electorate with more than a simpleton’s IQ would vote in the 16th or 17th Amendments. I believe that as long as some portion of the citizens can vote, the evils of pure democracy will gradually manifest themselves.

      I don’t think the Constitution used to “allow” slavery. The further importation of slaves was prohibited, but the people did not delegate to the federal government any power to abolish what slavery existed and did not prohibit it to the states. They reserved the power to deal with that issue to the states or to themselves.

      Corporations have no immunity that any other legal person does not have. A previous disability regarding political donations was removed but I don’t see that as a grant of immunity. I know of no other areas where corporations can’t be taken to court like other persons. The immunity of corporate officers for legal actions within the scope of their duties is not an immunity of the corporation.

  14. Excellent commentary Hunter – one of your best.

    Yes, the Constitution was fatally flawed from the get go – the Declaration of Independence was even worse.

    ““We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

    Oh dear – those idiot TRUTHERS were there at the start. They know for certain that all men in the world are EQUAL – how do they know it.

    Because it’s THE TRUTH – it’s self evident.

    So when the 10th illegitimate child of some lowest life Black welfare mooch doesn’t do well in school, he isn’t performing in an equal manner with upper middle class White students he’s enraged, everyone is enraged – it must be RACISM, IQ tests are racist etc.

    Bare in mind half the people who wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were slave owners, rather enlightened and kinder slave owners, but slave owners none the less.

    Slave owners shouting THE TRUTH about universal equality of men! We’re supposed to worship these documents, we’re supposed to accept on face value that…

    It’s the TRUTH?

    TRUTHERS – I hate em always have, always will.

    • Jaye- you clearly missed the point of both your post, and the Founding Fathers.

      They said that men are equal, in their standing before ‘their Creator.’ That is Jefferson’s referrent, even as he was (so they say) a ‘Deist.’

      Second point. Niggers and other non-whites, ARE NOT MEN.
      They are beasts of burden, behemah, CHATTEL.

      Once you view the world as THEY did, it makes PERFECT sense to say ‘All [White] men are equal. But that does not mean they are MY Equal. Merely that before God, we are all sinners, and in need of reformation.

      Context, sir, context.

      As the son of Pocahontas said, “”I am an aristocrat. I love liberty; I hate equality.” – John Randolph

      Clear as a bell.

      • Fr John writes:

        “Second point. Niggers and other non-whites, ARE NOT MEN. ”

        I respond.

        I am afraid that argument is just not going to go over very well or at all in this year 2016.

        Most/All humans with a set of B*** and a working P***, despite their other failings are going to be considered men.

          • Why is it necessary to get caught up in such an irrelevant issue? Not men or beast of burden? It’s pointless to be so inflammatory.

            It’s clear that multi-racial and multi-ethnic societies are destined to endure civil war and a politics based on race. Different races and ethnicities need to separate from each other. China should remain Chinese and the U.S. should be white.

            Muslims don’t belong here and should return to Muslim lands where they will pose no problem for us. If that were to happen I would never have to concern myself for one more minute in my life with the compatibility of shariah doctrines and Muslims with my own culture and legal system.

            Blacks and Muslims can be “X” and “Y” and it can be a matter of utter indifference to me and not require me to have an opinion one way or the other. I want to be indifferent to them. I don’t want to know their strong points or weak points. I just want them to live in their own lands or segregated from my society.

          • Irrelevant? Ever seen an IQ test; the Color of Crime; the barbarism of Moslem men in Germany today? Should I even have to point these things out?

            My God, man, are you mad?
            It would appear so….

  15. The Apartheid laws, Jim Crow laws, the laws of Manu or much better than the USA Constitution – these codes of laws reflect racial, varna reality.

    Study up on Hindu race realism – it’s realistic, helps everybody.

  16. It will be like saying: the Constitution really meant that states had rights, really meant it only applied to our posterity, and never said anything about the constitutional right to abortion or gay marriage.

  17. We fought the bloodiest war in our history over what the Constitution really meant. Legal sophistry didn’t save us then. When our cities are in flames again, conservatives will still be clutching their pearls and arguing over what the Constitution really meant.

    • The hard reality is that winners make the rules, that’s how it’s always been. So if one is going to go war for their principals, then they have a responsibilty to win at any cost.

      • I agree with that statement. In fact, it is the reason why I hold Robert E. Lee in such low regard. At the end of the war, he encouraged our people to lay down their arms and surrender to a hateful enemy, ensuring slavery and demographic invasion for our people. Instead, he should have taken to the hills and encouraged everyone to fight a protracted guerrilla war – even launching terrorist attacks on their cities and assassinating their leaders. Eventually, we would have driven the enemy out as Vietnam did and we would be free now.

        The world would also be a MUCH better place for it, too: WW1 ends in stalemate and Hitler never comes to power as a result (modern Europe isn’t cucked under his memory – no mass invasion), the Cold War is very limited due to the Soviets not conquering Eastern Europe, China is possibly is not captured by the communists and is a ally of the West like Japan, no Cuban Missile Crisis, African slaves are eventually deported to Africa leaving beautiful and vibrant American inner cities, terrorism doesn’t happen because our ethnocentric government limits immigration a la Japan, etc.

        • What fantasy world are you living in? The South was totally devastated by 1865. Their was no food to feed the people because of the devastation wroth by the Union forces. Many men and boys who fought in the war were crippled or dead. Transportation was in shambles. Lee made the right decision, for further fighting would’ve brought more misery, starvation, and death into the Southland. What happened to the South after the war was no picnic, but it would’ve been worse if Lee would’ve followed your kind of cockamamie logic.
          Your alt history is just pure speculation and fantasy. While I understand the appeal of it, nobody can predict the future. While we may notice a trend in developing history, there’s no guarantee that it will turn out the way it’s going at the moment.

  18. Semantic games played by lawyers, judges, and government officials are ultimately what reverence to any paper constitution comes down to.

    The only constitution that actually determines the fate of a nation is the demographics or constitution of the people who make up that nation.

    • “The Law” is the chains that Jews use to imprison the Gullible Goyim. This smoke and mirrors, via semantic chains, is very, very fundamentally JEW.

    • yes the ethnicity of the people, not written governmental documents, will determine the heath and prosperity of a nation.

  19. Google puts up banners for just about everything. Jewish holidays, MLK day, black history month, Memorial Day, etc.

    Go look at it today. NOTHING for Easter Sunday.

    Never forget just how much the elite Jews hate the White Christian European people.

  20. Before the Bill of Rights was hammered out and adopted by the 1st Congress in 1790, they passed into law a naturalization rule which became known as the Naturalization Act of 1790. This act said that only Whites could become citizens of the United States.

    Back in the way back, I’m distantly related, am kin with a couple of different ways, the Speaker of the House of the 1st Congress, and probably with his brother who was a Congressman. I’m sure they envisioned the United States as a giant Switzerland, a White Protestant Republic. These two Founders were well educated Anglo-Germanics, and Protestant ministers.

  21. Back in 1995- 97 I used to write and edit a e-zine called “Modern Militiaman” which was widely read throughout the Militia Movement. In every issue I ALWAYS wrote an article denigrating the CONstipation and Bill of Goods. I also reprinted Lysander Spooner’s “No Treason” article of 1870 in which Spooner wrote that nothing agreed to by some lawyers meeting in secret had anything to do with how their children or grandchildren ought to be ruled by forever.

    The CONstipation and Bill of Goods said nothing about a National Bank to be set up by the jew mischling Alexander Hamilton to be a central bank with shares owned by the connected. Or set up the Alien and Sedition Acts. From the very beginning the CONstipation was a dead scrap of toilet paper which proved that the CONstipation meant nothing more than what people in power said it meant.

    So now the CONstipation says that we all must buy medical insurance to monopoly corporations until the state and federal budgets implode, to bail out jew central banks, to be nice to faggots wanting to push forth their perversions to where women can’t piss in peace in their own bathrooms without perverts entering claiming that God sinned in giving them dicks. Soon, under President Hillary why no White man can own an unregistered gun.

    The CONstipation says whatever those in power say it means. Nothing more.

    So the first thing to do is to stop worsesheeping a death pact in which we pledge to obey whatever piece of shit claiming that it got enough muds and jews and perverts and parasites to vote that we all must die as a people and pay for our own dispossession.

    I got a better plan: Ten Thousand Warlords ruling over warlordcies in which there are only 10-20 million ex-whiggers left.

    Or keep worsesheeping the CONstipation cult and the end result is a half-billion muds with a few million whiggers kept as slaves before the entire world implodes to hunter-gatherer mongrels of a 100 million or so.

    Don’t like the inevitable? Want to cavail as to what Apocalypse you die under?

    The apex of Western Political thought was reached during one of the temporary ending points of the English Civil War in which Thomas Hobbes made the argument for the Saxon Monarchy in Leviathan and John Milton made the argument for a Puritan Parliament and the military dictatorship of Oliver Cromwell for the Anglican Puritans. That argument was settled more by fatigue of civil war than by legalistic hair-splitting. The end result was a “Constitutional Monarchy” sans overt written CONstipation.

    Likewise the Roman Republic was ended by the warlords Gaius Marius, Felix Sulla, Julius Caesar and Octavian, with Octavian setting up a form of the Roman CONstipation by being the last surviving and ruthless warlord. “Imperator” was originally the word used for a successful general of the legions who wanted a political figure to lead them on Rome and to the spoils thereof.

    So warlordism is inevitable. And successful warlords inevitably make “Pol Pot” decisions as what to do with undisciplined, degenerate and invasive populations which are impossible to control because they are undisciplined and unwanted without a handle to hold onto them. Every Mighty Evil Empire destroys its founding stock. So a Warlord wanting to restore the Founding Stock has no option in restoring that Original Founding Stock but to exterminate the invading [w]hordes along with every race-traitor regime criminal, their families, and their supporters root and branch. Genghis Khan, Joseph Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, Pol Pot, Robert Mugabe all had realities that they had to deal with, so they did so without remorse or second thoughts.

    The Declaration of Independence with its claim that all government depends upon the consent of the governed is called the “Birth Certificate” of the united States. This very document proclaiming a “Right to Revolution” will function even better as a death warrant for ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final as what shall be extirpated is the Myth of [Mis]Representative Dem[on]ocracy as a valid form of government, along with the eradication of much of the current misbegotten population as what is deemed as being of “The People” shall be culled pretty closely indeed.

    Tribal Warlordism or Imperial Collapse. They go together and will interact in the near future.

    Just as I can find “Biblical castration” of the children of failed elites permitted in the Bible, so too can one find skinning and gelding and hanging drawing & quartering in the CONstipation as long as what is admittedly cruel no longer becums unusual. All words on paper are subject to the interpretation of those in power.

    Don’t want to be someone or some People no longer in Power. As Brennius the Gaul said in 399 BC when a dispute arose as to how much gold would be paid to not sack Rome — the same dispute arose with Gaiseric the Vandal in 429 AD — Brennius threw his sword on the scales and said “Woe betide the conquered” and sacked Rome anyways. The Gauls suffered from dysentery, and a Roman Consol defeated and drove out the Gauls, saying, “Not by gold, but by iron, is the Nation recovered.”

    True in 399 BC and true today. Not by CONstipation and Bill of Goods is the Nation — or more importantly Our People — recovered, but by gelding and skinning knives for regime criminals and by starving out and exterminating the mud invaders.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

  22. As an American citizen I am sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. As written, not as misconstrued or made up by homosexuals and deviants and Third World gutter trash. There is nothing wrong with it. Like Benjamin Franklin said, they gave you a Republic if you could keep it. You should have left the garbage out of it. Hamilton said that the US Constitution is for Fine Upstanding MORAL People, and that’s why it no longer works. Things like that sloping foreheaded drug addled anthropoid should not even be allowed into this country much less hold office.
    What concept of fairness lets inferiors take leadership positions. I care nothing for this fairness. Life is Hard, and only the Strong and Smart should Rule. That means White and Nothing else, as far as I’m concerned. Hang your elections and treasonous foul vermin. I bow to Gods not to inferior gutter trash.

  23. Read Charles Beard’s “Economic Interpretation of the Constitution”. Using deeds of property ownership, contemporary listings of public debt holdings, and records of land speculation, Beard makes a strong case that the Constitution was designed from the outset to further the economic interests of the moneyed and propertied classes ( including the framers ), rather than to benefit the average American.

    • Ralph Izard. Ralph who? Ralph was the wealthiest planter in South Carolina and he personally underwrote the purchase of ships for US Navy. What did Ralph have to gain? He already was the wealthiest planter in South Carolina. It’s cases like that of Izard where Beard’s softcore Marxism breaks down.

      Izard was also a US Senator from South Carolina during the 1st Federal Congress.

      • Izard was compensated for his investment in the war. Such men were holders of public debt, and formed one of the major parties in whose interests the Constitution was framed. From “Economic Interpretation of the Constitution”:

        “In April 1783, Congress again appealed to the states for authority to lay duties for the purpose of supplying a revenue with which to discharge the debt. Among the leaders in Congress who favored this increase in power were Gorham, Higginson, Ellsworth, Boudinot, Fitzsimons, Williamson, Izard, Johnson, and King, all of whom held securities which were daily deprecating under the failure of the government to meet its just obligations.”

        • You miss the point. Izard had nothing to gain, and everything to lose in the American Revolution.

          • I believe you’re missing the point yourself. The Constitution–which this blog post we’re responding to concerns itself with–was framed by men who had economic interests. Izard, as demonstrated by Beard, made sure his economic interests were represented when framing the Constitution, as did the other relatively powerful founders.

            In fact, the Constitution’s failure to prevent an overreach of Federal power ensured the Civil War took place. The Articles of Confederation might have prevented such a war, but men such as Izard would not have been paid in his 3 and 6-percents if Federal power was not extended, hence the Constitution was framed from the outset to exert more power over states than the Articles. Izard enjoyed his threes and sixes and future generations would work out the ramifications.

            The overarching point is that the Constitution is not divinely inspired, and should not be worshipped as the writ of God by many of today’s conservatives.

  24. Look don’t blame the US Constitution for any of this. Even a codex written by King Solomon would fail with what’s in the White House Today.
    Race is NOT a social construct. Society is a racial construct. White people can prosper under any code of laws, but brown and black suck under any kind of system even one that supports them from cradle to grave.

  25. Today, I was provisionally allowed to file as a LibberToon for Governor of Missouri.

    What TraitorGlenn Miller undone for us “White Supremacists” I redone — perhaps.

    More later.

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin LD Lindstedt CJCC/AN

  26. Our conservatism should be the conservation of our race. That ideology must be that which establishes our own Ethno-State, an ideology which will be reflected in OUR Constitution. One must remember a lot of the Enlightenment ideology that inspired the Constitution have now been discredited with the rise of genetic science and DNA.Men are truly not equal and innate human inequality is now documented science.

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