Cuckservatives: The Racist Moral Rot at the Heart of the Alt-Right

National Review has published yet another article on “the moral and intellectual rot at the heart of the Alt-Right”:

“Last week, Breitbart writers Allum Bokhari and Milo Yiannopoulos took it upon themselves to pen an apologia for the “Alternative Right,” or Alt-Right — the grab bag of ostensibly right-wing anti-liberal ideologies whose disciples, of late, are thrilling to the rise of Donald Trump.

The Alt-Right has evangelized over the last several months primarily via a racist and anti-Semitic online presence. But for Bokhari and Yiannopoulos, the Alt-Right consists of fun-loving provocateurs, valiant defenders of Western civilization, daring intellectuals — and a handful of neo-Nazis keen on a Final Solution 2.0, but there are only a few of them, and nobody likes them anyways. In other words, anyone familiar with Yiannopoulos’s theatrics, or Breitbart’s self-appointment as Donald Trump’s Pravda, will not be surprised to learn that the article is a 5,000-word whitewash. But it is valuable, in this way: It exhibits, albeit inadvertently, the moral and intellectual rot at the heart of the Alt-Right. …

But this is not about the Gang of Eight bill. Most on the Alt-Right do not only reject the “conservative Establishment” or some other contemporary bogeyman; they also reject the ideals of classical liberalism as such. …”

Read it for yourself.

I was expecting a more substantial complaint about our moral and intellectual rot than another version of “I can’t even.”

A few brief points:

1.) For a mainstream conservative, “morality” is synonymous with “respectability” and established norms. In our society, the Left is engaged in a project of perpetual social revolution and sets the ground rules of moral discourse through their control of the media and universities. The role of “conservatives” in this system is to browbeat the Right into conforming to the status quo, not to challenge it.

2.) The moral compass of the mainstream “conservative” is set by the Left give or take a few decades. Yesterday’s fashionable leftist radicalism invariably becomes today’s principled conservatism. Trump, for example, is objectionable because of his bigotry, racism, sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, nativism, misogyny, etc.

3.) Politico is reporting that the GOP is gearing up for a platform fight over gay marriage – jettisoning the traditional definition of marriage a year after a Supreme Court decision illustrates how this neverending process happens in real time.

4.) In spite of what they say, mainstream “conservatives” don’t really have any moral principles. Instead, they are oriented towards what is fashionable and respectable, not what is right or true. This is why the Left is able to yank their chain so easily. If the Left makes enough noise about it, they will usually fold and ostracize one of their own for violating some politically correct taboo. Traditional moral virtues like loyalty are meaningless to them.

5.) Finally, the Alt-Right isn’t guided by what is fashionable or respectable, which is why neither the Left or the mainstream “conservatives” can control it. There isn’t any money to be made in the Alt-Right which isn’t a donor-funded scam like mainstream “conservatism.”

Personally, I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t believe it. I don’t have any incentive to do it except to tell the truth as I see it.

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  1. Personally, I’m quite happy that lamer cons are yelling at the top of their lungs and with volume all the way up bullhorns that the Alt-Right don’t tow the lamer con ideological line (whatever that is these days).

    Lamer cons are also doing the pot kettle black thing when they make fun of the Alt-Right for being internet only with few real accomplishments. In reality, lamer cons are talk only with few real accomplishments these days; the only difference is that the lamer cons’ soapboxes are a lot more lofty and slick. Otherwise, they’re in the same boat we’re in.

    • No. Our “boat” is small but sound. Thier boat is large, and has lots of fancy cosmetic trappings, but the holes are yuuuge, their timber is rotted, and they are sinking fast.

        • The Ethno-State resolution is the only solution. These next few decades will be critical in American history as it will decide our fate.It will truly evolve into one of separation or death.

          • This is an incontestable and ineluctable Truth. We will need to create our own nation with borders, language and culture that is ours and protected-just like the Jews have Israel, the Middle Beast has Islam, and Africa has Buh-lacks.

            Aside from promoting our fertility, we must enhance all of those characteristics of White Christian society that illuminated the World and gave rise to the United States. This new republic should use the Originalism of the Declaration and Constitution, with some changes where necessary for survival and protection.

            Many Whites would not qualify, the great majority of Jews certainly not, and no Muslims or Islam allowed-zero. Asians would enhance our culture, like great overlapping circles. Certain Hindus are OK as well.

            Where would that be? The American South? The South of Brazil? There would have to be a secession. Never again would centralization and concentration of power be tolerated, except for national defense and the minimum for effectiveness.

            This has worked out well for Switzerland and its cantons-which are very local and very autonomous. I wish the South had won the Civil War.

          • Bringing in Jews would be the beginning of the end for any attempt of a White homeland. Not even a single Jew should be permitted.

          • Take away the profit motive and they won’t want to come. They despise Christian culture. Make laws forbiddiing them to own property and see them disappear.

          • We don’t need any Asians or any nonwestern religions. We may well be able to tolerate the very small amount of Asian admixed people here already, but no more. Don’t give them a foothold.
            I do agree with using the US Constitution as a template, but we must insert explicit language to:
            –specify an ethnostate with strict limits on immigration and racial hygiene
            –specify patriarchy, denying women the vote or holding high ranking gov offices like congress, prez, vp, gov, lt gov, etc. Specify husband as head of home wherever relevant in legal matters.
            –reduce freedom of religion to a short list like Christianity, Deism, Agnosticism, Atheism. Explicitly ban Islam and all Eastern and shamanistic religions.
            –restrict freedom of the press to 100% native owned, operated, and funded organizations
            –restrict voting to minimum of 30 yrs old and not on welfare or in prison. Maybe charge a small poll tax and exempt veterans from payment.
            –disallow campaign contributions and just give each candidate an equal sum from the public purse.
            –discourage dysgenic fertility, such as mandatory vasectomies for deadbeat fathers and mandatory birth control implant for women seeking welfare

          • We’ll have to disagree on Asians. I consider them to be a branch of White People. Hindus that are smart and civilized are also OK. I really like Indian food. Like Singapore with the Chinese majority, Whites should always make nationally 80% and racial solidarity. I’ve lived in several countries and seen a number of marriages of Whites and Asians. The kids are brought up White and have no ethnic identity problems.

            Socially, a society based on 1950s America is my template. No problems with Asian religions, but no Islam and certainly no Atheism. Protestant Christianity must predominate. An AMERICAN Catholic Church should be founded, but all Catholics should be encouraged to become Eastern Orthodox.

          • I think our admixture tolerance should be higher for East Asians than any other nonwhite group, but we don’t need more of them. Why should we water down our ethnicity with any other race?

            I’d encourage weeding out blacks and Arabs the hardest, Amerinds second, then Jews and East Asians third.

            We should try very hard to weed out those who are more than say 1/16 black or Arab, more than 1/4 Amerind, or more than 1/2 Jew or East Asian. Perhaps also weed out the 1/2 Jews whose mothers were Jews.

            In addition to that we should have a whites only immigration policy where we only take Western Europeans and only those with well above avg IQ.

            Additionally we shoul ban interracial/international adoption and encourage subfertile couples to use sperm/egg banks or surrogate mothers as needed. Any sperm/egg donors should be ethnically pure, above avg IQ, at least avg physique and athletic ability, and appear to be noncriminal and nondeviant. I think fertility services like these are worth government subsidy, and I’m no fan of government subsidies.

          • I agree with you on almost all points. IQ is an important trait to select for, but not the only one. Character, integrity, loyalty, and selflessness are important, as well.

            “Watering down ethnicity” is ambiguous. What if you had an Asian, very White, good looking, who provided more to the furtherance and perpetuation of Christian Euro-American culture than a pure Caucasian? The fact is, may Russians and Eastern Europeans have Mongol DNA from the centuries of conquest and wars. Loo, at Melania Trump. See her slanted eyes? Where do you think she got them? Is she a lesser White? Of course not.

            Many Conservative, race conscious and aware Whites, high IQ and morally stout, are quiet happy when their son or daughter marries a Chinese or Japanese, etc. It’s considered a compliment to their family, and a boost to their ancestral DNA.

            White DNA is in trouble. It has been degraded, not by mixtures of other races so much, but by wars that eliminated the best of our gene pool. From the post WWII period, the reduction of quality and quantity has come from Social and Cultural Marxism, driven predominantly by the Hostile Elite. See The Occidental Observer and follow the links. Seek and you shall find the Truth.

          • I find Melania’s eyes very unattractive (of course she has other assets) and as an Eastern European, yes, I think that makes her less of a white. I count white as Nortwestern European. Other Europeans and Asians are not my people and I’d like to minimize their admixture in my ethnostate, though I would not cull other European or Asian mixed persons as hard as I would cull other mixed persons.

            I would not cosider it a boost to my ancestral DNA for me or any relatives to marry Asian though I wouldn’t be as bummed out about it as I would be over Afro, Arab, Amerind, or East Indian marriage.

          • Well, I must diverge from your conception and definition of what costititutes White. This “blond hair blue eyes ” Aryan selection is a cliche and dead end. These are among the weakest and pussified people on the planet.

            The Northwest Front will never be more than a glorified logging camp.

          • I’m referring to race, not complexion. You’re the one bringing up the hair and eye color. A brown haired, brown eyed Brit would be just as British as a blond/blue Brit.

            I acknowledge that there has been severe pussification of many men in the West, but the demographic problem lies in politics, not in our fighting ability.

            I realize there are other white races besides nordics, I am just clrarifying that in this convo I have used white to mean nordic. A Russian may have a similar or even lighter complexion than me but he is still a different race.

            Likewise an Arab and a dark skinned Jew, or a Liberian and a Somali would be different races despite having the same complexion.

          • A definition of acceptable Whiteness that is restricted to Northwest Europeans is DOA for any purpose except parlor talk. You are simply being impractical and abstract. Since I am retired, and have traveled and lived in different countries, I can opine, judge, and evaluate who and what races are, not what a third party says they are.

            I, as are the majority of a significant Whites, not interested in small town atmosphere of a nation that has a lack of higher cultural and social values. High IQ individuals do not thrive on monotony and stagnation.

            There is nothing special TODAY about Northwest Europeans. They are the creators of the EU, they take up it the Azz and blame themselves. They actively strive to abolish themselves and obliterate their culture and Western Civilizations. The men cannot and will not defend their women.

            Eastern Europeans, inferior as you imply, resist illegal immigration, maintain their culture, and stand up to the collectivization and zombie collectivism of the the EU. Haven’t you been reading the news? I see the Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians are a people who stand above the suicidal and masochistic Western European.

            Your characterization of race needs a some significant work, as you are apparently not sufficiently aware of historic and migratory shifts. A smart, beautiful, virtuous Bulgarian or Lebanese is worth a trash bag of silly, confused, infantile, deluded, and mentally disturbed Belgians.

          • I have already conceded that there are other white races besides nordics, and that I have substituted white for nordic in this convo because it’s a handy word that most of us agree on. Traditionally in America, white has meant nordic, and in the South it usually means anglo-celtic.

            Perhaps I shouldn’t call Africans black because there are other races w similar complexions, such as the Au abos which actually have more melanin per square inch than Africans.

            I admit the West has a problem w suicidal immigration rates right now, but that’s no reason for me to count Poles or Bulgarians as equal to English. Haiti has refused suicidal immigration–Shall I count them as equals also?

            I actually think my characterization of race is pretty sound I think. I believe that different people groups are *inherently* i.e. genetically, different because they come from genetically different ancestral stock. One might consider only the broad reaching umbrella groups of African, Asian, and European or one may be very specific, such as differentiating between Scottish and Welsh. Obviously Scots and Welsh are genetically much closer than Scots and Zulus, but there is still enough difference to pick up on, both culturally and genetically. An extreme purist might make a big deal about Scots interbreeding w Welsh, but I would not because they are both Celts to begin with.

            The distance between Celts and Slavs is significant and I would prefer any future ethnostate in the South to strongly curtail or eliminate Slavic immigration while I wouldn’t worry so much about those Slavic-Celtic admixed people or the great grandchildren of Japanese war brides already here. However I would support efforts to get rid of the people here w significant African admixture, even if it is just by bribed sterilization rather than deportation. I would want any sperm or egg donors to be genetically pure, old stock Southerners who met minimum IQ and physical standards and who appeared to be generally wholesome. I would not allow interracial or international adoption.

          • Your purist and fantasy ideas of racial purity are nonsense. Quality whites are quality. Your exclusion of the Slavic peoples brings to mind the “untermensch” characterization of Adolf Hitler.

            While it is true that Slavs’ IQ is slightly lower than that of Northwestern Whites, your generalizations don’t make any real sense for accomplishment or action. What you wrote would scare off high IQ and talented Whites like a turd in a punch bowl. Obviously you have swallowed neo-Nazi propaganda and are peddling it oblique wrapper.

            Your silly proposal would be like a province of China declaring itself superior and cut off from the rest of China, and touting superior DNA and racial characteristics. They would be a laughing stock, as your idea of an ideal colony. Maybe you can populate an island of Alaska with a small group of thick skulls and tattooed skinheads. But then inbreeding will deteriorate any small advantage imagined, but unachievable.

            Old Stock Southerners is a fictional, mystical, and fanciful construction. A very large percentage of Southerners have American Indian blood-and are proud of it. A colleague of mine was 100% Cherokee, my first wife was ¼, and a girlfriend was the same.

            Our conversation is done, having run its course.

          • “Your purist and fantasy ideas of racial purity are nonsense.”

            My ideas make sense to me, and I suspect they make sense to other people on OD. I am not a strict purist on the matter, though the more pure we can make our ethnostate the better; the only question is at what cost, so it ends up being a compromise. I have replied more than once that I would tolerate some admixed East Asian, Slavic, and Amerind blood as long as it’s a small percentage and in a small percentage of the people. Anyone that is majority Slavic or East Asian can go to his country of racial origin (or wherever else he wants to go), and Amerinds have reservations they can go to.

            Those people who are significantly mixed but don’t have a country of origin to go to might be allowed to stay, pending sterilization. This would also be applied to our mulatto/negro population or to any Amerinds that didn’t want to live on their reservations. Done this way, the formation of our home ethnostate would be one of the most kind and humane revolutions in history. No nonwhite race would be so kind and considerate. They would do the job fast and with bullets, bayonets, or scimitars.

            I am also open to the idea of European, but non-Nordic immigration in small numbers for exceptional individuals, such as educated geniuses, but they would have to be at least top 1% in brains and/or other attributes and would only be allowed in very small numbers so that they could not form their own neighborhoods or associations. I’m not really crazy about this idea because many of them or even their children or grandchildren would have divided loyalty with their country of origin so those people should not work in any political leadership capacity, but attracting the brainpower might make it worth it.

            “Your silly proposal would be like a province of China declaring itself superior and cut off from the rest of China, and touting superior DNA and racial characteristics.”

            This is basically what the Han Chinese are doing today, except they are conquering rather than seceding. This is a very typical phenomenon’

            “Old Stock Southerners is a fictional, mystical, and fanciful construction.”

            I am one of millions.

            “Our conversation is done, having run its course.”

            This is a group discussion. I’m writing for whoever may read it. I think a blog like OD serves as an excellent medium for us to discuss ideas, further growing our movement intellectually, and someday shaping our policy.

        • The present rates will not continue. The white birth rate will not stay down forever and “conservative” whites are having more children than libtard whites. If we just look at whites, the alt right is bound to grow while the white lefties are bound to shrink. The problem is the brown population, but they will get a lot easier to deal with when there aren’t enough libtard whites to stick up for them.
          While the brown hordes may soon make it impossible for us to win democratically anymore, just having a clear line between whites and browns will make the battle for an ethnostate a lot easier for us.

          • White birth rates are a disaster in numbers and in quality of genetic endowment. Under present conditions, the downward spiral will continue. Only the creation of a White ethno-state will turn that around. High achievement and high IQ women must have at least three children, as well as those in the top of all categories.

            At the present time, there is no basis for optimism regarding the quality and quantity of White fertility.

          • I agree the birth rate is depressing, but it’s not so bad when you consider white liberals are taking the biggest hit. Unfortunately the white underclass is also outbreeding the quality whites. I do agree it’s unsustainable, but it won’t go on forever.

            From an evolutionary perspective feminism/liberalism will be little different from any other plague, where the most susceptible are culled out and where the future generations will be more resistant to the disease in question. That is to say that intelligent white women (and men) are RAPIDLY evolving to be more conservative and broodier.

            I agree that the fertility of browns and the white underclass remains a problem. However the white underclass will still have many redeeming qualities where the browns will not.

            I agree wholeheartedly that we *must* set up an ethnostate that encourages eugenic fertility. It is one of my biggest concerns that our people will not appreciate eugenics enough to include it in the constitution. It is imperative.

            I also think we should have meetings, or online discussions on how to get the white fertility rate up today. Many ideas can only be realized post-independence, but perhaps some things could be done now.

          • White women are much weaker, intellectually, morally, psychologically, and spiritually than Asian women. It is embarrassing. White women AND Whtie men are a demographic and racial disaster. They are easily controlled and Other Directed, like a computer terminal with software and memory at a remote server.

            As you well know, many whites are actively aiding the “Other” in the euthanasia and replacement of Whites in the West.

            My sister works in large school district and said to me the “White girls prefer the Black boys”.

            Yes, we need a eugenics rejuvenation and restoration.

          • The rate of admixture is quite depressing and we must not allow these resulting mulattos back into our white gene pool.

            Again, it is to our benefit that the libtard birth rate is lower than the white birth rate.

            I think the white race is being severely weeded out these days since it is the most tribal, most conservative that are keeping their families white.

            It’s sad to see so many white girls go black but *most* of them are probably not our best and brightest to begin with. Some exceptions but we gotta play the numbers.

            On the lighter side, we have a windfall with the Duggar family and their tv show “19 Kids and Counting” now rebranded as “Counting On.” It is likely to inspire many young women to pursue larger families.

          • Honestly, I don’t think that is the biggest problem. I think that is a secondary and easily fixed problem. The biggest problem is the ratio of libtard whites (and Jews) to sane whites. Once the libtards are a small enough minority of whites, and enough of those sane whites are racially awakened, then we can take care of the brown hordes easily–We’ve done it before in North America, in Africa, in Australia, in New Zealand.

    • So lame their idea of winning the debate, is hitting the block button like an SJW. These people have been protected and coddled all their lives. They can’t cope in the real world.

  2. There is only one thing you must ever ask yourself- is this true? God is love, but God is also truth- and the two are in no way incompatible. Love cannot be bases on lies. Leftist morality is based on the idea that if you pretend something is true, if everybody pretends real hard, then it will be come true. But that’s not how truth works.

  3. Wealthy Hostile Elite Jews and their hundreds of billions are just paying these people off. I wouldn’t be surprised if Goldman Sachs has co-opted the Koch Head Udder Brudders.

  4. ‘If the Left makes enough noise about it, they will usually fold and ostracize one of their own for violating some politically correct taboo.’

    Without question.

  5. The cuckservatives have excommunicated many conservatives for being true to principles. Joe Sobran was banished from the Jew York Times, Mel Bradford was denied a position during the Reagan administration, Sam Francis was excluded from conservative publications, Peter Brimelow was excluded from the National Review. Cuckservatives have made themselves irrelevant by ignoring the legitimate concerns of rank and file Republicans.

  6. The morality of the “alt right” is fairly strong, not rotten at all: do as much as you can to take care of you and yours, trouble others as little as possible, and when others violate these precepts try to separate from them, and if that doesn’t work, then war them down.

    This has been the pole star of Aryan morality for eons. It’s probably genetic.

  7. If the cucks had a single braincell in their thick skulls, they’d be pushing Trump to victory to mitigate some of this rage. Instead, they’re paving the way for a Caesar (or Hitler) in 10 years.

  8. Well said, it is their weakness. It’s human nature, the clowns at the AFP what they did to Whitaker is a bow to respectability as the left defines it

    • I didn’t see it until recently, but nationalists also have a problem with respectables.

  9. Your last paragraph hit home with me. Exactly.

    I can’t believe I ever described myself as a “conservative”.

    Hell, I even worked for the Conservative Party and a Conservative MP in England. WTH was I thinking?!

    • “I can’t believe I ever described myself as a “conservative”. “

      There was nothing wrong with being a conservative before the word was hijacked by the kikeservatives and the cuckservatives. Those people are not conservatives at all.

      Anyway, what’s needed today is no longer conservatism but Reconquista.

      White people need to reconquer their nations. If you agree, you are a reconquerist and your ideology is reconquerism.

  10. My comments earlier this morning got the NRO cucks so riled up that they removed all of them.

  11. Apparently our critics who always bring up National Socialism as being one of our primary motivations have never read any of the serious works by authors associated with the Conservative Revolution. They fail to understand a lot of the generals who attempted the removal of Hitler in the bombing of his headquarters in July of 44 were identified with the German right, more specifically the Conservative Revolution wing, and not the Communist left or the Democratic center.

  12. Hunter: “1.) For a mainstream conservative, “morality” is synonymous with “respectability” and established norms.”

    You mean: for a jewstream conservative.

    “the Left is engaged in a project of perpetual social revolution and sets the ground rules of moral discourse through their control of the media and universities.”

    You say “the Left”, but you’re really talking about the Jews.

    “2.) The moral compass of the mainstream “conservative” is set by the Left give or take a few decades.”

    In fact, the immoral compass of both the Left and the Right is set by the Jews. But the “left-wing” Jews are a little ahead of the “right-wing” Jews. As a result, it looks like the Right follows the Left. Actually, it’s the Jews setting the course, both for the Left and the Right.

    “2) Yesterday’s fashionable leftist radicalism invariably becomes today’s principled conservatism.” / “4) mainstream “conservatives” don’t really have any moral principles. Instead, they are oriented towards what is fashionable and respectable”

    In other words, both leftist radicals and truConservatives end up saying whatever the Jews tell them to say.

    I’ve read those words by an Australian blogger who says he stands with Israel: [Leftists] “don’t have principles. (…) All they have is postures, pretend-principles that can be changed as easily as one changes one’s shirt”. And here you are, saying more or less the same thing about the phony conservatives.

    Both the Left and the Right are led by the Jews. With Donald Trump, it has become obvious that grass-roots Republicans do not agree with the Jewish-led Republican establishment. But the same can be said of the left: Most White people who vote for the Democrats do not agree with the far-left activists and with the Jewish project of destroying the White race.

    Those who rule over us are the Jews, not the leftists and not the conservatives. The leftists are too stupid to rule over anyone. They are only used by the Jews as auxiliary troops, just like third-world immigrants.

    As for the “alt-right”, it seems to be about having an alternative life-style. They can’t even call themselves nationalist or pro-White. If you are pro-White, you are not right-wing or left-wing, you are just pro-White.

  13. National Review putting scare quotes around “alt-right” is pretty lame. It’s called the alt-right, guys. That’s its name. Just deal with it and accept the fact of the alt-right.

  14. Right on the money Hunter. Cuck “morality” is synonymous with “respectability” to the Left. That’s the cuck primary “conservative principle” which explains how ineffective and traitorous they are.

  15. Let these chickenheads cluck all they want. Their game is over. Trump may not have been serious to begin with but he performed an invaluable service anyway. He showed the phony system for what it always was, a cheap puppet show. Let them cluck all they want to, but they’re already finished. Form your conga line to Hell, chickens, you’re all rotisseried now.

  16. Conservatives fight for nothing. Their talk is nothing. Extremism is necessary for serious problems. This compromise garbage is just an excuse for surrender.

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