Norwegian Man Raped By Somalian Refugee, Haunted By Guilt and Responsibility After His Attacker Is Deported

Arguably, there hasn’t been an incident since the rape of Malcolm X scholar Amanda Kijera in Haiti in 2010 that our people have felt more epitomizes the self-hating White liberal mindset than this story out of Norway about Karsten Nordal Hauken and his experience with a Somalian refugee:

“A left wing activist has bared all to a Norwegian documentary crew about his rape at the hands of a Somalian migrant, and his despair at seeing the man deported.

An active member of the Norwegian Socialist Left Party (SV) who described himself as an ardent “feminist and anti-racist” explained the difficulty he experienced accepting that he had been anally raped by a male migrant. He said he didn’t blame the man for the attack, and regretted the fact he had been sent back to Somalia.

Describing the process of reconciling his personally held beliefs, young SV activist Karsten Nordal Hauken said the experience left him “feeling nothing”, reports Norwegian state broadcaster NRK.

Attacked as a young man, his rapist was convicted six months after the fact with DNA evidence removed from Mr. Hauken’s body at the time of his rape, and fingerprints taken from his bedroom. The Somalian male was later caught when he was found to be carrying a knife in public and his fingerprints were a match. …

“But I also got a strong sense of guilt and responsibility. I was the reason why he should not have to leave Norway, and heading for a very uncertain future in Somalia. He had already served his sentence in prison. Should he now be punished again? And this time much harder?”

Read the whole thing. It sheds new light on why Anders Behring Breivik did it. You have a whole country that is committing suicide because of people like this.

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  1. Sir, if I did not have close friends, in the Northwestern EU, I never could believe this, BUT, as I do, I can’t say I am surprised at all.

    Their mentality is kind of like that scene in ‘Animal house’, where ROTC commander, Douglas C. Needlemeyer, instructs the pledges to bend over and say, with a smile : Thank you, Sir. May I have another?

  2. Only the Ossis can save Europe (from itself). At least they will save themselves.

    Get out of the EU!

  3. Self hating, guilt ridden white anti-Whites are the most pathetic people on the planet.

    • When the SHTF they will be the first round of collateral damage. Nature’s natural culling of the defective. My only concern… is it contagious?

      • It is not contagious if one is inoculated with the Truth. the trouble is the governments and the media are destroying the vaccine!

  4. Virtue signaling and a complete clown to boot. Wouldn’t doubt that homosexual or bisexual is his orientation and this was date rape

    Should have deported both of them

  5. Every day, we learn why implacable social mores were put in place, against homos, in healthy social orders. This thing needs to be PUT DOWN.

  6. To be an “anti-racist” he certainly does look down on Africans. He can only feel guilt himself if he first believes that the Somali rapist lacked guilt or had much less guilt than himself. This lack of guilt or the lesser amount of guilt of the Somali could only come about because of a lack or agency or a far reduced level of agency on the part of the Somali. He is effectively saying that Somalis and presumably at least some other non-whites are like children and are not responsible for their actions.

    • Anti-Whites treat non whites as their pets, which means they can’t be held to the same moral standards as Whites.
      Yet, anti-Whites demand “equal rights” and forced integration with their pets, the goal being “assimilation”, aka racial intermarriage, aka White Genocide.

  7. Repulsive and pathetic. I’ll be glad when the Scandi’s no longer exist. What an unworthy race. Same for the British Anglo Saxons and Gauls – totally Jewed.

  8. He’s virtue signaling. Really what he’s saying is

    “Look, I got ass raped and I still haven’t succumbed to racism. Therefore, just like my ass, my entire country should get fucked and still not be racist.”

  9. Truly sums up the sorry state of western man and, therefore, western civilization. First of all, the Somali shouldn’t be there in the first place. Second of all, after it happened he should have been lynched and left hanging from a tree.

  10. This guy admits Somalia has a rape culture and yet he still wants to import them into his country

    I have learned that the culture that the rapist comes from is so totally different from ours. In his culture a sexual assault is mostly about power, and less about lust. And it is not regarded as a homosexual act to be the one who wields power and rapes.

    This guy is a traitor to his country. And traitors deserve to swing from a rope.

  11. I seriously doubt this was an actual rape.

    I would confidently bet that Norwegian probably payed that nigger to fuck him in the ass, and when the nigger was done after two minutes and hastily cleared the hell outta there, the Nordfag made up a bogus story to get back at him.

  12. This from the land of the Vikings! Forgive me for being indelicate, but this is an example of a load that should have been swallowed!

  13. Many European “men” have become nothing more than concubines of the African and the depraved Mohammedan.

  14. Is this still rape? He’s basically consenting to be this Somalis Bottom…

  15. >I came when he raped my butt, and now he’s going to suffer for it. I feel so ashamed and guilty!
    That’s the issue with rape. It gives orgasms.

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