The Alt-Right and Bigotry

In Commentary Magazine, Bill Kristol’s son-in-law Matthew Continetti laments that William F. Buckley isn’t around anymore to police the Right and make conservatism respectable to the New York media and cultural elite:

“Buckley changed things when he founded National Review in 1955. He introduced the philosophers to the populists. He published the traditionalists, the libertarians, the Cold Warriors in the same pages. Not only did he aspire to fuse free markets with traditional values, he wanted to be taken seriously by the New York media and cultural elite. …

Why the transformation? Part of the reason is that Buckley and his editors spent an enormous amount of time and energy during the early years of the magazine disassociating their conservatism from its atavistic and gnostic forebears. National Review is a great example of media gatekeeping theory: By exiling anti-Semites, Birchers, and anti-American reactionaries from its pages, the magazine and its editor determined which conservative arguments were legitimate and which were not. By denying a platform to quacks and haters, they broadened their potential audience. …

But anyone with the Internet can write a blog or tweet or Facebook post or can Skype or record a podcast. The castle no longer has walls. The gatekeepers are mostly useless. Yes, the rise of social media may have helped conservatives—it allowed them to investigate, report, opine, entertain, and influence politics and policy by giving them the means to bypass liberal outlets. We’ve gone from a universe with half a dozen conservative journals publishing on infrequent schedules to one where there are dozens of center-right websites operating 24/7. I edit one of them.

But there is also a cost. As conservative media has proliferated, the authority of any one man or publication or radio show or television network has receded to the point of invisibility. For a time conservatism may have resembled the Catholic Church, with Buckley as pope, issuing bulls and ex-communicating heretics. But conservatism these days more closely resembles Islam, with untold numbers of mullahs issuing contradictory fatwas, with antagonistic schools of thought competing for adherents, with not a few radicals eager and willing to blow the whole thing up. …

The nasty mouth-breathers Buckley expelled from conservatism have returned. The proximate cause of this efflorescence of the pre-Buckley right is Donald Trump’s campaign for president. Trump has dog-whistled at racists so much for so long that they feel resurgent. They call themselves the “alt-right,” a grab-bag category that includes nativists, eugenicists, bigots, anti-Semites, misogynists, reactionaries, aristocrats, monarchists, isolationists—basically anyone who hates today’s America and the modern world and the men and women, of any race or religion, who flourish in it.

For a while the alt-right was confined to the comment sections on websites, then it moved to Twitter, then it created websites of its own, and now, most disturbingly, its ideas, such as they are, are being published and defended and celebrated on sites associated with the conservative movement and Republican politics. …”

It is a terrible tragedy.

Because of the internet and social media, conservatives no longer have the power to banish people to the fringes by calling them names and denying them a platform. Instead, they are forced to engage people and ideas they dislike, which requires them to defend their policies with compelling arguments.

In The Federalist, Cathy Young has a long whine about the “bigotry” of the Alt-Right:

“In a nutshell, the article argues that, while the alt-right does have some actual—but, worry not, utterly irrelevant!—white supremacists and neo-Nazis in its ranks, it is mostly a loose alliance of maverick intellectuals, traditionalists who feel unrepresented in the mainstream political establishment, and cheeky young rebels who post racist slurs and memes just to annoy the pearl-clutching guardians of political correctness.

While this taxonomy of the alt-right is interesting, it is ultimately—as it were—a whitewash, full of far-fetched arguments and misleading claims that consistently downplay this movement’s ugly bigotry. …”

All right.

I’ve personally been to several hotels where our reservations have been cancelled because we were holding a public protest or a conference. I know people who have been physically attacked in the streets. I know people who have lost their jobs because of their beliefs. I know people who have been deported or banned from foreign countries because of their political views. Yet for some strange reason we are the ones who are labeled the “bigots” by people who want to silence our ideas?

The word “bigot” has lost its meaning. It used to refer to someone who couldn’t stand another point of view. I’m not the one trying to stamp out dissent, get people fired from their jobs, or harassing hotel managers.

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  1. progressive bigots are the worst. They are progots.

    If bigots cannot see the virtues of other people, progots cannot see the vices of other people. Progots are blind to the vices and pathology of Jews, homos, and Negroes.

    • Those who advocate the global assimilation of all the races of humanity into one planetary “Afroeurasian” monoethnicity are just as evil, and just as psychotic, as those demented individuals or groups who advocate the extermination of every race but their own. Both extremes are forms of genocide, but while one extreme is universally condemned, the other is widely advocated.

      • I don’t see how you can compare killing people, especially children, with voluntary sex. Assimilation may not be desirable but it’s not the same as genocide.

        • So I see. So if Hitler had sent all the femal Jews to Nigeria and all the Jewish men to Madagascar, that would not have been genocide–after all, they just have voluntary sex with non-Jews, right?

          • If I was Jewish I would much rather have a Jewish State in Madagascar. It is beach front property and the economic gain as a tourist attraction, if properly developed, could support the entire Jewish state instead of being surrounded by hostile and -psychotic desert dwellers.

          • For years I have advocated for sending the Jews to Madagascar. It’s a great solution to many a problem.

        • Genocide means killing the gene. It needn’t be violent. That’s what “assimilation, aka our intermarriage with 3rd worlders, is all about.

  2. Here is a necessary question about immigration and diversity.

    The question: do white Americans owe something to some peoples?

    And the answer is yes, and it applies to six different peoples: European Americans, American Indians, Eskimos(in Alaska only), Hawaiians(in Hawaii only), Mexicans(in SW area only), and Negroes(mostly in Deep South).

    Americans owe something to European Americans and Europe cuz American civilization is essentially an extension of Western Civilization. No European civilization, no America. Pure and simple. So, all the great achievements of America owes to what happened in Europe. Also, America couldn’t have succeeded without solid white majority. Had US been outnumbered by indigenous people, it would ended up like Latin American country. If outnumbered by blacks, it’d be South Africa, a hell-hole. At best a Brazil, a terrible country.

    But other peoples are owed something to.

    Since American Indians lost the land, they need to be recognized. Indians weren’t big in number and they hadn’t done much with the land, but we can understand that this land was sacred to them and see the tragedy of their passing. So, white folks gotta offer them something.

    And whites gotta respect Eskimos in Alaska and native Hawaiians in Hawaii.

    And to the extent that SW areas were taken from Mexico, Mexican-Americans already there(not the new illegal arrivals) should be respected.

    And since Negroes, ghastly as they are, were brought as slaves, whites gotta do something for them as well.

    But white Americans owe NOTHING to anyone else. If anything, by bringing all these immigrants, white Americans are reneging on their special obligation to the aforementioned folks.

    I mean it’s tragic enough that Indians lost the land to whites. But as David Yeagley said, there was a kind of mutual respect when the dust settled. Whites did recognize the tragedy of Indians, and Indians became part of American lore. But with massive immigration, Indians are losing the land not only to whites but to the entire world. At least, whites have a certain conscience about Indians. All the new immigrants don’t.

    What do Indians get by losing their land not only to Europeans but everyone else?

    And look at Hawaiians. They lost control of their ancestral land to whites. That was bad enough, but whites brought modernity and development, and etc. So, there was loss but also gain. And a special relationship between whites and Hawaiians. But with massive arrival of Asians, the fat polys not only lost their land to whites but to yellows. I mean who the hell needs that? Do Hawaiians enjoy losing their land not only to whites but to all of Asia?

    And Negroes finally got a chance at equal opportunity with the 64 civil rights act. But then, the immigration act the year after flooded the country with tons of new arrivals and competitors, and Negroes lost out.

    White people owe nothing to anyone else. Okay, we can say the Chinese in the 19th century were over-worked and deserve some recognition. But ONLY those who came to build the railroads.

    But, by what historical/moral consideration do white people have an obligation to take in people from all over the world? Why do whites owe anything to East Asia, South Asia, Africa(except for slaves taken long ago), Arabia, Latin America, and etc?

    Same with Australia. Anglos took the land from Aboriginal folks and kangaroos. So, whites owe something to those native folks. Whites owe NOTHING to Middle Easterners, Africans, and Asians.

    And same with Canada.

    Where do they get this crazy idea that these nations must take people from all over the world? Even if someone invokes historical guilt as rationale for immigration policy, the history of America says whites owe something to whites(whose energy and ideas built America), Indians(who lost ancestral land), blacks(who were brought as slaves), and etc. Where in American history can anyone find any reason why US must take in more black Africans, Muslims, Asians, Hindus, Latin Americans, etc?

    If US did some bad stuff in other nations, US can take care of those problems with foreign aid, loans, reparations, development efforts, or peace treaties. There is no need to fix problems through immigration. One case in point in Palestine. US played a key role in the creation of Israel, and Palestinians paid a tragic price. But this is a wrong done over there and must be fixed over there. US needs to offer Pallies at least West Bank or something. US favoring Israel 100% when Pallies were clearly done wrong is nuts. At least give Pallies 50% consideration. And the only solution that will work is walls and balls. Clinton’s plan was too naive. Co-existence won’t work at this point. There needs to be more walls, more separation, and the iron balls to see it through.

    Immigration and diversity as solution for ‘white American guilt’ makes no sense.

    If ‘white American guilt’ is a valid point of consideration, then we need to focus on the specifics of American history and see which people were done wrong or paid the price for white expansion and progress? Considering such, how does anyone conclude that US owes something to Brazil, Burma, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and etc. by the way of immigration?

    Jews will say America owes something to Jews. No, US does not. Jews came as part of European immigration, and they did very well in America. America owes nothing to Jews. Jews owe everything to America.

    Some Jews will say America didn’t do enough to save Jews during the Holocaust. Well, tough luck. US didn’t do anything about Great Famine in Ukraine, Great Leap Forward in China. And if I recall correctly, most Jews called for US withdrawal from Southeast Asia and turned a blind eye to the horror in Khmer Rouge run Cambodia. And Clinton and Jewish aides didn’t lift a finger to save anyone in Rwanda.

    Furthermore, it’s not true that the world didn’t do anything to stop the Nazi menace. A world war was fought, and tremendous numbers of people died to defeat Nazi Germany. Though not specifically fought to save Jews, the world did come together against Nazi Germany, and it cost a lot of lives.

    Also, Jews owe UK and US one big thanks in consideration of the fact that it had been in the narrow tribal interest of Anglos and Anglo-Americans to side with Hitler. Hitler loved UK and the British Empire. Hitler had NOTHING against Anglo-Americans who were then ruling over America. So, Anglo-folks in UK and US could have gained much by siding with Hitler. But, they went against own tribal and racial interest and sided with USSR against Nazi Germany. I don’t think Jews ever acted so magnanimously. Brits had everything to lose by NOT siding with Nazi Germany, and indeed they lost their empire as a result.

    So, Anglos and Anglo-Americans owe Jews nothing.

      • No, we do not need an “evil be my good” attitude.

        We should have reciprocity at the ore with our relations with others. Not wanton aggression, not altruism.

      • Bingo. That’s the absolute best strategy in my opinion.
        We could put them in prison work camps sewing Confederate flags, but look how slavery backfired last time. If we’re going to spare their lives we should at least sterilize them.

    • Utter garbage.

      Because we know Europeans were on the North American continent at least 7,000 before the Asians that are called Indians came across the Ice Bridge o Alaska, whites owe them nothing.

      Southern men and women owe other races nothing at all, except deportation en masse.

      • I’m not even convinced we owe them deportation.
        Most common centerfire rifle cartridges today cost around 50 cents each, and we can save lots of sea turtles and fish by feeding the brown hordes to the sharks.

    • How about self-determination for all and enforced diversity, or mandated inclusion, for none! In other words let Indians, Blacks, and Hispanics have their own Ethno-States.

    • We don’t owe any PoC anything, except maybe their choice of a bullet, a sterilization, a ticket back home, or life in a prison work camp. That’s what they would have done to whites if they had the upper hand.
      But given that whites are so sympathetic, perhaps just awarding negroes the return portion of their cruises would be an optimistic goal.

  3. With any luck the National Review will go under. Bye bye, Cuckservative Commissars! You won’t be missed.

  4. Oh boy.

    An open letter to Matthew Continetti:

    LOL. Nasty article you got up at Commentary.

    I have my own issues with your article.

    First, all these labels you dish out have become useless.

    ‘Conservative’, ‘nativist’, ‘reactionary’, ‘racist’, ‘atavistic’, etc.

    In the end, we need to be more specific, and this is where Alt Right has come to mean something to

    increasing numbers of white people who feel left out.

    You see, Alt Right is essentially Zionism for white people.

    Everything you find ‘atavistic’ about the Alt Right, you find perfectly fine for Jews.

    Jews believe they have a sacred homeland that has special meaning for them.

    Jews believe Israel must be a Jewish state.

    Jews believe in their identity, heritage, and community.

    Jews believe in Jewish social networking and common interest.

    Jews believe in forming alliances and identifying enemies based on “Is it good for the Jews?”

    Jews believe in the genetic basis of Jewish identity. Jared Diamond, the Liberal Jew, believes in DNA testing to see who is really Jewish and qualified to move to Israel.

    Now, YOU support all these positions for Jews. You don’t call it nativist, reactionary, racist, fascist, or whatever. You think Jews have every right to be nationalist and identitarian.

    BUT… when white Europeans and white Americans develop the same kind of mentality about their own identity, history, territory, and community, you attack them as evil, wicked, mouth-breathing, and etc.

    If it is bad for whites, why is it good for Jews? If it good for Jews, why is it bad for whites?

    If you’re Jewish, you must be one devious character trying to hoodwink us. It seems Jews do understand that identity, history, unity, community, and territory are the basic foundation for power. So, Jews are for those things for themselves. But Jews fear gentile power, so Jews urge onto gentiles the sort of policies that will reduce gentile power vis-a-vis Jews.

    If you’re not Jewish, you are very naive. Or you know what’s up and are trying to further your career as a brown-noser toady sucking up to Jews and seeking favor from them by playing collaborator.

    Also, what is this stuff about ‘anti-semites’? If you mean Nazis and such ilk, I agree with you that such are bad people. I would even agree that certain elements in the Alt Right has some connections with 14/88 types that I find loathsome. But most of what is called ‘antisemitism’ on the Right is just healthy awareness that Jews are mostly on the Left and invested in the disenfranchisement of whites. Jews push for massive immigration that will turn whites into minorities in traditionally white nations. Jews like George Soros push movements like Black Lives Matter. Jews run Hollywood and spread anti-white propaganda. Jews also control the porn industry and use white women as sex meat for black men. Jews control media and cover up stories about black-on-white violence while sensationalizing few instances of white violence against blacks. Elite colleges are run by Jews and heavily invested in vilifying whites.

    Now, not all Jews are like this, but most Jews are on the Left. And most Jews voted for Obama and push the ‘gay agenda’.

    You say the Alt Right rejects today’s America. Well, why wouldn’t they? Just look at today’s America. Look at Jewish-controlled pop culture that encourages girls to dress and act like Miley Cyrus. Look at how Jews promote ‘gay marriage’ and Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner as a ‘woman’. Look at how Jews in Supreme Court passed ‘gay marriage’ and are invested in destroying businesses that won’t make ‘gay wedding’ cakes. Look at shows like Lena Dunham and casual spread of whore culture. Look at Jewish promotion of ugly gangster rappers as the ‘poets’ of our age.

    Why would any conservative like this America? Do you like it? If this is the kind of America that you in the Conservative Inc stand for, then you can have it. It stinks to high heaven.

    The fact is most Jews are Democrats. And when Buckley got started, lots of Jews were communist sympathizers and anti-Americans. The American Right back then had every right to be wary of Jews and Jewish influence.

    And Neocons are fake conservatives who only used the GOP and American Conservative movement to benefit Israel and Jewish interests on Wall Street, a den of thieves. Also, what has libertarianism done for conservatism except spread gambling all over America? That is a vice industry favored by scum like Grover Norquist. Gambling just robs money from working class and middle class people. It puts billions in the pockets of Jewish oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson. And look how Jews on Wall Street rigged the game to rake in the bucks. When the whole thing blew up, they got their boy Obama in office and Obama bailed them out, and these Jews are richer than ever.

    Yet, we are supposed to defend such people? Why? Because they are Jewish?

    So, let me get this straight. Most Jews are Democrats. They push the homo agenda. They push massive immigration. And even Neocons are for gay agenda and mass immigration. And Neocons are for Wall Street crooks and gambling industry and the culture of vice promoted by Sheldon Adelson and the like.

    But we on the Right are supposed to mindlessly love Jews, praise Jews, support Jews, and sing hosannas to Israel? Why? Facebook Zuckerberg are anti-white, promote mass immigration, push open borders, spread homo agenda, and rake in billions with their monopolies. This is what conservatism is about? Honoring such people?

    So, it is ‘antisemitic’ to notice Jewish power, especially notice the fact that most Jews — Democratic Jews and Neocon Jews — are acting against the interests of white Americans and white Europeans?

    It seems to me that it makes more sense for white Americans to identify with Palestinians than with Jews. Palestinians once used to live and dominate in Palestine. But massive Jewish immigration turned them into an oppressed minority. Today, Jews are pushing massive immigration to Europe and America, thereby fast turning white people into minorities in their own lands. Whites are destined to become like Palestinians in what is now Israel. Yet, you expect white rightists to sing hosannas to Jews and support Israel? NO, white folks ought to be yelling WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS.

    If you are into abstract principles and high-minded ideals, why are you so ‘atavistic’ about Jews and Israel? Why especially when the great majority of Jews are anti-white, Democratic, anti-Republican? Most Jews are like Tim Wise and Paul Krugman and Rahm Emanuel: vicious Zionists hellbent on boosting Jewish power while weakening white power.

    Why is Jewish nationalism is important when nationalism seems to be so evil and wrong for everyone else? Why must we honor Jews when Jews don’t honor other people? According to the latest poll, while Evangelicals love Jews, Jews prefer even Muslims over Evangelicals. When most Jews feel this way, why should whites and Christians love and support Jews?

    The reason why Commentary loves Buckley is because the he refashioned American Conservatism to serve the Tribe who’ve abused it greedily for Jewish interests, Israeli interests, Big Bank interests, Las Vegas interests, homo interests, and massive non-white immigration. Jews, including neocons, want more immigration to create more diversity. Jews want more diversity among gentiles in order to play divide and conquer among the gentiles.

    Jews pretend to care about ideals and principles. But they are really about the particular interests of the Tribe. It’s about their own identity. Jews tell whites to surrender white interest and identity. Such are said to be ‘racist’. But the very same Jews then say that whites need to support Jewish identity and interests. Mouth-breathing white Conservatives have fallen for this for too long.

    Alt Right is waking up to the true nature of the Jew.

    Jews have been anti-gentile for a long long time. Their culture feels contempt for goyim. Jews refer to white women as shikse, meaning trash whore. Jews led communism in Russia and killed millions of Christian Slavs. Jews eventually got burned by Stalin, but Stalin rose with help of Jews.

    Jews were the biggest spies for the USSR. Jewish Neocons and Jewish media spread lies about WMD to make US fight an illegal war against Iraq. While Jews make their sons serve in the Israeli army, white gentile boys fought and died or got crippled in the Iraq War.

    So, spare us this BS about how YOU stand for the proper respectable Right. No, you stand for the false Right that has been hijacked by Jews and twisted and used specifically for Jewish/Zionist interests.

    Alt Right says NO MORE to such cuckery. If Jews want to serve Jewish interests, they have every right to. Let Jews serve their own interests. We won’t stop them. Indeed, we think there is nothing wrong with Jews favoring Jewish interests over those of others.

    But just as Jews have every right to serve Jewish interests, white gentiles have every right to serve white gentile interests. That is what Alt Right is about. Alt Right is about whites being proud of their own identity and fighting for their own interests. It is Zionism for whites.

    And THAT is why Jews at Commentary hate Alt Right. Jews think whites exist to serve Jews.

    Now, If Jews want to surrender Jewish identity and interests and join with some abstract generic humanity and call upon others to do the same, they would at least be sincere and consistent. But Jews are disingenuous in their twisted logic. Jews call on ‘universal values’ to undermine and subvert the identity and interests of gentiles. But then, Jews call on these deracinated whites to support and defend JEWISH identity and interests. Jews play a dirty game. Jews tell white gentiles, “you must lose your racist white identity and interests and join with all of humanity… and then serve our Jewish identity and interests.”

    So, Jews use universalism to rob white people of identity and interest but then demand that white people support Jewish identity and interests.

    Only mouth-breathing retards continue to go along with this shit.

    Alt Right, as it now exists, is a motley crew of people with all sorts of ideas. But if they are united by one thing, it is their understanding that the basic premise of rightism or conservatism must be identity, history, unity, and territory. And Alt Right knows that Jews attack such mindset among whites BUT insist on such among Jews. Zionism and Jewish identity are all about identity, history, and territory. And Jewish unity.

    Indeed, the great paradox of Jewish hostility against Alt Right is that Jews hate Alt Right because Alt Right acts ‘Jewish’. Just as Jews are for Jewish identity and interests, Alt Right whites are for white identity and interests. Jews are for their own, and Alt Right whites are for their own. Jews are angry because they think that ONLY Jews have the right of identity and interests. Non-Jews are supposed to surrender their own identity and interests and serve the identity and interests of Jews. When Jews have identity and interests, it’s wonderful. But when whites have them, it is ‘atavistic’.

    Alt Right says Hell No We Won’t Go.

    The spell is broken with those on the Alt Right. Jews don’t control the hearts and minds of Alt Right, and that is why Jews hate Alt Right. Jews are like Mr. Potter in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. They hate anything they can’t control totally.

    Now, what is wrong with an amiable break? Jews can serve their own interests. They need not help out with white interests. Likewise, whites should serve their own interests and won’t help out the Jews, most of whom voted for Obama and pushed the homo agenda and call for mass immigration.

    Why can’t Jews be happy with that? Jews aren’t happy because they see goyim as cattle that must obey their Jewish masters.

    • “Please ignore how Paul Krugman and Tim wise are anti Zionist. Please ignore these anti Zionist Jews:
      Please ignore how white privliage puts us here in the first place:
      Please ignore how this is a tu quoque fallacy.” Fixed your letter.

      • Hmmm. I feel about as guilty about the plight of blacks as they feel about my plight.

        How should I “check my white privilege?” Write semi-literate papers? Flunk my complex variables exam? Hand over my wallet?

        • So because you suffer due to the death spiral of other races which hurt the economy and whites further due to racism..

          • Do you really think that “racism” is just about skin color? Or maybe it has to do with culture, behavior?

            “The fault is in ourselves.”

      • They may or may not be anti-Zionists, but they are not pushing their poison on Israel, but on white, Westerners.

      • So, you “fixed” it, without ever getting the point.

        Why would anybody, who is not a Zionist, care about anti-Zionist Jews? Read that penultimate paragraph again. We don’t care if Jews are pro- or anti-Zionist, pro- or anti-Semitic, pro- or anti-Jews. That’s their business, and doesn’t concern us. Tim Wise is anti-White. That concerns us.

        If the Jews would leave us alone, there would be no problem with Jews. When the backlash comes, and it will, the Jews must look among their own for the cause.

        • And off course you ignore the actual examples of white privliage which guys like Wise point out…

    • You nailed it! Great post! I was chatting with a friend last night, a white Christian who worships Jews and Israel as God’s chosen people. I think I got through to him, but he is one among millions who fall for this “never lay a hand on God’s chosen” crap. BTW, he totally hates Muslims and thinks they should not be here, but had never considered who is letting them in.

      • The problem with these people is that they wont lift a hand to stop the rot in society as they believe they are going to be raptured out before it all goes to sh*t! They forget the passage where Christ told his followers to be the salt of the world. Salt prevents decay and in the ancient world was used as a preservative before refrigeration came along. But Christians have given up their salt for anticipated rapture.We would not have all this LGBT stuff if Christians had not retreated into their false Judeo-Zionist bubble, which, despite what they may believe, in not historical Christianity and is a modern day heresy.

        • It’s Judaism that started the anti gay agenda. Christianity and Islam copied it. Blaming Judaism for gay rights is like blaming Christianity for evolution theory.

  5. “I’ve personally been to several hotels where our reservations have been cancelled because we were holding a public protest or a conference. I know people who have been physically attacked in the streets. I know people who have lost their jobs because of their beliefs. I know people who have been deported or banned from foreign countries because of their political views. Yet for some strange reason we are the ones who are labeled the “bigots” by people who want to silence our ideas?” most of this is freedom of association which other people besides you have suffered throughout history for your beliefs. You are whining.

    • Not whining, simply pointing out the hypocrisy of those who claim the false moral high ground of toleration and claim to seek after truth…

  6. Why do people think that Trump was the “proximal cause” of all this? Trump wouldn’t be possible without the energy created by the leaderless movement. He just had the balls and the money to walk to the front and and start walking in our general direction. The fact that we yank his leash (recall specifically his walk back on Syrian refugees) shows you who is leading who.

    The insulated people of the Hollywood-New York-DC axis just starting noticing us after Trump because we had made an actual electoral impact.

    Historians may note that Trump was catalyzed to run when he heard about White Genocide and realized that it really is now or never – admittedly speculative, but surely plausible.

    I would actually compare this movement to Protestantism rather than Islam, because Islam has doctrinal purity, whereas the alt-right does not. Would it be safe to say that (like Protestantism?) the purity of ones intentions matter more than their actual doctrines? Would it be safe to extend that formula to a rejection of “cuckservatives” and other grifters like Cruz, who no matter how many times they say they want to build a wall now, will be spewed out of our mouths because we don’t believe their intentions are pure?

    As for “Modernity”, there is nothing special about it. Any system would be viable if it could run an oil/energy deficit. Notice how Iran and China and Russia also operate outside “Modernity” and still progress. The propulsion of the alt-right and also Progressives such as the ones opposing Clinton in 2008 and 2016 is a prognostication that the oil/energy/debt engine is winding down and is better to be replace BEFORE the collapse, rather than just watch everything go over a cliff.

    There won’t be a lot of “gender reassignment surgery” and other abominations in an oil starved future.

    • “Why do people think that Trump was the “proximal cause” of all this?”
      I doubt many of them really believe that. But what else are they going to do–Tell the truth?

  7. Yes, but…..

    We do have comment guidelines, dress codes and codes of conduct for League of the South events. There is a reason we have these standards:

    The Alt Right does attract trolls, dysfunctional people, yes real haters that hate women, White women etc.

    Yes, Bill Buckley was a terrible gate keeper.

    We need good gate keeper, goal tenders, nuns with rulers, police officers, border patrol agents etc.

    • Jaye, you either have free speech or you don’t. I know there is a particular commenter here who is just plain nasty and contributes nothing positive. He will out himself if he hasn’t done so already. Free speech doesn’t mean we are obliged to read or indulge someone obnoxious and nihilistic. He’s an attention whore. The best way to get rid of him is to ignore him.
      Enough with “gatekeepers”! The internet has destroyed “gatekeepers” and that’s what respectables and liberals are whining about.
      They’ve lost control of the message.

      • “Jaye, you either have free speech or you don’t”

        I respond:

        I’m saying a definite “NO” on that one.

        Our side needs discipline, organization, leaders who lead, followers who follow – when “anything goes, everything goes”.

        I worked as a 7th and 8th grade public school teacher in Brooklyn, I understand that when 13 year old are allowed to say whatever they want, shout, run around education breaks down and there is no learning.

        It’s the same with the Alt Right world.

        It’s one thing to say that the government can’t punish, persecute people/us for just speech (except copy right infringement, threats of real violence), but it’s another thing to let comment sections, street activism descend in to chaos where we look very bad and accomplish nothing.

        The League of the South street activism is effective because LOS is well led and has effective, common sense rules about dress, conduct.

          • Stop spreading lies.

            My girl friend is White – fair skinned, light eyes, White Hispanic.

            Spain is a White European country.

            Whites in Argentina, Costa Rica, Uruguay the actors and actresses on Univision are White.

            Forget about magic dirt nonsense – as the populations of Somalia and Algeria move to Sweden – these folks ain’t White.

            My girlfriend is White…

            And she isn’t a Hillary Hilderbeast Chicago feminist bitch.

            Thank the good lord

            Stop trolling.

          • Then why do you keep referring to her as ‘Hispanic?’ The spaniards I know from South America would balk at such a label.

            You should get off your high horse anyway, and stop barking orders at people. Your efforts have borne little to no fruit so you have no authority.

          • Hispanic is a perfectly good term to refer to people who come from Spanish language countries/cultures. And yes, Spain is a White European country with a very good history of fighting on the right side against Muslim Moors a certain J tribe.

            The good guys won the Spanish Civil War.

            Argentina never bombed civilian areas of Hamburg and Dresden.

            My own activism has been solid, and successful in modest ways. At League of the South protests in Middle Tennessee I dressed appropriately , held signs and waived to receptive people. We had solid LOTS leaders there and I was a solid follower.

            I’ve worked very hard to beat back ~ 6 mass illegal alien amnesties.

            I’ve won my congressional campaigns – Brian Bilbray in San Diego.

            I opposed all the J Neo Conservative wars against secular Arabs in Iraq and Syria – going so far as to take out full page adverts in Tennessee Newspapers and do talk radio, Teddy Bart TV show.

            And yes, I have been a leading activists exposing the treasonous cult of open borders immigration, race denying Libertarian Constitutionalists – successfully lobbying Amren to make Rand Paul White traitor of the year for 2013 and we successfully killed his Presidential crusade to make all of America like Black Ruled Detroit, Memphis.

            I have many successful White match making marriages with some healthy White children.

            I don’t apologize for promoting OD’s very practical comment guidelines.

            No, I’m not THE WHITE MESSIAH, the savior – who is?

            Donald Trump?

            Trump is good and all racially aware Whites, Southerners, immigration restrictionists should be in and around the Trump campaign.

  8. They are pissed off because everyone is laughing at them and everyone knows that their “leadership” has led to the mess we are currently in. Every area whether it’s trade, economy, foreign policy, religion, culture is crumbling under their “leadership.”

    They are simply there to lose to the left as the left marches through our institutions. “Conservatism” is a con. The only people they have left who will vote for them are the Midwestern cucks who are more interested in being pandered to on social issues but who never demand any actual results.

    The rising of the alt right and the rise of Donald Trump has led to their narrative collapsing. I couldn’t be happier.

  9. Con. Inc. allows the left to play identity politics I hope you all noticed that.
    We have the tactic of “Disqualification” use it, stop playing undergrad intellectual

    • That’s because Con. Inc. has terminal respect for the Left which forbids the Right from playing identity politics. IMO, alt right is on the rise because enough of us can see the anti-White double standards Con. Inc. has upheld since Buckley.

      Con. Inc. is headed for the dustbins of history. Good riddance.

  10. “…and cheeky young rebels who post racist slurs and memes just to annoy the pearl clutching guardians of political correctness.”
    Well, the pearl clutchers are clearly annoyed. They’ve lost control of the message. The internet has reduced them to whining about it because that’s all they can do. That’s a great development and they’re actually admitting to it.

  11. Conservatism needs to die. It needs to go the way of the Dodo. What is modern conservatism but yesterday’s liberalism? We are racial conservationists, not political conservatives, and although they may overlap at times there is a vast ideological difference between the two.

  12. Conservatism is dying. It’s on the way out.

    These cuckservatives face a choice: adapt by joining the Alt-Right, or die.

  13. This is a repost of the same comment I made to AR last night on this same subject matter.


    he [Buckley] wanted to be taken seriously by the New York media and cultural elite

    That’s the only real hint of truth in this screed.

    For those of you who read Sailer, then you’re familiar with the second hand quote of Rupert Murdoch, in which he supposedly said that he didn’t need all the Jews of New York on his side, he only needed some of them.

    Let’s say that, in your social circle, every one of them hates some sort of bizarre esoteric dish of food, like peanut butter avocado stew. In such a circumstance, it’s safe for you to bash the dish and people who like it. But, if your social circle suddenly sees an increase of people who like peanut butter avocado stew, once it reaches a certain critical mass of those in your social circle, even if everyone else hates it, then bashing those who like it will become a social impossibility, and even one’s criticism of the dish itself will have to be careful and tactful.

    What Murdoch meant with that quote is that he needed “conservatism” to be accepted by a high enough percentage of New York Jews, even if it’s nowhere near a majority, so that the vast majority of New York Jews that are liberal will give it a fair hearing and the time of day, because more and more of their Jewish colleagues in their social circles are suddenly becoming “conservative,” liking the peanut butter avocado stew, and as we all know, New York Jews exercise very disparate power over the American news media which in turn holds disparate power over the public policy formation process.

    I now think the raison d’etre of Buckley’s career (what he really meant by “standing athwart history and yelling Stop”) was to water down and universalize and de-tribalize and de-nationalize “conservatism” until it reached the point where enough New York Jews could agree with it in order to force the rest to tolerate it, so that “conservatism” could be a credible national governing ideology.

  14. It’s now wonder they want to stop Trump at all costs. If he wins, their game is up forever. It’s dying anyway, but might linger on for years, but a Trump presidency would end it immediately.

  15. A bigot today is nothing more than someone who wants to reform their nation and civilization, which are presently in rapid decline, so that both can be great again.

  16. What is wrong with being a bigot? It just means you have morals or standards. The alternative to being a bigot is being a nihilist. Of course these days we suffer from a totalitarian ideology where many words are politicized. Now a days bigot means that you do not wish to associate with a category of people whom the Left approves and assigns a privileged position.

  17. The word kyke must come back into vogue. It describes Jew conduct and the conduct of those under Jew influence perfectly. The word means the obstinately blind. These Jews are so good at seeing the fault and the short comings in others. But are unanimously blind to the faults and flaws in themselves and in their own conduct.

    • Hmm. No arguments from me with what you said but I always heard kike came from the Yiddish word keikle (or something like that), which means circle. Illiterate Jews coming in at Ellis island couldn’t sign their name in the registry, and refused to put an “X” down like everyone else since it looks like a cross. So they would write in a circle instead, they started getting called keikles which turned into kikes.

      You could argue it means “circles” but I think anti-Christs is more like it.

      • 16th century Pope Clement VIII… issued a prohibition on the study of the Talmud, in which he made reference to the “blind (Latin: caeca) obstinacy” of the Jews. According to this theory, “caeca” developed eventually into “kike”.

        • Acually, the “K” word is take off of the ki and ski endings of many Eastern European names. It originated with the older communities of Askenazic Jews in Europe who looked down on the newer arrivals from Eastern Europe.

  18. “…I’ve personally been to several hotels where our reservations have been
    cancelled because we were holding a public protest or a conference. I
    know people who have been physically attacked in the streets. I know
    people who have lost their jobs because of their beliefs. I know people
    who have been deported or banned from foreign countries because of their
    political views. Yet for some strange reason we are the ones who are
    labeled the “bigots” by people who want to silence our ideas?…”

    If you can document this you need to put these people on the SJWList. Vox Day is fighting them back with there own medicine. It’s a great idea whose time has come.

    Tim Wise would be a good inclusion to the list.

  19. My Son In Law also mirrored me and my views to get access to my company. This had gotten so overt, like this article, I had to let him go. Had he taken a stand? He’d be in the executive suite. Nice work Continetti, now go clean your nose.

  20. I am developing a contempt for the contemporary American credo of Democracy-Equality-Diversity.

    And their Anti-Racism religion? I’m an infidel.

  21. Once you accept the “equality of all people” you must accept every other logical conclusion in the chain that follows it, with no retreat, because the left always returns to that “equality” premise as the starting point.
    The equality of all people then rapidly transforms into the
    interchangeability of all people; the interchangeability of all people
    becomes the exchangeability of all people; exchangeability of all people
    becomes ****replaceability**** of all people; and replaceability of all
    people ends up meaning “replace the people we don’t like and whose culture makes them apt to disagree with and resist us. ”

    This is currently manifesting itself as State policy throughout the West – increasing the portion of the population that is pliable, low IQ, and non-white, while simultaneously decreasing the portion of the population that is high IQ, pale,
    gentile, and traditional, since they don’t largely embrace liberalism.

    These crappy cuckservative type publications do not like being supplanted by a legitimate opposition that would thwart and reverse this displacement. They enjoy their spot at the table by serving as a steam valve for the left that sends many well meaning right of center whites down a path of ineffective theories.

    The cucks are upset because we are winning the internet insurgency. We don’t want or need them anymore. Hint, this is what displacement feels like assholes. Now apply that sinking feeling to your culture and biology as a whole, and then you can understand where this movement comes from and why we don’t play nice with the displacers.

  22. How about this?

    Here is a compromise solution between Neocons and Alt-Cons or Alt-Rightists.

    How about Alt-Cons will give up their white identity, interests, and nationalism IF Jewish Neocons give up their Jewish identity, interests, and nationalism?

    So, Jewish Neocons need not support white identity and interests, and white Alt-cons need not support Jewish identity and interests.

    Sounds fair. So, Open up Europe to mass immigration from Third World but do the same for Israel.

    And ban any white-centric organizations but also ban AIPAC which is a specifically Jewish organization invested in Jewish identity and interests.

    If Jewish Neocons are really invested in abstract principles of universalism, they should be sympathetic toward ‘anti-semites’ since the main target of ‘anti-semites’ is Jewish identity, interests, and nationalism. ‘Anti-Semites’ notice that Jews support Jewish identity, interests, and nationalism in Israel. They also notice that Jews undermine gentile identity, interests, and nationalism primarily to strengthen Jewish identity, interests, and nationalism. ‘Anti-Semites’ expose Jewish hypocrisy. Jews ought to be welcome this if they are really invested in universalism.

    Jews hate gentile nationalism mainly because it stands in the way of Jewish supremacist control of the West. Jews invoke universalism in their war on gentile nationalism, but the real agenda is to strengthen Jewish identity, interests, nationalism, and even supremacism in the West. After all, the very Jewish ‘universalists’ who demand that whites give up identity, interests, and nationalism are also vocal and shrill in demanding that white gentiles support Jewish identity, interests, and nationalism.

    So, the only sincere compromise between Neocons and Alt-cons must require both sides to give up their identity and interests.

    In this, the elements of the Jewish Left are more consistent and sincere. They are not only committed to destroying white identity and interests but also to destroying Jewish identity and interests. Good or bad, they are consistent. In contrast, Neocons push universalist leftism on white gentiles but promote particularist nationalism for Jews.

    Jewish Neocons see white rightism, white conservatism, and white nationalism as posing competition to Jewish identity and nationalism. After all, if white gentiles are into their own identity and interests, they will have less time and energy to support Jewish identity and interests. Furthermore, those invested in white identity and interests may realize that their agenda is at odds with the identity and interests of Jews.

    So, Jewish Neocons have paradoxically been using universalism to destroy white rightism in order to make whites serve Jewish rightism of Zionism and Jewish identity and interests.

    The pagan way is for each tribe to worship its own god or gods.

    The Christian way is for all peoples to worship the same God who favors no race or people.

    The Zionist way is for all tribes to give up their own gods and worship the one God that favors Jews over all others.

    Alt-Right is neo-pagan. Whites need to serve what is sacred to their own race, land, and history.

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