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  1. Preferably we will see Trump above 50% in the 3rd largest state, his home state. Preferably he will get all 95 delegates. Preferably Cruz will come in 3rd.

    As for the Democrats a near tie is what I hope for, enough to keep Bernie energized, but not enough to cast doubt on the ultimate outcome. Clinton is the preferred opponent for Trump, who can hope to get in the 40s with women and above 60 with men.

    I hope to post the actual results of each state by church attendance before too long, to illustrate just what we are dealing with.

  2. I know this hard to believe now but in 1861 upper central and western New York State, itself an extension of New England, wholeheartedly supported Lincoln, but old New Netherland which was basically the Hudson Valley Albany to the Ocean including NYC and LI had a sizeable amount of support for the South. New York City as a matter of fact wanted to become a City-State because Southern Cotton was shipped from Southern ports to New York Warehouses to be sent to England as it was simply easier for English ships to go directly from Southhampton or Liverpool to New York then to go down to Savannah or New Orleans. A sizeable portion of New York’s Irish rioted against the North.

    New York’s culture changed quickly after 1865 when the German Jews of 1848 gained control of the culture followed by millions of Russian Jews who brought with them Organized Crime and Communism. Since then a cesspool

  3. We’ve been told that white supremacism is the worst thing ever. But really…

    All new orders and societies require some degree of supremacism, be it racial, cultural, spiritual, ideological, or whatever.

    For communist nations to be established, the communist had to have ideological and political supremacism over the populace and ban all competing ideologies.

    Once most people came to accept communism, then the communist system could be more tolerant and lenient.

    Same for Islam. For there to be Islamic civilization, the Muslims had to use ruthless violence and ban all pagan practices. Muslims tolerated Jews and Christians but barely. They had to know who was boss. In Muslim civilizations, Islam was supreme.

    Only when that was established could Muslims be somewhat more lenient.

    This is true even within a single ideology. When it was Stalin vs Trotsky, both tried to purge the other side. It was winner takes all. Stalin won, and he had to wipe out all competing factions. It was partisan-politics supremacism.

    No order was ever established by equality and niceness. All new orders was established by the supremacy of the new dynasty, new clan, new ideology, new military, new something.

    The nature of power is competitive. Various groups contend for power. Eventually, for one side to take power and impose its system/vision over the land, there has to supremacism.

    This was true even among the Nazis. Hitler vs Rohm. The Night of the Long Knives. Hitlerian supremacism over contending factions and groups.

    This is why the globo-homo elites are hard at work. It’s why they are in supremacist mode. They took elite power, and they are now trying to consolidate their power for the future.

    Since there aren’t enough globalists to secure permanent globalist dominance, globalists like Soros seek more diversity via massive immigration so that no single gentile group will have gain critical mass to challenge globalist power.

    In a way, the breakup of the USSR was bad for globalist power. If USSR had remained intact when communism collapsed, globo oligarchs may have been able to play off the various nationalities of former-USSR against one another. But since Russia became mostly Russian, Russians could use Russian nationalism to take back some power from globo oligarchs.

    All this yammering about ‘white supremacism’ is really smoke-and-mirrors to maks the agenda to secure globo-Homo dominance forever. And to do this, globalists tolerate no competing narratives or views. Since globalists see white gentiles as the most capable potential challenger to globalist power, they invoke the bogeyman of ‘white supremacism’ to shame and paralyze white identity and interests, which are legit.

    Vilify white supremacism to push globo-Homo supremacism.

    Anyway, look at Israel. It was only possible cuz Zionism had supremacism over the Arabs. Imagine if Zionists had sought equality with Arabs from day one.

    Arab vision of Palestine was utterly different from Zionist vision of Israel. If both sides had equal power and say in everything from the outset, Israel and its western/modern system would never have succeeded. For Israel to be possible, there had to be Zionist supremacism that expelled Arabs from much of the land. There had to be Zionist power to create a new nation along European models of modernity, business, science, and development. Only after Israel was created and Jewish power was secure in Israel could Jews be more tolerant toward remaining Arabs in Israel(who live better than most Muslims in Muslim lands though with lingering humiliation of being second-class citizens).

    And only a fool would say modern South Africa would have been possible if white conquerors/settlers had opted for total equality in everything with the blacks in that region from day one. The cultures, values, and ideas of two civilizations were utterly different. They were not compatible. One side had to gain supreme power to enforce its vision and system over the other. And it was because whites did that that modern South Africa was possible.

    But PC forbids any such moral ambiguity since it reduces the world into cops and robbers of good and evil. And of course, there’s nothing worse than ‘white supremacism’!!

    Even democracy in Japan and Germany were imposed by American military supremacism. The Japanese and Germans didn’t have a choice. They had go along with the new system whether they liked it or not.

    And USSR created communist Eastern Europe via Soviet military and ideological supremaism, or the Moscow Line supremacism.

    It’s just how new orders are created at the outset.

    So, if white supremacism was necessary to found and build America, so what? All systems were built on supremacism of a people, culture, ideology, vision, and etc.

  4. what happened to this thread? I think you do great work, where are all the comments? NY is a big win for Trump. The working class has been squashed, 9/11 lies are big talk in NYC, immigration is so in your face all Republicans and Libertarians are siding with Trump. It is the whisper in all the right corners.

  5. It appears that Trump far exceeded 50%, Cruz came in a distant 3rd, and Trump will get all 95 delegates from New York. The treachery of Wisconsin, Colorado and Wyoming has been swept away.

    Bernie under performed, but will probably soldier on. There is no doubt that he will not get the nomination short of a Black Swan affecting the actual person of Hillary Clinton (legal and otherwise), but the longer he stays in, the less danger of Democratic machinations in the GOP primary, especially in New Jersey.

    In any other GOP primary season, the calls would be deafening for Cruz and Kasich to leave the race and for the party to unify. The advantages to unifying before the Democrats are obvious, just as the dangers of a late unification are obvious. I don’t see Trump getting denied the nomination by machination as he is on track to get 1237+, but we could see machinations hurt the Cuckservatives, so it is a battle not to be feared.

    The general will be fought over the 3 months of August, September, and October; essentially once the new academic year begins. The Republican party needs to use the convention to “rebrand” itself after the Bush/NeoCon/New World Order era.

    The deciding factor will be whether the white Christians who opposed Trump can be brought back on board. Somebody needs to point out to them that is was a “bad month” for Christianity, and that they are destroying their “brand”; when trannies are freely roaming girls bathrooms, it’s time for Christians to man up and get with the program.

  6. At this point the Cruz voters in the upcoming primaries and cuckus must take a good long hard look at themselves. Cruz is a total fucking fraud. Do not support his wrecking campaign any longer.

  7. realclearpolitics has the 27 district-by-district totals. As it stands now, Trump = 75 delegates, Kasich 6, Cruz 0. Trump will get the 14 at-large delegates as well, bringing him to 89 out of 95. Which means he still needs to get c. 400 from the remaining states. Possible. But not likely. With Trump falling c. 20-50 delegates short, ClevCon looks more and more like a bloodbath

    • Correct. Trump is just whistling past the graveyard. But you’re wasting your time trying to convince the true believers on here.

    • That’s a good outcome. It’s sorta like the negotiations between Hindenberg and Papen over Hitler.

      Maybe it’s going to be like the Kroll Opera House. Trump dissolves them.

      The GOP have stupidly allowed Trump to be the democratic option within their party. He’s got the moral high ground after Colorado and he should begin the hangings ASAP.

      • Shut the fuck up with your stupid europussy history crap. As if there’s even a single valid comparison. Trump ain’t Hitler, and this ain’t then. Go fix the Hillary 2016 sign on your front lawn, spectator.

        • You vulgar ass, why don’t YOU ‘STFU,’ using such foul verbiage that seems to be the only mode of discourse you grasp with your sub-standard IQ. Go slink back to your mother’s basement, you troglodyte. Of course historical comparisons are in order. And Mr. Adolf is fair game for ANY comparison. He’s not God, so back off, and let cogent minds talk about subjects you have no knowledge of.

          Someone has also compared Trump to a new Constantine, and I, for one, appreciate the historical irony it presents. But then… Irony is lost on such as you.

          • But I can vote in this election. You’ll have just to stand there and hold your shitliberal jewess wife’s purse while she votes for Clinton.:-)

          • It must piss you off as a Cruz voter. all the gamesmanship in Colorado wiped out and now shattered.

          • I’m a Sanders voter. It must piss you off that you can’t actually vote for Trump, no matter how hard you felate him on the internet.

          • I like Sanders because he’s:

            1.) He’s an underdog. He’s got guts, and Jew or not, I respect that.

            2.) He genuinely doesn’t care what people think of him. He doesn’t even comb his hair half the time.

            3.) I don’t care which party ends up in the white house anymore. I just want Hillary Clinton to fall. She is a criminal, her husband is a criminal. There HAS to be justice in this universe. People like the Clinton’s CANNOT be allowed to just saunter through life, fucking over everyone and everything, without care or conscience, and not pay for it. She has to to go down. Sanders is the only candidate that can beat her.

          • Chris, I like you and I always have. But the reasons you’ve listed h-taking naïve, and self-defeating.
            Bernie is rent-seeking Communist JEW. He doesn’t have “guts” – he has Jew aggression and a classic Jew mind-boggling sense of Talmudic Jew entitlement. And he’s never done ANYTHING except leech off the Goy tax slaves. Really – I’ve told Hunter to go to Vermont, and experience the exquisite Eloi-ness of the White Vermonter – helots of the Jew Machers, up close. You go too The Jew Vampyre Class lives so beautifully on the rich pure blood of the Vermont Aryan slaves, that they only need to take delicate sips. The Vermont Lucy’s don’t even notice…..
            Bernie gets NASTY when countered, and the Wars for Israel will be..all we do.
            The hair? Chris – that’s not a qualification. Jews have been notorious for their lack of cleanliness, and grooming. He’s not a Fashion Iconoclast; he’s just a dirty Jew.
            And he won’t take down Hillary. I agree with you, about her – but the only guy in the Race that WILL take her down is Trump. He KNOWS her. He’ll crush her. He’ll make her stroke out.
            Snap out of out. SEE what’s real..

          • Bernie is great on a number of important issues– all those stupid wars, money corrupting politics, destruction of jobs and the middle-class. Infinitely preferable to Hilligula.

          • Bernie the JEW is, in his own words, 100% pro Israel. What do you think will change? He probably wants to bring jobs back so so he can keep bleeding us for Israel.

          • Yep, that’s about right. No more Clinton’s in the White House. Anyone would be better than that vindictive woman.

          • Your problem is that you are too attached to the party that hates you rather than being concerned with beating Hillary. Regardless of affiliation, Trump is the only man with game/hand strong enough to dispatch the evil cunt.

          • I’m not attached to either party. I’ve voted Republican and Democrat at different times over the years.

            Trump cannot beat Clinton in the general election, and I don’t believe he will even win the Republican nomination.

          • Must be listening to those experts that have been able to predict so many other things so brilliantly. If the cucks fuck Trump him out of a nomination and there are 3 or 4 candidates running you likely get Hillary. He gets the nomination he wins. He might could still win if he runs as an independent ticket using the bifactional ruling party’s blatantly exposed corruption as a battering ram against them. Disenfranchisement is a powerful rallying tool.

          • No. Chris is obviously having a psychotic fit or acting that way for effect.

          • According to everything you have said on here you don’t think the guy existed…fair enough, that’s a view with historical merit.

            What you do claim however, is that you have Lombard and Polish ancestors. Not Roman Legoniares for ancestors.

            Your people as it were let’s call them Italians went on to then popularize and form the core of the Roman Catholic Church. You nailed your own God to a post Chris. Yeah you. Give it up.

        • I think Trump probably has the nomination. Cruz certainly isn’t viable…he can’t sustain losses on this scale.

          • In the course of his business life, Trump probably threatens and carries out more lawsuits in any given month, than Sanders has in his entire life.

            And Trump’s daughter married and shitted out a jew.

          • According to all the polling they are likely to be the only Jews who will vote Trump.

          • She is. She did squeeze out nasty Jew brats. She now has Jew DNA in her brain. When a woman bears a child, a bit of the baby’s DNA is stored in her brain. This is true. So she wasn’t a Jew- but now she is. She converted when she married the Kushner Jew. The Kushners – Jew Jersey real estate gangsters. Scum de la scum. And she did not register in time.

            Ivanka, apparently, has been Trump’s favorite child, but the Aryan daughter of Marlee was on stage tonight, when The Trumpenfuhrer gave his Winner’s Press Conference.

          • I meant the bit about not registering to vote. So this means absolutely no Jews will vote for Trump!

          • I will say this,I am glad Trump is running ONLY TO SHOW THE JEW’S TRUE COLORS. Here is a man whose father and himself worked and had business with Jews for 75-80 years altogether, gave to Bnai Brith and has a Jew convert daughter. The minute he run’s for President and doesn’t toe the exact to the jot and tittle ADL/AIPAC line, he is crucified like Christ.

            If people don’t wake up to the Jews now, nothing will wake them up.

          • Trump’s Jewsuits have been over REAL things. Bernie the Jew can’t even take a funny, and wholly accurate T-shirt, made by a small producer. I have to get one of those shirts, fast!
            Chris – Bernie the Commie Jew is NOT going to save us from his co-Commie Jews! WHY do you think he is?

      • The MSNBC Talking Jews are basically babbling that the God Emperor is “something we may have to live with”.

    • Stuka- the GOPe assholes have already SAID it will not be Trump- but the WILL OF THE PEOPLE is saying, “Oh, yes it is!”

      I would NOT want to be a GOP operative come summer- this could make the 1968 Democratic Convention look like a walk in the park. If, as I have intimated, EVERYONE DESCEND ON CLEVELAND TO DEMAND TRUMP, or NO ONE GETS OUT OF THE CONVENTION CENTER, it could be the first time the American People have held the Government hostage, instead of your daily vice versa!

      And for good reason.
      Trump. God wills it.
      TO HELL with the Republitards.

      • You don’t want to go to the Convention Center. It’s located in one of the most Feral Nig places in the WORLD. You want to….ahem cough cough…assemble at/in the hotels of the Machers.

  8. take a look at the 12th District result @ http://realclearpolitics.com. Trump and Kasich w 44% each, and a 9 vote margin for Trump; Cruz the rest. That’s one delegate each for Trump and Kasich. How are they going to split delegate #3 between 2 candidates? And what if Trump falls one delegate short at ClevCon as the result of this decision? There will be War

  9. Phone banking for Trump in NY was a thing of joy. I found New Yorkers to be the most jovial and congenial… some of them a laugh riot. But most of all solidly pro-Trump and acting like it was New Years Eve for them tonight watching the ball drop … to watch the results on TV tonight.

  10. If the last two guys standing behind Trump had come from, say, WY and DE, instead of delegate-rich TX and OH, Trump would have it wrapped up by now.

    • All the promises to Cruz etc are null and void if/when the wind changes, in other words Donald can get a unanimous first ballot victory if he nears the 1237 number. Donald needs to get their support through November, then purge the hell out of anyone involved in chicanery.

  11. Are Cruz and Kasich giving concessions speeches tonight. I’ve heard Sanders being interviewed at least. But not a peep out of Kasich and Cruz.

  12. Total Votes 876,648 at 97.8% reporting.

    I was shocked to see that number. NY has a population of 20 million. Wisconsin’s pop. is something like 5 3/4 million.

    Yet, the Republican vote count in WI last month was nearly 1.1 million.


    I read somewhere that the city of NY is only 1/4 white. I don’t know if Trump can win the GE even if he gets the nomination.

    Demographics are killing us.

    • difference between open primary in WI vs. closed primary in NY. I talked to several NY ppl while phone banking who said they were denied voting for DT because they didnt switch their party registration to GOP something like 3 mos. ahead of time.

    • Sam – didn’t you know this? Have you been anywhere near there in the past 20 years? Seriously – if Iran ever did nuke Amurikka, and took out NYC and or DC – they’d be the greatest American Patriots since Jefferson.

  13. Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99

    TRUMP won big where working people live. Brooklyn, Staten Island, Westchester, Long Island.

  14. Dakota Siouxx • 5 minutes ago

    New York Primary 2008 vs 2012 vs 2016

    John McCain 333,001 / Romney 103,142 / Trump 480,429

    • At 98.5% in Trump has 526,000 votes. He is going to end up with more than 5 times as many votes as Romney in 2012.

      Pay attention GOP!

  15. The Republicans can allow Trump to reshape and redirect the party, or die. Their choice.

    I see Trump 89, Kasich 3 at Politico right now (12:45 EDT).

    • Best result is he wins but they cheat to keep him out. The Republican Party is too old and corrupt. It can’t be fixed, it must die.

    • Trump should actually thank the Crypto (?) DeBlasio, if Sheboon “wife”, and the looting they’ve been pulling in Jew York City.
      Oy vey! The stories I hear…..re: taxes, and political district jerry-rigging….the Little Jews are being crushed by the Commie enslavement. Every ordinary Jew and Aryan home-owner/business owner is being shmooshed.

  16. It’s remarkable how much damage acruz is doing to his party, first with the failed government shutdown, and now with his divisive candidacy. But then again, he is a a bush protege: no family has done as much damage to the nation as the bushes!

  17. Hunter Wallace ?@occdissent
    Donald Trump just made it impossible for Ted Cruz to clinch the GOP nomination http://wapo.st/1XHU7nx?tid=ss_tw

    Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99
    Trump won the neocon/National Review district, CD-10, with 44 percent of the vote. Even their neighbors hate them.

  18. New York is a rather good state for our politics. Things must be presented in a good way- populist, nationalists, race realist in an American way, with understandings of White, sort of White ethnic/religious groups.

    Ed Koch did well
    Rudy Guliani did great
    Pat Moynihan and even Bill Buckley’s brother was a US Senator I think from New York State.

    Trump does great and his should be the model for how to handle most Jewish issues.

    Don’t humble yourself, kiss J/Israeli arse, but don’t become obsessed with the Js and start trying to find alliances with Saudi Sunni Muslims, Pakistanis etc.

    • Trump has an opportunity to do what the GOP is loath to do: use wedge issues against the democrats. The calls for unity are growing louder and will be deafening after next week.

      Unity will allow for convention planning, and the convention allow the GOP to “rebrand” against a very favorable opponent. Remember, Clinton has tons of baggage from Libya to trade; unlike Obama who was essentially a blank slate. Another thing working against Hillary? She’s WHITE! Yes, that will hurt her come November as the passion to put a white insider will not motivate the darkies like putting one of their own in there!

      She may, however, nominate a Hispanic, and Trump would be adroit to nominate a matching VP such as Ben Carson or another Hispanic who isn’t a blood sucking neo con like Cruz or Rubio. Trump should also watch his language and stick to wedge issues that are important to voting non-whites (trade, jobs). He has signaled enough to us, and its time to leverage the short attention span of non-whites against them.

      Trump needs to be competitive among women which I define as 40%. He needs to balance that with a bravo performance with men +60% (Hillary helps him here!). He needs to do better than Romney and McCain with non-whites (a low hurdle). He also needs to understand that he doesn’t have to win the popular vote. He can lose California and New York by 80%, which would translate into “losing” in national polls, and still win the election. It is 50 state polls, and the swing states matter most. The road to the White House is through the rust belt and the mid atlantic states.

  19. In March I discovered a radio show hosted by a guy named Steve Deace. At the time it was nothing more than delegate-counting for Cruz interrupted occasionally by a funny character yelling “Ted Cruz!” It became boring very quickly.

    Listened last night. Very somber. Their post-mortem? “Ted Cruz was right after all about New York values. They’re all moral relativists.”
    What a strange cult Cruzism is.

    Gee, I was a talk-radio junkie but I now have only Savage left. I can’t take any more of the cucks and creeps. ( Oh, I heard Mark Levin say that Trump doesn’t want the people to vote and that Fox News is like a Trump Superpac.)

    Radio hosts are as bad as the cuck pundits in print and online. Their end, too?

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