Live Thread: 2016 League of the South Conference

I will be wrapped up here through the weekend.

Last night, our little group camped out and had a bonfire and a barbecue down on the Coosa River. We drank some beers and celebrated the historic BREXIT victory which is galvanizing secessionist movements all over the world. We will be having another party tonight and tomorrow some of us are going kayaking down the Coosa River.

Fun times. If you are in the area and want to come hang out, shoot me an email or respond in the comments.

Note: I recently appeared on the Rebel Yell podcast on The Right Stuff. Check it out.

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  1. Coosa River? I assume it’s in Wetumpka … again. That’s a nice facility, but I wonder if they went to other locations regularly, would their reach expand?

    • Probably.

      If you hold events elsewhere in the South though, it opens up a number of problems:

      1.) You don’t own the facility which means if it is a hotel you are likely to get harassed and your conference cancelled – even tame stuff like Amren – if you publicize your event online.

      2.) It will cost you a lot more money.

      3.) More security issues to deal with in a public setting.

      • It’s a bad idea to post email addresses on the web. I have had several personal experiences with this. There are bots that trawl the web for email addresses. Then somebody hacks into your email account, and all the people you have corresponded with get emails from “you” claiming you’re in some foreign country, you’ve been robbed, stuck without passport or money, please send money.

        Of course, your friends are not that stupid, but why pester them?

  2. You really think that if by some longshot the south seceded, they’d let you take your share of nuclear weapons with? Thats the key to real independence. Of course we might not even have any left if Obama stays around any longer. That guy has to have malevolent wishes for the United States wanting to get rid of Nuclear Weapons, surely Putin and the Chinese aren’t so stupid. Not having nukes basically makes a nation helpless to extortion by those that do. Is Obama really a total puppet of “the jews” as certain characters will soon harangue us on this thread? Or does he have his own agenda, certainly for the globalists a US without nukes is definitely not in their interest. It is going to put the world under the thumb of Russia and China neither nation which is too keen on letting Harvard Professors and NGOs come in and run their crazy agenda.

    • Y’all ought to read a trilogy of ‘Christian fiction’ by an Ohio anti-abortion doctor, name of Dr. Patrick Johnston, called the 2020 trilogy.
      (Spoiler alert)

      The last book, ‘The Uncivil War of 2020’ has a Hillaryesque demoniac as Prez of the Faggot Rump (!) states, and a Ten-state ‘Coalition of Free Christian States,’ centered in Montana. Commandeering the nukes of the Mountain states, enacting of Theonomy for crimes, and a nuke launched at D.C., was one of the best ‘morose delectation’ moments of my life… and I don’t believe I was sinning, in wishing for the annihilation of a Hillary-possessed Jew-S-A! The best single funny moment was when an old, bewigged granny used a double-barrell shotgun on a leftist, Antifa twerp. LOL. Deo Volente!


    Hunter did you see my post about English identity and how the very problem of being forced into an artificial conglomerate BRITISH identity has in effect DESTROYED England? I actually believe the model for AMERICANISM came from the BRITISHFICATION policy forced by the Stuarts in 1707?

    A review of the History of England. In 1483, Richard III the last direct Plantagenet King died in battle and was replaced on the throne by Henry Tudor, a man descended of the English Royal family on his mother’s side, on his fathers he was Welsh/French. Henry VII’s daughter Margaret married a Stuart James IV of Scotland. Henry VII’s male line died out, but his female line produced James VI who became James I in 1603. Thus although England was the more powerful nation, a Scottish regime came and ruled over her. This Scottish Regime, after being overthrown twice, was replaced in 1714 by the Germanic Hanovers.

    When the American Revolution broke out, you can see many slights by the New Englanders at German George as they called George III because the Yankees of course considered themselves racially pure Englishmen. The Southern Tidewater echoed these sentiments as well, although the South was more diverse than New England having Germans, French Hugenots and Scots Irish in her colonies. Still the South was English-Centric just as New England was.


      The Middle Colonies, which were where the commerce was, had no unifying ethnic characteristic. The Hudson Valley of NY was still Dutch and the rest of New York was an extension of New England, New Jersey was an outpost of New England and English Aristocrats who made their money off of slave plantations, and Pennsylvania was a mixture of everything. Even Delaware ie Lower Pennsylvania was also a mixture.

      In 1784 under the Articles of Confederation and the subsequent Land Ordinances, it was decided that the Northwest Territory would be a managed artificial settlement with its governmental apparatuses already established. All 13 states peoples would in theory have equal access to the land, although with travel as it was in 1784, only Pennsylvania, Maryland Virginia and New England via the Mohawk Valley could get to the Northwest Territory easily. Thus these new states developed an artificial culture one that became identified as AMERICAN as it wasnt dominated by one region.

      Poor White Southerners, who were failures in Dixie, went north to “AMERICA” where there was freedom of social movement, this is what gave us Lincoln after all. When Lincoln, himself a disciple of this AMERICAN IDEA pleaded with the South that WE ARE ALL AMERICANS AND BROTHERS. The Southern counterpoint was if being AMERICAN meant we had to CEASE being SOUTHERN which it in effect did, then THE HELL WITH AMERICA. The South knew it was an organic culture, formed by the land, they knew the American culture of Lincoln meant LOSING their distinctiveness.

      If the South can get one bit of poetic justice out of the entire thing, its that New England which pushed Americanism was eventually consumned by it to the point it is no longer distinct. Love that

        • I don’t know the English people have been complaining for some time about being forced to submit to foreign rule. Think about it this way, until 1603 England and Scotland were in a state of perpetual hostility. Suddenly with James, Scottish Nobles can move to London, have English servants and all the trimmings. The very people whose ancestors fought the Scots ever since 1066 with the establishment of Norman England, found themselves in a sense conquered. The Puritan uprising in the 1620s-40s I believe had alot of popular support because it was uniquely English.

          Since the UK was established in 1707, you have seen the prospects for Scots, Welsh and Irish improve, but the English saw their prospects begin to decrease. To a proud Englishman, having a Scottish Royal House and then a German Royal house rule over them was an insult as was having Scottish PM’s. It was almost the same insult to them as it was to us having Obama over us.

          There is a good movie about Liverpool in the 1930’s I forgot the name of it. Liverpool was already in 1930 a place with a sizeable nonwhite population, largely sailors. There was a race riot in Liverpool in 1919 in fact. The plot of the movie was an Anglo-Irish man, whose family had lived in Liverpool for many years and how he lost his job to cheap Irish dockworkers and others, which made him join the Fascist movement. The jist of the movie was this, even as far back as the 30’s, English and those who identify as English immediately saw non-English promoted ahead of them. Still goes on today

  4. When the United States breaks up because of its own internal contradictions, then the League of the South will have a network in place to pick up some of the pieces. Possibly, a Trump Presidency can forestall a breakup, but, it would take a whole series of Trumps’ to keep the USA going.

    • Everything pins on Texas at the end of the day. In 1860 Dixie revolved around South Carolina and Virginia but in 2016 The most important Southern States are Texas and Alabama and someone will have to break the ice first. Once someone breaks the ice, then its all in from there.

      This guy who publishes this website I have no idea if Hunter knows him or if he is legit or not, but his premise is that all that has to be done is for states to elect a new slate of governors and redeclare the Confederacy in existence as it is his premise the Confederacy still exists its just that the government offices are presently unfilled.

      • Texas is definitely in the best position to secede. Huge pop, land mass, economy, oil, ports. But I do hope Texas goes w the rest of the South when the dust settles. Without doing extensive research, majority of white Texans appear to be ethnic Southerners, plus we’d love to have the territory and the oil.

        These maps when viewed together will probably give us a good idea where the white ppl are ethnically/racially Southern. The first one is of the Bible belt, the second one a map of Southern accents w green being strongly Southern, pink being somewhat Southern.

        • Texas has a much larger Mexican issue now, but even in ’61 it had one as well. Because of so many Texans in Lee’s army, Cortina and other Mexican bandits had a field day in Texas from 61-65, although the Texas Home Guard Units did defeat them. This was why after the war the Reconstruction invaders were not regarded in Texas the same as they were in Mississippi or even Virginia. Because of the Mexican Border and the Comanches the Bluecoats were seen by Texas businessmen after ’65 as a necessary evil. The relationship between Texas and the US Government is much more complicated than any other Southern State, because of the frontier and later because of all the military bases and infrastructure that was built there.

          This will be hard to believe but in 1861 there were actually Mexicans serving in the Confederate Army.


      • It’s not absolutely necessary for any state to go first. It is possible that some states could pass bills to secede pending the co-secession of x other states. That would enable a dozen or more states to secede as a block all in the same day. That would be the most sensible way to do it but politics is seldom sensible or efficient.

        • I disagree only in this point. South Carolina seceded on December 20th and it took until January 9th for Mississippi to jump in, after that the remainder of the original 7 did so in short order one after the other. Someone will have to go first to test the waters. Of course with much quicker communication, it obviously wouldnt take 20 days or so for the next one to come in as it did in 60-61 but still expect in the case of secession, someone will have to go first. Texas and Alabama are right now to me the two best bets for doing so, with Texas in the lead. Whoever goes first, everyone will follow.

          • Yes, it is very likely that once one Southern state seceded, the rest of the South, an perhaps much of the West, would go with it. But why take it on faith when you don’t have to? What reason is there for states not to secede in unision as I proposed? It would make the hurdle much lower for the first state if they did it as I proposed.

            Which would be easiest to win majority vote for:

            Alabama shall secede from United States.


            Alabama shall secede from the United states, pending the co-secession of 5 other states.

            I think the second option is easier, and could even get passed in state congress as a “protest bill” after some offense from DC.

          • I am not sure which would be the best scenario, I think two would be the best, but the difficult part will be making five agree with you, much less 13+ A leader must arise who is willing to risk prison and death to put his state’s name on the line. Again Im not sure how this would happen, I think we have more than enough provocations for secession now. All we wait for is a LEADER TO RISK IT. Once he does, then all bets are off

          • A charismatic leader would certainly be a huge boost for the movement. Until that person arises we just need to keep blogging, commenting, tweeting, youtubing, podcasting, holding conferences, street demos, etc.

            As long as we can just keep growing the movement we are slowly winning. Our big break comes when it comes.

    • Interesting that your screen name is “spahnranch69.” Over the past week or two, I was tempted to post here, at Occidental Diseent, my view that the population of the South, from West Virginia to the Gulf of Mexico and from Texas to the Atlantic Coast, is essentially criminal, or at least heavily marbled with the criminal. Really, that’s what happened upon Lincoln’s election: the Southern rabble didn’t fall into support of the planter leaders out of a feeling for “states’ rights” or a sense that the South was being invaded by “Northern aggressors.” No, the South was essentially a former British penal colony, one whose antisocial mass, after the Revolutionary War, had metastasized, westward, beyond the Appalachian system and through the states along the Gulf. The South’s self-serving narrative to the contrary notwithstanding, it was the North, not the South, that made the mistake of entering into a Union; it was the North, not the South, that was inevitably attacked–for no reason really, other than that the venal plantation owners finally gave that enlarged criminal mass a pseudo-justification to act on its native viciousness, its undifferentiated and eternal aggrievedness. Texas secede. As I’ve said here before, you so-called Southern Nationalists have no strategy, no resources, not even a real cause; you have nothing but, yes, that aggrievedness, which you mindlessly nurse. Charles Manson, whom you, “spahnranch69,” apparently admire, was little different from the pseudo-preacher that Robert Mitchum played in “The Night of the Hunter,” which is set, roughly, in the place and the cultural milieu in which Manson had his childhood. At bottom, Manson’s violence was as pointless as that of the Hatfields and the McCoys, whose feud played out not terribly far from that same area. Southern Nationalists’ indignation at the supposed insults to the Confederate flag and to the statues and other monuments in honor of the Confederacy and its heroes is simply, as I say, the indignation of criminals, vexed that their antisocial animus is in check. In a sane America, the South wouldn’t have to secede; it would be expelled.

      • The South has a huge amount of resources, and a strong, good people, who are made of much better stuff than the Northerners who have been screwing up the country with their Puritanical legalism and self-righteousness for some time. It’s why they keep giving us goody goody leftists and weaklings.

        That said, its the megachurch culture that gave us Ted Cruz here in Texas. Those dumbasses have no discernment. Still, even the most idiotic Texan is superior to a Northerner.

        Anyway, secession is impossible at this point unless Trump loses, and even then it’s a long shot of long shots.

        • If, by resources, you mean, Geralt, natural resources, I will clarify: I was speaking of political resources. Southern Nationalists have none.

          • I’m not sure what you mean by “political resources.” The South is dominated by a politically incorrect Right Wing. We simply lack an uncucked charismatic leadership.

          • Political resources are what the Jews have: newspapers and other media of communication; well-funded, intelligently-run advocacy organizations; gatekeepers in academe and the professions; and enough money to make sure nobody objects to any of it. All of those are fruit of the Jews’ essential quality, which is never to be found in a Southerner: seriousness.

          • The Internet is the new printing press and camera phones are the new TV crews. Jew dominance in the traditional media is falling to the digital age and they are shaking in their yarmulkes over it.

            Regarding the orgs, we’re working on it. We don’t have to match them org for org or dollar for dollar bc we have reason and nature on our side.

          • Oh, yeah–the Jews are shaking in their yarmulkes, because every Southern Nationalist is paying them God-knows-how-much each month for internet service.

            You’re “working on” the orgs: Right, the same way those Pacific Islanders, with their cargo cults, were working on landing strips. The Jews’ organizations are the summit of a mountain of political force, a mountain of which every Jew, in his every action, of every day, is a part. You have it, in short, completely backwards: Your handmade protest signs are the equivalent of those islanders’ lifeless imitations of aircraft. You think the protest signs and the marches are the force: No–the force is what underlies them.

            PS Some persons don’t remember the days, a decade-and-a-half or so ago now, when the internet was almost unusable, because it was almost completely unorganized. That problem was solved when Google was created by two Southern scientists–oh, wait, no, they were Jews, one of whom didn’t even come to the U.S. until about three-and-a-half centuries after whites began settling in the South. In the meantime, Southerners have been writing songs about coming home late, drunk.

          • The jewish mafia is not all encompassing, all powerful, nor invincible.

            Ukip was started from scratch in recent history and has won independence without a war. Obviously this was against the will of a lot of Jews.

            Our numbers and influence are growing, and at some point we’ll be a serious political force.

            Thanks for the warm words of encouragement tho.

          • If you want warm words of encouragement, go talk to your mother. I’m doing you a favor.

  5. people..

    Most Liberals want to be members of the elite. They want the good life and privileges.

    But ‘elitism’ is a dirty word. The so-called ‘progressive’ whose secular faith is ‘equality’ must seek a way to be elitist without seeming elitist.

    Since it is no longer fashionable to take pride in being higher-up or more elevated than the rest of humanity, the neo-elitism consists of avant-garde-ism expounding that the ‘radicals’ are way ahead of the curve of everyone else.

    So, while one cannot be ABOVE humanity, one can be AHEAD of humanity. Being AHEAD of humanity, one enjoys being part of the neo-elite, but such privilege is rationalized on grounds that one is forging ahead as a navigator of justice to bring about greater equality for everyone.

    Of course, the globalist-capitalists understand what this conceit is really about. They understand that the radical intellectuals don’t want to be part of humanity with regular jobs and hassles of life. The rads want to be professors, curators, critics, artists, authors, celebrities, ‘creative’ folks, agents of NGO’s, and etc.

    So, the globalist-capitalist and ‘radicals’ struck up a bargain whereby the former would fund the latter who would mainly redefine ‘equality’ in terms of homomania, transmania, and gender-bender obsessions.

    This is wonderful for the super-capitalist class since the homo/tranny community consists only of 3%(if that) of humanity.

    So, if the ultimate goal of ‘progressive leftism’ is about making all of humanity bow down to the vanity and narcissism of a small percentage of people who indulge in fecal penetration, cross-dressing, and genital mutilation, it really means that neo-equality consists of the 97% serving the vainglory of the sexually deviant 3%.

    This is great for the super-rich since homos and trannies, in all their self-glorifying vanity, love to rub shoulders with the men and women of privilege.

  6. people..

    PC has gotten away with its neo-control-freakism by offering limitless freedom for those who choose the ‘correct’ path. It offers blinkered anarchy for those who play by the rules.

    So, if you choose anti-white-male rhetoric, you can be as wild and crazy as you want to be, even making up rape hoaxes to smear college fraternities.

    If you choose the way of Slut Pride, you can skank yourself out totally as an imitation Miley Cyrus.

    If you choose the way of tattoos and body-piercing, you can turn yourself into a completely hideous-looking freak.

    If you choose homo ‘pride’, you can act in ways that trample all over rules of decency and propriety. You can also work with the Globalists to push for WWIII against Russia because it won’t cave to homo poo-ride parades.

    If you choose gender-fluidity, you can come up with new nano-gender-identities against ‘heteronormativity’.

    If you choose black rage, you can fume all you want against the white gentile devil.

    If you choose the mantra of Diversity or the bogeyman of ‘white privilege’,

    you can howl all you want to the moon until the cows come home.

    So, if you choose the correct cause or agenda, there is no limit to your freedom to hate, berate, throw tantrums, and act crazy.

    This creates the impression that freedom is everywhere in our so-called ‘liberal democracy’.

    Freedom becomes problematic ONLY IF you question, critique, and counter the holy writ of PC.

    Indeed, the globo-elites who control PC say that ‘hate speech’ isn’t free speech. If you practice free speech to counter the PC agenda, you are said to be ‘threatening’ the freedom of the PC crowd by making them feel ‘unsafe’.

    So, if you practice free speech against PC and if the PC crowd attacks you, YOU are to blame for aggressing against them because you made them feel ‘threatened’ even though they are the ones who attacked you physically.

    According to PC, verbal criticism of ‘progressives’ and certain ‘peoples of color’ violates their right not to feel ‘threatened’(which means to be challenged or offended because the PC crybullies have been raised from cradle to flip out over anything that offends their tender feelings and righteous conceits).

    So, if violence is done to you by the PC gang, their right not to be offended or ‘threatened’ trumps your right of free speech to challenge and counter their delusions and manias.

    It’s not unlike the logic of the Cultural Revolution in China. The Red Guards could exercise and enjoy unlimited freedom, even to assault and murder, as long as they stuck to the ideological script provided by Mao.

    As long as they claimed to serve the revolution and destroy the capitalist-roaders, there was no restraint on their madness.

    Such blinkered anarchy that allows total freedom and aggression in one direction creates the false impression of liberty.

    It’s like the freedom of dogs that can never attack the master but can act with total savagery against the targets chosen by the master. Dogs feel totally free in their unrestrained bloodlust as they tear apart a boar or deer chosen by their master, but aren’t they mere tools of their master?

    Mao tricked the Red Guards the same way. By giving the Red Guards unlimited freedom to attack and destroy Mao’s rivals, real or imagined, the impression of youth power was created.

    Many people assume that PC must be against the Powers-That-Be.

    After all, PC opposes ‘white privilege’ in a society that is presumably ruled by Privileged Whites.

    This is a sleight-of-hand trick because, in truth, the West is under globalist-imperialist rules of Jewish Supremacists(who chose homos and white Liberals & Cuckservatives as their collaborators agents).

    White elites in the West don’t serve White People. They serve the Jewish Globalists to further dispossess and displace the white masses.

    Just look at worthless ‘white leaders’ like Jeb Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney.

    All this emphasis on ‘white privilege’ is a smoke-and-mirrors trick to obfuscate and distract us from the real power that is Jewish Supremacist Power.

    So, PC doesn’t challenge and oppose the Real Power. It is essentially a means by which the Real Power, that of Jewish Globalists, manipulates the ideology of ‘radicalism’ to redirect the fury of the rising tide of color against white gentiles who are really living under Jewish-Homo-Globalist Imperialism served by the collaboration of white Liberal elites and Cuckservatives who get to keep their personal privileges as long as they serve the Globalist Elites than their own peoples.

  7. Brad:

    While you were enjoying your organization’s conference which was peaceful, Matt Heimbach’s and Matt Parrot’s organization were stirring up Civil War II in Sacramento, and fanning the flames of a race war.

    I don’t much like or trust the Matt-oids, but they have — by using their skinhead auxiliaries as shock troops — beaten the faggy mamzer SJWs and beaners on moral and physical grounds. Even the Potok — “Potok is Klingon for ‘constipated jewboy'” — at the $PLC has to gloss over that invading mongrels and faggots don’t believe in “free speech for whites” and bring up the Matt-oids’ former didoes as if they matter.

    I think that the Matt-oids have made it quite clear that using their shock troops where ZOG stands regarding White People, and how powerless ZOG is when Whites fight. I’m not sure if this was done by design or, more likely, was merely just what happens as the Mighty Evil Empire of ZOG/Babylon the Third and Final implodes under jew-&-mamzer mischege-nation chaos. The Skinheads were magnificent in their desperation when their backs were against the wall, were they not?

    I’m even thinking of pulling my horns in a bit against other bowel Movement “leader”tards, as what with Brexit and Trump (and now all this new shit caused by scared and desperate jews and niggers and beaners and gooks scared that the Golden Horn is about to go bust) I see the collapse of ZOG/Babylon into civil war and dissolution into warlord-[d]ruled whiggerstans being likely this year.

    So Brad, what say you? Will you accept violence as necessary even in self-defense?

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri

    P.S. I’m decidedly NOT asking for comments from the Wile E. Hibersheenie / Jackquiboi Ellis & jew crew penis-gallery. –PMLDL CJCC/AN of Mo

    • Will you accept violence as necessary even in self-defense?

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone in the pro-White sphere imply that violence is not necessary in a self-defense situation. I’ve never seen anyone say that you should just sit back and allow people to violently attack you or your family without defending yourself.

      The argument in tactics and methodology always revolves around what constitutes appropriate self-defense and in what capacity and manner would warrant someone to be proactive in securing a safe environment for themselves and their family. Essentially, it boils down to people arguing about offensive tactics rather than simply being an argument about self-defense.

  8. I will not comment at the moment for fear of violating OD posting guidelines.

    ADLVerified account
    The white supremacists rallying in CA followed a common strategy: baiting counter-protesters into violence

  9. Some of these fellows might not wear bow ties and certainly prefer insulting the opposition rather than debating them but they would be invaluable when antis attack.

    Shitlord Of The Week June 22, 2016 by CH

    ‘Let me tell you something real and true about the Shitlord Rising: If America is to be great/White again, she’ll need the help of ALL her shitlords, from the meme-making pranksters to the theme-cranking intellectuals to the shitlib-shaming musclebros. Higbrow, lowbrow, shivbrow… it’s all to the Good in the Time of the Trumpening.

    So after you’re finished soaking up the latest shiv-right treatise on diversity and social atomization, let loose with a satisfying GO FUCKING COOK MY BURRITO BITCH. And don’t be bashful or feel like you have to soften the exclamation in a gauze of irony. Our smartie shitlords will strike fear in shitlib egos, while our shirtless shitlords will strike fear in shitlib hearts. Victory is assured by cutting a devastating swath through both paths to the enemy’s quaking id’.

  10. Has anyone noticed the media has abandoned the Orlando Terrorist Attack? Can you imagine if Omar was a right wing white man or someone who had a Confederate flag in his home or car?

  11. Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99
    Francis Wang tried to do unbiased reporting on Sacramento. But @splcenter rebuked her. SPLC has a chilling effect on the truth.

    Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99
    Frances Wang (@ABC10Frances) of @ABC10 just learned that if you don’t hew to a Jewish-approved @splcenter narrative, you get slapped down.

    Ricky Vaughn ?@Ricky_Vaughn99
    .@ABC10 pulled their news story at the behest of @splcenter. NO freedom of the press in Sacramento. Disgusting!

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