BREXIT and Southern Nationalism

BREXIT triumphed at the polls.

The fact that the United Kingdom has voted to peacefully secede from the European Union, which brings with it the possibility that Scotland might hold a second vote on seceding from the UK, has changed overnight the political landscape of secessionist movements all over the world.

It just so happened that the result of the BREXIT vote came in late at night on the eve of the 2016 League of the South National Conference. I’ve been wrapped up for days now and haven’t had the chance to fully digest the news. The BREXIT vote couldn’t have come at a better time in light of the renewed debate we have been having over violence and vanguardists. After this, it is safe to say that for now the mainstreamers, or “the moderates” as we are derisively called, have decisively won the argument.

Mainstreamers believe that our core ideas on a wide range of issues are increasingly popular with our people and that the neoliberal status quo is weak and losing its legitimacy. The Donald Trump presidential campaign is one expression of this unease. The triumph of BREXIT in the UK and the growing strength of nationalist and populist movements in Europe is another symptom of it. Apocalyptic violence is unnecessary and counterproductive because our people are waking up and coming around to our positions on these issues. We’re the vanguard in the sense that we are way ahead of the curve and if we have the patience to wait our people will eventually catch up with us.

This is what happened in the United Kingdom. The dream of an independent United Kingdom took 25 years for the UKIP to achieve. It should be said at the outset that the UKIP isn’t an ethnonationalist party and that seceding from the EU alone isn’t sufficient to solve all of Britain’s problems. The horror in Rotherham, for example, can be laid at the doorstep of the local government which was cowed into submission by political correctness and the multiculturalist orthodoxy. The UK can still squander its independence if it chooses to take the disastrous route of Norway which isn’t a member of the European Union. Independence isn’t everything but it is something.

If Texas seceded from the United States, it would regain control of its own borders, but it would still have a massive demographic problem. Similarly, if Dixie seceded from the United States, we would regain the power and responsibility to tackle these problems which we have surrendered to Washington. It would still be up to us to get our own house in order. As with the UK, independence wouldn’t be everything, but it would be something meaningful.

It goes without saying that the BREXIT model and precedent will color everything we do moving forward. We’re going to have to learn more about how the UKIP achieved its goal. There will have to be a secessionist party pushing for a referendum on Southern independence. The same dynamics of the Leave and Exit campaigns will be on display here with both sides making the same arguments. Will the economic catastrophe predicted by the Remain camp materialize or is the current economic turmoil just the sting and uncertainty of ripping off a bandaid? Will the UK use its independence to take back control of its borders?

The whole world is watching. So much of what we aim to do here in the South will be affected by the outcome of this experiment.

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    • I am torn as to whether it will suit our purposes better if Hillary wins. I wouldn’t support her anyway but we need that last straw to break the camel’s back and destroy the Union.

      Southerners need to concentrate on the main differences between 1861 and now. In 1861 the North was almost 97% white and at 100% in some areas. Greater New England encompassed all of New England, all of New York north and west of Albany, and at the Ohio Line all of the land above the 41st Parallel to the Mississippi River thus making Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota extensions of Massachusetts. New Englanders, although numerically a minority outside of New York and New England, held a preponderance of government and financial positions in the Northwestern States. Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware were all culturally diverse, the last two being the only Northern Slave states. The lower Northwestern States OH IN ILL weren’t dominated by any one culture but they were united in race and this idea of Americanism, which had been pushed on the frontier since the Founding Fathers.

      In 1861 Dixie faced an imperfectly united enemy united under thefalse flag of AMERICANISM

      In 2016 with racial/ethnic diversity everywhere, American means NOTHING anymore AMERICANISM is now equal to Colonialism, Racism Sexism so the North is completely divided. If the South were to leave tomorrow, the North would descend into anarchy as the vast majority of white soldiers sailors airmen and marines holding this thing together are SOUTHERN WHITES. There would be no war, just a whimper.

      My 2 cents

        • I agree Hunter, I am just trying to figure out what situation would lead to disunion the fastest. I support Trump 100% but I also want to see the system collapse. I don’t believe Hildabeast could hold the nation together irregardless and citing Thomas Chittum’s book CIVIL WAR II The Coming Breakup of America in which he said the second civil war will begin in 2020, which I think is definately possible. The thing is the Nationalists are now awake, and we need to stay on the offensive. I don’t ever want to see America to become great again and our people be lulled to sleep as they were in 1968, when Nixon promised to stop New Reconstruction (HE DIDNT OF COURSE HE JUST PROCEEDED WITH IT VIA SKULLDUGGERY) or in 1980 with Reagan. The Revolt should have happened already.

          This is why I actually liked Obama in one way, that is HE PROVES EVERY SINGLE POINT I HAVE EVER RAISED ABOUT WHATS WRONG WITH SOCIETY.

          We need to stay on the offensive

          • We were talking about the “worse is better” theory this weekend. It is true in a sense. Then again, if things get too bad like they are now in South Africa, it only gets worse and never better.

          • I agree 100% but I keep saying Hunter the tipping point has to come at some point. Even if Hillary is Elected I dont see her being able to govern and I see the collapse coming. Trump then who knows what he will be able to do.

            As for South Africa that nation is problematic for the Whites there not only because of the Negro government but because that government is internationally financed by Jews and the UK and the whites are spread out. Typically in our country we have areas of high white concentration high Negro concentration or intermixture.

            The Deep and Coastal Southern USA is really the only place where potentially the Kill The Boer scenario could play because of the Negroes being so populous thereout BUT you and I both know Southerners and Boers are completely different. The Boers are Dutch and the Dutch have never been great fighters. Even during Apartheid they placated the Negroes. In Alabama in 1959 Nelson Mandela would have got to know Mr. Hemp

            The Scots Irish Welsh blood that runs through Dixie will never allow it to be enslaved. I predict the first White farm family in Alabama or Mississippi that is raped and burned alive by Negroes will open the door to something the Negroes dont want to see coming. Reverend Jesse Peterson once said awhile back about the Rebel Flag criticizing Black Lives Matter and said to the Negroes now you’ve awoken Johnny Reb. I think he is right. I am seeing Rebel flags popping up all over, this is Revolution time.

          • Do you know anyone working on the formation of a secession party? I would like to see this.

          • once Mrs. Clinton is inaugurated, events – economic and political – will move very rapidly

  1. If we actually have a secessionist campaign going on it will likely decrease Dylan Roof jobs bc it will provide ppl w a positive outlet for their frustration.

    But we really need to have much of our act together up front, such as a proposed confederation of newly seceded states and a proposed constitution to be adopted effective upon secession.

    We need to present ppl with a positive vision of what we can do once seceded. After all, what’s the point in seceding if we just continue on the same downhill spiral, accepting all the premises of the Left? I would have a hard time really giving myself to a secessionist movement that isn’t unapologetically racist, sexist, religionist.

      • Exactly, the Bourbons, Cuckservatives and the Nationalists/Populists will of course still fight in a New Confederacy AT FIRST but I predict that like an Islamic Republic and like in Revolutionary Russia, the most radical element of Southern Political and Racial Identity would rise to the top in a New Confederacy and the Lindsey Grahams and others will be sent into exile in a year or less. The reason is simple, the Radical Element can communicate to the people much better.

        Think about it this way, in a New Confederacy the Battle Flag would be a sacred a symbol in a similar way to the Christian Cross. Any leader who would not swear absolute loyalty to protect her and the monuments at all costs, instant citizenship strip and exile. The people understand ideas like Congressman Owens wants to descicrate Granddaddy Smith’s grave by pulling off the Battle Flag. Who would be the only side hell bent on preserving EVERY CRUMB OF SOUTHERN HISTORY/CULTURE? EVERY CRUMB AND EXPRESSION? Of course the Nationalists would. Therefore I predict given a choice in a New Nation, the Hunter Wallace brand of Southern Nationalism would rise to the top. It’s message is too good not to

          • That’s not so bad if we end up with version 1.0 giving way to version 2.0 before winning.

            I’m thinking Dixie Nationalist Party (DNP). But we absolutely must not try to be “respectable” and “inclusive” like the Tea Party.

            The only seats we really care about are state and local and I bet we could win a lot of them with an unapologetic prowhite, proChristian, antidiversity platform that at least proposes secession as a possibility.
            We’d get plenty of free advertisement from the media.

    • That is possible, but from what I gather small political parties are usually the hobby horses for intellectuals to tell everyone how smart they are. If they do offer to help their supposed constituency it is usually in such abstract language that only the true believers can make heads or tails of it, and they like it that way.
      But we on the right just love us some intellectuals no matter how ineffective they are socially or politically.

        • UKIP has broken thru the grasp of right wing intellectuals and their mastery of essays on abstract details. A person could listen to Farage and at least understand he is trying to help, the intellectuals just want to score points and get a smart badge from the Left.
          You could troll the right wing hobby horse message boards pretend you’re an editor from the NYTs tell the intellectuals gathered there that the NYT will recognize their intelligence and they would all rejoice as if winning the powerball and a date with a model.
          The alt-right is now just beginning to learn how to defenestrate and delegitimize the Left/Cuck alliance of evil, when they really get good at it the left will in effect in end up providing “services” at truck stops where they belong.

  2. The question I have is if the Confederacy still LEGALLY exists as per International Law then all the states must do is elect new governments and send representatives. How this reestablishment phase would happen I have no idea.

    Still hinging all my hopes on Texas as it is the most ready of the original 13 to reassert its freedom. Someone will have to take the lead in this new endeavor. In the South east of the Mississippi that lead will have to come from Alabama, in the west it will have to come from Texas. End of Story.

      • Don’t forget, Hunter, South and Central Texas was a colony of Alabama. As an aside, I often mistake Alabamians for Texans, just by their accent and mode of speech. Close Encounters of The Third Kind was filmed in Alabama. The neighborhood in the film looked just like the one I grew up in, in Texas. Even down to the boats on the trailers in the driveways, and the vegetable gardens out back. The scene with the old folks playing dominoes and the stacked KFC boxes, Saturday night in Texas and Oklahoma.

        • I assume it was filmed in Alabama for access to NASA or cost among other things as for some odd reason the storyline with the Neary family is set in Indiana of all places.

          • They used an old Navy airship hanger near Mobile to film most of it. It ain’t Indiana, or anywhere else in the North. That’s for sure.

          • I never understand how Hollywood can film one place and call it another place completely different. Just like how Dirty Dancing was set in the 1962 Catskills but was filmed in North Carolina because of all the old Jewish Resorts in the Catskills in New York were in too much disrepair by 1986 to even consider filming there.

    • As a practical matter, I don’t think International Law enters into it. I doubt any significant country would recognize the Confederacy at this point. How many nations recognize Abkhazia, for example?

      Furthermore, I don’t see how Texas can peacefully get to the point of secession. Setting aside the carpetbaggers, the cucks, the progs and the nonwhites, there aren’t enough actual Texans to get it done by way of the ballot.

      • The Confederacy was legally recognized by one nation and that was the PAPAL STATES whose present successor is VATICAN CITY. Pope Pius IX actually sent correspondence addressed to President Jefferson Davis and later sent him a crown of thorns made with his own hands while he was a prisoner at Fortress Monroe in Virginia. If we take that the South under International Law was afforded Belligerent Status by most nations then, if the government still exists in theory then that status still exists.

        Texas like any DIVERSE state is going to collapse under it’s own weight and I personally believe White Texans will rise to the occasion. To win a war, you must hold the countryside, have the ability to cut water and food off from the cities and have the weapons. Texas whites are well armed, plus Negroes are poor soldiers and Mexicans are average at best. Texas was majority Mexican in 1836 and they still won. Can do the same in 2016

  3. Volks…

    Cameron the ‘conservative’ pushed for ‘gay marriage’, the cause celebre of the globalist ‘left’ funded by the big banks.

    Since homosexuality is said to be biologically just as legit as real sexuality, should ENEMA be designated as ‘fecal abortion’?

    Fetal abortion for women, fecal abortion for homo men.

    Thanks to homomania, the fecal is equal to the fetal.

  4. Off topic, but I really like this flag design and also the combination of the Southern Cross with the Secession posted in “2016: League of the South Conference.”

      • The Black St Andrews Cross on white design helps to preserve the sacredness of the original Flag of the Army of Northern Virginia and the Navy Jack, while also communicating it’s message in a new more aggressive way. The old symbols are still good, but a new movement needs its own symbols as well.

          • Southern Nationalism is retarded. As of 2011 46.6% of children under the age of 1 were muds in Alabama alone. Stick a fucking fork in it and heed the Northwest Imperative.

          • A friend of mine from Portland moved to South Carolina and married a Southern Nationalist. They are about to have a kid. She repeatedly tried to make contact with the “Northwest Front” but since it isn’t a real organization – just an online White Nationalist LARPing group – she gave up.

          • Numbers are part of it but not everything. South Carolina and Mississippi were both majority Negro in 1860 but still managed to have a strong white government. The Negroes are as a whole too disorganized to be a serious opponent, at least at present.

  5. The Global Juden are already busily scheming/plotting/working feverishly to negate or revoke BREXIT. I’m just sayin’…………

  6. Meanwhile in Europe.

    “”..Plans for ‘a closer European Union’ have been branded an attempt to create a ‘European superstate’.
    Germany’s foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and his French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault today presented a proposal for closer EU integration based on three key areas – internal and external security, the migrant crisis, and economic cooperation.
    But the plans have been described as an ‘ultimatum’ in Poland, with claims it would mean countries transfer their armies, economic systems and border controls to the EU…””

    Read more:
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    • And the jews switched gear also.

      Whether it makes sense for leftists to advocate exit hinges on whether a nation-state freed from EU institutions provides more fertile ground for cultivating a progressive agenda of redistribution, labor rights, and anti-racism…Similarly, on immigration, Tuck claims that, despite the insufferable xenophobia dominating the Leave campaign, the only way to overcome racism is to let Britain’s people “feel” sovereign again by returning control of their borders to London.

      Pay attention to “feel”. After the secession, they fool you “feel” sovereign…actually you are not. History shows that unfortunately they made this trick successfully many times.

  7. Peeps…

    What is worst about ‘virtue-signaling’ is that it’s not real virtue that’s being signaled.

    It is vice-as-virtue.

    Homo-worship is no virtue. It is rank decadence and degeneracy that reveres sexual deviancy of fecal penetration and genital mutilation(of trans-gender surgery).

    It should be called vice-as-virtue-signaling. Or vicetue-signaling.

  8. I don’t quite understand why you, whigger nationalists, give Brexit so much attention. It’s not your matter! It’s machinations of the US trying to weaken the EU. They’re all enemies of the White race. I for one would prefer the EU strong and totalitarian, just with the racist ideology. After all, it’s easier to topple the government in Brussels than each of the 28 member-states.

    The idea of a separatist country in the US is beyond retarded. Even if you succeed, you will have no army to protect it from a possible invasion from Washington. To be actually independent, you need access to nuclear, chemical and biological weapons. Remember that independent state called South Africa? It’s not even in America, yet it was destroyed.

    Why are you talking about the secession of Texas? It’s a Mexican state. Unless you have plans to build concentration camps. But you’re too cowardly for that.

    – Adûnâi

  9. Volks…

    People put down Muslims, but I think it’s somewhat unfair.

    I say ‘somewhat’ cuz Muslims are not my favorite people. I mean they go around in pajamies, grow ugly beards, and scream too much. That’s no good.

    But I think we should try to understand why so many are angry.


    What is ‘diversity’ in America?

    To white rightist types, ‘diversity’ is white folks losing to tide of color. There is a lot of truth to that.

    But ‘diversity’ also means people-of-color being made to fight and kill their own kind in their homelands in the service of US imperialism.

    After all, ‘diversity’ doesn’t mean every group in the US has equal share of power. Some groups are MUCH MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS. Which group has the most power in America? It sure aint Eskimos, Hawaiians, Polacks, Jappers, Scandies, Scotch-Irish, etc.

    It is Jews.

    So, ‘diversity’ means a diverse population of various groups being compelled to serve the Jewish-globalist agenda(that may be against the interests of their own people).

    It just so happens that Jews have their homeland in the Middle East next to many Arab and/or Muslim nations. And to serve their own interests, Jews have been using wars, sanctions, subversion, and various means to destabilize the whole region. Millions of Arabs/Muslims have been killed or displaced.

    In 2003 when Iraq was being invaded, a Iraqi-American working next door came over to my workplace and said sadly, “they are destroying my country.” He wasn’t a terrorist, but we can understand the bitterness such people feel. He felt angry but helpless. ‘Diversity’ meant Jews got to override the interests of other kinds of Americans. Not just white-Americans but Arab-


    If you were an Iraqi-American serving in the US military, you would be ordered to drop bombs on your own kinfolks back home. Indeed, all Muslims in the US military must go and kill fellow Muslims if US government orders them to.

    The main reason why Bush II and Obama(and Hillary) say nice things about Islam & Muslims is to use that as cover to keep waging Wars for Israel in Muslim lands.

    So, ‘diversity’ doesn’t mean equal power for all groups. It means all groups coming under the control of the ruling elite in the US that is Jewish(and Homo). And especially for Muslim-Americans and Arab-Americans, ‘diversity’ means serving Zio-American Power to destroy their kinfolks back in the Middle East. It is all the more frustrating since Muslims have not been aggressors against the US except as acts of blowback and revenge for Zio-American aggression.

    9/11, as terrible as it was, was a retaliation after so much of Zio-US intervention in the Middle East.

    Indeed, how would Polish-Americans feel IF Jewish-controlled America decided to invade Poland and reduce that nation to rubble? Or suppose US used air power to destabilize Poland and then armed terrorist groups to rip that nation apart. A lot of Polish-Americans would be angry as hell.

    Or suppose the ruling elite of the US were Muslim or Arab. Suppose Muslims/Arabs controlled the banks, courts, politicians, media, academia, and etc. And suppose these elites used US foreign policy to attack and destroy and kill hordes of Jews in Israel.

    How would Jewish-Americans feel? Wouldn’t some of them be driven to terrorism in way of Irgun?

    So, while I agree that Muslims are a nutty bunch(and shouldn’t be invited to the West), we need to address the real problem of ‘diversity’. In America, ‘diversity’ means all groups must serve Jewish interests.

    This is especially painful to Arabs and Muslims since Jewish agenda is Zionist and anti-Arab and anti-Muslim. Sure, Jewish power seeks out Muslim collaborators(esp in Saudi Arabia) so as to maintain the facade that the Jewish-American foreign policy is not a Clash of Civilizations between America and the Arab/Muslim world.

    But in fact, American ‘diversity’ is essentially about Jewish power overriding the interests of all other groups. It means Arab-Americans and Muslim-Americans must watch helplessly as the power of the US banks and military is used to destroy nations hated by Israel. And these nations are mostly Arab or Muslim(or Russian).

    And it gets especially jarring when Arab-Americans or Muslim-Americans serving in the US military are ordered to ship out to the Middle East and join with white & black soldiers in the killing of ‘muzzies’ and ‘ragheads'(or ‘raggers’ as I call them).

    I mean how would a Jewish-American soldier feel in a hypothetical Arab-Muslim-dominated America if the new war policy is for US military to invade Israel and help the Palestinians in the killing and bombing of countless Jews? How would Jews feel if the US regime funded and armed ‘moderate rebels’ to attack and destroy Israel with terror?

    How would it feel to a Jewish-American soldier to be ordered to drop bombs and shoot bullets at fellow Jews? Many Jews would grow angry, some would go crazy and strike out at the US military and Americans. Some might turn to terrorism against Americans not unlike Jewish anarchists of old.

    While we should keep the raggers out of the West, we need to understand their rage in the wider context. This is something Buchanan and Ron Paul tried to do in their discussion of blowback.

    ‘Diversity’ is not only a Zio-globalist crime against whites. It is also a crime against all victim-nations of Zio-US imperialism. ‘Diversity’ invites peoples from all over the world and then uses them against their own countrymen. If Jewish-controlled US declares war on China, all the Chinese-immigrants in business, government, and US military must support US destruction of China. If Jewish-controlled US declares war on Iran, all the Iranian-Americans in government, business, and military must support US destruction of Iran.

    As for Arabs, they’ve seen so much of US destruction of the Arab world. So, ‘diversity’ has been a double-edged sword for them. In America, they found a better material life. But directly or indirectly, they’ve been party to the Zionist-American destruction of the ancient lands of their origin.

    Jews use US power to destroy the homelands of both Arabs and Europeans. Jewish-American policy in the Middle East and North Africa displaced so many Muslims who are now ‘refugees’, and now, Jews are saying Europe MUST take in these ‘refugees’ or else they are ‘nazis’.

    ‘Diversity’ means both whites and Arabs must serve the Zio-Globo policy of destruction of Arabia and Europa.

  10. Hunter you are 100% spot on, great article! I’m sorry I missed you at LS this past weekend, you remember last year when you crashed at my hotel room and we spoke about the remnant, that’s who you need to appeal to. The reason your cause will prevail is quite simple, its because of human nature. Man is not, and will never be, good little worker bees, collectivism will always fail as we are witnessing today.

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