Tupelo Selected As The Next Ferguson

We’ve been closely monitoring the escalating situation over the death of Antwun Shumpert in Tupelo, MS:

“TUPELO, Miss. — The blue lights flashed in the rearview mirror of the Ford Focus. The man behind the wheel, a 37-year-old African-American, pulled over, opened the door and sprinted into the Mississippi night.

Soon, a white police officer was giving chase on foot, accompanied by his police dog.

The officer would eventually find and fatally shoot the man, Antwun Shumpert, here on the evening of June 18, plunging this small city — famous globally as the birthplace of Elvis Presley, but known regionally as a beacon of relatively progressive racial attitudes — into what has become a tragically common American morass of anger, racial division and hard questions about the treatment of black men at the hands of the police. …”

This is another Michael Brown case.

Totally innocent black guy is pulled over by a White cop in a routine traffic stop, flees from the officer on foot, turns around and physically attacks the cop and beats him up. Unbelievably, he gets himself shot and killed in the process, which proves it is all about racism, lynchings, slavery, segregation and the whole nine yards in Mississippi.

Various outside radical groups like the New Black Panthers vow to come to Tupelo and burn the city down. The mainstream media starts fanning the flames in order to rile up the black community which succumbs to the hysteria. It doesn’t even matter that the story is completely bogus and the police officer did nothing wrong.

Anyway, we have seen this play out time and again. We know how the story usually ends. We don’t want another Ferguson here.

Note: The Mississippi League of the South is holding a No Ferguson In Tupelo Rally on July 30th. Come out and join us.

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  1. Please start compiling local contact lists of State reps, police organizations, non Liberation theology churches etc.

    Be very careful to just get the facts.

    Try to start dialogue, don’t spam, don’t rant and rave.

    We have for the most part beaten back the last few racial hate crime hoaxes like Trayvon Martin, Ferguson MO.

    We can do the same here.

    Regular people are long since tired of BlackLiesMatter, the lugenpresse – lying press.

    Let’s do the simple hard work.

  2. I haven’t actually seen much reporting on this story in the media. The mainstream media is now totally owned by and operated in the interests of the globalist elites, so there must be some reason they are hesitant to turn this into another Ferguson so soon. Perhaps there is a consensus that a Ferguson incident would actually be counterproductive at this time towards their goals and may drive more voters to Trump. Perhaps they are waiting until all the facts are known before deciding whether to stoke the flames of racial animus in case the facts don’t fit or can’t be made to fit the narrative.

      • I’ve heard absolutely nothing about it here in Nevada, and needless to say, I follow the media very closely.

        If the niggers want worldwide media coverage, they are going to have to burn some stuff and loot.

        • I live in the Northeast and I have also not seen any coverage of this incident. Maybe it is a regional thing. However, I really think that the mainstream media is toning it down because they don’t want to do anything that could increase Trump’s support. I don’t think that another race riot is in the interests of Clinton’s campaign.

          • //// This. ANY more Chimp Outs bring votes for Trump. {{{The Media}}} is spending all time, energy, and shekels on Trashing Trump, and Pimping for Shrillary.

  3. When will our people learn that at this late in the game the Ethno-State resolution is the only solution!

    • Or we wage war against these savages and drive them from the continent?

      We are going to take it all back.

  4. For those who made the wise decision to NOT waste 5 minutes you’ll never get back following the link to the NYT article, it confirms exactly what you already knew: the black had a serious criminal record, his family is suing the city for $35 million, and the Johnnie Cochran wannabe they hired is using it as a talking point against the city that they’re actually still flying the state flag, the last in the country that still incorporates the Confederate flag!

    Apparently, by contemporary SJW etiquette, your municipality is suspect unless you refuse to fly your own state’s flag.

    • You are a sold out puppet and probably have financial ties to the Mayor’s office or TPD. Tupelo and TPD is corrupt. I said it in front of thousands in 2003, I fought the system and I filed charges against an assistant DA who put a loaded gun to my head while intoxicated in Tupelo during a debate about CORRUPTION. My charges were ignored. 7 fake kangaroo court hearings that were hidden from the records (Trent Kelly was there along with Attorney James Moore) They witnessed the injustice. Tupelo is going DOWN. I am KC and I approve this message.


      • Dude, I don’t know a damn soul in Tupelo, but I have seen this movie often enough to know how it ends. There will be shown to be NOTHING to this story, as is typical for all similar to it. You get yourself all emotionally invested in this one, too, just as I’m sure did Trayvon, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, all of them, and watch it fall apart like a soup sandwich.

        Oh, and reading your link I’ve concluded you’re nuttier than a squirrel t*urd.

        • Dude, we both know that you will NEVER man up and say what you just said behind your coward fake screen name so cut the shit. You are a coward sell out piece of shit and I am sure that your mother cries at night when she thinks of WHO you became in live. A racist pig wanna be who never was. Hollywood is making a major motion picture of my story “Dude” and GQ Magazine put my story on the COVER “Dude” and Best selling author Wells Tower wrote a 10 page feature story “DUDE”. HA HA what have “YOU” accomplished in your sad life other than trolling people and stalking activist online to try and get a rise from them? Not enough attention when you were a little boy? You are prob still a little boy and suffer from small penis syndrome! ha ha ha
          I am KC and I approve this message

          • I’m a CFP with a 6 figure salary and a pool. And I didn’t have to be crazy as a shiite house rat and tell fantastical stories to a hack reporter to achieve it.

            And no, you’re not goading me into giving up my name. Doesn’t have a damn thing to do with “manning up,” but with a desire to stay employed, as chicken shits like you mount Twitter harassment campaigns to get people fired for hurting your little feelings online. You keep telling yourself someone is paying me to say this. You might convince yourself.

          • What “YOU” are is a pussy piece of trash cop out lying sold out pig who will NEVER man up face to face with me just like James Dutschke would never do and he is a 6th degree Dan Black belt HAHA. What a coward you are boy. I would LOVE to run into you at Walmart any day of the week!!!! You are so jealous of me like so many other pigs in northeast, Ms b/c I had and HAVE the balls to take a REAL stand against trash corrupt boys like you. BRING IT BOY! Everyone know “WHO” I am but you are a trick behind a keyboard with no balls like your daddy

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          • Hey stupid, the niggers you defend would kill you as quickly as they would scarf down a bucket of KFC fried chicken.

            Idiots like you are hilarious. You are actually demented in your racial views, at least most niggers are loyal to their race.

          • He’ll be a statistic someday.

            Won’t be white folks but feral niggers who will rob this third rate Elvis impersonator of his guitar leaving him in a pool of blood in a back alley.

            “In the ghetto”

          • You feeling “froggy” son of Sam? JUMP boy! I dare you! I trained 28 years in the dojo & TRUST ME when I say ..I can handle myself ANYTIME…ANYWHERE son! Man up. I will meet you any place you desire.

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            You’re about 5’8″ tall and weigh 150 lb with a beer belly.

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            The niggers you love hate your music and your heroes.

          • I feel very sorry for you Ronnie and your mother and/or children “IF” God allowed you to Pro create. Your ignorance SHINES brightly in your racist words. Your poor mother and father whom have to live with WHO you turned out to be in life. That is so very sad. You are the kind of element that makes Tupelo and Mississippi what it is known for today “The Most corrupt and ignorant state in the United States of America”

            I am KC and I approve this message

          • Are you so retarded and/or mentally ill that you have to come to a pro-White site to try to gain acceptance and recognition that other people in your life don’t accept or recognize you for? ***That was a rhetorical question, McFly.***

            Repetitive memes and insults, followed by ad nauseam ramblings, an overinflated self-opinion telling everyone how tough you are, how “you’re taking down the man,” and how Walmart is your own personal proving ground of manliness—because nobody would dare meet you at Walmart, right?

            Nobody gives a shit about you here! We don’t get paid to analyze your issues and offer you advice and encouragement. That’s a job best left to your psychiatrist, psychologist and/or counselors. Your Rent-A-Center lifestyle where you live vicariously through other people isn’t impressing anyone. Go find an outreach group where you and your token negroes can stroke each other’s egos(or whatever else you like stroking) and finally be free of the “racist white trash” that you seem to think is holding you and your world back.

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          • You use that “mother cries at night” bullshit too often. You aren’t creative enough to be successful. Ever. No wonder Laura started banging Everett.

    • They Family doesn’t want any money. They just want closure. It’s the crooked lawyer that’s suing the city.

      • Of course the family wants money, that is why they filed a law suit. Just another form of White funded welfare for a failed race that contributes nothing but takes from those who do.

  5. I hope this one ignites the niggers in to riots.

    Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin were transformational events.

    • Exactly. Let the apes riot and let the world watch them. It would probably be a good idea for the League to go in and get good amateur video to share with Fox, Breitbart, twitter, youtube, etc.

      Negro riots only help us gain sympathizers. We should be milking it instead of fighting it.

    • The only white MF’s that call black ppl niggers is the trailer park trash. I been leaving in Mississippi all my life and not one of these crackers have ever call me a Niger w/o getting they teeth knocked out and that only happened once. Most of the racist ppl are cowards that why they cover there face. So Ronniebgo get your gun and meet me somewhere and I dare you to attempt to call me a nigger.

      • I don’t live in a trailer park—never have lived in a trailer park. But I did live in some really ghetto parts of Memphis and hung around in groups where I was just about the only White person.

        I listened to “White Boy” this “Cracker” that while I had to live in mostly black communities, and I never encountered a situation where you people had any objection to hurling slander or racial epithets at White people.

        Act like a nigger, you’re gonna get called a nigger. Don’t like it? Then stay the fuck away from people that don’t like you for whatever reason and don’t want you around them. Nobody is forcing you to be around “trailer park trash” White people.

        • When you stayed in those ghetto places, I hoped they kicked you ass everyday, cuz deserve it. You MF’s talk all that shit on the internet. When you was living in Memphis, did you ever call anyone a nigger to there face?

          • No, they never kicked my ass. I had a certain kind of diplomatic immunity that others didn’t benefit from. I was also a little stronger than most of the black guys and a lot smarter, so that might have helped me. And believe it or not, I was also faster. Think of it like a finely tuned symbiotic relationship, where they didn’t try to jump me and I didn’t make them and their family disappear in the middle of night. Mutually assured destruction at a very intimate level.

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      • I used to live in small town Ms. I had a beautiful home that black trash like you could never aspire to.

        I also told plenty of subhumans like you exactly what I thought of them to “they” face. I still have every one of my teeth, black boy.

      • AMEN BOOM))))) I am by your side Bay. White trash turns my stomach. I have trained 28 years in the dojo, I respect when given respect. I can ignore many things in life (even redneck ignorance) but I can’t ignore murder and then salt on the wounds. Tupelo needs a lesson and I promise you, I have spent 16 years teaching them one but the REAL lesson is about to come in the form of a $35,000,000 lawsuit and the resignation of Tupelo Mayor. BOOM))))

        I am KC and I approve this message

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  6. I’ve spent more time in Tupelo than I’d care to admit. The cops there never struck me as ones who would jeopardize their safety, and their lives, for the sake of political correctness. In today’s world, that’s viewed as racist, one supposes.

  7. I think most White and normal folks reached peak dindu some time ago. BLM shenanigans are pissing off more and more of us. It’s counterproductive because it isn’t the Sixties anymore.

  8. Niggers will be Niggers. Their only reason for waking up in the morning is to find new ways to get free shit which is derived from their perpetual victim status.

    They complain when the White people move away and give black people enough control to shape their communities according to their own culture and needs; but they complain when White people move in to a black area and improve the overall safety and viability of the community. They want your money, but they don’t want you to be able to control where it goes or have a say in what goes into making that community a safer and more viable community.

    They complain about White people sitting back and allowing the black ghettos to remain cesspools of violence and chaos; but they complain when White people and cops(mostly White cops) try to forcefully remove the violence and chaos from their communities.

    The only logical conclusion a sane and rational person can make after dealing with the black psyche is to stay as far away from them as possible and allow them to kill each other.

  9. Who wrote this article? Jason Lee Shelton? Lying hypocrite of Tupelo? I support the Shumpert family and I will March along everyone else who knows the TRUTH about Tupelo and it’s racists community!

  10. Slavery started in AFRICA and started with the black man selling his own kind…read a freaking history book!!!!!!!!!! So don’t go and blame it on slavery or what not, none of you were here during that time period anyway!

    They only racist attitudes are usually within the black communities here in beautiful Tupelo. Ohh..we don’t want another Ferguson here..blah blah blah!!!! Burn our city down..really, HA I highly doubt that will happen!

  11. I’m coming to Tupelo to visit a friend, I dare any whiteboy to call me a nigger to my face. I don’t care how many or what kind of guns you got, you better be ready to use it, and I mean to blow your own brains out.

  12. The facts are folks, the Deep South is going to burn before it’s all said and done UNLESS we have secession. PERIOD END OF STORY. The Elites targeted Southern Whites for extermination a long time ago. The usual suspects behind the game all along,

    If the Negroes want a war, then I say the white man has two choices, fight or die. Better get ready for the former and real quick or there will be the latter.

  13. It’s kind of funny how Afro-Americans ceaselessly complain about “white oppression”, “racists”, “crackers”, the “legacy of slavery” etc. but the last thing an Afro-American will ever do is migrate back to Africa.

  14. Apparently the next town is Baton Rouge. Something happened with some nigger at a grocery store, or something. Now a bunch of Nogs are ooking and pooh-flinging in air. Dez beez gesticulatin’ and theeatricalatin’ and falling out on de aiy-uh!

    • Alton Sterling, a 37-year old unnamed black child, who was shot while resisting arrest and trying to grab a police officer’s gun.

      • OH NOES!!!!! Those evil Nazi RAYCISS Po Po!!!! It’s so very Nazi when a Nazi cop tries to prevent a poor darling innocent Black Chile from grabbing his Nazi luger, and racial jusstiss shooting him! So NAZI!

  15. Hunter I would like to update my post about how to survive hostile police encounters as I feel there is going to be pressure for corrupt law enforcement to start abusing nationalists, populists and just regular Trump supporters as was done by a Larasa police chief in California.

    • If those pics are of It – it’s a truly demented LOSER Kike, A failure in every way. It’s Last Chance for Glory is advocating for WORTHLESS NIGGER VERMIN.
      In the Future White Imperium – it’s deeds are duly noted……………..

    • I read that article. It’s bat sheet crazy. You can find pics of It online. It’s got the Khazar features alright.
      I want a White Homeland. I want these demented Orcs kept OUT.

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    • You may see me some day, Paul. Moo Cow probably will first, though. Have a great day, Kevin!

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    Message approved
    Message approved

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