The False Narrative: Cologne Was Far Worse Than It Was Reported

These are staggering numbers:

“A leaked report has revealed a staggering 1,200 were sexually abused in German cities during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

The police document stated detectives believe 2,000 men were involved across various cities but that the bulk of the crimes were committed in Cologne and Hamburg where 600 and 400 sexual assaults on women were reported respectively.

Of the 2,000 perpetrators, only 120 have been identified, and about half of them were foreign nationals who had only recently arrived in Germany …”

It is a crime in the Bastardstate to even talk about it online. Meanwhile, the Cologne rapists are laughing as the courts of this glorious liberal democracy let them walk free. It is like the German government is desperately trying to create another Hitler.

Note: Closer to home, the mother of the little girl who was gang raped by refugees in Twin Falls, Idaho is speaking out. Imagine how bad it would have been if we had thousands of Muslim refugees rampaging through large metro areas like Europe.

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  1. The world does not need Another Hitler – since dear Adolf didn’t do what he’s been accused of. We need the Love Child of Charles Martel and Vlad Tepses.

  2. Not one report of German men preventing this. I’m beginning to believe the only white males worthy of surviving are some Americans, most Eastern Europeans, and most Russians. The raping of women by foreign nationals is a sure sign of invasion and government collusion. No mention of male rapes by sand apes either which I am sure were plentiful.

    • It’s worth pointing out that in the US there are 300,000 (whatever it was it was it was a lot) black on white rapes/sexual assaults and no one there appears to want to take reprisals. At least the Germans started up a far right party again with AfD.

          • Agree. Ppl keep saying white men are too weak to do anything. No. It just has to get to a tipping point first. If just a few men go on their own they will just be Dylan Roofs. There has to be sufficient political momentum first. It will be like a rubber band that gets pulled until it finally snaps violently.

    • And American men do a great job in protecting white women from rapes and assaults from non whites…….people in glass houses….

    • There are some videos of young men protecting a girlfriend. The kid is usually younger and out numbered, sorounded doing his best. It’s heart breaking to watch. The elimination of conscription softened the boys a fair bit I suspect.. I think most of the girls were in all female groups. Interest and participation in self defense classes has increased.

      No one expected this, censorship keeps lying about the risk of sand dindus.

      You must understand how hideously strict censorship and political correctness is imposed and drilled in to children in Germany. It’s very hard to oppose the thievery violence and disorder Arabs, Africans, Gypsies, Muslims without getting before the courts and either getting sued, going to jail, loosing your job. Germany needs freedom and help. They are in a prison of left wing political correctness imposed by the victorious allies you won’t believe.

    • The only manly men are is swat teams descending upon internet posters who publish the doings of the migrant invaders they wound rather the public not know.

  3. Proof positive if the US of JEW A had collapsed in 1862, the world would be a much better place today. No WW1 or WW2 involvement no Korea no Nam. Fantastic. Unfortunately for us the wrong side WON

    • We are as guilty as they are. NATO, endless Holohoax reparations, promotion of BS wars in the Middle East…
      The notion that american men are somehow better is absurd. American misogyny actually makes us as a culture significantly worse.

        • The amount of robberies, rapes, murders, carjackings done in this country everyday by muds is staggering. Much worse here than Europe all things considered.

        • To be clear, I don’t think the stats reflect ‘rape.’ They encompass anything ranging from butt grabbing to forced intercourse aka rape. I can assure you that that goes on here, although I don’t know if it’s quite as concentrated. I’ve lived it dude. And it’s NOT happening to these supposedly ‘white’ slavs, much less ridiculous mediterraneans. These women enjoy almost total immunity from the lesser degrees of assault, and some although not total from the more serious attacks.

          • ETAA I’m not even a WASP technically. I should point that out. I just happen to look strikingly like the one grandparent who sorta qualified. Blacks, jews even other whites have pointed this out about me. My last name also passes as ‘wasp.’

          • ‘ Listening to Sam tell me I and other anglo females (not to mention some males) get treated equally with slavs, mediterraneans, etc. has me riled.’

            So, you’re telling us women who are ‘Anglos’ are singled out to be preyed upon? Not buying it. Most people can’t tell the difference between all the groups you’ve mentioned, much less the blacks.

            I’ve watched videos of Trump rallies which are are attended by throngs of whites. Except for a few exceptions it’s impossible to discern what each person is, especially since most are mixed.

          • The only photo of myself wearing shades for obvious reasons taken a couple of years ago with tan. I’m 66 now.
            The average person sees what nationality? A group of thugs wants a knock out victim but passes me by because I’m not white in their eyes?


          • ‘All class, the slavs.’

            Thank you. First thing you’ve said that makes sense.

            Look, you claim that Slavs, Meds and even Irish don’t get harassed because they are not considered ‘white’ where you live. Only Anglos are singled out.

            As if negroes can tell the difference. They can’t. Most whites can’t either.

            Check out videos of KO games and assaults by blacks. All manner of whites are victimized.

          • Sure…
            Check out the bodies of females who’ve been raped, tortured and lynched all across this country. They’re almost all anglo or anglocelt.
            You have no idea what you’re talking about. Be grateful your women don’t have to endure what ours do.

          • ‘They’re almost all anglo or anglocelt.’

            Almost ALL.

            You live in a fantasy world. White women and men are victims of black crime all over the country. Don’t give me this goofiness that only a specific subset is targeted. That’s insane. As Is said, white people as a whole can’t discern differences and niggers certainly haven’t a clue.

            Rufus: Look at that group of fine white women. Let’s rob and rape those bitches.

            Tyrone: Hold on, Rufus. We only rapes dey Anglo wymenz. We can’t be sure if deez hos be Norwegian, Polish, German, French, Lithuanian, Italian, Greek or even Asian. Some might be mixed. We only eff up the Anglos.

            Rufus: Trump’s wife is fine. I gotz a suprise fo her.

            Tyrone: You crazy, man. She’s a Slav. What you been smokin’?

          • Calling the true white women of this country ‘insane’ for defying jewish and diversity targeting of us is so very jewish. When you can present all this proof of slavs being targeted you’ll have a case. Until then you’re just a dumb slav.

        • the Sexual assault by negroes in the US a lot worse than anything claimed (and I don’t mean that speculatively) by these women in Germany. It’s Humiliating for the Germans to be sure but nothing like the totalized assault in the US. The press in the US keep it expertly under wrap. Take the beam out of your eye.

          • They don’t all happen at once. I mean if black gangs were pimping out teenage White girls across several states, like Rotherham, it wouldn’t be covered up for a decade. It wouldn’t be publicized sure but I think the authorities here would still crack down on it. Even in Obama’s America there are certain lines the law won’t allow negroes to cross. Those lines have pretty much been erased in Europe.

          • Germany is what America made it. We destroyed it and rebuilt it in our image. Denazification for Germany, Reconstruction for Dixie.

  4. Idaho mom has a gofundme page linked in that article. We should all put our money where our mouths are.

    • Hold off on that. Not sure about what is going on here.
      Had it been my granddaughter?
      There would not be a gofundme page . I would have some heads on my mantel!


    “Dallas atrocity by the delusional anti-white racist Micah X. Johnson”

    Not again. This is why White Folks lost. They played the Glob game of using ‘racism’ as pejorative.

    Racism or race-ism is the Fiber. It is the racial, cultural, and spiritual FIBER that holds White People together. Lose the Fiber, lose the unity, lose the identity, lose the existence.

    Look at roots. Look at fabric. They are held together because the fiber are tightly wound together.

    If the fiber weakens, you end up with loose threads that are easy to cut off.

    Nothing lasts without the Fiber. Race-ism is the Fiber, and stronger the race-ism, stronger the fibers that hold a race together.

    Look at Israel. It is held together by the fiber of identity, history, heritage, blood, territory, sexuality, and nationality. All those fibers are threaded together.

    Jews know that this is the source of their strength. Naturally, they want the fibers of OTHER peoples weakened. Jews believe RACE-ISM FOR ME, NOT FOR THEE. Strong fiberism for us, loose fiberism for you.













  6. Proving that there is no hope with conservatism or the vantardism that was created decades ago to influence the contards.
    We have to drive forward towards freedom from our oppressors. This will work much better that playing internet muscle man typing out some mental health scream exercise of “muds and kikes.”

  7. As Trump tones down the jerk-boy routine his poll numbers firm up.

    He’s had a couple of black swans: Islamic attacks, Brexit, FBI report, Dallas assassinations; one or two more black swans, good debate performances, and an end to divisive rhetoric, and he could/will win.

    None of the proposed VPs will help him or hurt him much. I think a woman or Christie is best; fat people are going to get tired of the fat jokes and vote for Christie/Trump. A woman helps nullify Clinton’s woman card, especially as any other woman will be more likeable than Clinton.

    If the election is about globalism, we win, If it’s about Trump we lose.

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