Trump Reportedly Picks Mike Pence For Vice President

Update: Trump’s campaign is denying that Pence has been given the nod.

The media is buzzing with the news that Mike Pence is going to be Trump’s vice presidential running mate:

“Donald J. Trump’s campaign has signaled strongly to Republicans in Washington that he will pick Mike Pence, the governor of Indiana, as his running mate, though Republicans caution the party’s mercurial presidential candidate may still backtrack on his apparent choice.

Mr. Trump’s advisers have told national Republican officials that they are preparing to make an announcement with Mr. Pence, according to three people with knowledge of the conversations, who were not authorized to discuss them publicly. His campaign has said that it will unveil a running mate for Mr. Trump in New York on Friday.

Mr. Pence, a former congressman and radio host, emerged over the last week as the strong favorite of Mr. Trump’s political advisers and senior officials in the Republican Party. …”

A few thoughts:

1.) The VP pick is the biggest card Trump has left to play. It is largely a symbolic office. I have always assumed that Trump would pick a “TruConservative” for a running mate.

2.) In the present contest, it would be negligent for Trump not to use the VP pick to appease the “TruConservative” faction that has been the most opposed to him in the primaries. Party unity matters more right now than making a bold statement about building a nationalist party that would make his Alt-Right fans happy.

3.) In the primaries, Trump’s biggest weakness within the Republican Party was clearly in the Midwest and Interior West, which overwhelmingly supported Ted Cruz. It is also easy to see why Trump’s brash Northeastern persona failed to resonate in states like Iowa, Utah, and Wisconsin.

4.) Trump has a big problem with certain types of White voters: conservative ideologues, church going evangelicals, college educated White voters, and suburban women. Collectively, this is the “Midwestern niceness” problem that manifests in Trump’s weakness in places like suburban Milwaukee and Columbus.

5.) I’ve said for months now that the outcome of the general election will hinge on how Trump performs with this swath of the White electorate. Trump will win or lose based on how he does in places like suburban Milwaukee, Des Moines and Philadelphia.

If the reports are accurate, Trump weighed his options and picked Mike Pence to address this weakness. I don’t like the guy who is only known nationally for waffling on Indiana’s religious freedom bill. I can understand his reasoning though. I think it was the right choice and that he could have done a lot worse.

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  1. It’s an unmitigated disaster of a pick, the worst possible choice except for Newt Gingrich. Pence is general election poison, backed by the Kochs and CoC, rock stupid, pro-amesty and globalist, and a social conservative nut but without any principles or courage. Remember how fast Pence back-tracked and cowered on that religious freedom bill in Indiana last year?

    Trump is supposed to be about the future and re-making the GOP in a nationalist direction. If this is accurate, Trump has done himself real damage by compromising his image as a forward-thinking independent and by drenching himself with the stink of the GOP establishment and social conservatives at the same time.

    It also tells us Trump is listening to people who think Pence is a good choice. Which is troubling. Obviously I am frustrated and disappointed.

        • Jim Webb tried to make it as a Democrat, that would have completely alienated the RNC which Trump desperately needs some elements to cooperate with for his campaign. Even GOP darling McCain couldn’t get away with his first choice of Democrat Joe Lieberman for VP.

        • Jim Webb is pro AA, abortion, and gay marriage. He’s a good American, but I don’t think he would bring much to the ticket.

    • Trump could have chosen a nationalist wingman, which would have made the people who are already supporting him happy, or someone who could help him in the Midwestern battleground states with those who are still on the fence.

      • I wonder what this pick means Hunter, unfortunately General Curtis LeMay and George Lincoln Rockwell are DOA so we don’t have much of a choice. David Duke would have been great but Trump figures he has enough baggage I guess

          • Actually I am neutral on Pence because he has the least baggage. I like Dr. Duke very much had I been of age I would have voted for him, unfortunately the JRM has designated him VERBOTEN to even be appointed to clean toilets.

            My thing and this was what I would have told Pat Buchanan in 2000 they are going to call you a racist anyway so why not give them what they want?

      • Exactly. Trump wants to win. I want Trump to win. Even if we have reservations about Pence, if it puts Trump in the White House, I’m happy.

    • Pence is a cuck, and not a particularly quick witted one. A nimble interviewer easily will have him stumbling around and apologizing for Trump and/or Trump’s positions. Sessions would have been much better.

      • I agree Sessions would have been better. I don’t think a genuine cuck would have agreed to be Trump’s running mate, though. What it could do is help do is reassure some GOP voters who have some doubts about Trump’s stance on abortion and sodomy.

        • No, that’s not true. Cuck politicians don’t cuck on principle. They’ve always got a wet finger in the air. If they can see a future with Trump, they’ll jump on it. Cuck pundits may be a different story.

  2. Trump’s George HW Bush. I tend to think more of the money man angle than niceness vote since it will be Trump 24/7 not some stiff.
    That said the alt-right can probably discredit and disqualify the stupidity of what lies beneath “niceness” and that is virtue signaling, it is more of a cultural thing than what a politician can address.

  3. Whites, especially in the Midwest are still cucked – they didn’t support Trump during the primary. They want a safe boring establishment candidate. Pence is a total contrast to Trump.

    Trump wants to win also – not just make a statement. Winning is important for him.

    Note on Gingrich: I’ll take Pence over him. Gingrich would make the whole election about himself. Remember how he contradicted and attacked Trump with the Judge Curiel incident? Then after the cop shooting Newt gave Black lives matter aid and comfort? This is how it would be til November – constantly at odds with Trump and being a media darling.

    Session’s of course is who we all wanted but I think the plan is a Sessions majority leader to help Trump with his agenda. Trump is employing strategy and deal making although many of us hardcore nationalists are going to be upset about it.

    This election confirms why many of us are for secession. We’re tired of elections being decided by who and who isn’t pandering to cucks and SWPL types.

  4. Interesting take on Pence – I’ll admit my initial reaction closely hewed to that of 00Lew11. I hoped Trump had more gonads to avoid the “safe” pick and tell the GOPe and cucks urging a “balanced ticket” to shove it. You make a good case, however, for Trump’s possible reasoning. I still don’t like it, and still think it will ultimately hurt him. While the VP pick is largely symbolic, by picking Pence he’s virtue signalling. He’s also setting up a possible “heir” who will attempt to undo anything he manages to accomplish (after having tried to soften or modify anything Trump may actually try to accomplish as president). Personally, I blame Paul Manafort GOPe consultant and Jared Kusher, Israel firster son-in-law, as baleful influences.

    • Manafort is right.

      Trump is tied in Ohio, up in Iowa, down a few in Michigan and Wisconsin. From now until November, Trump has got to focus on improving his poll numbers with White college educated voters and suburban women in the Midwest.

      • At my caucus in eastern Iowa the repubs were absolutely incensed about Trump’s treatment of Jeb Bush! In my experience the midwest repubs are primarily concerned about proper manners, “niceness” and Israel. At the 2012 caucus the primary issue that was discussed was actually the security of Israel! I shit you not.

  5. A hypothetical. Trump wins, but unlike all other recent presidents he will have to walk the tightrope because the slightest deviation from the “laws” will have both parties eager to impeach. Amnesty, wars for Israel, deindustrialization and cuckery. Trump out, Pence in. All for naught…

    Gingrich was an immediate nightmare.

    Flynn was interesting until I did more reading.

    Sessions was tarred as a “racist” in the ’80s.

    Christie was more brash northeasterner who couldn’t bring his home state.

    Oh, well.

    • Impeachment does require a two thirds vote in both houses of Congress. It’s not an easy thing to do. If Andrew Johnson avoided impeachment during Reconstruction, I think Trump could do it today.

      Remember, it was a Congress, and a Democratic majority one at that, that rejected amnesty in 2010.

  6. Finally, Trump is showing his cards. Not good. Well if all the conspiracy theorists are correct, Pence will be president within 4 years.

  7. Jewish sympathy for blacks at the expense of white gentiles(who are vilified for ‘racism’) is a dirty means to cover up Jewish anti-black prejudice that was and still is considerable.

    Blacks remember many instances of Jews who exploited them and sucked them dry in sports, music, entertainment, organized crime, and etc., and indeed, there’s long been a Black School of History that made Jews out to be the special blood-suckers of the black community. This tradition is carried on by Louis Farrakhan to this day.

    While it’s true that many Jews did rip off blacks — but then, many Jews ripped off other Jews, and many blacks ripped off other blacks — , there is also the issue of envy and resentment that blacks have toward any group that does better than them.

    Anyway, Jews value the symbolic unity between Jews-as-Holocaust-People and Blacks-as-Slavery-People, and it just won’t do for the Narrative to point out that Jews in the past had often been just as ‘racist’ toward blacks as any other white group.

    So, Jews make a lot of noise about ‘white racism’ to cover up their own against the black community. Of course, if white gentiles were to point out Jewish transgressions against blacks, it would be deemed as ‘antisemitic’.


  8. Mark Behling WI talk radio host who has blasted Trump since he entered the race likes the pick. He pulls in some Nevertrumpers, Cruzers and corn states voters. Personally, I’m not all that impressed with Pence, but he is a guy that (experts) claim gets a lot of boxes checked in polling and questionnaires.

    • This is a way for folks to get on board the train while “saving face” after saying they never would. Whatever. Just build the wall.

    • How would he help attracting Midwestern white working class voters away from the Dems? I don’t see it.

      So it’s a party unification move. Might give Trump bigger wins in Utah, Indiana, etc. Pence doesn’t put any purple-blue states in play. But who would?

      • He doesn’t need help with White working class voters. That’s his own wheelhouse. The problem is very religious voters, conservative ideologues, suburban women, college educated voters, the sort of middle class voter who prizes “niceness” and supported Cruz and Kasich.

        • I’m just not sure that this does any more than boost Trump’s vote in states that he’ll win anyway.

          • That would have been true of Sessions.

            Trump doesn’t need any help to win the Deep South. He clearly needs help to win in the Cuck Belt. He lost Iowa, Wisconsin, and Ohio which will all be in play.

          • My part of Illinois is not full of bleeding heart nigger loving pains in the ass, cuck belt bullshit.

        • No he doesn’t. I saw a media report where a journalist went into the mines and talked to miners. Not one of them was voting for anyone but Trump. Not one.

          • Meaning no disrespect to the miner’s, but I always loved this quote from Shakespeare “Nature teaches beasts to know their friends”

          • Alas – we are not in the primaries anymore. We are in the General. We need the Cucks. Trump will need EVERY vote her can get.
            Tomorrow / the Weekend is the Days of Rape Grand Mal Chimp Out weekend. I hope the Dindus attack White Cucks.

        • I was once a Judeo-Christian (My family still is) and believed all the hype about the Rapture and the sacredness of Israel and how her establishment started the countdown to Armageddon.

  9. Have you noticed? In platform decisions BOTH parties have intensified support for Israel.

    In what other country in the world does the entire political establishment pledge allegiance to a foreign country?

  10. Pence is a good balance. I was afeared that Glorious Leader would be talked into choosing the odious Newt. He will lose with Newt Grinch.

  11. —————

    Gingrich is a cockroach. He serves the Jews, and since Jews peddle the cult of ‘white guilt’, he sucks up to Negroes too.

    How did white elites become such pathetic stooges? Even after the deaths of innocent white cops, this is what we get from white elites. They never stand up for whiteness even though Jews do nothing but stand for Jewishness and blacks do nothing but stand for blackness.

    Think of the 1950s and 1960s.

    Back then, before gaining total supremacy in all elite areas of American Power, Jews faced Wasps who were above them and blacks who were below them.

    Even though Jews feared black crime, they knew they could always move away from it. Just make enough money and move to a better neighborhood with few or no blacks. Jews could flee from blacks but not from whites, especially Wasps, because the white elites possessed what Jews wanted.

    For Jews to get what they wanted, they had to deal with whites at the upper echelons. Jews could climb above the blacks in the ghetto but had to climb into bastions of white elite power. Jews merely needed to take flight from blacks, but they had to take the fight to the Wasps in order to be King of the Hill.

    So, the main Jewish struggle was against white elite power to gain dominance over big industries and big institutions. Jews thought it would be an epic struggle, but as it happened, the deracinated Country-Club-ized Wasps gave up the fight all too easily and became pathetic collaborator ‘cucks’ of the Jews.

    One reason for the sudden collapse of White Elite Power was Jewish control of the academia and media totally demoralized White Power and White Prestige. For white elites to keep their privilege, they had to appear repentant for their historical ‘sins’.

    Today, Jews keep peddling the cult of ‘white guilt’ not so much to gain power/dominance, which is firmly in their hands, but to secure it for all time lest the white masses realize that the white elites are more than willing to sacrifice white mass interests to keep their own privilege as ‘cucks’ of their Jewish Globalist masters.

    For most of American History, white masses took it as axiomatic that white elites were looking out for them, and this had indeed been the case.

    But, white masses had been kept in the dark about the Elite Revolution — a revolution that happened quietly within halls of power — whereupon Wasps surrendered prestige and dominance to the Jews in both Liberalism and Conservatism. Disney is a good example of how a once proud Wasp-held company passed into the hands of what are essentially Jewish kiddie-pornographers. It’s like a sports team keeping the same name and symbols but having a new owner and entirely new coaching staff.

    As such, white elites went from representing the white masses to serving Jewish Globalists. Look what the likes of Tony Blair, David Cameron, and the Clintons must do in order to keep their white elite ‘cuck’ privilege. Like all collaborators, white elites can only keep privilege as ‘cucks’. They don’t represent their own people but serve the Jewish Globalist masters above them.

    The Donald Trump Campaign exposed the nature of the Silent Elite Revolution. The huge discrepancy between white masses supporting Trump and white ‘cuckservative’ elites trying to reassure their Jewish bosses that they have things under control is hilarious to behold.

    • The Jews controlled academia long before 1960, they were controlling it in the late 1700’s through their ILLUMINATI pushing their posion through White Operatives. The ideas of LIBERTY EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY were straight from Adam Weishaupt, a German Jew who became a Jesuit and then rejected Catholicism to form his Illuminati.

      Jews were so much part of the American Upper Class even in 1801 that the first two West Point Grads, one was a Jew and Georgia had Gov David Emanuel who was believed to be Jewish for a brief spell in 1801. By the 1840s we had Southern Jewish Senators, by the 1860s Jeff Davis practically gave Judah P Benjamin the keys to the Confederacy, in fact his influence over Mr. Davis was so hated by men like Gen Stonewall Jackson and General Beauregard, their criticisms survive today among plenty of others. I personally believe Benjamin like most Jews, didnt have the South;s best interests at heart, he had his own.

      The Jews owned the American Press by 1900. Pulitizer purchased the Saint Louis Post Dispatch in 1872, The New York World in 1883, Adolph Ochs Purchased the New York Times in 1896 among other Jews. By 1900, it could be said the WASPY ARISTOCRATS were merely allowed to be Figureheads, while the Jew held the Strings, Henry Ford said this in THE INTERNATIONAL JEW

      Now the Jew doesn’t bother with Figureheads he gets a Nose Job and comes out in public.

  12. HW always makes s good case. However, I think Pence’s extreme social conservatism will do nothing to attract suburban white women or over-educated whites. If anything, his social views will repel them, plus God knows how many independents and Democrats on the fence about Hillary Clinton. Normal people are naturally going to have reservations about a nut like Pence.

    Moreover, while Pence has repeatedly sold out the social conservatives he is supposed to be appealing to, he has been for every trade deal from NAFTA to the TPP, and, again, is for immigration amnesty (reflecting the reality of his being owned by big business). Pence is on the opposite side of every one of Trump’s signature issues, every issue that makes Trump appealing in the first place.

    Pence is basically Newt and his flaws but without Newt’s intelligence. A bad choice from many vantage points.

    • I don’t think so. We will see though.

      1.) Pence will have appeal to conservative ideologues.

      2.) Pence will have appeal to church going evangelicals.

      3.) Pence is the embodiment of “Midwestern niceness.”

      4.) Pence has a strong reputation as a fiscal conservative.

      5.) Pence doesn’t have nearly as many skeletons in his closet as Newt.

      6.) Pence will help in exactly the places Trump needs to win whereas a pick like Sessions would not.

      7.) Pence will appeal to the typical Mitt Romney voter: middle class, college educated, church going Christians in the Heartland who live in the suburbs who are “nice” little cucks and identity as “true conservatives.”

      • I think that it would be a huge mistake to waste Sessions and his influence in the Senate as VP. Vice president is essentially a spare part waiting on a shelf. Trump should push for Sessions to force McConnell out as majority leader.

      • I have been wanting to write something Hunter about the entire concept of Midwestern “Niceness” or “Everyman” or as the Southern Aristocrats called them “Mudsills”

        The culture seemed to have it’s origin mostly in the Maryland/Pennsylvania border region peoples. The New Englanders were bomb-throwers and the Southern Scots-Irish were bomb-throwers as well. As Pennsylvania and Western Maryland were largely settled by a combination of cultures, English Quakers, German Pietests, Amish/Mennonites and Scots-Irish as well living in the same living space, a couple generations of intermarriage seemed to have caused a fusion of the cultures. These people migrated mostly in a band going across the dead-center of Ohio, Indiana Illinois, into Iowa, far Northern Missouri, Kansas. Nebraska, California and parts of Oregon as well. A large segment of them also live in Utah.

        As the religions changed in the 1800s, especially beginning in Ohio with the coming of the Methodists, Baptists and the Disciples of Christ groups converting thousands of these people these people fused with the upland Virginians in opposing the New England settlements above the 41st Parallel This new culture was called by many of the thinkers Pre-1860 as the first truely American Culture.

        A hallmark of this culture is the concept of Never Making Waves of any type. A bombastic speaker is considered boastful and to these people being boastful is a sin. They believe that their public figures must always endeavor to be polite even to their enemies, the whole if you can’t say nothing nice don’t say anything at all idea. They believe in God, but they don’t like Hellfire Preaching, they want reasoned discourse as that is not polite.

        The origin of this culture and it’s accent seems to come from Central Western Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania In fact the dialect map of American speech seems to say this. A common misnomer that many Southerners have to this day is that all Southrons speak a Southern Accent. The Maryland accent evidently in 1861 was so close to the way the Pennsylvanians spoke, that the Confederate Secret Service prized Marylanders as spies.

  13. Update: Trump’s campaign is denying that Pence has been given the nod.’


    Seems like these names are floated out as trial balloons to gauge reactions. Coulter has been lobbying against Pence and Gingrich.

  14. I can see it now. “Journalists” will have a field day with Pence, pointing out his opposition to all of Trump’s key issues constantly. Just as they knew to ask Santorum endless questions about abortion to get him going they’ll have fun with Pence’s social cuckservatism and amnesty-TPP support.

  15. Another terror attack in France. The stupid media will describe this as a tragedy instead of holding the leaders of the country accountable for their stupid, suicidal policies.

    • I wonder what group or ideology the attacker identified with? I would not be surprised if France expels all Muslims some time in the future. Not all Muslims are responsible or support jihad, but at some point the French must choose between their own survival or the interests of foreigners.

  16. I would have preferred Sessions for a coherent program or Christie as a “prosecutor” against Hilligula to free up Trump to be “presidential” (whatever that now means).

    • Not to beat a dead horse, but since Trump has postponed his announcement of VP out of respect to the bloodshed in France, the alt-right, if it were a cohesive movement, could be Trump’s true friend and get him to consider Jim Webb.

      Pence is a weakling, I’m sorry to say. Webb, like so many of us with anglo-celtic blood, was Born Fighting!

      In the event Trump was assassinated he would lead the loyal agents of the people on a killing spree against the neocons.

      Unfortunately we are not that kind of movement (yet).

      • Jim Webb is unfortunately the last living Southern Democrat. My Late Grandpap hated the Republicans and even went so far as voting for Obama because in his mind at 90 yrs old he couldn’t comprehend the Democratic Party of Theodore Bilbo and the Dixiecrats was dead. He still believed you vote for the Donkey no matter what the guys looks like.

        I asked him once what kind of Democrat he was and he said, the best kind of Democrat, I am a SOUTHERN DEMOCRAT. Still believed he was that till the day he died.

  17. This article makes a great case for Pence. I don’t personally like him but I can see the strategy. Ann Coulter wrote a great article last week in which she believes that picking an establishment Republican would be a mistake. I think the most salient points are:

    1. During the election: “Once a week until the election, there will be some fresh media hysteria about a Trump pop-off, and his nominee will come under enormous pressure
    tol repudiate Trump — destroying Trump’s candidacy and winning himself a
    lifetime of media adulation.”

    I think by choosing Pence, this is more of likelihood than with Christie, whose political career is now totally tied to Trump and therefore more likely to result in loyalty.

    2. After the election: “If Trump chooses a vice president who supports cheap labor for the donor class, how long before both parties decide to impeach President Trump?”

    If this actually happened then there might be a revolution.

  18. Trump doesn’t need to signal to people like me.

    He needs to signal to all those people in the Cuck Belt who are on the fence about voting for him. I would rather him win and signal to those people for a few months than lose and signal to us for a few months. I’m more than happy with Trump at the top of the ticket.

    • I’ve read you long enough to have learned to not to bet against you. Your instincts are usually good on these matters. We will see what happens.

      • You could be right.

        This is a bet. I bet it will come down to be few points in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan. The difference maker will be middle class, college educated suburban Whites. He needs to hold those while expanding his appeal to the White working class.

    • Ok. We’ll see. If the pick is Pence I hope it doesn’t come to bite Trump (and us) in the ass. I hold cucks, TruCons and GOPers in no higher regard than the BLM-Dems.

    • Perhaps you’re right. I just hope this doesn’t become Trump’s Ezola Foster moment.

      • Pretty sure HW is wrong on this one. But it will be a few months before we have data on how that Midwestern cuck vote goes. I think, again, that for every religious Cruz supporter in the Midwest that Pence brings in, he will repel a suburban white woman or an educated white drawn to candidates like Kasich.

        While it is true that Trump doesn’t need to signal to the right, he does need to signal to independents and to the center, and linking up with an extreme social conservative who rejects every aspect of your political vision that is appealing is not the way to do it.

        Pence gave in effect the standard GOP cuck response to France. Bomb the world but damn the torpedoes keep inviting the world and don’t question migration

    • The Federal Courts so stripped out Ohio’s Voting Laws under the Voting Rights Act of 1965 since 2004 that you could show up in Ohio and vote the same day without even showing your drivers license in some places.

      What happened to Ohio’s voting laws was in 2005 following the Jack Abramoff/ Diebold Scandal the Republican cucks seeking to head off major lawsuits led by the DNC especially Nancy Pelosi whose daughter Alexandra practically accused Ohio of using Jim Crow tactics against Negro voters in her silly movie about the 2004 election. The cucks passed what was called Early Voting where it could take up to a month to vote and after 2007 when the Democrats took over, they expanded the laws. Since John Cuck Kasich took over Ohio his Attorney General and others have been working to restore most of the 2004 laws but Obama’s Federal Judges hit them under the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

      Don’t you just love Irony? The Jewish Media now gives Ohio the Alabama treatment at every election. Notice how the focus on the South and Voting Rights has suddenly shifted to the Battlegrounds

    • I went over looking at the Ohio numbers from the primary and what you see is this. The fight in that election was between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, which allowed Kasich to win the primary. Typically if you went through most of the county-by-county and added Cruz’s numbers to Trump’s, you see the Donald wins about every county except the Urban ones, which a Republican won’t win anyway. Cruz polled in large swaths of the state in the 15-22% range, which cut into the Donald’s numbers.

      The data is very interesting because what it shows and I knew this was that among the Religious folks who lived in many of these counties seemed to be spellbound by Cruz mixed with the Suburbanites who loved the safe pick of John Kasich. The only place which was solidly Trump were the Appalachian Counties and those bordering Pennsylvania which are pretty run-down economically. Trumps promise to stand by the Coal Industry did him well,

      The problem Donald Trump is going to have is getting these “So-Called Christians” I call them so-called because they are supporting Satan’s people and don’t see it, to all come to his side. There are still plenty of NEVER TRUMP Clowns running around largely in the Midwest where his rhetoric is just considered UNKIND.


  19. The delegate rebellion has been put down this evening by the RNC.

    Anti-Trumpers are pissed.

    Liz Mair (@LizMair) | Twitter

    For the record, I will be voting for Gary Johnson in November. I suspect a lot of people will. Have a good night, all!

  20. Trump should have considered our former Governor Dave Heineman, Nebraska. He is all that Midwest Nice and solidly against all illegal immigration. He became Governor after MIke Johanns resigned to move to the usda. As an underdog candidate in the 2006 primary he defeated former football coach Tom Osborne mainly on illegal immigration.

  21. Trump continues to narrow the gap in the polls to 2% on average.

    1) I attribute this to the change in tone since his capitulation on the la raza judge

    2) Black swans have helped him (Brexit, terror, FBI report)

    3) Americans have poor memories – many people can’t recall what they had for dinner three nights ago much less some gaffe a politician made several months ago – the victor will be chosen on election day by those making up their minds in the voting booth between a fear of Globalism and a fear of Trump.

    With a good convention and this latest terror attack, and Pence, he should be near Clinton or slightly ahead as we approach the Dem convention.

    The Dems could take back the lead with their convention and then we enter the debates. It is important for Trump to demonstrate intellectual depth. Rah rah stump speeches are OK for the stump, but not for an actual President.

    Consider: Trump “We’re going to replace Obamacare with something better” Clinton “Replace it with what?” Trump “Something yuge!” Not gonna work.

    Clinton has never faced direct attacks in a debate, and for good reason, Democrats would react poorly to the attacker. This is the general; Trump will attack, but he must be fair and accurate. Don’t get out in conspiracy land, just keep hitting her on war, Wall Street, NAFTA, Glass Steagal and so on. Tie her to Obama and Clinton and Bush. Appeal to the centrists and Bernie Bros, not the Archie Bunker types and the alt-right. He has our support to the death already.

    Trump would do well to anticipate personal attacks (racist – sexist etc). The worst thing he could do would be to get into a slugging match tit for tat. He needs to respond with the Trump of the 1980s: Philosophical, Somber, Deep. He needs to say that he is first and foremost not a politician, but a patriotic businessman who is worried about the direction of this country; that he has only been at this for a year, but in that year he has had the privilege to hear from the American people of all 50 states, all races and walks of life and it has improved him, and made him a better man. He has always had the right policies and he now has the right attitude to be President for all Americans. She says you’re with me, I say I’m with you.

    If Trump reassures at the debates, then it will be a matter for the final component of victory – Ground Game. Trump has failed so far on this and he must leave the convention with the money and logistical plan to be competitive in the ground game.

    Isn’t it strange that all these early criticisms of Trump are still valid? Chop chop man, time’s a wastin’!

    • Don’t think he needs do get out in conspiracy land or bring up Benghazi. He needs to hit hard on covering for her rapist husband. High risk, high reward.

  22. On BLM and black rage and black bullshit.

    We hear so much about history, history, history.

    But history doesn’t really matter.

    If all those blacks had been brought to America as free men, we’d have the same problem.

    It’s biology, not history.

    Blacks mess things up here, blacks mess things up in Jamaica and Haiti, blacks mess things up in Africa, blacks mess things up in Europe.

    Sure, some higher IQ Nigerian immigrants do better in the West, but that’s cream of the crop. Most Nigerians in Nigeria turned that nation into a hellhole.

    And look where South Africa is going. And before anyone blames Apartheid, look at black African nations that had no apartheid. They ended up worse.

    Blacks are stronger, more aggressive, more volatile, more pathological, less introspective, less self-critical, and etc.

    Evolution made them that way because they lived in hunter-warrior societies where badass mofo traits were most favored.

    If Americans had brought Vietnamese as slaves, things would have turned out very differently.

    Yes, Vietnamese-American descendants of slaves would have bitter narrative and harbor some anger, but they would pose no threat since Vietnamese are scrawny geeks. They would threaten or scare no one. There never would have been a Vietnamese Jack Johnson or Muhammad Ali or OJ Simpson. There wouldn’t be jungalo fever. And even if there had been a Vietnamese Civil Rights Leader, he wouldn’t be an object of cult worship since Vietnamese don’t have boom box voices that have a magical voodoo effect on white folks… indeed as if they are hearing the voice of god hisself.

    Vietnamese were fearsome only in Vietnam where they outnumbered the French and Americans by a huge margin. But on a one-on-one basis, a short skinny Vietnamese is no threat to a white man. As a minority, they would have posed no threat to white folks no matter how bitter they would have been about their history. Also, as East Asians, Viets have servile genes(like Mexican indigenous mongoid folks) and would have just gotten along with White Power.

    So, the real shame of America wasn’t so much slavery. It was WHOM whites enslaved.

    They made a terrible choice in enslaving a people bigger, tougher, and more aggressive than themselves.

    White people should have enslaved scrawny Vietnamese, not powerful blacks.


  23. Just great. Pence will spend most of his time talking about abortion and gays while this place comes apart at the seams. I don’t see this helping at all in Delaware, Montgomery and West Chester counties in Pennsylvania or other similar places. The Trump campaign retreats from what put them there. A Romney-style pick.

  24. I am not sure what to think of this, personally I would have found someone every bit as radical and bombastic as Gen Curtis LeMay was in 1968 one thing about George C Wallace is he went whole hog when he ran for President. Pence still should play well in the Midwest and in the Border States like Kentucky and Missouri

    • If Trump can’t win Kentucky, Missouri and Indiana without Pence it’s over anyway. I don’t know if he helps in Wisconsin or Michigan. Republicans like Pence (extreme social conservatives) take a beating in Ohio. Ask Blackwell and others, and look at Repubs who have been successful there.

      • Ken Blackwell is a Negro so that played against him with the Republican Conservatives as well. Ohio’s under Voting Rights Act of 65 secret supervision now too, Obama’s been sending his operatives in to police the polls as well. They’ve been the victims of some nasty Lawsuits by the Obama Justice Department over Ohio’s efforts to stop voter fraud

  25. Let’s get one thing straight.

    BLM isn’t really about white cops killing innocent blacks.

    Indeed, instances of white cops killing blacks is no worse now than in the past.

    It’s just that blacks got desperate over the years as they were being crowded out by homos, massive immigration, gentrification, mass incarceration, increased racial profiling(in NY esp), and New Liberalism that favors the 1% over everyone else.

    With Obama winning presidency, many blacks thought ‘we got it made’. But Obama’s presidency, while tossing some crumbs at blacks, has been mostly about Wars for Israel(against Russia, Libya, Syria, etc), homomania, white/Jewish/Asian yuppie gentrification, mass immigration(mostly of Mexicans, Asians, and Muslims), bailouts for Wall Street, and etc.

    Blacks are especially pissed because all of this happened when US has come under the dominance of Democrats. When the very people who say the most flowery things about blacks actually push policies that do little for blacks(or even hurt blacks), blacks are awful frustrated.

    But black rage has been muffled because most blacks are Democrats and because the Democratic Party(that dominates all big cities) is supposed to be watching their backs.

    Blacks needed some convenient excuse to vent their spleen, and it was the Narrative of white cops killing innocent blacks.

    But when we see the trajectory of BLM, there is something more happening. If blacks are indeed angry about white police violence, why don’t they target the specific police departments where it happened? Why do they march in every city, especially those dominated by white/Jewish/homo Liberals?

    White cops are just scapegoats in all this. They are useful scapegoats by both BLM and white/Jewish/homo Liberal Establishment. This is really a struggle between blacks and white/Jewish/homo urban Liberals(who supported increased policing to make cities livable again). Blacks are really angry at urban Liberals but can’t say so cuz they are both Democrats. Urban Liberals are really afraid of blacks but can’t say so cuz they are both Democrats. So, blacks pretend they are marching against police brutality, and urban Liberals play along since the alternative — black rage at Urban Liberal elites — would be more frightening.

    It reminds me of the scene in Akira Kurosawa’s RAN when the Third Castle is being attacked. Though the armies of the two treacherous sons are ostensibly united and working together against the fallen Old Lord, the real power struggle is between the two sons. Theirs is a sham unity held together in the attack against the deposed lord. It’s alliance based on deception. The two sides are really eyeing each other for dominance but pretending to direct their full fury at the powerless lord.

    There is no Conservative power in the big cities and college campuses where most of BLM fury is directed. They are all bastions of Liberal Democratic Power. But officially, blacks and white/Jewish/homo elites ares supposed to be allies. So, they make ‘common cause’ and chant the same slogans and make believe that they are united against ‘evil racist white cops’, but the real rage of BLM is about blacks fuming over how the Liberal Victory Pie went mostly to white yuppies, Jewish elites, homo neo-aristocrats, Asian immigrants, and etc.

    So, this stuff about ‘white racist cops’ is just a ruse to light the fuse. Blacks have been looking for some compelling excuse to take to the streets and demand their slice of the pie. If big cities were dominated by ‘racist’ Republicans, blacks would have a handy excuse. But blacks had trouble coming up with an excuse since big cities and college towns have been totally taken over by Jews, white Liberals, fancy mulattoes, homos, and diversity-immigrants who are supposed to be Democratic allies of blacks. Besides, US has a black Democratic president. So, blacks just fumed silently while losing out to other groups within the Liberal coalition.

    But with BLM, blacks finally latched onto some ‘compelling’ issue to retake center stage of the Liberal Narrative. They bitch about cops, but it’s about something much more. The real message is “WE BLACKS ARE ANGRY AS HELL FOR BEING SENT TO THE BACK OF THE LIBERAL BUS, AND WE WANT SOMETHING NOW OR WE WILL USE ‘RACIST COP’ ISSUE AS EXCUSE TO BURN DOWN CITIES WHERE YOU JEWS, WHITE LIBS, HOMOS, AND IMMIGRANTS HAVE IT SO GOOD.”

    It’s like Spike Lee’s screed about how Urban Liberals are ‘bogarting’ the neighborhood he grew up in.

    In a way, the Liberal Establishment miscalculated. It figured that it could control and contain black rage by flattering some black activists, thus buying them off.

    Some argue that Obama made things worse by inflaming black rage, but this is only a half-truth. Obama’s variation of “I feel your pain” to the black community was really to contain the rage. By pretending to do something about black rage, Obama may have encouraged black violence but he also appropriated black rage into institutional hands. Eric Holder was criticized for poring over every detail in Ferguson, but it had a way of calming things down a bit. It created the impression that the government was fully invested in the issue. And Baltimore calmed down when the cops were charged with the murder of Freddie Grey. Trust the officials and don’t burn down cities.

    Such gambits are effective but unstable. They may calm down the black community by sending the message that something is being done. But it also sends the message that LOUDER BLACKS ACT, MORE ATTENTION THEY GET.

    And so, we ended up with BLM that is spreading to other nations as well, like Canada and UK and Germany, and etc.


  26. they will vote republican pence or not. It is the workers that Trump has brought in that the losers McCain and Romney couldn’t. Pence will lose the workers and Trump will lose the election. Dump Pence now.

    • It will damage Trump’s economic nationalism/ jobs message when working folk hear of Pence’s anti-union, fervently pro-NAFTA/TPP, Koch Bros WSJ views. Talk about muddying the waters.
      Add Pence’s notion that Muslims in foreign countries have a constitutional right to settle here… Oh, boy. What a screw-up.

      Trump is said to be weak with better-educated, suburban white women. Do you really think that they’ll be attracted to an extreme social conservative?

      Trump listened to his kids and ignored his gut feeling.

      • Trump complained loudly about Carrier abandoning Indianapolis with ~2000 jobs lost. Where was their governor on this? Did he yell and scream? Or was he ok with it?

  27. I think it is likely that Trump just blew any hope of winning this election. The issue is that in addition to the other problems with the pick, it reveals the direction that Trump is going in, muted, tepid, overly cautious, worried about appealing to the wrong people and taking advice from people out of touch with the times (Manafort) and people who plain don’t know what the fuck they’re doing (his kids). Manafort is the man for the job of managing the legal and process nuts and bolts of delegate and convention procedures not strategy.

    I also keep reading how Trump is taking advice from Ivanka, her (((husband))) Jared, and his sons who are all in their low- to mid-30s. Well, none of them have any training or background in politics or election strategy. It’s like taking advice on cancer treatment from real estate specialists. Not good.

    What can four super-rich people who have lived their entire lives among the elite of the elite in incredibly privileged Manhattan bubbles know about appealing to Midwesterners? In addition to not having the right specialist training, they don’t have the right life experience to have any kind of intuitive or instinctual insight into the forces driving this election or the typical person’s concerns. Which goes a long way toward explaining how they could be steered toward a pick like Pence by a cuck like Manafort. And this is who Trump is listening to. It’s depressing.

    • Disagree.

      Where does Pence hurt Trump that he has to win? He helps in the Midwest. He helps in the South. He helps in the Interior West. Trump was never going to win the Northeast and West Coast.

      • Trump would win the interior west and South already. This might result in a slightly bigger margin of victory.

        Where exactly in the Midwest does this help? I think maybe Iowa, but not Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois are probably out anyway.

        It looks like consolidation, not an attempt to expand the playing field.

        • Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana. All have large pockets of Christians who went for Cruz. Places like Springfield, Fort Wayne, Milwaukee, Grand Rapids.

      • HW writes:

        “Trump was never going to win the Northeast and West Coast.”

        I respond:

        I disagree. Trump plays well in lots of the Northeast – especially New Jersey, Mass. It’s just the Evangelical Religious Right stuff that doesn’t sell at all in the Northeast. Black, Islamic population is large enough to be a problem, but not large enough to vote winners.

      • Well, again, in the Midwest I don’t think Pence helps with women or Kasich Midwesterners, even though Pence embodies that bland, Midwestern niceness that people seem to think will help Trump. There is data that shows those groups don’t like social conservatism. Kasich argued for moving on from gay marriage. That’s the kind of person many white suburban Republicans are looking for. Pence doesn’t help with them.

        I skimmed a bit of your back and forth with Spencer on Twitter. You’re right that to break the blue wall Trump needs progess in the Midwest and that a narrow swath of cucky whites in that region may control the outcome. We won’t have data for a while though on whether Pence helps or hurts with *them.* I hope you’re right, but I don’t think that you are.

        Incidentally, unlike some of these Twitter accounts I really don’t care myself that Trump may have cut a deal with Jews — support for Israel in return for big funding. If we get that wall that’s all that should matter. It’s not like Israel’s enemies have ever done anything for us, not even moral support.

        Keep the Twitter dialog going. You’re doing a good job.

  28. Watched Hannity interview Mike Pence. He will definitely attract Cruzers, and the people who value ‘nice’ above all else.

  29. Every few election cycles one or more formerly bright red states turn purple or blue. Virginia voted Republican in every presidential election from 1964-2004. Then it went Obama twice and became purple. It is probably blue by now because of govt workers in NVa, immigrants and transplants. This year, to my consternation, I see Arizona (!!!) considered purple. Formerly red California, Colorado, NH and New Mexico are gone.

    Trump needs to get blue states to keep up. The base of automatic red states is shrinking. The only state that Repubs have snatched in recent years from Dems is West Virginia.

    Pence won’t help.Trump was on the right track.

  30. If Trump does not do anything too stupid until after November, all he has to do is play campaign commercials those clips of her wanting to take aways guns, screwing those white WV coal miners, free stuff for illegals and more Muslim immigration, email scandal, making fun of her talking about poor people while getting a $600 haircut and wearing a $12k potato sacks, and Benghazi. Done deal.

  31. Something tells me the most rabid of the NeverTrump cucks were not mollified by the choice of Pence.

    Erick Erickson ?@EWErickson Jul 15
    All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for the GOP to nominate Trump.

  32. Pence off to a good start. Trump firming up in the polls.

    Trump adhering to a disciplined campaign of reassurance will win.

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