Angela Merkel Doubles Down On Refugees

Angela Merkel has gone all in on refugees:

“Angela Merkel has delivered a staunch defence of her open door policy towards refugees, insisting she feels no guilt over a series of violent attacks in Germany and was right to allow hundreds of thousands of migrants and refugees to arrive last summer.

“A rejection of the humanitarian stance we took could have led to even worse consequences,” the German chancellor said, adding that the assailants “wanted to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this.”

Repeating her infamous “wir schaffen das” – we can manage it – mantra, delivered last summer at the peak of the refugee crisis, Merkel said: “I didn’t say it would be easy.”

“I said back then, and I’ll say it again, Germany is a strong country. I called it a task for the whole nation. But just as we’ve managed so much already, we’ll manage this. …”

To recap:

1.) In just the last month, it came out that Cologne was far worse than it had been originally reported, and that +1,200 German women had been sexually assaulted by Muslim refugees and immigrants on New Year’s Eve.

2.) A leaked report showed that rapes and sexual assaults on German women and children by Muslim refugees and immigrants was becoming a “grave concern” in Germany. Also, a German leftwing politician and refugee activist was gang raped by Muslims, but she lied to the police about it and blamed German men because she didn’t want to encourage “racism.” She later confessed.

3.) An axe-wielding Afghan refugee pledged allegiance to ISIS and attacked passengers on a train in Würzburg.

4.) In Munich, an Iranian dual citizen went on a shooting spree at a McDonald’s, which the government has laughably attempted to pin on the “Far Right” because he researched other mass shootings.

5.) In Reutlingen, a machete wielding Syrian refugee hacked a pregnant Polish woman to death. Germany was relieved to learn that it wasn’t a terrorist attack. Instead, it could have just been your standard fare honor crime.

6.) A few hours later, a Syrian refugee who pledged allegiance to ISIS tried to blow himself up in a music festival in Ansbach, but detonated in a nearby wine bar after he was turned away.

7.) Yesterday, 24 German women were sexually assaulted by Muslim refugees at a cultural festival in Bremen, a gang of Muslims stormed into a nudist pool in Geldern and threatened to exterminate the Western sluts and infidels, and an Eritrean refugee raped a 79-year-old woman on the grave of her sister in a cemetery in Ibbenbueren.

But wait … there’s more:

8.) Elsewhere in Germany, another gang of Muslims swam onto a nudist beach where they also shouted “Allahu Akbar”, and a group of Muslims threatened to behead a German doctor while screaming “Allahu Akbar” at him.

The epicenter of the jihad in Europe has shifted back to France for the moment, but unlike French president François Hollande, who is making noises about France being “at war” with ISIS, Angela Merkel has drawn a bright red line that there will be no change to Germany’s refugee policy no matter what happens.

That’s a huge gamble. She is setting herself up for a knockout punch. All it is going to take now is one great act of jihad in Germany to destabilize the heart of the European Union. She will never be able to live it down after this.

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  1. She must have approved of the jihad inspired beheading on the catholic altar of an old priest.

    I know I was inspired. To call for the internment and concentration of all Muslims that is.

  2. Angela Merkel is either a SECRET JEW herself or is Israel’s best leader in Europe. Either way, she must be destroyed. Der Fuhrer says so!

  3. This isn’t funny anymore! This is entering armed insurrection territory here, and the German people would be utterly justified in doing it! Provided they have ANY pride or survival instinct left and aren’t a supine, deracinated, brainwashed mass who deserves the fate that will be foisted on them!

    • In 1828, the idea of distinctive Southern Pride and Southern Nationalism was considered stupidity and maligned by most Southern Politicians who had to that point considered Southern the De Facto American Identity which because by 1828 we only had two Yankees as President, both of them named Adams, it seemed that way. Southern Pride was American Pride. It was New England and their Colonies in Upstate New York and along the Great Lakes who were the people apart.

      The South only began to realize it had been lying to itself and that they had lost the country about the time of the Mexican War. Suddenly President Polk was burned in effigy and threatened, as he was bringing in “Slave States” for the “Slave Power” The true visionaires, like John C. Calhoun had realized the South had lost the country in the 1820’s it just the rest of those mule-headed Southern politicians to realize it. By Calhoun’s death in 1850, suddenly Southern Nationalism exploded and still exists today.

      I see the same thing in Europe. The idea of European Nationalism has been poo-pooed since the 1940’s and has been blamed for WWII and the Holohoax. Remember every movement starts small, but as the radicals push, our radical side will begin to grow. I have faith that whether it is Germany or Britain or France, someone will begin to throw off the chains at some point. The new generation is becoming immune from Holocaust Lies because they see Israeli tyranny and WWII is ancient history. Now comes Part 2

  4. “”…..She is setting herself up for a knockout punch….””

    Unfortunately not. She setting out knockout punch for last warriors in Europe. Everybody hates muslims and when the war breaks loose, then last brave men in Europe get killed and mutti Merkel laughs with all the left and become stronger than ever before.

    Or anybody heard that we must fight the left and avoid war with 2 billion moslem because left intention is repeat two successful world wars when they suceeded to butcher nationalists. Lenin said that first world war bring “us” to the power in one country, second world war in all western world and third in the all world. Until now, this prediction stands.

    This is the biggest treath to white people in modern times. When left manages to push us into one more war, then warrior gene will be gone. White patriots must go after racetraitor, not get killed in fight with moslems. Muttti Merkel is very smart woman and unfortunately, everything goes by the plan. Nationalists want to fight with moslems and at the end nationalists are dead and white liberals are very much alive and stronger than before.

  5. “just the last month, it came out that Cologne was far worse than it had been originally reported”

    In France, the same Arabs are incredibly better behaved than in Germany. There are no reports at all in France’s jewsmedia of French women getting raped.

  6. If Merkel is crazy, so is all the rest of her government. Or they are weaklings. Or the security is very good, and no one can approach her with a hidden knife.

    Anyway, it’s not Merkel, it’s the Jews. Because, even if she is crazy, I don’t think she directly controls the media. And it is not her that has morally disarmed the whole country.

    Anyway, there is a similar situation in all White countries. So, it doesn’t come from Merkel.

    Germans like to complain that their country is still under American occupation. I wonder what they will say when Trump gets elected and Germany is still stuck with the crazy Merkel. I think German is under occupation all right, but so is the rest of the West, and it is a Jewish occupation.

    • It is very likely that the Merkel bitch is herself a half-Jew. Regardless, she is the definition of evil and must be destroyed.

  7. “She feels no guilt”

    Why should she? Who is going to make her feel guilty or hold her to account? The media love what she is doing (Person of the year for 2015 according to Time Magazine), the lamestream political parties also approve, and as of right now, the only political party opposing her and it on this issue, AfD, is nowhere near winning, all it can do is affect the calculus of which pro-rapefugee lamestream party beats which other. Any opposition to this to the right of AfD is actually criminal.

  8. Traitors always claim to be answering to a higher moral good. In her case, betrayal of her people is justified as a “humanitarian stance”.

  9. And yet the stupid Germans keep her in power.

    She says that refugees shouldn’t be banned because of a few incidents

    Do German gun owners receive the same benefit of the doubt?

    Didn’t think so…

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