Marauding “Youths” Chase Tourist, Surround Her, Beat Her In Streets of Paris

Is this Paris or Port-au-Prince? Increasingly, I can’t tell the difference:

“A young woman screamed helplessly as she was set upon by a violent gang in the centre of tourist Paris today.

She was repeatedly punched and kicked in the head and upper body as around 15 mainly men surrounded her, knocking her to the ground.

The terrifying attack, which was captured on video, took place within sight of Notre Dame Cathedral, and less than half-a-mile from the Louvre museum.

Police were nowhere to be seen, as the savagery continued until the early hours of this morning, with others reporting muggings and gratuitous assaults.

Another video obtained by Mail Online shows a man who was knocked unconscious by another gang staggering away from the scene of the crime with a head wound.

This is despite France officially being under a ‘State of Emergency’ following the terrorist attacks in which up to 150 people were murdered in Paris last year. …”

She was with a group of friends who attended a rap gig on a street close to Rue de Rivoli, the equivalent of London’s Oxford Street in Paris.

A crowd of some 1,000 people congregated outside a Caribbean restaurant, where giant speakers and a small stage were set up.

But trouble started almost immediately, when a man was set upon by a gang early in the evening, and knocked unconscious.

Video shows him being helped up by other members of the crowd, before he staggers away with a head wound.
The ugly atmosphere grew, as revelers openly smoked cannabis, and drank bottles of beer from nearby supermarkets. …”

The crime and terrorism by refugees and immigrants has gotten so bad in Europe that tourists from all over the world are cancelling their reservations. Why would anyone go to France these days? As Trump said, France isn’t France anymore.

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  1. I’m watching this Anglo-French production on PBS called The Tunnel.
    Various elaborate murders and hostage situations by a mysterious telephone voice.
    Of course the criminal mastermind is a white fella. The victims assorted blacks n browns.

    These production crews in their Berghaus jackets and Stan Smiths must have a pozzed view of reality.

    Of course!

  2. Every negative story of black African Muslim immigrants must refer to the characters as gangs of youths. And must be accompanied by stories of fights involving white hooligans from Eastern Europe which occurred years ago.

    • These are mostly Francophone Haitian Catholics, not black African Muslims. I would call it sheer black thuggery – not terrorism.

      Both deserve Madame la Guillotine. Where is she?

      • How can you tell they’re Haitian and from Martinique or Africa? Serious question. Was the event geared to Haitians?

        • They mentioned “Caribbean”. Haitians are one group of Francophone Caribbeans, There are others too. So my statement was not totally accurate. They could be from the “French West Indies” which are an integral part of the French Republic and, therefore, could be black French citizens on the basis of “blood and soil” rather than Haitian immigrants.

          Here’s from Wikipedia:

          The term French West Indies or French Antilles (French: Antilles françaises) refers to the seven territories currently under French sovereignty in the Antilles islands of the Caribbean:
          The two overseas departments of:
          Guadeloupe (Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre)
          The two overseas collectivities of:
          Saint Martin
          Saint Barthélemy
          The islands forming dependencies of Guadeloupe, namely
          Les Saintes
          La Désirade
          Due to its proximity, French Guiana is often associated with the French West Indies

          • Yeah, I wasn’t critiquing your post. I was genuinely interested if the ‘youths’ in France all hang out together or divide themselves according to their nationality. Here in Toronto, Jamaicans, Somalians, Ethiopians, tend to self segregate. And in Portugal, where I’m originally from, same thing.

            And Haitians are some of the most useless people on earth. Give Somalians and gypsies stiif competition for uselessness.

  3. Wait until you are old and gray white man, the Jews have got their hearts set on the same kinds of beatings for you.

  4. Absolutely ridiculous.If these Frenchies call this a State of Emergency, then they truly are doomed. What idiots.

    • Yes if you go in amongst them as friends, you deserve what you get. You don’t make friends with your enemies!

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