Transgender Police Officer Drags French Priest Out of His Church

So this happened in France today:

“French riot police were seen brutally dragging a priest in ceremonial dress out a of a Parisian church by one arm in images that have infuriated Catholics in France.

Jean-Francois Billot was among twenty people protesting over the demolition of the 100-year-old St Rita, but police arrived with batons and helmets to forcibly remove the congregation yesterday.

It happened just hours apart from the funeral of Father Jacques Hamel, who was knifed to death by ISIS-inspired attacker in his church in Normandy as he celebrated Mass last week. …”

Apparently, this is who did it:

This also happened in France:

“Footage has surfaced showing a group of young men setting a bus alight with Molotov cocktails after blocking its way with makeshift barricade in Paris. The perpetrators were reportedly heard shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.

The footage, which started to spread on social media on Wednesday, shows the attack that occurred in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis last week.

A group of young men is seen rolling trash containers to the midst of the road in front of an approaching bus to “set up a trap to force the bus to stop,” police said, as cited by L’Express.

In the video, which was presumably shot from one of the nearby buildings, the attackers are heard shouting “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great, in Arabic). …”

It has been quite a day for The Republic.

At least it wasn’t too bad of a day: the French priest who was dragged out of his church by a tranny wasn’t beheaded by ISIS terrorists, and hundreds of people weren’t killed in a major terrorist attack, so there’s that.

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  1. France reaping the bitter harvest of the French Revolution. Liberty Equality and Fraternity were three of the biggest lies ever told mankind, right along with We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal by Thomas (ILLUMINATI MEMBER) Jefferson.

    Equality gets us to this

    • That Chinese politburo member who was asked his opinion about the French Revolution responded with the pithy “it’s too soon to tell” has been trumped. “Disaster” sums up the liberty equality fraternity for all project.

      • Liberty,equality and fraternity was a Freemason movement.seeing how Jews created it,you can see why.Jews were made equal to Russians the same decade the Africans were made equal to Americans by Nicholas 2,known as the czar ever wonder why the Russian navy was in New York harbor and the San Francisco bay during the American civil war.That devil never sleeps.

      • John C. Calhoun gave a speech June 27 1848 where he repudiated Jefferson, early in his career he had been an ally of Jefferson.

        “The proposition to which I allude, has become an axiom in the minds of a vast majority on both sides of the Atlantic, and is repeated daily from tongue to tongue, as an established and incontrovertible truth; it is, that “all men are born free and equal. Taking the proposition literally (it is in that sense it is understood), there is not a word of truth in it. It begins with “all men are born,” which is utterly untrue. Men are not born. Infants are born. They grow to be men. And concludes with asserting that they are born “free and equal,” which is not less false. They are not born free. While infants they are incapable of freedom, being destitute alike of the capacity of thinking and acting, without which there can be no freedom. Besides, they are necessarily born subject to their parents, and remain so among all people.”

        “If we trace it back, we shall find the proposition differently expressed in the Declaration of Independence. That asserts that “all men are created equal.” The form of expression, though less dangerous, is not less erroneous. All men are not created. According to the Bible, only two, a man and a woman, ever were, and of these one was pronounced subordinate to the other. All others have come into the world by being born.”

        • Southern Nationalists as a whole really had no real concept of what they were fighting against most of them thought it was about slavery or for financial benefits, only a few like Calhoun Robert Barnwell Rhett and George Fitzhugh the entire picture.

          The Confederacy was fighting against an onslaught of Illuminati Judeo-Communist thought that had been percolating in Europe since the time of Baruch (Benedict) Spinoza and others, Spinoza was a Portugese Jew BTW who lived in Holland.

          These people, placed in the centers of learning in Europe and in the Parliaments slowly phased in the equality end of the spectrum in Great Britain or in the case of France overthrew the entire government and massacred the clergy and nobility. The thing was the worst of these men among them Thomas Paine found shelter in the United States and published books to taint the impressionable minds of the youths of the Revolutionary Generation. This process didn’t proceed quickly it proceeded like a slow growing cancer in the United States and Great Britain. Jews all the while financing guiding and nurturing it along.

          By the time of the War for Southern Independence, these men had so infiltrated even the Southern schools and political mindset that even Jeff Davis himself put a Jew practically in charge of the Confederate government. The CSA honored Jefferson and others because they merely saw their fight as the preservation of the Republic when in fact the Republic was founded upon EVIL NOTIONS and the true fight was to create a Christian Commonwealth not a Republic. The majority never grasped this, Stonewall Jackson was one of the few who did.

          The effort to pass a loyalty oath in the Confederacy that every soldier and I believe citizen would have to swear to uphold the Gospel of Jesus Christ was defeated by the Jews and their Ilk. The vast majority of the Southern Leadership were Freemasons, never knowing that the very order they belonged to was waging war against their civilization. In 1861 the entire picture wasn’t as clear as it is today.

    • Have you heard of the vendee.Some priest and nobleman led a province of people against the Judeo-masons in france at that time.They fought well at first,then got slaughtered.A rosary was a family chained up and thrown into the ocean,lake.a republican marriage was a man and woman chained up and drowned.All the officers of the royal navy got guillitined,or got away.Like the Katyn massacre Stalin did in Poland.

    • The “all men are created equal” had to do with King George and not the multicultural mess we have today. (((They))) and their cohorts distort everything and since Americans are completely ignorant of history, especially anything before the Holohoax, revisionism is wildly successful. Just like that Jew crap on the Statue of Liberty…. give me your huddled masses…. added at a later time.

      “The bigger the lie the more it will be believed.” – Joseph Goebbels

      Ain’t that the truth!

      • In my opinion,it was opening up new markets in France for English and Dutch profiteers.The stock market needed to create the slop hogs equally so we could all eat out of Jacobs hand.The Roman rank and file got replaced with the freemasonic order.

      • John C. Calhoun said that Jefferson told one of the biggest lies in History and no matter the context it was still a LIE. Multiculturalism was a problem then as well, in fact Thomas Jefferson actually pushed Interracial Marriage with the Native Americans as the solution to ending the Indian wars. Even George Washington himself was forced to give a written address to the Touro Synagogue in Rhode Island stating that Americanism was not determinant upon Religion. Thomas Jefferson also said somewhere that in his mind a Mahometan could be just as good of an American as a Christian.

        Thomas Jefferson allied himself with the Illuminati Faction in France, praised Adam Weishaupt and also praised the French Revolutionaries, demanding Washington recognize the Revolutionary Convention of Robespierre and the like, calling them heroes as they massacred innocent Priests and Nuns. Yet the Conservatives call Jefferson a Christian. I guess thats no different than calling a Rapist sensitive to women

        • Perhaps Jefferson was part of a secret society. I think our history being distorted goes way, way back. We don’t hear too much about Jews in colonial times but our instinct tells us they’ve had their hands in everything throughout the ages.

          I know there was some disinformation about Eustace Mullins planted out there by the usual suspects that, unfortunately, many people bought into. But, I believe he was probably the greatest researcher of the 20th Century in regard to the Jewish Question (problem).

          “….. a feature of the parasite is his mobility. When the host moves, the parasite follows, catches up with him, and re- establishes his attachment. The American pioneers resented the efforts of the parasites to follow them, and one of the longest debates at the Continental Congress concerned a proposal for permanent exclusion of the Jews. It was finally defeated by the curious argument that, as the Jews were not presently a problem, they would be unlikely to become so in the future. This certainly went against the grain of everything that was known about the Jews and their methods. The records of these debates have survived only in a few notes taken by some of the delegates. The drafts of the Constitution which contains the proposal for Jewish exclusion have all been destroyed. One of the Jewish vocations is that of dealer in old books and rare documents. In these dealings, records containing unfavorable references to the past can be sequestered and destroyed.”
          (c) 1968 The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 43-44

          He also said that the Rothschilds dispatched agents throughout European capitals to destroy all documentation linking them to the world wars.

          • Eustace Mullins studied with Ezra Pound who knew the truth and spent time in a mental institution for his support of Benito Mussolini while he lived in Italy. Ezra’s imprisonment for what amounts to nothing is one of the blackest points of American History.

            Mullins was exactly correct. The Jews of the Bank of England and the East India Company had in effect caused the American Revolution by getting Parliament to restrict our Colonial money with the Currency Acts of 1751 and 1764 when they finally revoked them in 1773 our economy had in some places resorted to barter as we had very little English Money to trade with.

            The election of Thomas Jefferson in 1800 who was a partisan of the Jews was a disasterous thing for the United States. He opened our borders wide open and he began pursuing an ANTI-BRITISH Foreign Policy which caused the WAR OF 1812. Meanwhile Britain was forced to fight the godless French Revolutionaries for 20 years.

            What the Americans didn’t know in 1800 was that Great Britain WASN’T OUR ENEMY nor were they OUR FRIEND but France was OUR ENEMY because it was being controlled by slime. Yet Tom Jefferson just like Obama allied the nation with the enemies of civilization against the nation defending it. Just as Obama wants to destroy Russia the last bastion of Civilization Jefferson did with Britain. Sick Sick Sick

    • For the 2nd time,first one went to spam.?Their was a province in France called Vendee.The priest and some nobility along with the people revolted against the revolution,they did well at first,then got slaughtered.The leaders of the drafted French army would chain up families and drown them,that was called a rosery,a man and woman,a republican marriage.The French govt. refuses to even acknowledge the Vendee today.
      Not directly related to the Vendee,most officers of the royal navy got guillotined, similar to what Stalin did to the polish officers at katyn.

      • As we know from the Bible a man is only responsible for his own self HOWEVER the consequences of what we do may have effects felt for a thousand years after us.

        The French Revolution, which Benito Mussolini criticized and said brought the racial and social equality plague upon Europe is DIRECTLY responsible for what we are seeing today. All of the philosophies Atheism Communism Hedonism Racial Mixing Liberty Equality Fraternity and all those things came out of the French Revolution. The French called one another CITIZEN the Russian Bolshevik COMRADE. Francois Noel Babeuf aka Gracchus Babeuf was one of Karl Marx’s inspirations along with Hegel

        The basis of the ILLUMINATI was the concept of CONTROL EDUCATION which was what Weishaupt who was a Jew who became a Jesuit Scholar only to reject the Church and declare himself its enemy. After 1815 French Revolutionaries found refuge in the USA and UK at our colleges and in London where they continued to publish. By 1848 they caused the Revolutions in Germany, by 1871 the French Commune and by 1917 Russia. SOS al over again

  2. This should dispel any doubt about which side the regime is on. The modern, multi-cultural West-Whites need not apply, especially White heterosexual Christians.

    • Exactly. They would never have done this against Muslims, and not just because Muslims would react violently. The regime is simply far more hostile against us than against Muslims. If they thought Muslims were a threat to them they wouldn’t be bringing them here.

  3. The enforcer is often a bigger problem than the one that gives the orders. How come there is never any focus – or backlash – for those who enforce illegal or immoral orders?

    • Well, we have its name. Pray that some French patriots get its address and pays it a visit.

      There must be costs.

  4. British Police Before and After Diversity…note the three bobbies with the medals.

  5. Telling that anti-Whites support “sanctuary cities” for illegal 3rd worlders but a priest can’t find sanctuary in his own church.

  6. IF any news bit was a clearer indication of the SATANIC nature of the Modern Moloch Multicultural Mess that is the West, this is it.

    A Priest, being assualted by a sexual pervert/anathema, to destroy a Church, with godless Hagarenes chanting slogans to Satan, whom the call ‘Allah.’

    Arise, O Lord, and avenge thy People.
    Surge, Dominus!

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