The Case for Trump: Visibility, Eroding Taboos, Coming Out

As I have said, every day now brings new headlines:

“OAKTON, Va. — Jared Taylor hits play, and the first Donald Trump ad of the general election unfolds across his breakfast table. Syrian refugees streaming across a border. Hordes of immigrants, crowded onto trains.

“Donald Trump’s America is secure,” rumbles a narrator. “Terrorists and dangerous criminals kept out. The border, secure; our families, safe.”

Taylor, one of America’s foremost “racialists,” is impressed and relieved. “That’s a powerful appeal,” he said. “If he can just stick to that, he is in very good shape.” …

The rise of the alt-right — named for the Alternative Right website that the “identitarian” nationalist Richard Spencer set up in 2010 and adopted by those opposed to multiculturalism and mass immigration — has come to define how many of its adherents see Trump. There’s less talk now about a “pivot,” or a moment when Trump will adopt the ideas of people that he conquered. His strategy now resembles the alt-right dream of maximizing the white vote — even as polling shows his standing with white voters falls short of Mitt Romney’s in 2012. …”

I once wrote an article for the League of the South called The Logic of Street Demonstrations.

I had more modest goals than taking over the Republican Party or seizing the presidency (I never imagined the establishment was that weak or that vulnerable to a hostile takeover), but the same logic applies to the November election: our message is more visible than ever before, the reigning taboos have never been more vulnerable, and to borrow a line from the pro-amnesty crowd, we’re starting to see the Alt-Right “come out of the shadows.” It’s also all due to Trump’s presidential run.

I’ve already speculated that a Trump victory in the United States could set off a “European Spring” in 2017. The president has almost complete control over foreign policy and Trump has already shown a clear willingness to attack Angela Merkel in Germany. We’ve never really had any occasion to think through what a national populist foreign policy would look like but surely challenging and undermining the anti-White regimes in Western Europe – in the same way the neocons do now with Russia and the Middle East, but this time in reverse – would be at the top of our list.

What would America be like under a Trump presidency? How would it be different? It would be very different in one key respect: Trump would have won in spite of being called a racist, bigot, fascist, xenophobe, nativist, sexist, etc. He will have explicitly campaigned against political correctness and will have been rewarded by sailing to the White House. His followers will expect change on that front. He will have the bully pulpit of the presidency which commands national attention and he can say whatever he wants. Think about it: with a tweet, Donald Trump can set off a media firestorm and drive the news cycle for weeks.

LBJ changed history when he embraced the Civil Rights Movement and legitimized it from the top down. Lincoln, too, with abolition. Trump could do the same thing. Countless aspiring politicians will interpret a Trump victory against the forces of political correctness as a mandate to challenge it themselves to advance their own careers.

Here’s a scary thought for our leftist friends: if Trump wins, then it will mean the SPLC, the media, the subservient cuckservative establishment, all the experts and intellectuals, and the Democratic Party will have thrown everything they had at him – especially the race card – and lost to a popular revolt by White America. The powerful won’t look so powerful anymore to all those aggrieved people, will they?

If Trump punches through that and wins (he’s back on top by 2 in the latest LA Times poll), we might see the reigning taboos buckle and crumble without the usual pressure coming from the top down. Can you imagine a world in which White Nationalists have come out of the closet, the charge of “racism” elicits only a “meh” and shrugged shoulders, and we have begun to openly organize?

Don’t underestimate the power of the presidency to legitimize marginalized people and deviant movements. If Barack Obama can legitimize gay marriage and transsexuals, Donald Trump can legitimize the Alt-Right.

Note: Speaking of the cuckservative establishment, check out this Politico article on Charlie Sykes.

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  1. If anyone on the campaign is reading make sure you produce an add juxtaposing Merkel morphing into Clinton and a human centipede of “Syrian” refugees marching through Slovenia.

    • Did you see our/my blog here showing photos of Muslim migrant mobs going through Yugoslavia and the Walking Dead Walker mobs

    • You assume most of the mass voters even have a clue who Merkel is or what exactly is going on in Europe. Those who understand these issues are already firmly in one camp or another.

      • It will work. Most Brits probably don’t know Merkel either. It’ll bait the German into overdoing the reaction.

        The sub current will also make some sensible women go “oh dear yes a female head of state, disaster.”

  2. Hunter and others :

    Can you start including links to pro Trump groups and leaders ?

    The trump presidential campaign is the only game in town these next 3 months

    We need to network identify potential young leaders

    We re probably going to lose as too much is stacked against us

    But the Goldwater loss in 64 created a new conservative movement that lasted 30 years

    It might me the same here

    I haven t found trump organization or events around Chicago

    Trump s one campaign event in Chicago was broken up by Communists and BlackLiesmatter mobs.

    Anybody got links to bikers for Trump?

  3. I have a nagging suspicion that come December with President Elect Hillary, the Trump thing will have already faded from memory and Conservatism INC will be back in the helm of what is left of the Republican party. Protest will have faded once again to chain emails detailing the latest “genderqueer” outrage forced upon us by the culture of critique.

    • It is better for whites if Clinton wins. The economy is going to collapse soon, let the blame fall on her and Obama. Can you imagine how blacks will act with no EBT no subsidized housing and ten dollar bread?? Blacks will be saying to themselves, we should have listen to Trump. Trump wanted to help us, with job opportunities, why didn’t we listen.

    • Well I that happens, never mind who is POTUS, then it’s our, WHAT GOP voter would go back to TwuConservatardism, who has seen a different way?

    • That is what I fear, too. I know of no other man with Trumps vast resources who is even remotely willing, or even wants to and whose financial interests coincide with ours, that will step up and continue or extend what Trump has started. It cannot be pointed out and burned in enough the critical matter of financial resources that are required, and also the media experience and savvy.

        • If Hillary gets to amnesty, import more, it won’t matter if any rogue billionaires come along or not. There will simply be too many muds ready to vote. We’ll still have the possibility of state politics and collapse/breakup/revolt.

  4. Very good article. Mr. Wallace nails it again as someone who understands the undercurrent of the modern political movements.

  5. It would be nice to openly network in public and enjoy our cocktails without fear of Bokshevik assault.

    The Trump campaign, and the emergence of the Alt-Right into the sunlight, is basically a huge repudiation of the do-nothing “passivism” recommended by certain sectors of the NRx movement, especially at Social Matter and Outside In.

    • I know.

      It’s why I am pushing back against the usual stupidity that is out there. Tapping down on fear and apathy is far more important than getting people more angry and alienated. Rage doesn’t translate into anything if people are too cowed to act on it.

  6. It really is getting harder and harder to try to explain the downfall of America and all the lunacy as anything other than the work of Jewish power and their historic animus against white christians. Deliberately outnumber us in our own country to seize political power away from Americans by “electing a new people.” It’s motivation is also vandalism, the same way an autistic child takes it out by smearing the walls with shit. How better way to get revenge than by disturbing Bedford Falls and Mayberry with 3rd world savages and drag queens. Today it is mostly crackpots who are reckless enough to bring this up publicly. But as this knowledge spreads, more and more respectable, persuasive people will start to whisper the truth and you could well have 40% of the population who ends up believing this and now views the regime as completely illegitimate.

  7. Let’s remember that George Wallace, had a national influence on millions of young White Americans, before assassination & marriage crippled his political career.

    George Wallace was a doer.

    Pat Buchanan has always been a Roman Catholic blowhard since the start of his career. If Buchanan was the least bit serious he would spend a few of his millions, and raise a few millions to put guys like Brad, James Edwards and many others in the State Houses & State Senates across the USA. Heck, Buchanan has the contacts to raise a few million in an afternoon of phone calls.

    • Buchanan should have run and won governor of New Hampshire

      The last Reform Party pres runwas a waste.

    • George Wallace’s great problem was that he decided to run for President of the United States and didn’t just cross the Rubicon and begin speaking for secession in the 60s. Wallace being a WW2 Vet he couldnt bring himself to cross the line and acknowledge that the Whore of Babylon on the Potomac must be dealt with. Arthur Bremer, his “RELIGIOUS CONVERSION” and his Leftist Wife forever screwed Wallace. Unlike Ross Barnett who went to his grave unrepentent Wallace begged for Negro forgiveness like a dog.

      Does this mean I hate George Wallace? No I believe losing Lurleen and being paralyzed caused him to snap, I think it would to some of us too. Wallace was a very complicated man to say the least.

      I will give you another sacred cow Paul Bear Bryant, who by the end of his coaching career had recruited and played a proverbial flood of Negro ballplayers. Good men can give up the good fight and go over to the dark side and it often starts with the smallest of compromise.

      • The Left’s power to bully people into submission is quite remarkable. It takes a very strong person to stand alone year after year against a full power assault.

        • If memory serves me correctly the reason Wallace denounced his past beliefs hinged from the assassination attempt and his second wife who was a liberal. The woman a man brings into his bed has the power to destroy him, Solomon learned that 3000 yrs ago. How often have we heard of men who had PRO WHITE viewpoints get married then all the sudden its like we just love our children but we love everyone else too? Happens every single day

  8. “I never imagined the establishment was that weak or that vulnerable to a hostile takeover”

    Everyone knew ZOG was really a house of cards.
    All that was needed was a famous billionaire.
    Give me a lever and I will move the earth, as Archimedes said.

    “the reigning taboos have never been more vulnerable”

    You mean the reigning Jews.

    “Trump has already shown a clear willingness to attack Angela Merkel in Germany.”

    I hope he sends her a few Scud missiles when he is in the White House.

    “we might see the reigning taboos buckle and crumble”

    You mean the reigning jews.

    Until now, people on our side couldn’t believe that Trump would win. They kept repeating that it was still a great victory that he went thus far. He had given tremendous encouragement to White people.

    But it now appears that he is going to win, and it’s obvious that what he’s achieved so far will be nothing in comparison to what we are about to see.

  9. Can some if our best Southern readers work to get identify well known popular figures from the South in the South that we can approach with our Alt Right program?

    We re looking for former SEC football coaches , NASCAR drivers , country and Western singers, actors .

    People vote for personalities like Trump not just political positions, ideology.

    • Any hope of a College Football Coach no matter how Conservative they are publicly endorsing Trump is spitting into the wind. They don’t want ESPN crucifying their legacy and ES JEW PN is an arm of the Democratic Party. I would argue that College Football is one thing especially in the Deep South that has done more psychologically to damage Dixie in the last 60 years or so than anything. Outside of the Deep South in Kentucky and North Carolina it has been Basketball that has inflicted cultural damage,

      NASCAR now being a global brand is in the same mess, they dont need ESPN calling for boycotts which could bankrupt the entire sport.

      As for Southern Actors or singers for some reason going to Hollywood or entering the Music Industry means abandoning your raising and entering the Satanic system. Matthew McConaughey’s leftist odyssey is a sad sight and both the Spears sisters and Miley Cyrus knew better I doubt they were raised complete pigs but being a pig sells. In the Old South any girl who acted disrespectful like them wouldve had a buggy whip taken to her hide until she didnt have any left.

      If it is to be it is up to us. The Little unwashed folks

      • Agreed
        But we re looking for a retired SEC football coach

        One that can take our side bash Mexicans and Muslims

        Mexicans and Muslims don t make for winning SEC football teams

        • Exactly Jay I agree with you but as I said above football coaches are afraid of their legacies being tarnished.

          Look at Joe Paterno. Jo Pa knew bad things were afoot at Penn State but Jo Pa Born 12/21/1926 was about 9 months older than my grandma and about 2 1/2 years younger than my grandpa, Men of his generation couldn’t acknowledge sex much less homosexuality or pedophilia. I couldn’t have imagined my grandpa working in a school building coming upon something like Paterno evidently did and even being able to discuss it, it was too horrifying he could barely say the word SEX until he began slowly going senile. Paterno was probably the same way, he wouldn’t do anything to tarnish the legacy shame the school or bring disgrace, therefore he kept his mouth shut when he should have spoken up.

          The same thing holds true in the South. Do you think these Southern White coaches liked knowing about Negro players assulting White girls or acting like thugs? It’s been going on since day 1 of integration but when faced with losing their jobs, losing face and damaging the reputation of the institution, they keep their mouths sealed. They are also afraid of in retirement of ESPN bashing them and boycotts of the school

          The final analysis is FEAR. Powerful men fear losing their power and prestige, Jesus Christ told us to lose it all for his sake so if we don’t speak truth to power, we’re no different than the worse murderer or pedo in God’s eyes. These powerful men won’t risk their reputations to feel the pride in their personal gain. God hates such men

          • Good observation, about Joe Paterno, Billy Ray. Upon the announcement of Liberace’s death, in 1987, from AIDS, a friend of mine quipped, “Well, he sure pulled the wool over everybody’s eyes.” This was in reference to a news story or some such thing to the effect that Liberace had never avowed his homosexuality, because he hadn’t wanted to upset his mother. When I relayed the quip to an elder man, born in the early 1930s, his face was blank. The man was not unworldly: he’d been in the military, had spent time at a European operation of a large American corporation where he had a fairly-high management position, and had raised a family. He was neither without a sense of humor nor unfamiliar with Liberace; but it was obvious the joke had gone right over his head, because Liberace’s flamboyant homosexuality had been completely invisible to him.

          • Yes exactly this is what I’m saying. These old-school coaches may be personally conservative but their programming of THE GOOD OF THE INSTITUTION rates above all other things often times even God and their family. Thus they will sacrifice it all for the U even covering up criminal activity as it might cause the U to lose face or themselves to lose face.

            In Christianity we are taught that men are responsible for everything we do or refuse to do because it might be uncomfortable for us. Our personal feelings and those of our family and friends are to be of secondary concern our first concern is the upholding of the Laws of Yahweh. Simple as that

          • In the Christian sense Truth is God’s Law.

            In the Natural World there are certain laws that are inflexible truths. Such as a clear sky will appear to the human eye to be blue because of molecules in the atmosphere scattering blue light more than they do red.Another example of course would be that gravity exists,

            Of course there are such things as normative truth which would say to any logical thinking human being that it is wrong to have sexual relations with someone against their will or to kill them without cause.

            Hows that?

        • I have no clue but of course Palin isn’t from the South she’s from Idaho but point well taken. As for Ms Evans I have no clue whatsoever she’s pretty private about those things from what I know. Like i said musicians are too afraid of MTV/VH1/CMT/GAC boycotting them to speak out. Certain ones like Toby Keith and Trace Adkins not to mention Hank Jr have said a few things as have others but the fear of boycott keeps many silent.

  10. Even if he wins, which is doubtful, Trump won’t change anything, profoundly and permanently, Trump would slow the destruction, inexorable and systematic, of what Vdare calls the “historic American nation,” but it wouldn’t end much less reverse it For that to happen, virtually all non-European immigration would have to banned, immediately and permanently, almost all illegal aliens deported, and denied entry by building a wall on the Mexican border, and European immigration and white birth-rates increased, Trump initially proposed a ban on Muslim immigration, a temporary ban, but has now reversed himself and is simply arguing that Islamic aliens be “vetted.” So hundred of thousands of Muslims would enter the U.S. if Trump is president for 8-years and millions of other non-European immigrants.

    • The perfect is not the enemy of the good. If Hillary wins, all of the above will remain true, and she has said her first priority will be comprehensive immigration reform, so there’s that.

      • Hunter I will say this, we must stay vigilant at all costs. Hillary has this thing tied up because the Negroes are by last count voting 99-1 for her. If Trump only pulled 12% of the Negro vote, he would be winning the election by 12 points nationwide. The South is unusual as it has a large number of Negro Republicans for various reasons, north of the Ohio and Potomac the Negroes are 99% Democrat. Stick a fork in it unless something bad happens.

        November 9th 2016 we enter PHASE 2

      • You’re right about Hillary, of course. If she wins, and especially if she’s elected twice, the “historic American nation” is finished. It’s all over. The Supreme court will be ruled by leftists forever. 11-20 million illegal aliens will be given amnesty. Building a wall on the Mexican border to stop the invasion of millions of Mexicans/Central Americans, few of whom will be arrested and/or deported, won’t even be considered. And legal nonwhite immigration will be increased dramatically. And thus no Republican, not even a Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, will ever again be elected president. But how does this confute what I said about Trump?

        • I don’t know of anyone who thinks Trump is a magic bullet that solves all our problems. If he wins in spite of the forces arrayed against him, I think it will weaken the taboos and make it easier for us to organize.

  11. I will say this, it is a hard pill to swallow to say that all the governments of every Southern state are illegal and have been since 1865 and it is also a hard pill to swallow to realize that legally the CSA still exists, just that its offices are at present empty. How do you explain this to the public? I dont know

      • (((Sykes))) is a never Trumper and all never Trumpers are Jews or Jew lapdogs. Trump is the candidate of whites and white interests, I can understand why a Jew hates Trump but what is the reason for a white male to hate Trump??

  12. Here is a useful meme.

    Today’s ‘leftism’ should be called Sorosism.

    So, if you come upon a Prog or SJW=type, just call him a Sorosist or Sorosite or Soron(moron funded and/or manipulated by Soros).

    Indeed, one crucial difference between the Progs and Alt Right is that the former are lavishly funded by the GLOB oligarchs whereas the latter are totally independent of the puppet-strings of Big Money.

    Progs have Soros and is ilk pulling their strings.

    Cuckservatives have Koch brothers pulling their strings.

    Alt Right is string-free. No puppetry.


  13. I didn’t realize Breitbart was so open about its judeophilia:

    If you click on the link to the Washington Post article embedded in Anglin’s post, you’ll see the editor bragging about how it’s controlled by jews, blah blah.

    I don’t agree with Anglin on lots of stuff (his site has become the gateway hangout for teens and twenties it was always destined to be, whose only ‘ideology’ is anti-jew and anti-feminist), but he makes a good point that comes as no surprise. The MSM is shepherding what it wants, or can’t repress, of the Alt Right.

    Don’t Push CtrlAltRight!

    • Breitbart himself was Jewish. The whole Breitbart thing has always struck me as controlled opposition.

      • I haven’t studied it enough to say definitively, although any outlet run by jews or infiltrated by enough would be.

        It appears my ‘blathering’ has gotten far more than just italian male attention. I myself named Jared Taylor and his school of thought ‘racialists’ in place of their own choice of ‘race realists,’ although I might not have been the only one (it’s not an original word obviously). Not long after I began doing this Daryle Lamont Jenkins adopted this new nomenclature, alluding to ‘racialists or whatever they’re calling themselves these days.’ I meant to separate the concept of ‘racist’ from race realism, which was grounded in seemingly inherent ‘racism.’ Since the left is totally racist against whites in that it ascribes to us inherent – and negative – attributes I guess they can’t use that word without hardcore blowback anymore.

        I don’t know if it’s a positive, then, but it sure is funny. ‘Faggotry’ was far sillier, and it took off from me and this blog specifically. My more ingenious and insightful coinages have yet to make the big time, but haven’t gone unnoticed either.

        • Very interesting–and according to Wikipedia, which your comment prompted me to check, his adoptive mother was a convert, upon her marriage (to a Jew, I guess). No indication there of the ethnicity of his bio-parents.

      • Breitbart told me that he wasn’t a Jew. Many common German names are mistaken for Jewish because Jews use them.

        • I wasn’t going by his name, K.W. At some point, I’d read he was Jewish; and then Captain John’s comment, above, sent me to Wikipedia, to clarify the subject. Breitbart’s adoptive father seems to have been Jewish, and his adoptive mother seems to have converted to Judaism to marry that man. Breitbart himself–Andrew, that is–had a bar mitzvah. In a Slate article that’s linked at the Wikipedia entry about him, there’s a statement that Breitbart had seen his original birth certificate, on which, according to him, his bio-father is listed as a “folk singer.” There’s no indication in the Slate piece whether the original birth certificate let him know anything about the ethnicity of his bio-parents.

    • Anglin is doing a huge work. He’s obviously not going for the genteel, academic approach like Taylor or MacDonald, but converting thousands of teens, 20s to white nationalism and anti-feminism is an incredible feat. Plus DS provides them a “home” to interact with others, grow stronger in convictions. He’s growing our army for sure.

  14. Maybe you’ll have noticed, Mr. W., the mindless belligerence with which commenter Fee-fi-fo-fum replied, below, to my statement that triple-parentheses should be reserved for identification of Jews themselves. Among the challenges with which you, as a champion of whites, are confronted, that kind of thing, from those you would save, is what is truly formidable.

    • Needs help from others, more typical Jew conduct?? You have been exposed kyke. What is the matter kyke, can’t fight your own battles?? Pussy. I am calling you out as less than a man, and you want to run to mom for help, Jew?? Do you need help, Jew??

      • It’s time the mindlessness that makes discussion all but impossible at this website be squelched, Fee-fi-fo-fum.

        • Gofuck yourself, you filthy disgusting Jew. You may have others fooled but not me. I know what you are, I can smell the revolting stench.

          • Oh, yes, Fee-fi-fo-fum–you’re obviously much smarter than the other persons here.

          • Never claimed to be. But I do have a much better sense of smell when it comes to your kind, Jew. Like a dog. Wanna call me a dog, kyke supremacist? You think you are better than us don’t you Jew?? Tell me you are better than me, I dare you.

          • What do you mean you “dare me,” numbnuts? Should I ever be inclined to say such a thing, I’ll say it. It has nothing to do with what you dare or don’t dare. The point I tried to make below, about the use of the triple parentheses, was an important one, as our fellow commenter Captain John appears to have recognized. Rather than discuss it, you started spouting ridiculous viciousness that I was not the least bit inclined to start swatting away, merely so I could make a simple point. That sort of nonsense goes on at this website all the time; and in the present exchange, I’m making clear to Mr. W., our host, that I think the time has come for him to put a stop to it.

          • Likes to correct others??
            Snide remarks??
            Claims to be an intellectual??
            Deems himself to knows more than others??
            Word games??
            Persistent hostile attitude??

            Are you a Jew?

          • No, I am not a Jew. I am of Sicilian and Irish ancestry, none of it Jewish. I was raised Catholic.

          • I got a nose for your kind I already told you that. Don’t read or respond to my comments any longer. There need not be any further interaction between you and I. Do you understand me?

          • Well, yes, I do understand you, your poor grammar notwithstanding. (That should be “between you and me.”) What kind of burbling nut are you, talking like a tough guy in a Jew movie? “Do you understand me?” “Do you want a personal consultation professor? I can gladly arrange one for you.” Go soak what passes for your head.

          • Yes, but for the apes, that’s all there is.

            Another pushy italian trait, assuming intimacy with a woman.

          • And it doesn’t? Someone definitely has an active fantasy life.

            WOP didn’t mean ‘without papers;’ it meant thug or pimp, from the italian ‘guapo.’

            We’ve always known what you are. We’ve just disdained engaging with you. But these are different times.

          • What happend to your south comment ?get off this guy,you don’t have a clue who his ancestors are.They could put us all to shame.

          • Don’t read or respond to my comments any longer. There need not be any further interaction between you and I. Clear?

          • Arab and jew blood run thick in the sicilians. But ‘italians’ are bad enough. No one really knows where those original Romans came from, either… I can tell you no one gets along better with and has more in common with the jew than the guinea.

          • Fee-fi-fo-fum took extreme umbrage to a comparatively mild criticism, but I agree that the ‘nonsense’ allowed to go on here should stop.

            It’s a site devoted to Southern WHITE nationalism, after all.

    • It’s common knowledge in Wi. that Sykes is of jewish heritage. He has never denied that fact. People are confused because he’s been seen attending a Catholic church in the past. John Kerry and Madeline Albright hid behind the facade of religion claiming they were Catholics although both had jew genetics.

        • Charlie Sykes
          ?@SykesCharlie Charlie Sykes Retweeted KGB Agent ??????
          Translation: he’s a (((Jew)))Charlie Sykes added,

          KGB Agent ?????? @HouseCracka
          Charlie is not conservative he’s one of the neocons they put Israel & Saudi Arabia before America.
          12:49 PM – 14 Aug 2016

          • If you mentioned this during the Wisconsin primary’s lead-up, Sam, when Trump had his on-air difficulty with Sykes, I didn’t catch it. Evidently, the ethnicity of Sykes was also unknown to Mr. W., who in the present blog entry, referred to Sykes as part of the “cuckservative establishment,” not as (((Charlie Sykes))).

            For the record, here’s a screen-cap of the tweet whose text you posted …

          • What are you saying? When I say I wouldn’t have guessed, I mean that nothing in the manner or appearance of Sykes led me to think him Jewish. What has Sam copiously pointed out?

  15. Alt right and Southern Nationalism are going to keep growing whether Trump wins or not. But he has helped a lot, and his presidency would help alt right a lot. Hillary is probably best for Southern Nationalism, because she will boost talk of secession, but it is not in our best interest to vote Hillary bc we want our states/counties to be as red as possible, and blame Hillary on that other region of the country.

    • The same as it was in 1860. There is a very old book purportedly written by a member of the Knights of the Golden Circle around 1862 in Indiana stating that the KGC had a Northern and Southern Strategy. The Northern Strategy was to do everything to get Lincoln elected the Southern Strategy was to unite behind John C Breckinridge. Breckinridge was KGC he knew that his candidacy was strictly subterfuge to stoke Southern Nationalism in the right direction. The main candidate the KGC opposed was Stephen A Douglas because if there was a chance the Democrats could unite as one they could possibly win in the Electoral College, that couldn’t be allowed to happen.

      Thus you had on November 6 1860 happen exactly what you wanted to happen. The South showed that a Southern Candidate had no hope in a nationwide election, therefore showing that the South had no stake in the United States any longer. By making sure Lincoln swept the North, you could say the North forced the South into the war. A brilliant plan if this man’s writing was true because that is exactly what happened.

      There was supposedly a split in the KGC in 60 and 61 as some wanted a military coup in Washington which would have allowed the South to keep the trademark UNITED STATES and claim on the territories but the Southern Pols decided that a military coup or the KGC plan of direct assassinations wasn’t to be pursued as it was believed that it would cause Southern military men to side with the Union. In other words the decision was made to go the conservative route of secession instead of all out war and terrorism to make the idea of a Southern nation universally palatable

    • The Confederate government took until 1864 to really begin to understand that terrorist attacks, assassinations and black flag warfare was the only way to win and slowly the Conservatives like Mr. Davis began to sanction what the radicals had said to do in 1860 but it was far too late.

      This of course brings us to John Wilkes Booth. Booth was supposedly a member of the KGC since ’59. Booth was by some accounts angry with the Confederate government for not attacking the Northern government directly as the war had been largely confined to the battlefield. By the time Booth’s supposed plan evolved from Kidnapping to murder the war was already over. That is why i sometimes cringe when people call JWB a hero. Heroes are typically called that because their actions benefit a positive outcome. Had Booth done what he did while the armies were still in the field when it couldve benefitted the South thats heroism. Doing it weeks after it couldve made a difference doesnt’ make you a HERO nor a VILLAIN it makes you a tragedy.

      • It is a paradox we may have to deal with again soon:

        –your people need to feel that they are morally justified for every act of war they do/support.

        –war is dirty business, and the most ruthless has a big advantage. The smart strategy is to strike first, plunder, destroy, deceive, and demoralize more and better than your enemy.

        It is very hard to meet both of these requirements (projecting moral high ground while in practice being most ruthless) at the same time.

        This is what made the ME wars so hard to win. We were so busy being morally superior we never really won. We could have nuked the shit out of them then sent troops in to clean up a couple months later, then we could have annexed the territory, taken the oil, given land away in homestead acts. But nooooo. We had to “bring democracy” and “only kill the militants” and make sure we didn’t take anything or damage any antiquities, or harm the environment, etc.

        • That’s what screwed the South in the war, the rank and file would have gladly engaged in arson murder rape and theft in the North if ordered to, but the Aristocrats said NO WE ARE GENTLEMEN. The thing is the enemy soldiers WERE NOT GENTLEMEN. Stonewall Jackson himself wanted to do exactly what Sherman did, but Lee stopped him under the idea WE ARE GENTLEMEN. Hamstringing the war effort.

          The Southern Revisionist Historians and the LOST CAUSE people, largely a bunch of UDC Women who wanted to make their Daddies and Granddaddies Holy Saints always wanted to paint the Yankees as evil aggressors. Instead of saying how evil the Yankees were, someone should have spoke up and said, hey why didn’t we do it to them first? Of course the answer would have come back WE WERE GENTLEMEN SIR to which the obvious retort should have been yes and what did that get us? In the end it yielded nothing.

          This whole WE ARE A MORAL PEOPLE while engaging in endless Zionist wars is as tiresome to me as the WE ARE GENTLEMEN argument. Wars are fought for one reason TO WIN. You win by ANY MEANS NECESSARY. No one remembers how honorable a loser was they only remember HE LOST

          • BRJ, But doesn’t nukes eliminate all this fuss about being gentlemen. When you have the power to vaporize an entire city you eliminate the need to descend down to rape, arson, murder and theft. The South needs above all to have a nuclear arsenal that is bigger than any other nation and have more nuclear subs loaded with as many missles as they can carry than any other nation. You can then be as much a GENTLEMAN as you want because everyone knows they will get their brains nuked out if they try to attack us.

          • In large part yes it does but any enemy must know that if attacked they will be so savaged that they will rue the day they ever did it. My main complaint against the historical WE ARE GENTLEMEN thing is that it ties your hands in war. Most don’t know this but Kentucky almost fell completely to the Confederacy in 1864 solely from irregular warfare making it impossible for the Union to maintain her dictatorship, This model serves us well today,

          • That’s the point. We have to make sure ppl understand that they are morally justified to suspend their everyday morality. I am afraid that if we were independent today that too many Southerners would be too soft on our traitors, and would want to pity the muds rather than finally get rid of them.

            If tendency for treason runs in families (and it almost certainly does) then will we be willing to execute/expel the children of traitors?
            Will Southerners be willing to execute/deport negro children?
            Will they be willing to kill/deport antiwhite jews such as those at splc or in journalism?

            I can pretty much guarantee that proper purges won’t happen as long as women can vote.

          • The perplexing thing about the women voting and I wish she was still here but there was once a poster named Crimson Tide, Hunter knows who she is, she was a rabid Secessionist but also equally a rabid Feminist. We had a huge argument about females place in society more than a few times.

            I pointed out to her that in the Antebellum South UNLIKE THE YANKEES aristocratic women were educated in genteel subjects with an eye toward being cultured NOT TOWARD WORKING. As long as she acted like a lady she was treated like one with love and honor. HOWEVER if said woman told her husband to go to hell, she would’ve either been locked in a room and given medication to tame her wild side ala Justin LaMotte in North and South or would have been beaten to a pulp. For this reason, few violated their sacred honor.

            She became furious with me for saying this and rambled for an entire post about how no Southern man would dared have done this then I pointed out under South Carolina Law and this is still on the books that It is perfectly legal to beat your wife on the court house steps on Sundays.

            Anyway in the South around 1900 an argument for giving the vote and civil rights to White females was that it would weight the White Vote and make it impossible for a Black Republican to even win dog catcher. Now mind you in 1900 women did as hubby told them so it didn’t seem like a bad deal. The thing was women came to love the power after they got it and by 1960 you has SOUTHERN WOMEN mind you openly flouting their husband’s authority and some even supporting Negro rights. They saw the Yankee women do it and wanted in on the game.

            If you remember the movie MISSISSIPPI BURNING (I hate that propoganda flick BTW) Deputy Pell’s wife played by Frances McDormand rats out the KKK to the FBI and he thrashes her for it. The movie portrayed it as oh this poor woman right but any man knows this down deep. Any woman that betrays her husband for any reason deserves just that

          • Feminism, including women’s suffrage” is a society killer and smart women know it.

            Reinstating men as the legal head of home and taking women out of politics altogether would naturally increase fertility also without having to give any sort of incentives for bearing a certain number of children. We’d even get more boost than that if we took women out of “high power careers” such as doctors, lawyers, pharmacists and PhD degrees.

          • I wish Hunter knew where this girl Crimson Tide was she was quite a firebrand, right about a few things but definitely not about women’s rights. Like i said she went after me and said, WELL WHITE WOMEN VOTING BENEFITTED JIM CROW so it was good and I said yes it did but only up until WWII when suddenly because of the war women became rebellious. The South enfranchising White Women and it was pushed in most Southern Newspapers before 1920 as a sure fire way to keep White Law, was in the long run cutting off your nose to spite your face.

            I agree 100% on this. Women become worse than a wild beast without Jesus Christ and a strong man to guide them

          • This was the lesson few in the South in 1861 ever understood and I don’t believe General Lee ever understood it as his moral code was made of titanium steel. Stonewall Jackson on the other hand did and was known to have said that unless you are willing to wage war like Joshua did on the Caananites and anihillate them you would lose.

            Jackson also said that the Confederacy would lose unless it made their men swear alliegence to the cause of Jesus Christ, this was of course blocked by Judah P Benjamin and the Jews who kept Jesus out of the Confederate Constitution but did allow a mention of GOD. Benjamin and his allies should’ve been shot for that.

            Irregular Warfare made it impossible for the Union to hold most of Missouri until late in the war after Order 11 and almost overthrew the sham illegal Union Government in Kentucky in 1864. Yes it was brutal but the point was it worked.

            If there is to be a free Confederacy it will have to adopt the policies of Jackson Forrest and Quantrill, not the antiquated ideas espoused by Lee and the others which as the war proved might have worked during the Napoleonic Wars but didn’t work in the modern era.

    • But how much longer can the red states hold up with the government importing democratic killers and rapist and placing them in the red states in order for them to overwhelm at the polls?

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