Dwyane Wade’s Cousin Fatally Shot Pushing Baby Stroller in Chicago

Just another day in Chiraq:

“Police in Chicago continue to investigate the fatal shooting of the first cousin of NBA star Dwyane Wade.

Nykea Aldridge was pushing a stroller in the city’s Parkway Gardens neighborhood Friday afternoon when two men exchanged gunfire nearby, hitting her in the arm and the head, according to police. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Two people have been questioned in connection with the shooting but no charges have been filed, police said. …

Normally, I wouldn’t even bother to mention this here.

A black woman getting fatally shot in a crossfire in Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago while pushing a baby stroller isn’t newsworthy. This sort of thing happens all the time in Chicago. A black 2-year-old gets shot in Detroit. A black 4-year-old gets shot in St. Louis. A black 8-year-old gets shot in Memphis. And so on it goes.

Do you know how bad life is for black people in Barack Obama’s America? It’s so bad that I made that up completely at random – throwing darts into my text editor – and then ran Google searches to find the relevant links to the recent shootings. I just assumed that kind of thing was happening based on experience. It would only be newsworthy if it stopped or the Black Lives Matter movement roused itself to do something about it. Like the devastating flood in Baton Rouge, it is not something they care about.

The only reason I am writing anything about this right now is because Donald Trump has used his Twitter platform to make it a national story:

Lately, Trump has been highlighting the dystopia that much of Black America lives in, and which White America studiously avoids. White America has it bad too in lots of places like Appalachia, but even that is not as bad as Detroit or Chicago.

It’s interesting that Trump is now starting to focus on black inner cities. At first I thought this was a strategy to reassure suburban Whites that he isn’t a racist. I’m sure that is part of it, but now he is planning to go into Detroit. Does he seriously expect to win any votes there? Why is Trump wasting his time talking about distressed inner cities?

I now think it is a natural evolution. He’s gone to some of the worst hit parts of White America like the deindustrialized Mahoning Valley in Ohio. Now he is going to Detroit which is the worst hit part of Black America. All these blacks and Whites settled there in the first place because of industrial jobs that disappeared generations ago.

I doubt the blacks are capable of realizing that Trump’s platform – jobs, security, shutting down immigration – would actually benefit them. We hate free-trade agreements for sending jobs overseas. Those jobs left places like St. Louis and Detroit where the ancestors of all these blacks used to be employed. We hate immigration because it holds down wages and disrupts the social fabric. Those immigrants settle in black neighborhoods and take jobs from them. We support law-and-order because crime cripples economic growth. The worst hit areas are black neighborhoods where there are no jobs because there is so much crime that no one but Pakistanis want to open a business there.

We might be “racists” in the sense that we stick up for Whites, but we get this. If Trump won the election, we don’t expect blacks would be harmed by his victory. An end to useless foreign wars, mass immigration, and globalist free-trade agreements benefits everyone living here. It would have the greatest impact on the working class.

I mean seriously, if you run the risk of getting murdered while pushing a baby stroller through your neighborhood because you have to dodge so many flying bullets, maybe it is your community that has the greatest need for “law-and-order”? I’m not the one dodging bullets out here in these cornfields in northern Missouri.

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  1. Trump is a Take It As It Comes/Let’s See What Happens guy. I think the vast majority of people, of any Race, do NOT understand this. He’s never looked as places like Detroit before because he’s been very busy, in his own life. He’s utterly SANE, and extremely highly functional, as a person. Negro reality has always been beneath his radar. And why should Negroes be on his radar? He’s always been flying high above them all. Now – he’s paying attention.

    It’s going to be interesting indeed – because I know a man that worked for his organization, right in his NYC HQ. The gentleman is retired now, and was a non-executive employee – but he was right in the heart of everything. Donald Trump is NOT a racist – but he has very high standards for performance and behavior. He does not suffer fools at all. For 5 seconds. And he’s a Celt, after all. I know he’s part German – but he REACTS to things like a Celt. I think he’ll hear oceans of Negro BS, about “why” – but I don’t think he’s going too swallow any of it. I could be wrong – I make mistakes. But I think this is going to be a very interesting encounter.

    • He’s also gotten on quite well with blacks in his TV career.

      I suspect the black hostility shocked him.

      • Of course it did. I can guarantee that the Blacks employed by him are up to speed. Any-one who isn’t is out.

    • You have to figure that Trump has learned a lot about his own country over the course of this campaign. Some of that knowledge could come in very useful – if you know what I mean – if he became president.

  2. Chicago Republican?

    Thankfully, we will only have to endure this for another 74 days.

    The motto of 2016 should be “In for a penny, in for a pound”. Only a full paradigm shift will work, in other words.

      • My Paternal grandmother was from Lawrence County and my dad was born in Lafayette County. My great grandmother told my dad stories about bushwhackers and a Yankee canon ball that came through the side of the house and destroyed a hutch and some dishes. I looked up the family and found out that some had served with Sterling Price. A few had been Bushwhackers.

        • Your family was part of the Missouri Exodus to Texas then caused by all the bankruptcies after the war. Once Missouri was bankrupt, the Yankees and German Immigrant farmers came to Missouri and bought up thousands of acres of ground for pennies on the dollar after ’65. They were so successful in their cultural genocide every time I hear someone from MO say they’re from the Midwest, I want to get physically ill Immediately

  3. Going to Detroit helps Trump with cuck Whites. Even more so than simply saying it at an all White rally. They will eat this shit up.

    “Oh I am such a good person because I want to help Blacks unlike those mean racist Southerners but look at this! Trump wants to helps Black too so he must be a good person like me! Yay! Now I can vote for him!”

    It is repulsive to people like us but this really is their mindset.

    Having said that, Trump’s Giuliani style of heavy police presence and zero tolerance for Black dysfunction would help Black communities. It is a fact because it has worked before. Will he get the Black vote in Chicago? Not a chance.

  4. What I find to be very telling, is that Blacks (to their credit) will protest in large numbers overseas adventures like the Iraq war. At the same time, Black will overwhelmingly back Hillary Clinton – one of the most longest active imperialists in US history – and not see a contradiction. Even backing her in the primary, so they can’t use the excuse that they’re going against Trump. It’s almost like they vote their race and if they can’t have it they prefer a female.

    Obama made several promises too about closing down Guantanamo Bay and came off as the president who would lesson US meddling in the middle east. He didn’t close it and got us involved in more. Yet Blacks won’t call out another Black person for failing on his promises. Blacks fail to call out Obama for supporting the TPP as well.

      • I personally don’t think all blacks are like that. I see them as suffering under the yoke of jewish hegemony in some of the same ways the white working class does. Any black who dares challenge the status quo faces lashing from the jewish establishment, who sabotage black independence at every possible turn.

        This doesn’t mean whites and blacks can overcome their tribal differences. It just means they’re not *all* ‘like that,’ at least in my observation. I’ve seen exceptional blacks brave fairly severe punishment for refusing to toe the kosher approved line, albeit from other blacks most directly.

        I have yet to witness one mediterranean – jew or italian – ever go AWOL against their own hive minded horde. Not one ever.

          • You’re talking about the black democratic primary machine. Lots of blacks don’t bother voting, or are as half assed about it as plenty of whites. If you didn’t notice, Soros’ BLM army was deployed specifically and exclusively against Bernie to manipulate any blacks on the fence. Hillary went totally unchallenged.

            Some old black guy stood up in a town meeting about 10 years ago and called out “All these years I believed it was the white man robbing us, and the whole time it was really you” to the almost all black council, not far outside NYC. The point being that the blacks are hugely manipulated, and most people just go with the power, including most whites.

            In reality, it was more the jew than even the black political class, but at least in his old age he’d figured out part of the scam.

            Why have well-meaning whites voted ‘cuckservative’ for decades? Or just not voted at all?

          • To add, Bernie was seen by any moderates in the primary camp as an extremist who stood no chance of winning a general election and that assessment was 100% accurate. Middle America would rather vote for a muslim president than a socialist. Bernie was also undeniably geriatric. Hillary and Trump are old but not that old…

  5. Gulliani (big Trump supporter) got elected Mayor of New York City as a Republican no less promising to drastically reduce violent crime. No it didn’t get him many/any Black votes against a Black Lib Democrat David Dinkins but it did get Gulliani elected mayor and civilization was restored to New York City.

    Law and order is a theme that gets Republicans elected, that’s “Winning” like Richard Nixon did in 1968 and 1972.

    Opposing mothers and little children getting shot and murdered by Black punks, thugs it’s a winning issue.

    • Giuliani saved lots of black lives, but never got credit for it. They glorify the criminal element that terrorizes their own communities, but go into hysterics over a non-existent Klan threat.

      • With Italians from the lowest to the highest like Mayor Gulliani, Italians don’t much want to get credit or be liked by urban Blacks, instead Italians like to be feared and respected by Blacks.

        This is why Italians are the best at dealing with the worst Blacks. If you are feeling depressed about Black urban criminal anarchy google Philly police chief and later mayor Frank Rizo – what a guy!

        And he had very funny quotes:


        “In my next administration I’m going to make Attila the Hun look like some fag artist”.


        • Your standards are embarrassing, but what else is new. There are exceptional italians who aren’t base and disgusting, but Giuliani is hardly one of them. His uncle was mafia, his spirt is mafia, he’s a NYC guinea punk who caused as many problems as he solved. You aren’t a native of this area and you don’t speak for any of us. As the universal american scapegoat, that hated WASP female (and even as a man you don’t look like a WASP or bear one’s name, so don’t go there) I can say I’ve been treated more fairly by majorities of blacks than I ever have by majorities of mediterraneans (I’m excepting southern europeans from this category, like the Greeks). I’ve heard this from other ‘anglo’ females as well.

          I’d avoid both whenever possible, and I’ve tried to play nice with their kind at times but won’t bother anymore for various reasons, mostly because it’s foolhardy. They’re a more corrupt network than the blacks and contribute as much to black inner city dysfunction as the blacks themselves.

          • Even during the worst years in the city, walking through Benson Hurst (if you’re White) was safe anytime of day or night. Italians kept their neighborhoods relatively safe, and niggers would avoid those areas at all costs when the sun went down.

      • “They glorify the criminal element that terrorizes their own communities, but go into hysterics over a non-existent Klan threat.”

        Which group were you referring to?

        Oh right, the blacks. Main difference is the italians glorify the criminality that terrorizes ANGLO communities. At least the blacks aren’t total hypocrites.

        Brad Griffin, southern boy.

    • In the Northeast the italians were often seen as more corrupt and repressive than the ‘anglos’ or northwestern europeans by inner city blacks for good reason. Rizzo in Philly was considered a deeply sinister and heavy-handed police chief during his tenure, according to some black natives of the city I’ve known. Non color-specific cultural differences accounted for some of this perception, but I’ve noted that when the italians aren’t colluding with the black criminal elements to undermine anglocelt law and morality, they’re squaring off against them as the bigger villains.

      Trump is a northwestern european NYC native who isn’t scared to challenge the corruption of the largely italian and jewish run cities. Daly may have run rackets in Chicago, but I don’t know that he had the same rep for unnecessary brutalizing of blacks that the italians do, or for being two faced towards them like the jews.

      • Oh, but you’re not two-faced towards niggers. No, you tell them exactly what you think of them. Fucking lol.

      • Lorax100, were you ever in Boston in the 80’s and 90’s? The Irish Americans in Southie were far less civilized than the Italians in the North End.

        Cadillac driving drunks on every drug you could imagine, filthy neighborhoods, rampant street crime and drug sales. To their credit, the Irish definitely kept the nigger out though.

        Aside from that, both Italians and the Irish of all levels of society are not even in the same class as niggers.

  6. I come from around NYC and there was a time when the average black person was as disgusted by the black and brown thugs tyrannizing the subways pre-Giuliani as the average white person was. This is how Bernhard Goetz got off of the criminal charge for shooting black teen muggers.

    That said, I see this as a stealth appeal to suburban white women and liberals as much as to some elements of the black middle class who are disgusted by the undertow. It’s not that Trump isn’t sincere here, it’s just that he’s probably being sincere and strategic at the same time.

    Guiliani, BTW, employed methods of ‘crime fighting’ that were tyrannical in and of themselves. Malcolm Gladwell writes about it in a non-judgmental tone in his book The Tipping Point, but other sources would assert that some of his mafia tactics weren’t necessary or productive.

    • Nah

      Giuliani restored civilization in NYC

      I was there during the worst years

      Civilization…. It s a white thing they wouldn’t t understand .

    • NYC was much worse before Guiliani. Under Dinkins (1990 – 1993) the annual murder count was upwards of 2000 in the city.

      Present day Chicago has nothing on NYC under Dinkins.

  7. Trump has not once since he announced displayed any hint of an anti-black streak or hint. Much to our dismay. So, what he’s doing here with all this isn’t changing direction, he’s just kicking what he has done all along up to another gear.

    • He’s actually pro-black. He wants to get rid of illegals to bring blacks into his coalition. Trump has never had the same energy against blacks as he has against Hispanics and Muslims.

      • That’s my central thesis for this election.

        The GOP was sick of blacks after Ferguson.
        They were determined to replace blacks with Hispanics.

        Trump fucked up that switcheroo.

  8. Big new is that a second tier QB won’t stand for the National Anthem, I don’t care. If he can begin to BLM football I’m happy

  9. There’s no reasoning with the coloreds, they are immune to logic. And they cannot live in a society ruled by White laws and expectations. So there’s only one solution:

  10. The Negroes will elect Hillary because at the end of the day the Negroes still think it’s 1963 and Martin Luther King Jr is meeting with JFK and LBJ and after all LBJ did force integration into Alabama and Mississippi at gunpoint so the Donkey is good guy the Elephant is the bad guy. Negro Stupidity 101

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