The Death of Brittanee Drexel

Fathers, don’t let your daughters grow up to be … Brittanee Drexel:

“A teenager who vanished from Myrtle Beach, S.C., in 2009 was repeatedly raped in a gang “stash house” for several days – then she was shot dead and fed to alligators when her disappearance generated too much media attention, the FBI said last week.

The shocking new details about the mysterious disappearance of 17-year-old Rochester, N.Y., native Brittanee Drexel came largely from a “jailhouse confession” that was subsequently substantiated by others with “tidbits” and “secondhand information,” FBI Agent Gerrick Munoz testified in a federal court transcript obtained by The Post and Courier.

The inmate who gave the alleged bombshell confession, Taquan Brown, is serving a 25-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter in a different case. Brown told authorities he was present during the final agonizing moments of Drexel’s life, Munoz said. …”

This was so bad that the only recent incident it can be compared to is what happened to Jessica Chambers. Somehow, she ran into the “super predators” in Myrtle Beach and ended up getting gang raped before being thrown into her watery grave with the gators. It sounds more like a case of racial naivete than mudsharking.

Note: She had a White boyfriend in New York. She was texting him when she disappeared.

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      • Love your race. If we had enough love this wouldn’t have happened to her.

        “The Bell Curve” should have been on her reading list at school instead of that disgusting piece of crude fiction propaganda novel “To kill a mockingbird”. Was she even aware that Blacks have around 10 times the non Hispanic White murder rate?

        What a loss, she never had a chance. She was deliberately misled about the danger.

        • Turns out Aticus Finch was a racial conservationist after all and an active member of the now defunct White Citizen’s Council!

          • He was? I assume you’re being sarcastic as Mr. Finch was fictional. However Mr Peck who played him was a Negrophile

          • I meant in the sense of Harper Lee’s new book which it turns out was the original version she intended until editors changed it.

          • I never liked that leftist movie and Harper Lee and Truman the Queer Capote grew up together so I pretty much assigned both of them to the leftist club.

          • Atticus Finch did a George Wallace. When Wallace began in politics, he supported Southern traditions but wasn’t a firebrand. Attorney General Patterson had the Klan endorsement in 1958 because he was willing to go toe to toe with the NAACP and others while Wallace had the NAACP endorsement because he was seen as the lesser of the two evils. According to stories told following the 1958 election Wallace said that
            “no other son-of-a-bitch will ever out-nigger me again.”

            Finch in the book TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD was a social justice warrior in 1930’s Alabama the era of The Scottsboro Boys but the rednecks coming around his house with shotguns and ax handles gave him a revelation you’d better start acting like a white man or you’ll get treated like a nigger. By 1955 he was on the mobs side. He realized it was the safe side.

        • ‘She may have been looking to buy drugs. So what?’

          That means she was an idiot and probably compromised in many ways.

          ‘Only white people blame their own martyrs.’

          A victim of heinous acts is not necessarily a martyr.

          • Christina Eilmann was seriously compromised, seemingly in various ways.

            That doesn’t give a bunch of hebes and groids the right to abduct her from her own people, and torture and kill her.

            Seriously, Sam, if your women really were getting taken down with the viciousness that my people’s are perhaps you wouldn’t be so sanctimonious.

            You know little of which you speak.

          • ‘That doesn’t give a bunch of hebes and groids the right to abduct her from her own people, and torture and kill her.’

            Never said that and don’t believe they had a right to do it. But, if one chooses to dance with the devil….

          • Con, I smoke pot and have done for 40 yrs. Im no hippy, but a National Socialist and I absolutely despise the sub -races destroying our beautiful countries.

          • I was just pointing out a fact, not passing judgement I am not a user myself but if and when we ever have our White Republic I wonder if we should not legalize Marijuana as a cash crop to help the economy and for its green energy uses.

        • Looking back on my own history I’d dump a girl who went on a Spring break type trip to a beach resort. Sure young kids can be commitment free but for fucks sake she was hanging with niggers ( or maybe one) while she texted a white boy.

    • I think she was one of those teenage “rebel” types who wanted to show mom and dad how uncool it is to be a racist. Nature does not suffer fools gladly.

    • A very stupid one as they most often are. Especially from Rochester??? If the whole story is true, the silver lining is that there is one less mudshark around to procreate. Even if her parents gave her the talk, she apparently didn’t listen to them. But, I bet it was one of the last things she thought about.

      • Most parents do not talk to their children about race, even in the South, because that would be uncouth, perhaps even immoral, and Unchristian. God’s honest truth!

        • Well, I’m in the South (North Florida) and I gave the talk. And, I’m a transplanted Yankee (been here for decades). Figure that one out. Most Southerners I meet don’t even know their lineage. And, that is a very unfortunate decision of the part of their ancestors. But then again there was a time when white Americans didn’t want to be anything else but white Americans.

      • I would say by looking at her a heavy drug abuser as well. Drugs and mudsharking go together like peas in a pod

      • i have a niece who causes nothing but chaos wherever she goes. She nearly died two months ago from injecting some sort of heroin into her arm. She listens to rap and effs niggers for drugs. She got her younger brother hooked too. Both are useless whiggers. Everyone in the extended family has given them money, places to stay and jobs only to be paid back by having possessions stolen by them for drugs.

        My nephew was beaten by niggers and robbed last year. I was the only family member left willing to bother with him. I paid his rent for a couple of months and talked a friend into giving him a a good job at decent pay. After a few weeks on the job he stopped showing up and spent all his cash on dope. He now badmouths me to relatives saying he’s bothered by my racism and hates that I call blacks niggers.

        Ye live and learn.

        Both are perpetually in and out of rehab.

        • Ya may have to let them go….We have a young man in our extended fam. He is the first born, of my cousins. He was insanely good looking, very bright, and very funny. He loves being bad. The Fam nearly tore themselves to pieces over his antics. The younger brother and sisters are WONDERFUL kids. Talented, bright, very successful. The 3 younger ones got short shrift for years, as my cousin and his Mom chased the older all over the country, baling him out, etc, until they gave up.
          We all still love him – he’s charming beyond words – but no one will give him a dime. It goes down a black hole. Nothing will help him except his decision to STOP. But he won’t. Every-one got sick of the chaos, and decided enough was enough. I’ve seen too much time and resources wasted on ’em. Cut bait.
          Meanwhile, every-one else in the extended Fam is doing pretty well. He lose a few to the Jewing every Generation – but the functioning ones outnumber the losses. Which is a Good Thing. And the Functioning Ones learn from the Losses, and teach their kids.

        • I think we all have that somewhere in our family now. If people think they can escape the ravages of this system, even if they are racially conscious, then they are not being realistic.If we ever have our white republic many whites will be denied the right to vote or the privilege of having children. Harsh but necessary after decades of dysgenic breeding and Liberal-Marxist indoctrination.

  1. Trump won’t allude to it. Why would he when he is going after Hill for calling blacks super-predators? Trump took away black crime as an issue.

      • The Saintly Dindus are off limits if he’s trying to deport Hispanics. Too many fronts to fight.

      • Here is what I see, with a Trump POTUS -6 months of whining Monkey Shines – and he’s SICK of it. It’s OVER. No more pandering.

    • I must say I don’t approve of Trump’s new strategy to try and curry favor with the coloreds. However, I think what he’s really doing is signalling to moderate Whites that it’s OK to vote for him because he’s not such an “extremist”. But he risks alienating his most enthusiastic White supporters in the process.

      • Trump isn’t one of ours, but he will be far better for us than The Bitch. We’ve seen the blacks being coddled and stroked for more than fifty years, we can put up with it for a few more.

        • This. /// Whites, even WN Whites, don’t seem to be able to “strategerize” very often. Who is better for US, overall? Who will help us get what we want, and who will destroy us?
          Ye Gods. This one is EASY.

        • Bill Clinton and Both Bushes’s were the same on illegal immigration and deliberately allowing ineffective borders. Bill Clinton was apparent reasonably hard on crime, enough to be resented, slick Willy could lie to everyone. It’s not saying much but Bush, Obama were about the same excluding Obamas rush to change demographics.

          • Bill came to my house when i was in Jr. high (I think) and wanted me to hand out some leaflets. This was when he was first running for state office I must say even then I knew he was a con-artist and threw the leaflets away after he left.

      • We’re perhaps at the point we have to lie and misrepresent ourselves like Jews do?

        I firmly believe Trump will be genuinely good for Blacks. I think we can believe that and Trump does.

        Anything that is good for the people in the US now will be good for blacks as well as Whites.

        Low migration and reindustrialisation will certainly help blacks.

        The cognitive inferiority of the average black certainly makes them easily fall into a parasitic mode: using resentments, anger, pity, guilt mongering to extract welfare. They tend to parasitism than direct production as They often don’t have a choice but this in itself overstated. The resentments are stoked by Jews and leftists looking for allies. The cost is that Blacks don’t deal with their issues but expand their energy against White conservative cucks as useful idiots for Zionism and leftist ideologue.. Countries like Uganda dealt with HIV with a stern Christian morality and the Philipines is getting its drug problem solved.

    • Are you being obtuse for the sake of it? Also you have already contradicted yourself with the line above about blacks being victims of liberals and Jews.

    • “Trump won’t allude to it.”

      I’d like him to tweet about it… and get called a racist by the jews and their friends for expressing his disgust over the gang rape and murder of a White girl.

      Of course, if he alludes to it, he won’t mention the race of the culprits.

  2. What had figuratively happened to whites generally has literally occurred to her.

  3. Thousands of years of civilization, and so many whites still seem incapable of managing their daughters’ sexuality. From what I remember of “The Iliad,” I’m going to say Homer gave this problem a sort of sentimental, comical treatment. Venus, as daughter of Zeus, was like the “Married with Children” character, Kelly Bundy (or at least, my vague sense of the Bundy character, since I never really saw that show). While remaining lovably juvenile in her devotion to her father, she was amusingly helpless before her own sexual urges. I’m not sure how well such a happy rendering tracks with real life.

    Oh, well–another sad story. Time for all the good white daddies to return their attention to ESPN.

    • Hmm–now that I think about it, maybe the Aphrodite and Zeus material I’m barely remembering is from “The Odyssey,” not “The Iliad.” Well, it’s somewhere back in those Greek stories, I’m pretty sure. Those stories are strange, now that I think about it, because, as I’ve said, the sexual desire that is a component of many of them is trouble-free: no venereal disease, no unwanted children without financial support. Maybe that’s their charm: they ignore all the difficulties of sex-management.

  4. I think this was likely a case of a girl looking for drugs and maybe some freaky sex while on vacation, what was a 17 yr old girl was doing walking alone in Myrtle Beach to begin with? Id not let any kid in any beach area walk alone, especially Myrtle or Va Beach which both have a large Negroid component not to mention anywhere else for that matter.

    The Karina Vetrano story in New York is even sadder considering she was killed in Howard Beach which was until the 1980s Howard Beach Murder of a Negro a safe White Area. Now the J–s are moving in.

    • No, it’s not the slightest bit ‘sadder.’

      This girl was tortured for days, she was only 17 and clearly very naive, and she belonged to US. You wanna go guinea, then go. The fact is, italian and jewish women are usually IMMUNE and Katrina thus had an attitude. No ‘anglo’ female would ever have run alone in that area. She was privileged and the privilege ended apparently when no ‘white’ girls were around to rape. I have had italian women literally side with blacks out of JEALOUSY in the same area Katrina died in.

      • You’re actually saying Negroes can differentiate? Doubtful few cant even recognize that Jews aint White even if you explain it to them. The Jew whores usually go trolling for Negro studs, Jewish women are the most lustful for the bucks of any race.

        • Billy Ray you come from the midwest. You know absolutely nothing about blacks in the northeast. Further, it you’re saying Katrina didn’t scream mediterranean you’re obviously visually impaired.

          • No Lorax I didn’t say that I said as a rule the Nigs usually cannot differentiate between Jews and Whites. You know how many Nigs I have told online that Jews aint white? They cant differentiate for the most part

            As for Karina she likely had alot of Sephardic Jewish Blood as most Southern Italians do, but that doesnt take away the fact that until the 1980s there were whole sections in many cities that were safe from Nigs where they never showed their faces. Then Section 8 Fair Housing and the like took its toll. The citizens of Howard Beach were made to suffer because of some Negro lowlifes being shown the door by some hooligans big friggin deal

          • Again, you come from the midwest. How on earth would you know if the blacks can differentiate here? I live here. Both blacks and jews are obsessed with attacking anglo females. The jews don’t even look european lots of times here, forget waspy.

          • I have said that in debating Negroes, it seems as if they cannot fathom that Jews ain’t White even after you explain it to them. I never said all of them can’t differentiate, I said most cannot.

          • Nonsense. They can differentiate between wasps and irish sometimes.

            The ones you spoke with were probably denying the truth, for various reasons. They’re afraid of pissing off the jews because they’re so reliant on them.

          • Can’t tell who you are behind a keyboard. You sure talk alot like a poster I knew on Daily Stormer a long time back

          • And not all southern and central italians are somehow sephardic jews. They’re probably some mix between smaller parts native italians and north africans, neither of which are us, but particularly the latter.

          • Sicily was over 30% Jewish in the Medieval Era and most all of the Mafia Families have Jewish surnames which was why Meyer Lansky said of Lucky Luciano that Charlie thinks like a Jew so we get along. Of course he did, his ancestors likely were Jews

          • Sicily isn’t even considered ‘Italy’ by some southern italians. Sure there were more jews there than probably other parts of Italy, so what. The jews control the mafia in this country, don’t know about Italy. Read Super Mob by Gus Russo.

            Some northern italians don’t consider central and southern italians ‘real.’ They think they’re mongrels from north africa. This is mostly immigrants; italian americans banded together so that even some blondish blue eyed northerner usually took up with the most semitic sicilian more often than not.

          • Actually Sicilians are genetically identical to Lebanon/Palestine considering people from those areas were used to work in the Sicilian Sulfur mines especially after the end of the third Roman Jewish War.

  5. We need better communities. More and more of our girls are going feral. You guys should check out

    • Feral savage women is the fruit of feminism, exactly what the Rockefellers believed would happen. Destroy the white family reduce humanity to slavery. They got this plan of course from Adam Weishaupt and the Bavarian Illuminati who likely got it from Satan himself

  6. Had the perpetrators been white college athletes who merely touched her privates while she was drunk and passed out, it would be the biggest story in America right now. Black Privilege is having people of your race commit horrendous crimes and never hearing about it on CNN.

    • Black Privilege is merely JEWISH DOMINATION IN BLACKFACE. The Negro has no more rights than he did during slavery. He is merely a FRONT for Jewish Dominance.

  7. For whatever reason, sensational stories of white female victims being raped and tortured by blacks draws atypical visitors to sites such as this who report on the crimes in a non-PC manner. You know the type I’m talking about: usually mudshark white females who took the time to open up a disqus account solely to lecture us about how hateful we all are, how not all black people are like that, and how all races do this sort of thing, and how “ignorant” we are, and how they feel sorry for us. Well, let me just beat everyone to the punch, with a hearty “fuck off” to these type of posters if they show up this time around.

    • Judaism 101 my friend. It is always at the end of the day Jews. In fact Jewish Females mudshark at 10 times the rate real White women do, This is why Jewish Hollywood has such a fascination with it, ONE It is war against us and TWO it is really a Jewish Sexual fetish to have sex with Negroes.

  8. A confused and gullible child with a mind filled with Jewish propaganda was murdered in a horrible way. Talking about mud sharks in this context is cruel.

  9. Well I am one of the few here that probably has a real life experience with this. A relative was killed by an escaped convict, a convict who was already in maximum security for the rape and murder of a college cheerleader. And yes, the convict was black.My relative was working peacefully in his garden on a tranquil Sunday morning when the convict walked upon him, shot him several times, dumped him in a bayou, stole his truck and lead state police on a multi-state chase before he was apprehended. Not, however, before he wrecked the truck killing a white mother and her children, although he emerged without a scratch.

    • If you don’t mind providing the details, I have two questions. How far was your relative’s residence from the prison from which the convict had escaped, and how much time had passed between the escape and the attack on your relative? I ask all of this simply out of curiosity, just so I’ll have a sense of the sequence of events.

      • He lived within five miles of the prison in question. The murder was shortly after he escaped, not even an hour had passed. Anymore questions?

        • Thanks–no. Maybe you didn’t see my follow-up comment, in which I said I’d found the details (via Google). Quite a story, as I said in that follow-up.

    • Never mind. Found it. Got not only the info I asked you about but the answer to my main question: Had there been any news report, in which persons had been warned about an escaped convict? Answer: no. Murder took place around 1:00 P.M., same day of the escape, a few miles from the detention facility. The convict’s escape wasn’t noticed until later that day–6:00 or 8:00 P.M., I think. The authorities instantly connected the escape with the murder, of which, apparently, they’d been informed. What a story.

  10. This whole mudshark issue is a problem North South East West the world over. The basic issue is this, PROXIMITY. Wherever two different groups of people live side by side, you are going to have mixing between them unless there are both laws and social religious condemnation of the practice.

    Race Mixing was outlawed in the Colonial South both because it was distasteful and also because of the law of Partus Sequitur Ventrem which is Latin for the Law of the Womb. If a Negro slave male bred with a white female, the child was born free, as slave status followed the womb. Partus Sequitir Ventrem became the law in British North America it was borrowed from Spain and Portugal who got it from Ancient Rome. It was a reverse of the English Common Law in which status followed the Male, not the Female Line.

    The law was kept after the USA came to be and existed until the end of Slavery in 1865. Now in the Antebellum Era, it wasn’t allowed for a White man to marry a Negro girl but it was a okay to keep one as a girlfriend and a concubine and even produce offspring, at least in Louisiana. Other states viewed this more negatively.

    Following the End of Slavery and the Redemption after 1877 laws were passed to forever outlaw race mixing and to for the first time even in some states prosecute white men who did it. However to be fair to the white women it was only spottily enforced.

    • The Northern States on the other hand had no laws against Race Mixing. Where Negroes were 2% or less of the population, normally isolated in the worst urban stews, their victims were likely to be prostitutes or immigrants, women the WASPS thought were expendable. The North was more concerned with the Dagos, Kikes and the Catholics than the Negro who they sometimes had to throw a bone to to vote Republican to prevent a Catholic Democrat from winning State office.

      Until the 1950’s it was very rare in most of the North to have to deal with Negroes on an intimate basis therefore the Negro became more of an achetype, either the silly coon or the noble victim. He wasn’t truly seen as he really was as no one knew him up close. George Lincoln Rockwell wrote this. The explosive growth in the Negro population ended this era of insulation as did the desegregation of housing in the North in the 60s. For the first time people had to deal with one another and the practice began to grow, first only in the worst urban stews but spreading slowly with time like a cancer.

    • Almost all women under about 45, and of course especially young women and girls, are totally into the thug, covered-over-in-tattoos-wannbe-badboy, drug using ghetto or ghetto-like lifestyle. Most women today are vulgar, feral savages that would have been banned from waterfront bars forty years ago. They go out of their way to push vulgarity to the limit.

      Our society has been thoroughly niggerized. Without control of the media and popular culture, any and all attempts at rectifying this condition are futile and will only push them further into the morass. Anybody that shows class or even intelligence and culture is immediately stigmatized as someone to shun for fear of ruining the woman’s rough image.

      The teenage girl featured here can be found anywhere in the white world today, from the deepest backwoods to the most conservative rural Midwest farm communities, and on out the East and West coasts.

      It’s cool to be like a nigger. It’s wet blanket to act white.

      • I’m 40 I lived at the very beginning of the Wigger lifestyle and it was rare where I grew up except maybe in the city slums, that only changed after the LA Riots. Before 1992 if you liked Negro culture you were called an N-Lover and made fun of horribly where I grew up. After 92 liking Negro culture became a okay but it wasn’t an overnight thing, it grew slowly with every passing year until the feral Negro culture went completely mainstream about 1995

        I can remember about 1995 a year after High School how the kids about 2 yrs younger than me and down were just obsessed by Rap, our group had listened to it but it wasn’t our culture, with them it was suddenly everything clothes lingo you name it. The movie Whiteboyz about kids in Iowa in 1999 was really emblematic of this group of kids. Now this group of kids has teenagers and you see the absolute cluster-f we have.

      • By the way Robbie as I said above even if we could magically wave a wand and restore Jim Crow tomorrow it wouldn’t do us any good at all because our society lacks Godliness. In 1954 we still have most of our Godliness. If there is to be independence, we will have to deal with this issue.


        Dixie while yes it is in much better shape morals wise than the Northeast West Coast or Midwest as it takes 21 years to raise a baby to full adulthood (21 should be the age of adulthood again) you are looking at generationally to repair the damage at least 20 years or more to restore a semblance of normality even with independence. We must admit this.

        Dr. Michael Hill and the LOS I doubt has gotten into depth when it comes to what work will need to be done after independence. It is time to formulate a PATH TO INDEPENDENCE AND A PATH TO MORAL RESTORATION and what it means to accomplish both

        • The Christian Church is anti-racist and welcomes all people of earth to its fold. Most Christians today are nonwhite.

          You must affirm absolute subordination to a Jew in order to be a Christian. The crucifixion of a Jewish Christ is the central and defining event of Christian faith, and that event is considered by Christians the supreme act of villainy and betrayal by non-Jewish people. And according to Christian doctrine, the only atonement for this supreme sin is pledging oneself absolutely over to a Jew, even ahead of family.

          • I never saw it this way at all and Im a Christian in fact that is what Christian Zionists ie Baptists and others believe my group has never worshipped the Jew. Originally in Christianity the Jew was the villian in fact he was cursed in the Catholic Liturgy till Vatican ii

          • Few Christians even know what the word Christ means. Their is no escape from the fact that Jesus and his father are Jews. The Bible is thoroughly Jewish from cover to cover. The Old Testament is unvarnished Jewish supremacism. The New Testament is straightforward Jewish communism that demands absolute obedience to a Jew. There is no escape from these facts; they are set forth in authoritative, unambiguous, unmistakable language in the Bible.

            The forced conversion to and adoption of Christianity was catastrophic to the European white man’s very spirit. The Catholic Church was an unmitigated disaster for Europe and the white man. What little is and has been good that is associated with Christianity has nothing to do with Christianity.

  11. The Southern White Man understood the Negro. He wasn’t an archetype. He knew that Zip Coon could turn into a raping and killing machine and he knew the victim act was just that an act. The problem was the Southern White man was by the 1960s slowly losing control of his family. Women had begun to go to work off the farm and outside the home. Cousins and friends disappeared, migrating to the North and West for employment, His society was falling apart all around him.

    Even without the Civil Rights Movement Freedom Riders or the revokation of the Jim Crow Laws, the era of modernity and migration was causing real problems in Dixie. The End of Jim Crow corresponded with the slow beginning of the end of the traditional Southern Family and the traditional Southern concept of honor. It was a 1 2 punch. If Jim Crow was law today, it wouldn’t do any dang good because until you completely restore Morality, all the laws in the world won’t help you.

    This is why Jessica Chambers should burn in your mouth and stomach like acid. Jessica was born into this destroyed world where Sonny Buck and Bubba were no longer around to look after Sissy, where Daddy didn’t rule his home like the High Priest he is, and where Mama knew her duty was to GOD and her MAN and if she didnt perform up to snuff, Daddy would whoop her like his young’uns.

    Outlawing Interracial relations isn’t enough to restore our society. We must burn the weeds of immorality altogether and not be afraid to engage in some Salem Mass style justice if it is necessary

    • “Jessica was born into this destroyed world where Sonny Buck and Bubba were no longer around to look after Sissy, where Daddy didn’t rule his home like the High Priest he is, and where Mama knew her duty was to GOD and her MAN and if she didnt perform up to snuff, Daddy would whoop her like his young’uns.”

      Gee, Billy Ray, when you downplayed the whipping of that slave whose photograph I posted here a day or two ago, I was afraid you were a racist. Now, I see you’re just a softie: You think slaves should be treated like family–or maybe I have that backwards …

      • No I am a realist. Society is ruled by strength and your willingness to crush opposition wherever said opposition is found. This means brutality in the home and school and street, look its ugly but thats how our Ancestors did things.

        • In support of all you realists, Mr. W., our host, will soon, I hope, post video of his flogging his own son. The last time I saw that boy, he didn’t look well-whipped …

          • WTF You going after Hunter for? I made the statement, Bringing people’s children into the argument that is low man.

          • I’ve neither done anything low nor “gone after Hunter.” Quite the opposite: I’ve exposed the emptiness of your cracker viciousness.

          • Nothing I did was a gutter tactic. Again–quite the opposite: You yourself are the one who is employing a low tactic, suggesting, in order to avoid the truth that I have just put before your face, that I, not you, am the worthless one. To you, that beautiful picture of that little boy, in his yellow raincoat, is an atrocity, a betrayal of Dixie’s venerable ways, of some supposed need for “brutality in the home and school and street.” The thing for whose return you, in your backwardness, can’t stop longing is, yes, again–this:

          • Once again we see you are opposed to any action taken by whites to try to restore or sustain a civilization. Just like I said about you.

            Here, you are constructing a straw man and making a caricature of whipping children.

            In this thread, again, we learn you are categorically opposed to the practice of discipline by whippings. In a recent thread, we learn you are categorically opposed to mass deportation. All throughout your postings we see you urging against any and all action against anti-white and Jewish offensives. All throughout the presidential campaigns we have read your strident denunciations against Trump. Now you are constantly introducing photographs in an attempt to emotionally blackmail whites into shame.

            Do you deny the introduction of emotionally freighted photos is a left-wing, Jewish tactic aimed at demoralizing whites?

            Do you deny that you oppose mass deportations of nonwhites?

            Do you deny that you are opposed to whites taking physical action against criminal and dangerous blacks?

          • It’s a veiled threat actually.

            1) we had the Mair assassination condoned…

            2) then an extremely creepy reposting of an image of the website hosts kid.

            It’s unstable.

          • In order to reply to you without any great delay, Robbie, I’ll go through your post on the fly, in whatever order I am struck to proceed. Having just now returned from a few hours’ worth of chores, with a stop, too, at a hamburger place, I’ve just now seen what you’ve written.

            Okay …

            1 — “Do you deny that you oppose mass deportation of nonwhites?”

            Yes. Mass deportation of nonwhites is, at this point, just about the only political concern I have. I can not guess what I have posted here that has given you an impression to the contrary.

            2 — “In a recent thread, we learn you are categorically opposed to mass deportation.”

            I literally have no idea what you’re talking about. If you can find the post in which, as you understood me, I expressed opposition to mass deportation, please copy-and-paste it here, in this our exchange. Whatever it is, you must have misunderstood me.

            3 — “All throughout the presidential campaigns we have read your strident denunciations against Trump.”

            If the archives here, at Occidental Dissent, preserve all the Disqus comments, you might want to check the comments for one of the very-first blog-posts in which Mr. W., our host, expressed enthusiasm for Trump. In it, you will find that I took the trouble to transcribe, with full citation, a rather-long Nietzsche passage about the emergence of Napoleon. In preparing it–with all of its punctuation etc.–I probably expended more time and care than you have expended, total, in the mass of antagonistic comments you’ve directed at me in the past few days. With respect to the care I generally take, when I contribute here, I’ll note that I just spelled “Disqus,” above, correctly, not “discus,” as I believe you spelled it the other day.

            If you will check the archives for the “live threads” from the days of the various Republican primaries, you’ll see my comments included the posting of several Trump photographs, which I took the trouble to copy and present here merely in admiration of the man.

            If, in other words, the primary season is included in “the presidential campaigns,” as you used that term, then, really, no, I have not “stridently denounced” Trump “[a]ll throughout the presidential campaigns.” For much of the past fourteen months or so, I was, on the contrary, much part of the Trump enthusiasm here. You might check, for example, the gleeful exchange that Sam and I had on the day Chris Christie’s joining with Trump was announced. Yes–I think I’m remembering that correctly: it was I who pointed out how skillfully Trump had set that up at the previous evening’s debate, when he’d criticized Ted Cruz for a failure to gain colleagues’ endorsements.

            Now–recently, I became very distressed with Trump. I had my fill of his “unforced errors,” which, during the primary season, I’d been willing to overlook. As I observed those errors’ cost, namely, his plunge in the polls, just as the campaign’s post-convention stretch was commencing, I was furious–with him.

            A digression:

            Fifteen or sixteen years ago, Robbie, a supervisor at a company where I’d taken a job glared at me, when I asked a question about something intelligent that a competitor of ours was doing. In his mind, as I was startled to realize, the only acceptable attitude from an employee was “gung-ho,” “go team.” Any attempt to assess our position realistically–and thus maybe to adjust our actions, for our own benefit–was, in his mind, traitorous.

            If you will reflect on Trump’s behavior of the past two weeks or so, you will easily conclude that Trump has, at last, begun to listen to person like me, persons who had been trying to point out to him his errors. If he’d been luckier, he would have listened to them months ago and thus have avoided plunging himself into the bad position from which he is now trying to escape.

            I shall be blunt: you yourself seem to me to be rather like the supervisor of whom I’ve spoken, the one at the job I took fifteen or sixteen years ago. When Trump plunges in the polls, because of the Melania plagiarism thing, or the Khizr Khan thing, you don’t want to hear about it. Anybody who doesn’t simply help you swat away the bad news is a traitor, doesn’t share your hopes or interests. I can’t do anything about that.

            Okay–this post is getting long, so I’ll just say END OF PART 1.

          • A long and rambling post, where you bob and weave trying to avoid the mines you yourself laid out in a field of your own making and that I have now drawn you back into.

          • Having just now posted my Part 2, I was about to start my Part 3; then I saw your reply to my Part 1. (I mean your comment that begins with “A long and rambling post.”)

            Rather than continue with my multi-part reply, I will say, in parting, that I find you mindless and just about entirely without ability to understand the written word. It is your type–hardly a rare one–that makes the white race vulnerable to the Jews.

          • You mean you find you want to avoid me like the devil avoids Holy water. I’ve called too much attention to specific instances and detail of your tactics. You have even been forced to confirm my charges.

          • When the *&*& is Hunter going to block this guy? He is obviously a change agent working for their side. There is no doubt about it now

          • PS It has occurred to me that the meaning of “denounce” is unknown to you. “All throughout the presidential campaigns,” you wrote, “we have read your strident denunciations against Trump.” No–I have never once denounced Trump. There came a point at which I began criticizing his political ineptitude. Somewhere back in the comments here, at Occidental Dissent, you’ll find a comment in which I was express: I said I would no longer hold my tongue about Trump’s missteps. Whether that was before the Republican convention or even before he’d effectively secured the Republican nomination, with the Indiana primary win, I don’t know; but I would say it was fairly late in the primary season, at the earliest. At this point, my interest in the presidential campaign is exactly what it was before Trump came on the scene: non-existent. Even if Trump were to win at this point, I would expect no more from his presidency than I would have expected from a presidency of Mitt Romney. I’ve given up on him.

            I should add that I hadn’t intended to vote in the election, anyway. I don’t vote. Had I not given up on Trump, I probably would have felt a little bad, on election day, about not going in to vote for him; but now, I’m sure, I won’t even give it a thought.

          • First you deny, then you can’t let well enough alone and thus go on and confirm the accusation. You can’t even keep from slandering Trump in an attempted denial!

          • You change the verb from “denounce” to “slander,” and you still don’t have it right. I’ve neither denounced nor slandered Trump. I’ve simply decided he doesn’t have what it takes to give me what I want. I wanted the border with Mexico sealed, the illegals deported, and no more Muslims allowed into the country. I still want those things–but I no longer think he can come close to delivering them.

            As for my not having “let well enough alone,” that’s right. Being an honest person, I realized I had falsely indicated to you that I hadn’t begun criticizing Trump until his missteps of the convention period. That isn’t to say I’d given up on him completely before the convention period. As late as July 31, as you’ll see in the graphic below, I posted here, at Occidental Dissent, a FiveThirtyEight forecast that showed him running even with Clinton. That was because I still had some lingering faith in him. With the cumulative effect of the Melania plagiarism thing, the Khizr Khan episode, and a few other missteps whose details I don’t recall, I gave up on him completely. He’s nothing to me now.

          • Two more long and rambling attempts to justify your pseudo-intellectual attacks. Since I’ve called you out and made you take off your mask, your posts have been little more than the hissings of a scavenger when a flash light is shined into a crevice.

          • My anti-Trump remarks–such as that one about the Harlem Globetrotters–have been unequivocal, and you’re not the first one here to complain about them. Accordingly, it’s a mystery to me why you think you’ve forced me to remove some mask. You seem, as I’ve said, simply to have a fan mentality: “Go Trump.” What you’ve done is express your annoyance that I’m not as impressed by Trump as you are. You think he’s going to save you and your loved ones. I don’t.

            I would still like to see from you my post in which, as you understood me, I expressed opposition to deportation of non-whites. I can’t imagine my having expressed any such thing.

          • I seem to have a “fan mentality,” you say. Go Trump. Really? I think you had better read my posts again. Unlike you, I HAVE only pointed out the shortcomings of the population and why they are this way, WITHOUT making the clear cut anti-Trump remarks, and WITHOUT asserting it was anything Trump had done, and WITHOUT suggesting watering down our already meager defenses to further subordinate ourselves to our enemies, and WITHOUT posting photos in an attempt to further demoralize the likelihood of taking aggressive action.

            I have not said anything about Trump the man. I have said nothing about being impressed with Donald Trump. I have said not one word suggesting Trump will save us. You are lying yet again.

            First you categorically denied my charging you with denouncing Trump, now here you confess, yet again, to making anti-Trump remarks, your very words. But let us be absolutely clear here, you are now confessing to have always been an anti-white and opposing direct and even verbal action by whites against our enemies. You are confessing to have never worn a fraudulent mask of supposed concern for whites and pretense towards pro-white ideology. You have admitted to me in these posts and for all to see that there is not now and never has been anything “subtle” about your true leanings. You are admitting you have been unequivocal in your opposition to white action and to your denunciations of pro white people and their beliefs. Step by step you have first denied and then confessed to the truth of my charges and outlined in detail precisely how those charges against you are true. You have even now admitted it was obvious all along and readily apparent to others, too.

            Are you going to deny now, or are you going to admit and confess straight away, that you have sided with and sympathized with and defended nonwhites, such as your posting the photo of the whipped black criminal and denouncing his beating at the hands of white men for his violence?

            Do you deny that it is now perfectly reasonable for white men, as a direct result of the admissions you have made here and that I have outlined, to consider you as being against white interests and an anti-white demoraliser who also tries to discourage direct action against our enemies?

            Isn’t it true that reasonable men have a valid concern you are anti-white?

            Isn’t it true it is hard to follow, based upon your own words, in what possible sense you can possibly be pro-white?

          • I again make the request: Please show me my post in which, as you understood me, I expressed opposition to deportation of non-whites. I would like to see what it is that I said that gave you the impression I was expressing such opposition.

          • Was it not you that in a series of replies in a thread last week, I think it was, kept talking about “realistic” and such in connection with deportation? Trying to demoralize people and give reasons to not deport and why it is bad politics. The same exact kind of thing you do in response to every proposed action.

          • No–I would be very surprised to find I said any such thing in connection with deportation. The other day, in fact, I was distressed when Mr. W., our host, posted the below tweet, from someone named Roy Beck. As you will see, its opening portion is “Good 2 see Trump backing off mass deport talk.” Because I didn’t know what Mr. W. meant when he seemed to be indicating that the tweet represented the “Beck/Krikorianism rhetorical position,” I didn’t post any complaint about it–but I was tempted to.

            Please show me my posts that have led you to think I have done “[t]he same exact kind of thing … in response to every proposed action.” I’ll be surprised if I’ve ever expressed here anything other than unqualified support for the border wall, the deportation of all illegals, and the Muslim ban–Trump’s famed positions, that is. The other day–in the same comment section that included the Roy Beck tweet–I indicated to our fellow commenter, Captain John, that Trump’s supporters had a right to be bothered that Trump would possibly be compromising on “the wall, the Muslim ban, etc.” I was complaining, in other words, that Trump himself was flirting with the “realistic” compromises to which you object. If that’s one of my “strident denunciations” of Trump, then you’ve defeated your own argument.

            With respect to my posting of that photograph of a whipped slave, I will say only that the difficulties of internet conversation seem to have led you to misunderstand my intention, which had to do with “Dixie,” a subject about which, Mr. W. and I have had tacit exchanges for years. A year-and-a-half or so ago–pre-Trump, I’m pretty sure–Mr. W. remarked that, as far as he could tell, my only political concerns were creation of a free-market economy and the removal of all blacks from the U.S. Accordingly, I think you will be hard pressed to demonstrate I’m opposed to action to separate blacks and whites.

            If you would like to confirm my statements about the Roy Beck tweet and my remark to Captain John, check the comments at the blog entry headed “The Case for Trump: Hillary’s Signal Boost.”

            Below, as I say, is the Beck tweet, with whose opening I was not in sympathy. If you have a complaint about “realistic” compromises re deportation, you might want to take them up with Mr. W, who posted that–certainly not with me.

          • PS I’ll withdraw that statement, too. You might be the first person here to have made a general statement about my anti-Trump remarks. Even so, I’ve received criticism of the “chicken little” and “faggot” types when I’ve charged Trump with errors.

          • PS Now that I think about it, my last post wasn’t true either. About two weeks ago (maybe August 15), I said Trump would be remembered only as an oddity, the political equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters; but even then, I hadn’t stopped wavering. As Trump started to fly right–to show “discipline,” as some observers and pundits say–I posted here, at Occidental Dissent, a hopeful comment re his electoral prospects and at least one post about improved poll numbers of his. Over the past week, as his comments on immigration seemed to be acquiring an air of confusion, I gave up just about entirely on figuring out his policy positions, if they may be called that. Maybe his appearance today, with the Mexican president, will improve his campaign position; but to me, it is nothing more than that, i.e., a bit of possible campaign effectiveness. Since I no longer expect him to accomplish anything that will benefit the white race, his electoral prospects are a matter of indifference to me.

            Here’s that Harlem Globetrotters remark …

          • Okay–Part 2:

            4 — “Do you deny the introduction of emotionally freighted photos is a left-wing, Jewish tactic aimed at demoralizing whites?”

            In my view, the Jews have several tactics aimed at demoralizing whites. Whether those tactics include “the introduction of emotionally freighted photos,” I will neither affirm nor deny because, to be honest, I generally don’t consider whether a photograph is “emotionally freighted.” To me, a photograph is a photograph. If someone says that, for instance, last year’s famous photograph of the little drowned boy, on the Turkish beach, was “emotionally freighted,” my reaction is, as I say, “I really don’t think about it that way.” There are photos that move me, and there are photos that don’t. A few months ago, at the time of the West Virginia primary, I posted here, at Occidental Dissent, a 1960 photograph of John Kennedy, on a West Virginia campaign stop. Possibly, there are persons to whom the photograph would mean nothing; possibly, too, there are persons who would be put off by it, for some political or other reason. For me, the photo, in which then-Senator Kennedy is shaking the left hand of a miner whose right arm is missing, or at least, partly missing, is moving. I posted it.

            Before I end the present Part 2, I will mention that I am sixty-two years old and have begun, in recent years, to make elementary composition errors, such as the use of “their” for “there,” or “it’s” for “its.” Since my composition of these replies to you is being undertaken on the fly, as I’ve said, with only some quick copy-checking, it’s possible such errors will be part of my text. I mention this because I just noticed that, in the preceding paragraph, I originally typed “minor” for “miner.”

            END OF PART 2

  12. Roof kills 9 blacks and he and all the South along with him gets “lynched”.

    Probably 9+ blacks rape, shoot and feed to the alligators a white girl and….nothing…

    The only real “bombshell” there is will be that the liberal press must be on high alert and be extra diligent to quickly stuff this black-on-white murder story will all the other recent black-on-white murders like the Thomas Sims shooting/setting on fire a white 85 year old veteran down the memory sink hole…

    I now understand what a newspaper morgue is…a place to stuff black-on-white crimes as soon as possible…

    • I actually thought up a new tactic during the Baltimore Riots and that was to befriend these rioting Dindus and offer them free rides to Synagogues to do their rioting there.

  13. I am somewhat skeptical of these jailhouse confessions. As plausible as Negroes misbehaving seems, make sure you actually solve the case and not do another “Henry Lee Lucas” or Central Park Jogger. Get some physical evidence to corroborate the story.

  14. Read this:

    A comment from YouTube:

    I just found out this womans OTHER son Randall was arrested for the rape and murder of Shannon McConaughey! But the charges were later dropped because of not enough evidence.

    So, you have 2 son’s and a husband who have ALL been related to rape, kidnapping and murder, but they keep getting off.

    Shannon, Drexel, Randa Massey.

    So this woman produces the spawn of satan with her demonic husband. I say she knows what is going on. She is demonic.

    The town just needs to get a lynch mob together, there not safe with this family around.?

    • Dylann Roof supposedly yelled out “You’re raping our women” that night in the Church and while I don’t agree with Dylann as a Christian I am nauseated at the thought of a gunman in a church Dylann’s sentiment was correct. This is going on and no one will dare speak a word of it

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