Hillary’s Alt-Right Speech: The Slide Continues

Yesterday, I speculated that Hillary’s Alt-Right speech was either a dud or had backfired. Some more recent polls have come out since then:

Monmouth – Hillary +5 in Wisconsin

Earlier this month, Hillary was +13 in a 4-way race and +15 in a head-to-head match up in Wisconsin. The cucks were chortling in unison that the race was over. Stick a fork in Trump.

Marquette University – Hillary +3 in Wisconsin

In a second poll released this afternoon, Hillary’s bounce has completely evaporated in Wisconsin and the race has returned to where it was in July. These two polls singlehandedly took Wisconsin off Hillary’s RCP map and put it back into the toss up category. She’s back under 270 in the RCP average of electoral votes.

Emerson – Trump +2 in North Carolina

When I left Alabama a few weeks ago, the NBC poll had Hillary +9 in North Carolina. The cucks were also citing that NBC poll as the definitive proof the race was over. CNN had Hillary +1 in North Carolina the other day.

Monmouth – Hillary +8 in Pennsylvania.

Even this terrible poll for Trump shows an ongoing trend in his direction. The NBC poll had Hillary +11 when I left Alabama. Emerson had Hillary +3 two days ago. Of all the polls, Monmouth has been one of the most pro-Hillary polls.

People’s Pundit Daily National Tracking Poll – Trump +1.4

Trump has swung back into the lead after temporarily losing the lead to Hillary.

LA Times/USC National Tracking Poll – Trump +3.4

The LA Times poll has been bouncing back and forth lately with Trump and Hillary exchanging the lead, but the poll now shows her taking a significant dip.

Reuters/Ipsos National Poll – Hillary +0.6

This poll shows a huge shift in the race from just a week ago.

Economist/YouGov – Hillary +5

Trump loses a point. This is the only poll that has even slightly moved in Hillary’s direction and is probably just noise.

ABC News – Hillary Unfavorability, 59, Trump Unfavorability, 60

The ABC News poll shows Hillary has closed the unfavorability gap with registered voters and is now as unpopular as Trump. She has even gone underwater with women. She might even be more unpopular with likely voters since registered voters are more Democratic.

We’re now almost a week out from Hillary’s Alt-Right speech. If it was going to have any impact, we would have seen it by now. It clearly wasn’t a “kill shot” and didn’t have the intended effect. Instead, Hillary has continued to slide in the polls, which suggests that swing voters saw it as a dishonest ploy to distract the news cycle from her exploding scandals and may have even penalized her for smearing Trump.

Update: More polls have come out.

Gravis: Trump +4 in Arizona.
Reuters/Ipsos: Hillary +1 (2 way)
Reuters/Ipsos: Hillary +2 (4 way)

More clear evidence of a trend toward Trump.

FOX News: Hillary +6 (2 way)
FOX News: Hillary +2 (4 way)

The last FOX News poll from August 2 had Hillary +10. The Reuters and FOX polls have pushed Hillary down to +4.6 (2 way) and +4.1 in the RCP average. This is the first time in weeks she has been below 5 points in both averages.

Note: According to the FOX News poll, Trump only has 74% of Republicans behind him. If those voters start to come home, which already seems to be the case, he has plenty of room to grow.

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  1. I also think it’s because she has disappeared. She’s literally is in hiding. Not to mention that it’s one scandal after another and we haven’t even gotten to her October surprise yet. Her health issues…Hillary’s got a lot of problems.

    When she does come out it is to call Trump a racist/bigot. Meanwhile, Trump is going to Detroit to talk to Black Christians. Hillary is totally ignoring issues – not talking about how she is going to fix this country. Trump is giving speeches to 5 and 10,000 crowds almost daily and speaking about issues.

    Her economic speech was totally ignored and buried by the media – it was that bad.

    Trump has the momentum right now and unless she does something soon, Trump is going to be winning every poll. I think her campaign is trying to rely on Trump making unforced errors but I think it is a bad strategy at this point – Trump is in total discipline mode now. If his campaign keeps him off the Sunday shows and he keeps giving these speeches, he has a really good shot at Nov.

    Last, I think the media and Clinton campaign fired on Trump with the racist crap way too early. They should have done this in October.

    • I don’t trust Wisconsinites to do the right thing and vote Trump. Just drove to a sub sandwich shop to get a bite and passed a huge Union headquarters office on the way. Surprise, surprise. They have a Russ Feingold and Hillary sign on the lawn. I’m not confident anymore of Trump getting the Demoncrat working class to switch.

      • Unions are the last bastion of support white men in Wisconsin have after Scott Walker and Paul Ryan have finished doing the bidding of their global pimps, destroying white men’s jobs and pouring groids into Milwaukee to please the banks and financiers in Chicago.

        Where the f do you think white men in WI went for jobs when GM, et cetera, offshored their jobs? That’s right, the public sector–only in most farm families I knew it was the woman getting those jobs to try to hold the family together. Without the unions, the white middle class in Wisconsin would be gone. It sucks, but it’s how it is there. I’m open to hearing alternatives, but all I’ve ever heard is a bunch of “free market” hot air.

        Feingold used to be very pro-white…and the Dems rewarded him by cutting him off at the thighs at just the point where voters wanted him to run for higher office. I.e., he didn’t vote kneejerk the way the party told him to; he listened to his voters and thought for himself. But now he’s cucking for the Dems, sadly.

        I tried to get my FIL (age 85, retired insurance exec) to listen to sense and vote for Nehlen. He claims to be voting for Trump but then turned around and voted for Ryan.

        He and the wife (my MIL) bash on about how they’re glad they don’t have to live in the future that’s unfolding. This confuses me. They have two great grandkids–how compartmentalized does thinking have to be to be thrilled about offspring but hate the future? One must conclude they deep down (and not so deeply either) hate their progeny.

        Just a clue: people in Wisconsin really aren’t all that nice. They’re just good at avoiding conflict and hiding what they really think. Most of them are there because they want a groid-free zone, but they don’t have the balls to come out and say it. Also many of them are totally cucked by their various Abrahamic faiths.

        • Many, probably most, white union men now consider non-whites and even homosexuals as their allies. They are ONLY concerned about their 30/hr paychecks and huge pensions.

          Pensions are the BIG thing with unions. Many people don’t know it, but union pension plans rival most businessmen’s. The construction trades can get a man in Southern Ohio as much as four grand a month retirement. North and East can be as much as nearly twice that. Plus some areas are getting as much as nearly ten dollars an hour in annuity plans. This on top of everything else. This is why it costs from fifty some dollars and hour on up to over seventy dollars an hour for union labor per man, and that is not overtime, which is usually standard and so nearly doubles the figures I give above for at least 15 or 20 hours a week. Wisconsin is one of the higher scales. And since union job market share has dropped drastically, they don’t get anywhere near the man hours and thus can’t pay these sums any longer, so they have lobbied for taxpayers to pick up the tab on the pensions. They got this several years ago. But it is not quite as bulletproof as they want it. THAT is a big thing with union leaders and why they are even more hot for Hillary to get in. That and laws specifying public projects must use union labor.

  2. Hillary’s economic plan is to raise taxes on the Middle class, bring in a gadjillion more Orcs, especially Mud Easterners, and be Besties w/ the Female Abedin’s [sic]. Didja see the videos of Hellery w/ Huma’s Mommy- the burkha’d Horror Hag, who sez women are not fully Human? Who ha! Hellery loves the shrink-wrapped Dark Meat!

  3. If Wisconsin is any indication of the response to Hillary’s Alt-Right speech, it has backfired massively. The Charlie Sykes audience/Paul Ryan voters around Milwaukee are the epitome of the cucked suburban Republican who wants to virtue signal about being “nice.”

    Maybe those riots in Milwaukee and the rhetoric about burning down the suburbs had an effect? What do you think?

    • I would like to believe that the TalmudVision footage of Dindu Sister telling her co-Vibrants NOT to burn down dere hoods, since day needs dey weaves – go burn down dem Cracka Hoods instead had an effect on the Cucks – but I’ll believe it when they vote for Trump.

      A Nig is gonna Nig
      A Cuck is gonna Cuck.

  4. He looks like a big man a presidential man by going to Mexico and calmly brushing aside the swipes those corrupt runts take at him and more importantly America. Hillary is your average office queen bee that everyone wished would die.

    • And them suburban cucks would vote for Hitler if he was socially acceptable and their 401ks were ok, not a lot of substance there

  5. It was her political suicide note.

    I hate all the whitey who build this country, vote for me!

  6. Hire Manafort.
    Do what Manafort says.
    Win the Primary.
    Don’t do what Manafort says.
    Lose the General.
    Fire Manafort.
    Do what Manafort says.

    • A closer look.

      Clinton dirty trickster Sidney Blumenthal and Clinton crony and oligarch Viktor Pinchuk pedalled bogus charges against Paul Manafort using Ukrainian intelligence. Pinchuk gave the Clinton’s $10,000,000 to buy approval of a coup in Ukrainian against an unpopular but democratically elect Head of State. –snip–
      Recognizing that the mainstream media refuses to see through the baseless and unfounded charges against him, Paul Manafort, not wanting to become a distraction or feed the entire Russian-Putin-Trump canard resigned. Manafort did what Cory Lewandowski should have done when accused of manhandling a woman reporter, resigned. Manafort put the good of Donald Trump and his campaign first. That’s a real Pro.


  7. Hacked: Dems warned candidates against saying ‘all lives matter’


    Democratic House candidates should never say “all lives matter” under any circumstances, according to a highly confidential memo sent to staffers for the party’s congressional campaign arm, which was leaked this week.

    “This document should not be emailed or handed to anyone outside of the building,” according to the November 2015 memo. “Please only give campaign staff these best practices in meetings or over the phone.”

  8. America has reached a point where the ‘Racism!’ charge only works against those making it (Diversity and liberals). The Alt Right had little at best to do with this; Soros should be way more credited. Ferguson and all the riots and Trump’s campaign have achieved this milestone, as it were. Since the Alt Right isn’t a set group or overly specific ideology, according to most, I suppose certain outlets in it could be seen to wield a very discreet seminal influence, but it was the cultural gestalt at large that retired ‘Racism!’ as a weapon. I wrote this earlier on another OD thread, but it bears repeating: the jewish media wouldn’t be touting the ‘Alt Right’ without having a very anti-white agenda.

    • …I perused a few comments sections under ‘neutral’ type news outlets covering the speech. Most white americans were offended by Hillary’s ‘race baiting, etc.’ but also considered the Alt Right either nonexistent or irrelevant. The speech worked against Hillary which by default worked for Trump, but it didn’t prop up the Alt Right.

      The idea that the people who own the mainstream media would suddenly do an about face on white rights issues after decades of distortions and lies is silly. What are people not getting about that?

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